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ShopTo is an online retailer that sells a wide product range from Xbox and PlayStation games to PC motherboards, graphics cards, 4K TVs and iPhones to cycling accessories. All of the firm’s latest discounts can be found at the HotUKDeals pages. How to redeem ShopTo vouchers
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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off (excludes hardware) using special offer code @

I got a reminder too. bizarre.


I got an email from them this morning with this code, sure enough it isn't working for any software purchases.


Not working for me.... tried it for bf hardline


Tried this a couple of days ago for Bloodborne and worked fine!


Yeah, done it logged it. I'll give it a try today.

£3 Discount
£3 Discount
£3 off using special offer code @ Shopto (£20 min spend)

Thanks OP, but all their games are overpriced!


Multiple orders of the same items will cause them to remove you from the rewards programme. You'll be labelled a "trader" with a big grey tag, and forever have the shame hanging over you.


Appears to be multi-use. I've used it twice to order psn cards.

£1 Discount
£1 Discount
£1 off any order at ShopTo (minimum £10 spend) using special offer code

Sorry, your code is not valid: Code is not valid at this time


most likely only £39.99 retail games knowing shopto, they stopped being really competitive ages ago


Thanks for the code WilliamHSs but I can't get it to work on either PC download games or Xbox. Have you been successful with code?

£2 Discount
£2 Discount
£2 off anything at Shopto.Net (minimum spend £7)
£2 off anything at Shopto.Net (minimum spend £7) just enter MCVAWARDSWINNER2011 at the checkout. It is only valid for 4 days so be quick. It can only be used once per account.

Sorry this code expired on Monday :(


Just tried to use this: Sorry, your code is not valid: Code is not valid at this time


Thats the spirit - keep it to yourself, dont tell anyone else about a deal. Why did the original poster even post this code, should have kept it to themselves.


Looked on their forums, and it's for preorders only, even if you pay for the preorder now. Nothing I want from there at the moment really and going to wait on La Noire and see what comes up nearer release.


Can't find anywhere to enter the code in either. - another £3 credit code

Just as well I used mine soon as I got it, otherwise they'd of taken it back!


Credit back up this morning


My credit on account currently showing as unavailable, guess they have suspended credit while they sort this?


Just got an email from them saying that the code is for new customers only and they have cancelled my credit. Gits


Interesting :) I decided to wait to see if they take it back first, didnt want to place an order and them demand the £3 back after it had been sent - £3 Store Credit @ Shopto

I also recieved the email about both of the coupons You have applied the coupon MCMEXPOST to your account. This voucher was for new customers only, you were allowed to apply this coupon in error as such we have removed the credit from your account. No charge was made to your credit card. Regards, ShopTo.Net I haven't got any credit left for them to take the money off me - Will they take it from paypal. Received game today. Should i return it? Thanks


You have applied the coupon MCMEXPOST to your account. This voucher was for new customers only, you were allowed to apply this coupon in error as such we have removed the credit from your account. No charge was made to your credit card. Regards, ShopTo.Net they removed all of my credit(£6) :(


Just received this e-mail: Dear , You have applied the coupon MCMEXPOST to your account. This voucher was for new customers only, you were allowed to apply this coupon in error as such we have removed the credit from your account. No charge was made to your credit card. Regards, ShopTo.Net Glad I ordered my dvd when I did :3


doesnt work :(


Just tried this on a new and existing account and it says "That offer code is not currently valid." :(

£1 Discount
£1 Discount
£1.00 credited to your account @ courtesy of Dealspwn using voucher code

Noooooooooo :-([image missing]


Well all the other vouchers of this kind for shopto have been able to just remain on your account until you use them, as long as they are added before the expiry. So I would assume this was the same (but thats just a guess, could be wrong)


expired now .. limit reached


Would like to know this too if anyone knows?


Thanks, I am up to £4 credit now

Best ShopTo deals from our community

My Hero's One Justice 2 (PS4) - £14.85 Delivered @ ShopTo
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Based on the hugely successful Anime series, My Hero One’s Justice 2 sees the return of all your favourite superheroes and quirks, pitting heroes and villains against one another i… Read more

*sigh* I hope they release no3 soon and sell a discounted pack with all dlc for a reasonable price


I read the they will bring out a second season pass, which will not be included in the deluxe edition obviously.


It’s £22.95 now on their site. It’s new on eBay for £21.98 if anyone still is interested in the game.


Didn't realise dlc had gotten that expensive, showing my age I suppose!


It's probably best to buy the edition with the season pass that's currently on sale on the xbox store. I'd say the DLC is probably on par with the other fighters, anime fighters in particular.

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD + Steelbook and Keyring £42.85 @ ShopTo
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Only 2 days to go.. (y) Witness the origins of the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for Nintendo Switch. Originally released on Wii in 2011, this classic q… Read more

Well I got around to asking for the £5 compensation voucher for late release date delivery. Wow they were quick issuing it. It has to be used within a month, so which other game should I get to use it on?


Thanks friend!



How does one do that pls?


Still taking orders as far as I can see. Mine arrived this morning, definitely worth the few extra pounds.. (y)

PS4 Yakuza: Like a Dragon Day Ichi Steelbook Edition + Steelbook & Legends Costume Set £20.85 delivered at ShopTo
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Ichiban Kasuga, a low-ranking grunt of a low-ranking yakuza family in Tokyo, faces an 18-year prison sentence after taking the fall for a crime he didn't commit.

Yeah I think I eventually ended up doing 35/50 of the side quests the rest I left were related to jobs which I didn't really delve into that much. My method which definitely helped me to grind in the underground sewers from the top of my head you get 70k XP per enemy kill (Vagabond) run back steps then back again he'll respawn. Definitely needed to do this as the boss in Chapter 14 was ridiculous 😄 + in Chapter 15 final area a new underground dungeon will unlock you take down same enemy and get 500k XP there's 3 so can get 1.5mill XP easily in 5 mins. I wouldn't say you have long left about 4-5 hours maybe? Best of luck!


I'm already at over 70 hours (trying to do all the side missions & extra stuff) and still have a few chapters to go! Chapter 12 seemed to take ages as I had to level up everyone to 50. How long should Chapters 13, 14 and 15 take? Will I have to level up much more to finish the game?


Yeah I know what you mean there's definitely an element of that the bosses in chapter 12 & 14 were a pain you definitely have to revisit the battle arena a few times I'd advise doing level 26 onwards a handful of times to level up. Also YouTube "Invested Vagabonds" !!! Finished it today 45 hours


I loved it up until Chapter 12 when it got a bit grindy! I spent a fair few hours doing the business management stuff and in the battle arenas to raise cash/level up... but I still can't beat the two dudes. The difficulty curve is too steep. It's gone from an absolute breeze to win most battles at the first time of asking, to can't win unless you level up each character 10 times! It's a great game but it's disappointing they didn't address the difficulty curve. I've beat the whole of the battle arena and I still need to level up further.


I know. Hence essentially free. As you get far more value across your 12 months than the cost of the monthly fee.

Super Mario 3D All Stars £39.85 delivered at ShopTo
Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Super Mario 3D All Stars £39.85 delivered at ShopTo£39.85
Discover three of Mario’s grandest 3D adventures with Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch! This special bundle includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario… Read more

This was posted 2 weeks ago (confused)


Have some heat on me


Over 300° for similar price game at currys, yet this one cold? Bizarre


Lol. We get too excited sometimes (y)


I was a mug and joined the preorder panic from ShopTo the day it was announced (excited)

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5000 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Points £29.85 @ ShopTo
Posted 16th May 2020Posted 16th May 2020
5000 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Points £29.85 @ ShopTo£29.85
This bundle includes 4,000 + 1000 Bonus Call of Duty Points for an extra 10% value. Call of Duty Points (CP) are the in-game currency that can be used in Modern Warfare to obtain … Read more

See you on the Battlefield soldier


Then I shall bid you good day!


Then you don't need these points then my friend... (y)


I physically get dressed up in military attire just to play the game!


yay shiny guns,pretty clothes all for the same price as the game..

Memberships & Wallet Top Up Sale e.g. £4.85 for £5 top-up @ ShopTo
Posted 21st Aug 2019Posted 21st Aug 2019
Memberships & Wallet Top Up Sale e.g. £4.85 for £5 top-up @ ShopTo have a nice little deal on network points..... Fill your boots!!!!

Didn't see it was already posted and ye it was lazy it was late when the email landed I just shared it as I take advantage of alot of the deals you all post. How do I shut a deal down?


At 15p on every £5 spent this is the most expensive way to buy psn credit on the site, it's practically not worth buying the credit as it would cost more in time to check out and enter the codes than the 15p it would save buying a game direct from playstation. It's like driving to land's end from scotland because petrol there is 15p cheaper per litre. On single card value the £35 card has a more than a £5 saving, which for me personally I would just buy increments of that card and any excess credit i would save for later


As Buzz says, already posted I’m afraid! And the description was lazy AF (lol) couldn’t be bothered to list all 13 available cards they offer


Posted here, mate :

UFC 2 [XB1] £6.85 @ ShopTo
Posted 9th Nov 2018Posted 9th Nov 2018
UFC 2 [XB1] £6.85 @ ShopTo£6.85
PS4 is oos Xb1 is linked EA SPORTS UFC 2 is pleased to announce Bruce Lee is back! THERE IS NO LONGER ANY DLC AVAILABLE If you are entering the Octagon® with EA SPORTS a secon… Read more

Good price, not so good game


Shame, not too fussed I suppose, I'm not that good at these


I think it is... Added the Xb1 to the deal now as it's same price


Oos now?? Wont show up in search either


I thought buzz already posted it lol

PlayStation Classic + 2 Controllers + 20 Preloaded Games £89.86 @ ShopTo ( Pre-Order)
Posted 19th Sep 2018Posted 19th Sep 2018
PlayStation Classic + 2 Controllers + 20 Preloaded Games £89.86 @ ShopTo ( Pre-Order)
It all began in Japan in 1994. The first PlayStation® changed everything. And now you can relive the era that changed gaming forever with the new PlayStation®Classic. Preloaded … Read more

Sometimes, although then I was just being silly.


You take things awfully literally, don't you?


After watching Nintendo rake it in with their retro boxes, they'd be daft not to milk the nostalgia Market while there is one. I'm not defending them but I don't blame them either. B/C is another matter... And not a simple one... The Cell CPU on the PS3 is notoriously difficult to emulate... Hence PS Now. However, I believe that people should be able to play their digitally owned PS3 games via PS Now without subscription.


Erm ok then....Pedantry doesn't really have any affect on my sleeping patterns, or at least I don't think it does.


Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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