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eufy Security 1080p Video Battery Doorbell with Wireless Chime and 16GB Micro-SD Card £74.99 delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)
13/10/2021Expires on 13/10/2021Made hot 19 h, 12 m agoMade hot 19 h, 12 m ago
Discount applied at checkout , valid till 13/10/2021. Good price with 16GB micro sd card. Features 1080p-Grade Resolution, 120-day Battery, No Monthly Fees, Wireless Chim… Read more

I think the homebase is required for 2k /4k stuff they do. But the chime can also act as a homebase as I have my outdoor 1080p Eufy camera added to it.


What's the benefit of homebase vs just the chime? Is the homebase better only if you have other eufy smart products? Thanks


Silicon glue, double sided sticky pad etc


Living in rented house; anyone know of a way of sticking these up without damaging the house?


Would love to get this if it was compatible with HomeKit

eufy Security, Battery Video Doorbell wireless Kit, Camera Doorbel £79.99 @ Amazon Sold by AnkerDirect
Made hot 20th SepMade hot 20th Sep
I've not seen these down in price for a while, but for anyone after these who is not bothered about the 2k model that was on here a few weeks ago, this is a great price. Can also b… Read more

I wish these would do RTSP or ONVIF support so I could do 24/7 recording via NVR (I could wirevdoorbell in via electrics or get wired version)


My mistake, sorry!


That's what I said.


yes it can.


Can be viewed live, including sound, whenever you like, via app or on a website.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan £54.99 Delivered @ Amazon
Made hot 11th SepMade hot 11th Sep
Good price here for the bundle, if you were looking for one. Description This bundle includes 1x Ring Video Doorbell Wired and 1x Echo Dot (3rd Gen, Charcoal Fabric) - every… Read more

Yes. Charge the battery every 3 months, vs what… trapping a wire in the door frame or drilling it? No thanks… There is no difference in lag, and what the extra functionality jaypr mentions I have no idea.


Ignore that comment it’s entirely wrong. Always buy a hardwired video doorbell if you can. You’ll get less lag and more functionality than the battery equivalent Ring doorbell.


Really? Even though my nearest plug is literally behind the front door? Doesn't the battery version require frequent charging?


Is the doorbell 3rd gen or the echo dot third gen


I put it on the frame of the door. Because it's hardwired, it would not be compatible with the main part of the door.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Plug-In Adapter by Amazon + Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – HD Video, Advanced Motion Detection, Plug-In Power £64 @ Amazon
Made hot 8th SepMade hot 8th Sep
This seems a good deal to me as the ring doorbell and adapter is £59. So Echo dot for a fiver. If you don't need the adapter and have a wired doorbell it is even cheaper at £54 … Read more

Excellent, thanks very much for the confirmation. Not fussed about using the hard wired chime if you can use the dot :)


Installed it today. No lag.. no delays! Love it


Yes the echo dot can be used as a chime. There is also a dedicated chime unit you can buy (that plugs into a socket somewhere and connects via WiFi) The ring Pro can sound a hardwired chime, and this might be the same, but they only work with the 24v chimes you find in America. (UK doorbells are typically 8v) I've seen an instructable where someone shows how you can get it to trigger a UK chime via a relay, but for most people an echo dot or a dedicated ring chime is fine. The only reason I can see to bother with a hardwired chime is if your Internet connection is dodgy. Unfortunately if your Internet connection goes down the WiFi chimes stop working.


Going to ask a stupid question here, but why do they include the Echo Dot? Can it be used as the chime? I’m assuming if you have an existing hard-wired chime it will stop working once you install the Ring?


Our hallway isn’t too long, and we have a socket in the lounge and kitchen so not too fussed about a socket in the hall. We do have two spare switches in the Consumer unit though, so I might tap up an Electrician friend of mine this week and see if he fancies a little job. Thank you for the response :) (y)

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Nest Video Doorbell with Free Google Nest Hub £179.99 (John Lewis Members) @ John Lewis & Partners
Made hot 3rd SepMade hot 3rd Sep
John Lewis have a promotion on the Nest Video Doorbell page for a free Nest Mini with discount code (NESTMINI).… Read more

i work on a fairly busy street. is it quite easy to break this?


Still a shame you've got to have an expensive plan for continuous recording compared to what it used to be. I'm still on the old plan and pay £4 a month for 5 days continuous. The new cheapest plan is an extra pound a month and you lose continuous recording. Theres value in Nest if you have a few of their cameras but if you've just got the one, you're better off going with another brand I think. Having continuous recording has proven to be extremely valuable for me and I've noticed a lot of occasions where its either not registered an even as motion so would not have recorded on the other plan, or did not register enough of an event as a motion event so I would have missed critical video. It's a shame because the Nest Hello is probably one of the best doorbells available right now, but they really messed up with their subscriptions. I'll be going with another brand for my next doorbell personally.


I have the eufy on the back door , the nest hello on the front and I bought this one for my dad . Hands down nest hello is the absolute best video doorbell . Eufy is alright but I wouldn’t have it at the front door just to save on a subscription sometimes get delays not all the time but it’s kinda basic. The facial recognition non the hello is amazing . Parents haven’t had any issues so far with this one but I’m sticking with the nest hello


same here regarding the rewards. The EUFY with the homebase looks like a good idea as no subscription as everything is saved to an sd card (sold by costco so need membership) but the reviews are putting me off somewhat .


£168.72. £140 without VAT

Ring Smart Video Doorbell Pro with Built-in Wi-Fi & Camera plus Plug-in Adapter £109 John Lewis & Partners
160° Expired
Made hot 29th AugMade hot 29th Aug
Usually on sale for £123. Amazon reduced to £119 yesterday. John Lewis now have this for £109. Ring Video Doorbell Pro With the Ring Video Doorbell Pro you can answer the door fr… Read more

Thanks for this, that made the decision for me (y)


Doesn't work as you need to purchase a qualifying Google product to get the free mini. Edit My bad "DISCOUNT CODE Add £100 or more to your basket across any products and get the Google Nest Mini (Charcoal Only) at no additional cost using promotional code GOOGLE100 at the checkout to claim. How to claim Add the Google Nest Mini (Charcoal Only) to your basket and at least £100 of any other products and use promotional code GOOGLE100 at the checkout to claim" Doesn't want to work though. Edit2 " How to claim Add the Google Nest Mini (Charcoal Only) to your basket and at least £100 of any other products and use promotional code GOOGLE100 at the checkout to claim" Actually add it to your basket It's too early :(


Even better when paired with the free Google Nest mini JL have site wide for spending over £100. Happy to have bagged that too - Thanks OP!


Thank you, I'll watch the video later and decide (y)


This is the best price for the Ring Pro, however the new Ring Video Doorbell Wired at £49 with a plug in adapter is identical in almost all the same ways. The only things lacking on the cheaper one is a 5GHz connection, colour night vision which isn’t great on the Pro anyway, the ability to make your existing mechanical chime sound and Alexa smart responses (which are only currently available in the US). The cheaper one is smaller too. Great comparison here