Zwift Hub Smart Bike Trainer - £449 @ Zwift

Posted 6th Sep 2022
Zwift has just announced its first foray into the world of smart trainers, Zwift Hub. But why is this a deal? Well, the specs match other entry-level smart trainers and the Hub includes a cassette of your choice when you purchase.…hub

When you consider the nearest competitor to Zwift Hub, the Wahoo Kickr Core, which is £150 more expensive and doesn't include a cassette (an extra ~£60 expense), it's a pretty good price!

Comes out on October 3rd, you can register your interest now. If you're in the market for a smart trainer to keep fit over the winter, this could be the one to get.
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    Looks like great specs for the price.

    A little surprised they went into manufacturing though, R&D, manufacturing start up etc would have cost them a fortune and can’t see any massive benefits over other manufacturers, but good luck to them.
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    Did anyone purchase one of these, how have they found it?

    Ordered one this morning.
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