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Posted 21 August 2023

Xiaomi POCO F5 5G smartphone, 12+256GB, 120Hz 6,67'' AMOLED, Two Colours (Sold By Amazon EU)

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£10 more than xiaomi UK recent offering, but maybe you want this and have credit, available in two colours, links below

Xiaomi POCO F5 5G Smartphone 12+256GB, 120Hz 6,67'' AMOLED DotDisplay, 64MP Camera, 5.000 mAh, 67W TurboCharge, Dual-SIM, Black (UK Version + 2 Years Warranty)

Xiaomi POCO F5 5G smartphone, 12+256GB, 120Hz 6,67'' AMOLED DotDisplay, 64MP Camera, 5000mAh, 67W TurboCharge, Dual-SIM, Blue

  • FHD+ Flow AMOLED display: flawless readability in bright light, smooth scrolling, vivid videos and animations - thanks to 120 Hz refresh rate, 2400 x 1080 pixels and 68 billion colours
  • Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 processor: short response times for complex applications, fast loading times and smooth gaming as well as 5G connectivity - including LiquidCool 2.0 technology
  • Triple camera system: 64MP main camera + 8MP ultra-wide angle camera + 2MP macro camera including dual OIS + ICE stabilization technology and acceleration engine
  • Practical quick charging function: 5000 mAh strong battery meets the 67 W turbo charge system - in 46 minutes to a 100% battery charge for the whole day
  • Trendy design: Three-dimensional surface effect with two-tone gradient combines elegance with performance - Height: 161.11 mm, Width: 74.95 mm, Depth: 7.9 mm, Weight: 181 g
  • Many features: Gorilla Glass 5 display, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 5.3, IP53 water protection, dual speakers, Dolby Atmos, NFC, reliable fingerprint sensor and AI face recognition
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  1. Smm0's avatar
    Poco store Ali Express have the phone selling at its true value.
    flipflop63's avatar
  2. Xxavier's avatar
    Wish they price matched AliExpress. Lol
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I also wish ROLEX, would sell their watches at the same price Aliexpress sell them at

    But such is life
  3. Jobbers's avatar
    Does the f5 support wireless charging? Something that I feel was greatly missed with the f3
    wpj's avatar
    Only on the pro
  4. Samal's avatar
    What's the bloatware like. Few say it's too much. Can it all be removed?
    Meltigemini's avatar
    Can easily be removed.
  5. Ivechangedmyusername's avatar
    I can get the F5 12gb 256gb down to $313 US, that's around £245, is this the best price

    Also what's the actual phone like I assume it's the same as xiaomi UK version but what about the software is it the same and assume it will be a two pin plug
    Meltigemini's avatar
    Yes a 2 pin plug. I just uninstalled the preinstalled software, easy really.
  6. BiglyX's avatar
    Come with Facebook, tiktok etc, can be removed
  7. Kloppenhagen's avatar
    I hate the way my brain works. Got a perfectly functioning F3 Pro, I only use my phone for the absolute bare basics of "typical" phone use (WhatsApp/YouTube/socials) yet I see this and think hmmm, might be time for an upgrade, and then the inner demon in me just screams for either a Flip5 or Fold5, knowing full well I categorically DON'T need them must resist all
    Caz42's avatar
    Sounds like my OH, he's never on his phone and leaves it silent most of the time and I'm literally never off mine. Yet he's got the F3 (didn't know there was a pro version) and I've got the 4 year old cheapo.
    And he had the cheek to say he fancies the F5 recently
  8. SalfordSlim's avatar
    Anyone got any suggestions for a phone to replace my Huawei P20 Pro? I love this phone but the battery is pretty knackered now and I'm SIM only with Smarty these days so wanting to pick up a decent refurb for not a huge amount.

    I'm a general moby user, photos, WhatsApp, few games, internet browsing. Would be nice to have a decent camera but other than that no specific requirements.

    Any advice gratefully accepted!
    EleSoup's avatar
    Same question for me. Time to change my P20 pro
  9. sjr88's avatar
    Any suggestions.. just get this, or for aroud same price a preowned/refurb s21 ultra
    knockout60's avatar
    For around a few quid more you can get a Honor 90, probably for a bit less is you get the current discounts on their website.
  10. torroxcampo's avatar
    How does this compare to a xiaomi 10/11lite
  11. bigbuzz3465's avatar
    Bought loads of phones through AliExpress, never had an issue. Can't specifically vouch for this seller in particular. But if there are loads of reviews, thats generally a good sign.
  12. soggs's avatar
    Is there much of an upgrade going from a Redmi Note 10 Pro to this phone?

    I don't really have any issues with the Note 10, just fancy a new phone! (edited)
    chancooluk's avatar
    Performance is significantly better, and the F5 has 5G, but otherwise you wouldn't be gaining much. If you are happy with the performance on your note 10 then I'd stick with that and save your money.
's avatar