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Posted 8 September 2023

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12, 120Hz AMOLED, Snapdragon Processor, 33W 5000mAh 4GB RAM 128GB (With Code)

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Update 2
Back on the 15th September
Update 1
Code to use TOMORROW is MI2023 for an £139 final price.

About this item
  • Smooth and vivid 120Hz AMOLED display
  • 5000mAh long-lasting battery
  • 33W fast charging
  • Powerful Snapdragon processor
  • 50MP AI triple camera


Redmi Note 12
Xiaomi More details at

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  1. seastreak's avatar
    I have a Poco X3 Nfc. Would this be a good upgrade?
    fishmaster's avatar
    This is a downgrade, the 4GB RAM is very limiting on modern Android.
  2. Moss.b's avatar
    120hz on a £159 take note apple fan boys those who justified why apple doesn't have it.
    gg1pl's avatar
    Apple fanbois will say how amazing iPhones are when it gets 120hz, actual fast charging and other tech that's been on Androids for 20+ years
  3. gen271674's avatar
    For those wondering; 4G version with Snapdragon 685 (there is a 5G of this phone FYI). (edited)
    DerpMan's avatar
    Thanks, was trying to find if it was 5G or not. I have an old redmi as a backup phone and it has 5G, would have replaced it with this if it also had it. Can’t beat redmi deals though, great price 
  4. MOeg's avatar
    Is this better than the Samsung a34 ?
    Hiptobesquare's avatar
    I'd say no. Owning a Xiaomi and the problems it has given me, Samsung A34 is the better phone.
  5. ftse100's avatar
    I bought the phone recently, battery is amazing but try asking it to do more than 3 things at once and it fails spectacularly. Very slow. And forget even trying to use the camera, you can't take two photos without everything freezing up. Poor user experience. If you can afford it pay more for something without the frustration of slow speed. You also can't spotlight search apps, and that is very annoying had to download separate app to facilitate this
    Hiptobesquare's avatar
    I experienced similar issues.
  6. malct1's avatar
    I am in Thailand at the moment and the prices on these are a lot cheaper, I may be buying 2 redmi note 12 5g phones for around £160 , only issue, I don't believe that I will have any warranty
    bkpatel's avatar
    Dont worry the warranty is none existent. I had a problem and was constantly being fobbed off by a Chinese woman in France.
  7. aerodeck's avatar
    4gb isn't enough these days I feel
    Hiptobesquare's avatar
    8gb should be the minimum.
  8. Sherlock123's avatar
    This brand is terrible,,, how it is possible to use the original system app for movies music or photos and watch F... ads !
    Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    It's an android. You can easily change the default apps for videos, gallery, and even the home screen. Most of the ads can be turned off as well following a simple YouTube tutorial and 15 minutes of your time.

    Gallery app I would recommend is QuickPic (download from GitHub github.com/WSTxda/QP-Gallery-Releases ); very fast, responsive when swiping between images, and simple no nonsense.

    MX Player is a great video player of choice. Though I'd recommend VLC instead since it will play anything for free. The MX Player free version has non-intrusive top banner ads and no ads while playing video files, and VLC has no ads at all. (edited)
  9. Mark_Flanagan's avatar
    I was considering this to upgrade the little lads phone (currently on a pixel 3) however not sure it's any better.... your option please pal
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Na, I wouldn't get this to replace a pixel 3, dependant on budget, you may need something a little more top end
  10. Greeny1210's avatar
    Still rocking my p30 pro
    Love the thing, not had "new shiny phone it envy" once in 4+years
    Only reason I'll upgrade is security I guess.

    What's closest current phone to p30 pro at a good price ie under £300?
    Amazing's avatar
    We know.. you mention it on every phone 'deal.'
  11. Hiptobesquare's avatar
    Your phone is overheating. Phone is charging slowly. Exiting the camera app because your phone is overheating. Loss of signal/sim not detected. Otherwise Xiaomi are excellent phones. 👀 (edited)
    maccalen's avatar
    I'm a long-term user and never had any of these issues.
  12. DopeyDunker's avatar
    Nice bargain....TOMORROW....to avoid doubt! 🔥
  13. griffithsrush's avatar
  14. rainy_november's avatar
    I purchased this yesterday for £159 ( it was £179) so annoyed!
    echo06's avatar
    Ring Xiaomi
  15. cangeymac's avatar
    How would this compare to an iPhone 12 mini ? Thinking about a swap ..
    acholmes2000's avatar
    Terribly.. The iPhone would run rings around this in almost any task, the iPhone would take much better photos too.

    Screen on this is nice for the cash and it would be a nice phone for granny or a child for YouTube and tik tok.
  16. ansonuk1's avatar
  17. timallcott's avatar
    Website now says "notify me" so OOS I guess?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Choose the black option.
  18. VikSep's avatar
    Is this better than the 10 Pro?
    Lil6ix's avatar
    Not at all.. iPhone 6 would be better than this
  19. Hiptobesquare's avatar
    My Xiaomi phone can't handle a bit of heat. So if you're on holiday in a hot country and want to take a photo, forget it. (edited)
    Kaz00ie's avatar
    My iPhone 12 mini is doing this in the UK right now when I’m charging the phone.
  20. stehill2822's avatar
    Says £159 for me? What am I doing wrong? Says best coupon is applied
    bargainhunter2409's avatar
    That is the cheapest price now
  21. funkyphonics's avatar
    Any idea how this will perform as just an audio player?
    FieldMarshal's avatar
    Sorry why would you want to use this phone as an audio player?? When you can just buy a cheap MP3 unit?? Don't really get your point tbh!!
  22. obloldo's avatar
    Redmi <--> Robyou
    Imo, you are better off with an older flagship or high-midrange than this brand.
    bargainhunter2409's avatar
    Marmite mate , you either love it or you hate it , I can guess which side you're on 😜
  23. Sarden84's avatar
    sadly my personal review on this phone; dreadfully slow, not a patch on 10/11 previous versions.
's avatar