Posted 13 February 2024

Best air bed

Hi, we often travel as a family of 5 and stay in Airbnbs usually, problem is our kids are getting older and don't like sharing beds as much. Can anyone recommend a decent air bed that we could use a few times per year, and if any of the kids have friends for sleepovers? The last 2 air beds we have bought have been very poor, only lasting one or two nights before becoming punctured and only staying inflated for an hour or so max.
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  1. Sc4mp0's avatar
    I bought this for Christmas as we had guests and it's turned out brilliant so far.…VCu

    Was used everyday for 2 weeks,takes a couple minutes to inflate and deflate and was one of the comfiest things I've slept on.

    It was about £25 cheaper at the timer when I bought it though.
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    Thanks, this was the one I was looking at but in the single size
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    Do airbnbs not provide a bed for the people you book for?
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    Yes, we usually get somewhere with 3 double beds, but there are 5 of us. Increasing that to 4 beds can massively reduce the selection of availability of properties and we sometimes can't get something in the area we want