Posted 20 July 2023

Iceland gullivers world code

There’s a promotion running where if you spend at Iceland they email you a half price voucher, if anyone gets and isn’t using could they pm me please
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  1. kevlfc's avatar
    m8 ive done two orders in last 2 days when i get a code ill msg you it
    katw's avatar
    Thanks a lot
  2. basil3legs's avatar
    I have a code if anyone wants it. PM me. First come, first served!
    katw's avatar
    Yes please
  3. katw's avatar
    The codes have to used by the 1st august to book 
    JellyBaby88's avatar
    They can be redeemed till the 4th September.
  4. JellyBaby88's avatar
    Are you still wanting the vouchers, I have one if you want it.
    J.D's avatar
    Yes please
  5. niron_ev's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code? Would be grateful 🙏
  6. ThriftyLady101's avatar
    I'd love a code. Dad wants to take her but mums bonus cards not registered to an email it seems as it's old so didn't get the email. Fed up messaging Iceland to explain (edited)
  7. lyndsey_ellis's avatar
    I would love a code if anyone has one x
  8. Atif_Ramzan's avatar
    Any one got the code for iceland guliver travel they are not using desperately need them.
  9. AlexFm's avatar
    Hi if anyone got code can I pls have it xx
  10. Sarah_WilkinsonJrz's avatar
    Hello, if anyone has a code they are not using I would be very grateful. I did an Iceland shop on Friday but have not yet received the code and we were hoping to go to Gulliver’s on Tuesday!
  11. Katiejane1498's avatar
    Does anybody have the link to register on? I have a code but I can’t find where to register 
  12. IbrahimAyaz_'s avatar
    Any one have a code to share please please .
  13. Nataliewolf211's avatar
    How long has it been taking to get the email through ?
  14. Andy_Crosier's avatar
    any chance someone could pm me a code
  15. WIZZPOP12's avatar
  16. jahan.zahar's avatar
    I have 4 kids this would have been good can’t believe I missed it  
  17. young_boss's avatar
    Anymore codes available please??
  18. katw's avatar
    Must off finished , as the code I have doesn’t work 
    basil3legs's avatar
    Sorry, that may have been my fault! Check your messages.
  19. el.deloozenew's avatar
    hi i would love a code if anyone has one x
  20. DontMakeCents9's avatar
    Anyone have any codes they are not using please?
  21. Deborah_Parker's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare code please
  22. bianca_scutariu's avatar
    Does anyone has a spare code please x
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