Posted 4 January 2023

Get into shape 2023; Gym Subscriptions, Free Gym Passes and Fitness Deals

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The three most common new year's resolutions are: losing weight, eating a healthier diet and performing regular exercise. The beginning of the new year is the best time to discuss the latest gym subscription and fitness deals.

During the last few years I have been a bit inactive. Because of that, I have realised how important it is to be fit and to exercise on a daily, or at least weekly, basis. This shouldn't cost a lot, and you will feel the benefits after just a few weeks.

Let's go and see what 2023 has for us!


Adidas Performance Power Tower - Steel Frame - £129.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)

4062458_1.jpgPowerball 250hz Gyrosopic Wrist Exercisers - Rehabilitation and Strengthening, Wrist, Grip, Forearm - £15.01 @ Amazon

thanks 4062458_1.jpgBulgarian Bags 5kg £14.95 / 10KG £17.50 / 25KG £24.95 + £1.95 delivery @ Gravity Fitness@ Gravity Fitness


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  1. thegame999's avatar
    For those joining for the first time especially to lose weight/body fat, remember that it's what you eat that counts and not gym.

    No amount of hours you put in the gym will outdo a poor diet.

    Also, those 6 packs ain't happening in a month
    Sarah88's avatar

    It is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise!

    Guidance does help - I’ve lost 2 stones since starting with my PT. Keeps me on track / accountability!
  2. HUKD69's avatar
    For anyone remotely serious about getting in shape, start with some basic calorie counting and add a lot more protein to your diet. Sport is only up to 20% of your success if you want to lose fat as primary goal. Having said that, exercise, and weight lifting in particular, have vast mental and physical benefits way beyond weight/fat loss
    alertalertalert's avatar
    Totally agree that you can’t outrun your fork. MyFitnessPal app is easily the best for calorie counting.
  3. scoffer1's avatar
    Check if you have a Sparks card - mine has an offer of a 10day pass for Nuffield Gym.
    JR_SmiffEsq's avatar
    This gym aint big enough for the both of us ...
  4. IrishRob's avatar
    As a regular gym goer, January is hell for me... but the things about newbies that annoy me are the same things which we all did when we first started out eg. working out in front of the dumbbell rack. So, a little tolerance and understanding is called for. We are all on the same journey, we are all learning and we are all in the same shape: not good enough.

    For those of you starting your journey: welcome aboard, I hope you find something that lights your passion for fitness, so that you can enjoy the process and the journey, and that the health improvements become a happy result rather than the ultimate goal.

    As a first step I would heartily recommend a step tracker as a very subtle and effective fitness aid, eg. "if I park a bit further from the supermarket I will hit the extra 500 steps which will get me to a round number for the day." This all adds up.
    ultrak3wl's avatar
    I was in my gym yesterday and there was a guy lying on a mat doing some kind of floor exercise. All the empty floor space but for some weird reason he had to put the mat inside the squat rack.

    Just my impression but I think the number of new entrants could be well down this year.
  5. oliver_staunton's avatar
    Not sure if mentioned but if you're in Birmingham, you can get free and discounted gym, swim and leisure activities…re/
  6. BenderRodriguez's avatar
    I hope this deeply fatphobic deal gets removed ASAP!
    SavouryPilot's avatar
    How is helping people become healthy fatphobic?
  7. AncientYouth's avatar
    Euan.Gordon's avatar
    Most new year gym joiners don't make it past week 1, but end up paying for the full year (with contract gyms).
  8. mango888's avatar
    I think it's the 'getting fit' part that puts some people off as that sounds like you need to achieve a certain standard.

    I was always one of those ones that when people went to the gym to 'train' I was like, unless you are a builder or a tradesperson, an athlete then why do you need to go to the gym to get that fit? It's not going to help you in your everyday life until someone asks you to help them move house etc

    Been going for about 4-5 years now and yeah once you get into a rhythm you realise that it's just really good for you as a person overall. It's totally different to working out at home, unless you have alot of willpower and dedication. I get too lazy at home

    At the gym you basically are there with no other option than to at least do something, and it's also good to have other active people in the vicinity cause it creates a group mentality. I started off slow for sure, 1-2 days a week and I don't like paying for something and not making the most of it so I kind of turned it into a hobby and now I got 3-4 times a week for about 2 hours at a time.

    I mainly do full body workouts, and then I do a sauna/steam and cold shower/pool combo. The benefits are this are unrivalled, it makes your blood circulation alot better and you will feel energetic, refreshed and its also really good for your skin.

    Get yourself into a comfy situation, you should always feel good about yourself the minute you leave the door because that's what makes you want to come back regularly. It's turned into medicine/therapy for me now and the benefits in my everyday life are that I don't feel conscious about when I eat junk food or snack.
  9. professorEX's avatar
    5am gym crew
    Sarah88's avatar
    Yes! Love my early starts!
  10. CheekyMunkey's avatar
    I joined a new Gym Group where I am. Its 50% off for 3 months and no joining fee. Have to admit its not bad. I exercise during the day so its pretty quiet and being WFH its an excuse to get out of the house. Im really enjoying it. Been going 5 weeks straight.
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    You go every day? I struggle with the idea of how much it costs to get to my gym in electric/petrol Well done you
  11. djp2k8's avatar
    Thanks HUKD!
    sisqoboy's avatar
    True story!
  12. digbys's avatar
    I need a gym where you sign a contract agreeing to attend 6 days a week, where they can charge you £50 if you miss a day without a doctor's note and if you miss two days they send the trainers around to slap you about a bit and drag you out by the hair and I need to sign that contract when I am still a bit worse for wear on New Years' Day!
    afroylnt's avatar
    Going to the gym is the hardest habit to form and the easiest to break...
  13. pagehamillton's avatar
    My council sports.centre has a gym . I only.wamt to swim . It's cheaper to join gym £33 pm and get unlimited swims with it than pay £5.50 each swim 3 times a week
    JDB_78's avatar
    Our local council leisure centre is £26pm for swim, gym, sauna and steam room. If you pay for 12 months get 2 months free, so works out at just under £22. I'm sensing your council facility is either city based or darn sarf, compared to my local town based one in the North West.
  14. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    I don't need to get into shape, I'm already a shape.

    Round is a shape...
  15. ultrak3wl's avatar
    I am already a gym member but had never heard of Freshair Fitness. They proudly claim "We have installed more than 3500 outdoor gyms across the UK."

    Thought an outdoor workout could be a nice change so I searched for any near me. There are actually 15 - all in primary schools and not open to the public.

    How pointless is that? Do little kids really want to bench press?
    Stormpooper's avatar
    Are primary school gyms are suitable for adults? I doubt it would be (likely a lot smaller), but I don't know.
  16. bobbyj1984's avatar
    can't stand gym in January, mine is literally invaded with new sign ups and swimming pool is overcrowded with people literally walking up and down chatting rubbish. They always get a free month out of me as I just stay well away until Feb and then most must surely quit as seems to go back to semi-normal
    Merihell's avatar
    I expected the same from my gym when I went the other day but it was actually quieter than usual :/
  17. Sham_Ahmed's avatar
    Exercise does not result in weight loss. Check out Diary of A CEO podcast with Professor Tim Spector... he breaks it down in detail and makes so much sense. All about diet to lose weight then use exercise to maintain/ slow weight gain.
    Sunny_89's avatar
    Somewhat true, but exercise can help speed up the weight loss. You don't need to train like an athlete or professional. By the time you reach your ideal weight, you'll be comfortable with exercise and have a routine in place.

    Diet is extremely important, but exercise is a must regardless of where you are weight-wise
  18. Tommdj's avatar
    Nuffield Health have 30% for all emergency services, used to just be NHS (as far as I know). SO’s get 20% (edited)
  19. thrope's avatar
    I am not an expert by any means (only hang off a bar to help decompress a slipped disc) but I would avoid that style of screw in doorway bar and go for a "powerbar" style that levers to the frame (Innovation Fitness Powerbar 2) :…6G4

    Also cheap TRX knockoffs from amazon with door mounts are very good for people getting started (actually this is much more useful for me to exercise as a beginner than the bar: Rhinosport sling trainer):…F41
  20. ChilliPakoda's avatar
    Will rather have KFC, easy to loose weight from my wallet
  21. Nonamenonumber's avatar
    buy the gear you need, it'll motivate you more than a gym pass ever will
  22. LinaBell's avatar
    I'd like to purchase a walking pad. Any suggestions? The walking pad brand appears to be my ideal because it can be folded in half, but its maximum speed is just 6 kmph. Awaiting any offer.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    Look for Xiaomi walking pad. They do it and i think that could be a good value + great quality.
  23. Korg7's avatar
    I bought a GYM group membership back in November. It was £15 per month for 3 months. I've only been once since that time.

    I see the GYM group still has new offers on, can I cancel, and sign up again rather paying full cost?
    Rilkal's avatar
    If it is The GYM yes.
  24. John_William02g's avatar
    Is this the worst month to join a David Lloyd?
    bluetang's avatar
    Any month is. You don't get much from DL in the way of reduced prices. I left it years ago having been a member and seeing mostly people there on corporate jollies or groups of students/kids. I saved a fortune not belonging to a gym since then - just using a treadmill at home, a few free weights and rest of time walking in the fresh air, brisk walking, or longer slower walks.
  25. ChildofChaos's avatar
    I'm after a compact treadmill, when is a good time to buy? I'm assuming there might be some offers in a few weeks or such with offers silm at the moment as it's peak buying time?

    It's a shame as i don't drive, so picking a used one up on eBay is not an option for me.
    sisqoboy's avatar
    2 yrs ago we found a Reebok "used like new" on Amazon and that one is a pretty good one. Top speed is 16km/h. Maybe worth to keep an eye on those as well.
    And the item actually was brand new. Reebok Jet 100 Series Bluetooth Treadmill - White…hNU (edited)
  26. 4I6's avatar
    Any recommendations for London gyms that have fitness classes/trainers for complete newbies? I want to improve general fitness, not lose weight, but no idea where/how to start and don't want to hurt myself...
    AncientYouth's avatar
    loads of apps can help if you are not interested in lifting heavy weights that you could do at home
  27. Girlsrock4's avatar
    For anyone in Loughborough area looking for a treadmill to use at home, I saw one 2 days ago in the window of the British Heart Foundation electrical charity shop. Mind you they still wanted £110 for it.
  28. shuggyboy24's avatar
    Does anyone have any good codes for the gym group? currently only one month half price is all I see. Best to wait out?
  29. Nonamenonumber's avatar
    The gym is great to begin and know where you stand but having home equipment is a blessing!

    And also sod working out at the start of the year, new year new me bs! (edited)
  30. jefster's avatar
    Anything for blue light or defence discount card 💳
  31. JustaSingh's avatar
    For the price of a gym membership, you would be able to get a decent bike with all the kit under the 'cycle to work' schemes that are run by lots of employers.
  32. FlorinCG's avatar
    Any deals for village gym ?
    Calvin923's avatar
    Are you from Plymouth?
  33. DevilsNeverCry's avatar
    Is anybody here a member of JD Gyms?

    We had a local branch open up very recently, and there doesn't seem to be any offers related to NY sign-ups, but they do have a referral scheme - just wondering what are the benefits of this scheme?

    Would I as a new sign-up get anything out of that or would it just be the original member?
    Just_A_Guy's avatar
    They had a deal end of December, £5 for the first month, no sign up fee. As someone who's never really been to the gym I wasted the first 2 weeks procrastinating and not going, but finally went today. The app sucks, and does nothing for you other than provide you with a QR code to get it in, which is unfortunate as I had no idea what I was doing
  34. ApolloX1's avatar
    50 people in my local gym today when it was about 20 odd at the exact same time of day last month. All those New Year Resolutioners out in force. I give it a month before it’s back to 20 again.
  35. plumberman56's avatar
    You are what you eat
    thewindburner's avatar
    TIL I'm a chocolate digestive
  36. EN1GMA's avatar
    looking for any decent offers on Pure Gym but can't seem to see anything. I guess sign ups must be high at this time of year so no reason to pull out good offers.
    afroylnt's avatar
    Our Pure gym seems pretty rammed right now. They did have a reduced free for first 3 mths a hwiel back but guess demand is ushc that they don't need to offe this anymore
  37. Hunkzilla's avatar
    Lucky to have a 'work' gym at my office - it used to be a little slice of heaven - fully equipped gym squash courts, sports hall - but I'd rarely see over 5 people there. In January tho, there was about 15 people there at 5pm! Speaking to the desk person - said it was like this every January, by March, it'll be me and the other 4 regulars again haha!
  38. speeedt5r's avatar
    If your BMI is high, look into GP Referral not in all council area's though.
    Membership is about 27 a month for 6 weeks with support usually.
  39. Pokora's avatar
    Any swimming offer in london ?
  40. MrMinttyy's avatar
    Hussle 20% off not working
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