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The online store, Approved Food can help you save up to 70% on your shopping. Approved Food is the biggest online store for close to or past, best before date food and drink. This is the store for short dated food and not “use by” foods (while the first refers to quality, the second refers to safety). The website explains common labelling terms such as “best before”, “use by”, “display until” and “sell by” etc so that you know exactly what you're buying and what it means to buy those products.
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Free delivery
Free delivery
Free shipping and Hotel Chocolate when spend over £22.50 @ Approved Foods.
Free shipping and chocolate when spent over £22.50 @ Approved Foods. The email shows the Hotel Chocolate logo.

were good a few years ago but not now over priced out of date food


Ahh hotel chocolat , was wondering which hotel Where giving free chocolate :)


They have some decent spirits for cheap.

Free delivery
Free delivery
Free Shipping on orders overs £30 @ Approved Food
Free shipping at with a £30 spend. Who are *We specialise in selling short-dated stock, those close to or past their best befor… Read more

Thanks for posting have just used


Excellent , thanks. Had some real bargains from here in the past (y)

Free delivery
Free delivery
Free Postage on Orders over £25 @ Approved Food
I just received an email with two great codes for Approved Food Aproved food is specialised in surplus and short-dated stock, food that is either near or just passed its 'best bef… Read more

Just used 5CRAF, code still working, thanks OP 😁




Both worked! Thank you for sharing!


Quick update:I have just received my first box and I am overall happy with it. I just would just not buy again a special box as the value of the goods received are actually cheaper to buy on their website directly. I received a box which was actually around £2 pounds less worth than to buy it directly. Not a big amount, but why should I buy a "surprise" box again as you normally would expect to receive even more than just the value of the box as it is choosen by the company.


Neither code worked for me... ;(

£3 Discount
£3 Discount
£2.99 Delivery (£3 Off) @ Approved Food
T&C's: Half Price Shipping: Makes shipping half price (£2.99) for a standard one box order for the UK mainland (normally £5.99). Premium UK delivery areas (Highlands etc), in… Read more

I guess the delivery helps some people.


most of the things they sell can be found at the same price or cheaper at places like b&m heron and poundstretcher

Free delivery
Free delivery
Free delivery worth £5.99 on orders over £25 @ Approved Food
This deal only comes up every few months so is well worth waiting for these vouchers. Voucher expires 8:59 17/12/18



What is wrong with you? If this was post nuclear war you'd jump at this offer!


Ummm! Suree Thai Chilli Paste. Only 2 and a half years out of date!


What did you click on? It works for me.


Well for starters the site wouldn't forward to approved foods when I clicked.

Free delivery
Free delivery
Free delivery on orders over £25 at Approved Food
Approved Food discount code for free delivery on orders over £25. This has just come through in my email account. You have until 8:59 am tomorrow (16th) if you want to use it. F… Read more

Last time I checked some of the stuff was way over date like a year or more. Is the quality not compromised?


Seems a little overpriced (lol) . Heat added :)

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 off orders over £30 at Approved Food
£10-off voucher received over email. Worked for me! Their discounts and deliveries work best with orders over £30-35 so it may be worth adding another £10 of goods anyway to get al… Read more

Wish i hadnt bothered now. They didnt send 5 items yet the bill stayed the same price. Instead of giving me credit for the missing items they deducted the value from my order thus bringing it down to below the amount for free shipping. Thanks for a terrible shopping experience and most of the food was awful too.Never again.


Use code LDFR-FB18 for free delivery also..... Don't know if you can combine discounts but might as well give it a try Your Welcome :)


Just a FYI, lots of the Free Delivery codes are for new customers (unless anyone knows better!), but this one, Free55 works..£55+ spend, though! This is a good buy - Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild 200ml at £9.99 (5 left)* Cheapest I can see it elsewhere is £15.40 at Amazon *Edit: (not sure why the link won't work, but you can search for it manually - 3 left now)


"Code has expired"?!


Don’t work

Best Approved Food deals from our community

Starbucks Nescafe Dolce Gusto Variety White Cup Coffee Pods 3 lots 36 (108 Servings) (BBE 31 Jul 2020) £30 + £3 Delivery at Approved Food
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Sign up to newsletter for free delivery code. 28p per latte/Cappucino/caramel machiatto Espresso deal available here:… Read more

I ordered some of these earlier in year and paid £1 per box so £6 for the box of 6. Still getting through them now. They taste absolutely fine.


Can't understand why they would limit it to 3 x6 per order,you would think they would want to get shot. Amazon has latte and cappuccino 6 packs for less than a tenner if you are on maximum sub and save and collect voucher,all well in date! That said,I had these when they were a fiver a few weeks back,and they tasted fine,but they are a few more weeks out of date now.


Out of date by nearly a year.....


I think they need to cut their losses and bin these, especially as they are nearly a year out of date. Unless this is a typo error......


Cold for out of date stock....

3x Starbucks Nespresso 8 Flavours Variety Pack 120 Capsules (360 servings) (BBE 28.02.2021) £30 @ Approvedfood
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Less than 9p per capsule Sign up for newsletter to get free delivery in few minutes

Worth a punt. Thanks OP.


Good deal OP. I'd just ignore those who probably never have even tried something past best before, and describe Nespresso/Starbucks’ choices for their variety pack as ’random’.


3 months out of date and random flavours I feel that it should be around 1 to 2 pence per capsule


Its like due to covid they have unsold stock from starbucks stores


So pay £30 to get flavours that they could not sell and 3 months out of date?

Starbucks lucky dip Espresso Nespresso Capsules (100 Servings) (BBE 28.02.21) £10 (£22.50 min spend) @ Approved Food
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
10p per pod depending on if you do other shopping or buy £22.50 Also Dolce Gusto and instant coffee deals available. £3 for delivery Or sign up newsletter for free delivery sent w… Read more

You're right of course, the coffee is 'going off' all the time so yes there will be a difference in taste from pods that have just been produced to those which are a lot older whether or not they are 'in date'.


:) Yeah but if they can sell it discounted then it makes sense for them to do that, cutting losses (or maybe their whole business model is based on selling cheap out of date stuff, I dunno, but there are businesses that do just that.)


Yes, sure is


I agree with your comments regarding taste but when it's 3 months old they should be giving it away.


Re BBE: The coffee could be a year old up to the best before date so another 3 months after isn't going to make much difference, it's not like it tastes amazing on 27th Feb then awful on the 28th. Not for me so not voted.

Smiths Scampi Flavour Fries 27g 3p Per bag each + £3 del @ Approved Food
Posted 13th Dec 2020Posted 13th Dec 2020
Smiths Scampi Flavour Fries 27g 3p Per bag each + £3 del @ Approved Food£3.03
PLEASE NOTE Best Before: 29 Feb 2020 This website resells items past its "best before date" but well before its use by date bringing savings. There are many other items on the… Read more

30p a bag now expire


(y) Bla bla bla - expired - bla bla bla - isn't it dreadful - bla bla bla... I'd rather pay 3p for out of date stuff than 50p+. Yes, I am scum. (cheeky)


Anyone know a free delivery code? :)


If you have a heron Foods nearby they are doing 8 for £1 dated 16 January 2021


Your grammar is more worrying 🤫

Hotel Chocolat The Everything Sleekster 360g £2 @ Approved Food (£22.50 minimum spend, delivery from £3)
Posted 28th May 2020Posted 28th May 2020
Hotel Chocolat The Everything Sleekster 360g £2 @ Approved Food (£22.50 minimum spend, delivery from £3)£2
Best Before: 31 Oct 2019 Does chocolate have a use-by date? No, chocolate does not have a use-by date it just has a best before date. This means it is safe to eat after the best… Read more

Because op can't ...


So why has the deal not been expired? The OP knows there’s none left. FWIW, I have just eaten a Snickers with a bb date of 2012 and it tasted just fine


Anyone ever had old chocolate that tasted of soap? Yucky


Bad chocolate is rank, but if you want to spend £2 for guaranteed disappointment... buy a scratch card.


Then it shouldnt be on hotukdeals.. Failure.

University survival pack (Was £12.50) at Approved Foods for £5.99 (£5.99 delivery)
Posted 13th Sep 2017Posted 13th Sep 2017
University survival pack (Was £12.50) at Approved Foods for £5.99 (£5.99 delivery)£11.98
The Approved Food University Survival Box is our solution for any new student that is living in their own accomodation.

This is in the banner that results from using SEARCH to look for "Approved" Approved Food Deals & Offers 32 hot deals All that comes up when you click on the suggested link is this entry, and it is EXPIRED. Perhaps a programmer could be be assigned to investigate what is going wrong, and fix it.


The toilet roll won't last a day after you've eaten all that crap 🤣


Although, somewhat ironic, as we didn't pay a penny in tuition fees and got some sort of grant unless our parents earned well over the national average. Plus we could still claim housing benefit and unemployment benefit in the holidays too. Beer was relatively cheaper and there were fewer graduates competing for jobs. We had it cushy!


Indeed. Plus the occasional squirt of that garlic purée which came in tubes - like it's tomato sauce counterpart. Unfortunately, times have changed. Today's "millennials" enjoy their daily graze at Pizza Express or Nandos, with a Pret sandwich for lunch and several trips to the on-campus Starbucks or Costa. Kinda like the old "yuppies", just without jobs. Today's students wouldn't be able to survive under the harse conditions we did! ;)


So, you get 1Kg of dried pasta, and nothing to have with it? Not even some plum tomatoes? In my day, the classic student meal was a chilli made from mixing tins of plum tomatoes, Kidney beans and sweet corn - server with rice and cheese on the top if you were trying to impress someone.

Starbucks Mixed 5 Variety Pack Espresso Nespresso Capsules 4 lots 50 (200 Servings) (BBE 19.10.19) £10 (£22.50 min spend) @ Approved Food
61° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
5p per pod depending on if you do other shopping or buy £22.50 Also Dolce Gusto and instant coffee deals available. £3 for delivery Or sign up newsletter for free delivery sent wi… Read more

Top and bottom are foil


I'm more concerned about nasty plastic capsules damaging the machine than recycling.Once had some CafePod where I had to force the handle closed to pierce the plastic capsule. Ended up binning them rather than break the machine.


You can recycle them :|


Voted hot Hukd virtue signalling recycling = annoying


Happy to but coffee going out of ‘best before’ - but I ain’t paying anything for food that’s WELL out of best before!! Think they found a pallet of this stuff at the back of a closed Debenhams store??!…COLD

Starbucks Nespresso 8 Flavours Variety Pack 120 Capsules: £18.99 Minimum Purchase of £22.50 / £3 delivery (BBE 28 Feb 2021) Approved Food
50° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
16p per pod. Dolce Gusto deals also avilable. Site requires A minimum spend of £22.50. But thats easy to do since they have lots of bargains and lots of stuff for 1p: https://stor… Read more

Yes, but these are 120 pods, ie. you get 2 packs of 4 of them.


I think the standard variety packs are only 80 pods:


Not voting either way but note that they sold these for 4 (ie. 480 pods) for £40.- and 3 (360) for £30.- not long ago so they might again. Also, of those i received only 1 box had a Feb expiry, another March and another May (plus, there is no problem using these well beyond the best before date).


People will say "expired" but these are hermetically sealed capsules, so the ground coffee will be fine. It's also only a Best Before date, it's not like the coffee suddenly degraded and went stale at midnight on 1st March. That said I'm not sure it's a fantastic price, often on Amazon for around the same.orice with a S&S discount and recent YankeeBundles deals were better value.


Thanks OP, ill give it a go

Starbucks Nescafe Dolce Gusto Variety Black Cup Coffee Pods 3 lots 72 (216 Servings) (BBE 31 Jul 2020) £30 + £3 delivery at Approved Food
82° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
14-15p per pod depending on if you do other shopping or buy £55 to get free delivery Or getting free delivery by signing up to newsletter thanks @ayeworld they have lots of st… Read more

Sign up for free delivery. Takes about 15 mins for voucher code


Got these when they were £5/box, still got at least 4 unopened boxes of 6!


Yeh I make mine into Americanos with 1 pod


Does anyone ever use these to make an Americano? Or would you need to use two pods?


Since I have been working from home I have 2-3 coffees a day. These are espresso so you could double up even.

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% offFree shipping and Hotel Chocolate when spend over £22.50 @ Approved Foods.16/01/2020
% offFree shipping over £20 + 20% off over £45 with voucher code @ Approved Food18/12/2019
% offFree Shipping on orders overs £30 @ Approved Food28/10/2019
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% offFree delivery on a £35 spend until 8.59am21/04/2019