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Farming Simulator 19 - Stadia Free play weekend
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Farming Simulator 19 - Stadia Free play weekendFREE£0.01 Free P&P FreeGoogle Store Deals
Play Farming Simulator 19 until 8 February 2021 at 7 p.m. GMTStarting 4 February 2021 at 5 p.m. GMT, play Farming Simulator 19 for free until the date above with a Stadia Pro subsc… Read more

Nope, no brand new range rovers either. Wildly unrealistic


You’ve not even got to the bit where you have to fill in an 82 page document to export your turnips to the EU yet!


I still have hopes for stadia although Google's track record for dropping things is still at the back of my mind. Unisoft plus will be coming soon to it in the UK which I am looking forward to so that I can play things like assassin's creed Valhalla on both my pc and stadia in the living room.


This game is bloody awful, played it earlier on stadia and tempted to vote cold as the cost of my time negates it been free


Totally agree. They definitely need some more AAA games, and need to get some onto the pro subscription else people will start to drop it. But I am hopeful with fifa confirmed for March 17th, and the capcom leak of resident evil, there are things in the pipe line

Farming Simulator 20 - £2.99 at Google Play
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Farming Simulator 20 - £2.99 at Google Play£2.99£5.9950% offGoogle Play Deals
Build your farm and use over 100 authentic farming vehicles and tools! Step into the exciting world of farming with Farming Simulator 20! Harvest many different crops, tend to you… Read more

Mine crashed after I loaded the brexit update; something about not being compatible .


Who can forget driving an artic down the side of a mountain track, delivering grain to market? The short cut through the railway cutting? Setting up and towing twenty trailers taking biofuel to the processing plant? OK, so maybe I did treat this game like "Eurotrucks", plus having to grow the loads to carry and having other toys than lorries to crash into the terrain. This is another game that will soak up those hours when your brain refuses to engage in anything that matters. It bears about the same relation to real farming as ETS2 does to haulage - but then, you aren't being paid to do it. There's a certain satisfaction in backing a load of hay bales into the barn with total precision. Playing the hidden object game that is finding the last egg, that's been hidden somewhere in the hen run. Mindless time-filling driving like an idiot... What's not to like? And all for £2.99!! Oh, and chain saws. They start first pull. As I wrote earlier - who wants reality?


We've come a long way since Farmville


Simulation is all that’s left, land gets sold off for housing as fast as the council can grab it. When it’s gone, it’s gon


Don't forget to buy the security patch unless you don't mind your kit disappearing to Eastern Europe

Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition £6.49 at Nintendo eShop
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Posted 16th Nov 2020Posted 16th Nov 2020
Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition £6.49 at Nintendo eShop£6.49Nintendo eShop Deals
The most complete farming simulator experienceTake on the challenges of the modern farmer! Explore a huge open-world, including a detailed North American environment loaded with fa… Read more

They should call this Virgin Simulator as you'll spend loads of hours on this and ignore the missus.


It is a slightly odd game, but can be quite relaxing, I guess it's the same reason people play Harvest Moon, Minecraft etc., just an endless sandbox


I'd rather pull weeds out of my garden.


I know footballers love FIFA, is this the equivalent for farmers? They spend a day combine harvesting and shearing sheep, then do it all again in game form?


Great price, can get in my farming practice before the apocalypse happens

Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition £7.79 at Nintendo eShop
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Posted 1st Sep 2020Posted 1st Sep 2020
Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition £7.79 at Nintendo eShop£7.79Nintendo eShop Deals
The most complete farming simulator experienceTake on the challenges of the modern farmer! Explore a huge open-world, including a detailed North American environment loaded with fa… Read more

Thanks op. Been waiting for this to go on sale again. Picked it up for about £6 on the Russian eshop. My three year old is mad about tractors and farm machinery in general, so hoping I can just burn around the fields doing donuts in my John Deere Otherwise I think he'll get a bit bored of watching me manage inventory until I've got enough cash for the snazzy machinery.


Got this for my 360 years ago, drove my tractor into a lake, got stuck. Tractor still in the lake 8 years later


I've thoroughly enjoyed both Stardew and Animal Crossing. I'd like to try like Rune Factory 4, Doraemon SoS and My Life at Portia too. The thought of riding around on a real tractor / combine is pretty appealing, but this one (Farming Simulator) seems pretty unwelcoming to newcomers. Still at this price, I think I'll probably give it a shot!


I've got it on PS4 and never played it either I'm still playing star drew valley and have animal crossing still sealed


Looks pretty decent for this price, a quid cheaper in SA store too

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Farming Simulator 2019 - Steam PC £13.19 @ Steam
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Posted 26th Jun 2020Posted 26th Jun 2020
Farming Simulator 2019 - Steam PC £13.19 @ Steam£13.19 Free P&P FreeSteam Store Deals
The best-selling franchise returns this year with a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects, along with the deepest a… Read more

If you want to try this - version 14 of Farm Simulator (as endorsed by Ed Burn!) is currently free on the MS store!

Farming Simulator 16 & 14 - Temporarily Free @ Google Play Store
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Posted 22nd Jun 2020Posted 22nd Jun 2020
Farming Simulator 16 & 14 - Temporarily Free @ Google Play StoreFREE£0.01Google Play Deals
Granted not the newest in the series, but some fun to be had here for free. Credit also to @Nik13 who shared this in comments on a previous deal (highfive) Description Man… Read more



I have half a dozen Gmail accounts, a couple of which are used purely for this sort of thing, they have loads of games apps etc in them but no personal info at all... But you need to take t these at long term but still disposable...


As Dingls says use a throwaway account. I have one that I use just for emulators (you have to be careful as the emulator will spoof device info and if you use the account on more than one google will get wise and try to suspend it). The other option is to use something like Aurora or Yalp store and bypass using a google account in its entirety. The only downside is, as you say, you wouldn't have access to your official account. I've just had a quick check and you can still download the apk's for Lara Croft and Hitman Sniper using Apk evozi. Save them and then install in whichever emulator you want to use. Good luck!


Thing is with faking it , I wont have access to all my games they are tied to the google account So you cant do anything about it other then sign in when it prompts you This puts me in odd situation wonder if everyone has different accounts when they do this


MAKE ONE UP!!!!! First rule of emulators.... fake it..!!!