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Sainsbury’s sell a huge range of items, from laundry powder to fruit and veg, mobile phones and baby clothes. The firm is always introducing new discount codes and customers can purchase gift cards to use in Sainsbury’s stores. Customers can find the latest promo codes at the hotukdeals Sainsbury's listings. How to redeem Sainsbury's vouchers

All Sainsbury's Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

-£15Get £15 off Grocery Orders with this Discount Code @ Sainsburys

Minimum spend:£80

Expires:in 16 days

Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Excludes delivery charge, spirits & liqueurs, first stage baby milk, tobacco and related products, gift vouchers, savings or postage stamps, e-top up, mobile phone coupons, phone cards, charity products, scratch cards or gaming (games, consoles, accessories). Multibuy offers on alcohol are not available in Scotland due to Scottish legislation. Only one first time coupon may be used per customer per household. It may not be used on multiple accounts and may only be used once. See site for complete coupon terms and conditions.

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£18 off
£18 off £18 off £60 Sainsbury’s Online Spend (one time use)
£18 off £60 Sainsbury’s Online Spend Using code: LCAVDECHD0 (or O) Seen lots of these with the same code on

100%, thanks.


Purchased groceries from web site for the first time and code not applicable so won't bother with your web site again.


Might wanna check it’s not been used already? I’ll remove the code from my comment if your sure you’ll use it (y)


will do on feb 9, fridge is full


Thanks for this <3 just placed my first order (y)

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More Info Sainsbury’s Freebies for online groceries shop
Free John West Tuna Pot, Balhsen Choco Moments & Tena Lady Silhouette Pants with online Grocery shop at Sainsbury’s!

Me too; no probs with all freebie codes plus personal code for money off a £60 spend.


Had an order this evening, used these 3 codes and everything was delivered without any probs (y)




My order has gone through ok and due for delivery later today?


you can only use 1 coupon,I used 3 and had my order cancelled

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More Info Free Bahlsen Biscuits / TENA Lady Pants / No-Drain Tuna / Honest Kids Organic Drinks with Online Grocery Orders at Sainsbury's w/code(s)
Claim free Bahlsen Moments with code FREEMOMENTS… Read more

i posted it first


Already posted


You had me at lady pants

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More Info £18 off your first £60+ Sainsbury’s Online Grocery Shop (New Customers)
£18 off your first £60+ online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 14/12/18* Click add e-coupons and enter below coupon code at the checkout. SCSSEODEC15

Can you buy computer games and other bits to make the £60 then knock the £18 off it is it groceries only?


Argh!! Lol


Booze not included


Does this still work


Do the groceries have to be delivered or can you click and collect

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More Info Sainsbury’s £18 off £60+ Online Grocery Shop (New Customers)
£18 off your first £60+online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 15/11/18* Click add e-coupons and enter below coupon code at the checkout SCSSEONOV1

Code still works, but doesn’t count the cost of a game in the £60min spend. So for example I just bought wwe 2k19 which was a rather hefty £47.99, and until I added £60 of groceries (that I already had in my Morrison’s basket due Sunday) the voucher wouldn’t apply. Now I’ve essentially had groceries for around the same price plus £18 off the game. Cheers OP :)




not working


haha they did too! but this code doesn't work on RDR2 sadly, I got the same error as user commenting above.


ok... they've now put Red Dead Redemption 2 up to £97.99

£18 off
£18 off £18 OFF £60 @ SAINSBURY'S
Offer for NEW customers. Register and order for delivery on or before 18/10/2018 for voucher to apply.

I swear the delivery driver is getting suspicious when he keeps asking “is this the first time you’ve ordered from us?” And I reply “yes”.... another new e-mail address set up.


Yes there is. Enjoy it while it lasts


It doesn’t work, just tried it. It says “we’re sorry, but voucher FBTCOCT can no longer be used as it is no longer valid”


any context to this?


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More Info Try a Bottle of JUST MILK with Sainsbury's Print at Home Voucher
A print at home coupon sent by e-mail Only redeemable at Sainsbury's One bottle of either JUST MILK Lactose Free, Skimmed or Semi Skimmed per person

Has anyone had issues printing off the voucher. It won’t let me print it.


Offer expired when you try to print it


I get my yeast infections else where, thank you.


Well the company is very similar to Candida. Maybe you’ve been buying bottled yeast infections.


What the hell else have they been putting in 'milk' all these years?

£1.50 off
£1.50 off Sainsbury's Online free Bahlsen Choco Moments Crunchy Mint or Hazelnut
Voucher Code = FREEBAHLSEN T&Cs: There are 25000 free Bahlsen Choco Moments Crunchy Mint, Crunchy Hazelnut to be claimed. Offer available on online orders containing Bahlsen … Read more

Thanks op. Just added this to my order :D


Apologies! Just changed to FREEBAHLSEN. Thanks Annabelle2406


Think the code should be freebahlsen- not sure how to edit?


It’s not working?

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More Info Free PiCK UP! Minis Milk Chocolate and Walkers Sensations Streetmix Nuts with online Grocery Orders at Sainsbury's w/code
Enter the codes at the checkout Online minimum order and delivery charges apply. Subject to availability. Free PiCK UP! Minis Milk Chocolate with Grocery Orders at Sainsbury's w/… Read more

No longer valid


are'll add them to my basket thanks ;)

£18 off
£18 off £18 off first purchase for online customers @ Sainsburys. There are some exclusions such as tobacco and gaming. Great to buy some electronics or regular grocery.
Avail this opportunity especially if you have more than one bank card holder in your house you can register multiple times and get £18 off

that codes gone guys the new code is SCSSEOOCT1 just to help people out on this you get £18 cash off a £60 spend so if you spend 120 on shopping split it into 2 parts. sainsbury's can be expensive if your not using it right, i wouldn't go their for a tub of soap powder but milk cheese and dairy is all competitively priced the beer is always a yes for me you can't retain the code on spirits but beers & wine is a yes, stock up some wines have 25% off on 6 bottles lets say you bought 6 bottles at 5 per that's £4 after the 25% for buying the 6 and a further discount when you apply the code of 18 pound off that's 30% by the way stock up it's well worth the bigger spend i just ordered 12 x 6 cat food and 3 bags of dried cat food (3.85 a go in asda) £4 in sainsbury as well as 3 bags of dried food asda and sainsbury at £4 a bag so their not to bad if in doubt use a sight called my supermarket it compares the main supermarket prices for your goods and the cheapest trolley total if your rather bulk buy remember if sainsbury are slightly dearer using the supermarket site you still have a further £18 off your bill to come lastly it's not much but using a nectar card gives you a few pence back to a credit card that gives cashback is also a good way to get that little extra


gaming means lottery and scratchcards


So for the gaming part so you have to go to Argos to input the code?


60-18 = £42 Good deal just about the saving you would make shopping at lidl or aldi. Sainsburys is way overpriced Does this deal include booze?


(y) (y) (y) ;) ;) ;)

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More Info FREE pack of Quaker Porridge To Go Breakfast Squares using code FREETOGO online @ Sainsburys when you do an online grocery order, more codes in description
Online minimum order and delivery charges apply. You have to do an online grocery order to claim these. Subject to availability FREE pack of Quaker Porridge To Go Breakfast Square… Read more

FREEKEFIR doesn't seem to be working but the other 2 are, thanks OP


Porridge to go? Looks like a flapjack.


thats a whole lot of messing about for a pack of Quaker Porridge. Giving it a miss.


Thiught this was free pack of Quavers! (devil)


🔥 But Part of the offers already posted @

£20 off
£20 off £20 off a £60 spend at Sainsbury's
Sainsbury's are upping their game in the 'money off your first order' voucher battle. £20 off a £60 using the code EYHR4VGJKJXC (valid on wine and beer, NOT spirits) I stocked u… Read more

Nope. Used with a few different accounts.


Doesn’t work


Or AFFVCJULY for £18 off £60. Both will work in case one of the codes expires.


Use SCSSEOJULY for £18 off but bare in mind they will decline cashback


It's an unique code, you added it to your account so nobody else can use it....

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More Info Free Gin & Tonic Sorbet at Sainsbury's
Found this voucher, Make any online order on the Sainsbury's website, and enter the code ICEICEBABY at checkout to claim a free tub.

Doesn't actually taste of anything other than lemon & lime.


I haven’t got a problem drinking! Am pretty good at it


For people who think they haven't got a drink problem


I have just tried this and it's no longer available.

£18 off
£18 off £18 off first online order over £60 @ Sainsburys
Deal has been posted a few times before but seems to be back for May and can't see it active on here. Just ensure you have a new account (can use multiple emails) and you can ente… Read more

"Sorry your postcode is outside our delivery area"


Maybe it has changed this time, I'm sure I had alcohol delivered earlier this year.


Are you sure? I don’t think so. I just tried and it says basket doesn’t meet minimum spend criteria for coupon. In T&C it says that liqueur is excluded from the coupons so ideally basket should contain qualifying groceries of worth £60 for the coupon to work. Did you manage to order with alcohol and got the money off?


Yes 🍺


Does this include alcohol purchases?

£12 off
£12 off £12 off Your First Grocery Order over £60 with Code @ Sainsbury's
Code: AFFPHAPR £12 off First Grocery Orders Over £60 Start Date: Monday 9th April End Date: Thursday 3rd May Exclusion… Read more

THANKS shame i missed the deal 18 off, but better than nth. cheers


Sprites no. as of my last order everything else yes, last time this was posted they had 18 off 60 not so much now...


Does alchohol/ spirits/wine qualify towards the £60 (groceries) then??


I found a tenner once.......


Why does that matter? Is that deal available now ?

£18 off
£18 off £18 off £60 online grocery shop
£18 off your first £60+ online grocery shop For orders delivered on or before 11/04/18

Afraid only applicable for first time


I have tried them twice kid, simple!


They finally deliver to my area. Tesco & Asda have for years but I feel there still more expensive for me to try but that offer is tempting to try at least once.


I've been using Ocado for over a month and I can't believe how poor their food is, and that includes Waitrose branded goods. The meat is expensive, full of water and chewy, grapes are brown within 24 hours, had rotten carrots. Customer service is great though but this week will be our last. I've seen the staff in our local Sainsburys picking for deliveries and they always seem to choose carefully rather than pick up the same thing so will probably switch


How do you know the food is out of date if they don't turn up? :/

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