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Pokemon TCG Buying Guide

Hi all,

My kid is just starting to play the Pokemon card game. We got her the Battle Academy, and been enjoying playing it.
Is there any guides, ideally UK based, regarding the different ways of buying more cards? It's rather confusing seeing everything from booster packs to tins and oversize card sets to giant premium boxes!

To start with, she would like a grass deck - so we're looking at the deluxe battle deck set. Mainly so we've got a balanced deck with all the required energy cards etc. I'm guessing booster packs are more for trying to get new/funky cards?

Thank you for any help you can give!
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    I only collect the cards and don't play the TCG but I can offer some advice.. The boosters have a chance of having decent cards in, which is why most people take a gamble and buy them. Tins, ETBs and premium boxes usually contain a certain number of boosters of a particular set. What you'll find is that because so many people are after the snazzy cards, all the others(especially the commons) end up being largely unwanted.

    If you didn't want to spend loads of money on boosters, then you can purchase bulk amounts of cards at far cheaper prices on places like eBay or FB marketplace. That might be a far more affordable way of getting tons of cards to build a decent deck with. (edited)