Waitrose & Partners discount codes

Waitrose & Partners Discount Codes

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Waitrose offer discount codes on a huge variety of food and drink items, garden products, and gifts like flowers or cakes. The full range of available offers can be found at the Waitrose HotUKDeals pages. How to redeem Waitrose & Partners vouchers

All Waitrose & Partners Voucher & Promo Codes for December 2018

-10%Get Extra 10% off Fresh Food Hampers at Waitrose & Partners

Expires:in 2 days

Conditions:Excludes fine wines, champagnes, spirits and wine plans. Some other exclusions apply. 

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£1 off
£1 off £1 off coupon - Seriously Cheddar Cheese Melting Pot
You will need a printer! Available at Waitrose and Asda for £2.50 / £2.85

Thank you heat from me.

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More Info £20 off Waitrose (min £80) first shop
Save £2 when you Spend £10 or Save £10 when you Spend £100 Using the code: MW6597OCTS valid until 11/11/2018

Either. They are different voucher codes. If you've shopped online at Waitrose before then you can't use the £20 code but can still get some money off using the second code. Thanks OP.


So, is it is 10.00 off 100.00??? Or 20.00 off minimun 80.00 spend??

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More Info New Customer Codes for 5 shops £20 off £80 Spend on Groceries with code @ Waitrose & Partners
£20 off your first shop online at Waitrose & Partners when you spend £80 … Read more

Bit confused. The first code gets you three £20's off. So can you use the rest as well?


This is fantastic for nabbing whisky bargains because unlike any other online supermarket, Waitrose let you use these "1st shop" vouchers on orders comprised of alcohol alone!


Pip-Pip Cheerio!



£14 off
£14 off Cook Well from Waitrose - Weekly delivery of fresh ingredients for delicious meals - 50% off first delivery
Make home-cooked meals more convenient with Cook Well, the new service from Waitrose. You’ll get chef-inspired recipes and the freshest ingredients delivered to your door Use code… Read more

West Essex, I believe the problem is nationwide just like this offer


(y) Thanks


Snap, do you live in West Devon?


Waitrose should concentrate on getting its core activity correct rather another fanciful idea. Get the goods on the shelves and have the tills manned. My local Waitrose has serious issues with maintaining adequate stock levels and long queues at the checkouts.


good deal although not much choice heat added

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More Info
More Info £20 off Your First Five Shops when you Spend £80 on Groceries with Code @ Waitrose
£20 off your first shop online at Waitrose when you spend £80 plus free delivery Code: AQ1DF20 End: 11/03/2018 T&Cs: £80 off your first… Read more

Would have shopped with them if it had covered existing customers. Their loss


It shows some exclusions on the small print - no mention of pet food so I'd imagine it's OK. Could always ring them to check.


On groceries, so would pet food count?


Great (y)


Heat added - thank you. Waitrose have just started delivering in our area so I've been waiting for a good introductory offer. This ticks the box!

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More Info £20 off £80 spend at Waitrose for 3 online shops for new customer
I know Waitrose is generally a bit pricey, but £20 of an £80 spend is not to be sniffed at, even if it’s just to get some Xmas drinks in! Worth using seeing as I need to eat anyw… Read more

Yep... 4.9 litres of Russian standard for £67.50 is pretty decent



Free shipping
Free shipping 10% off £100 spend at Waitrose online
Received this voucher. It may be more than a one time use

This isn't working anymore. Have they issued you with a new one?


Yes it is British Gas rewards. I've got one of these. You can claim it if you are a British Gas customer and you've opted in for rewards. They last for a month from when you claim. You can use it every time you shop till it expires.


british gas rewards?

£100 off
£100 off Waitrose £100 Off First 5 Shops
INSTRUCTIONS: £20 off your first 5 online shops. 1st Shop - AQ2JD20 2nd Shop - NQ2JAS2 3rd Shop - NQ2JAS3 4th Shop - NQ2JAS4 5th Shop - NQ2JAS5 APPLIES TO: Groceries … Read more

Yep use that. You will find that Sainsburys is now more expensive on most things than Waitrose. As an exercise go to your food cupboard, pick randomly 20 branded products. I guarantee that aleast 15 of them will be either the same or more expensive in Sainsburys than in Waitrose As always, it's what suits you best for they way you live. Unfortunately a £100 shop even with £20 off would just be too much shopping for my use.​


We moved our shopping across to aldi/lidl about 2 years ago and yes you save some money, but in our opinion some of the quality at aldi/lidl is really not that great, wife was never happy with fruit & veg for example. So from the start of this year moved to waitrose & the quality is better & price is not always more example 3 x steaks for £10 at waitrose and it is better quality. Also waitrose do lots of special offers equal to & sometimes better than other stores, shopping late at night in store you can also get some bargains on fresh bread etc. Aldi/Lidl are great for nappies cheap and very good so still buy that from them. To say its a lot of money for home delivery is not quite true though surely? Shopping in store in both has its disadvantages, Aldi/Lidl the checkout is a pain in the backside rush, rush, rush then you have to pack your shop after I hate it!, isles are usually blocked with unhappy staff filling shelves from huge pallets, stocks a bit hit and miss & I have to say some of the customers are 'interesting' shall we say. Shopping in Waitrose has normal checkouts which is great, the staff are usually really helpful & friendly, customer service is very good, negatives are the customers - maybe its location of my local, but they have NO concept of other people around them, the car park is hilarious as 5ft 5" Cordelia & her 2.5 children in her range rover have 0 idea of how to park or drive bordering on dangerous...and when they are in store they insist on walking around drinking from those paper cups (drinks in store are free with a waitrose card) stopping to have a chat and even worse at the check out with them...sit in the cafe part, have a drink then do your shopping ffs!. Also they often have £8 off £40 shop offers recently got sent 4 of these to use, Aldi/lidl did have £5 off £40 shops about a year or 2 ago this seems to have stopped now. No one here is wrong or right just my opinion and experience.




​Prove it?


if you've got a Halifax account. Theres currently 10% off waitrose offer if you activate through the banking app. Should be able to use that in conjunction with this offer.

£20 off
£20 off £20 off 5 Shops off £100 Each for New customer with Voucher @ Waitrose
INSTRUCTIONS: £100 off your first 5 shops online when you spend £100 or more at Waitrose End: 26/02/2017 T&Cs: £100 off your first five online grocery orders at waitrose.com… Read more

Great! Worked for me just now with Valentine's Meal shopping basket - thanks fro posting!

More Info
More Info £40 Gift Voucher For John Lewis or Waitrose when You Complete your First 2 £100 Online shops with vouchers @ Waitrose
INSTRUCTIONS: T&Cs: Offer available to first time online grocery customer only from Wednesday 5 October to Sunday 4 December 2016. Both shops must be delivered by Sunday 4 D… Read more

Hi, Has anyone received their voucher for £40 i still haven't received mine even though it was promised before christmas. I complained and they have sent me 2 seperate £20 off vouchers just for shopping orders not for John Lewis. Its not very good not what was promised.


If the minimum spend is £100 then this won't work if you're using the £20 off £100 for your first 2 shops will it? Where would you put the code for this anyway? And would you have to put the code somewhere in the order for both shops?


if it works would be good


i dont no as i dont have a gift card to try cant see anything in the TC's about not being able to good luck and hope you can use it x


Can you use a gift card to pay?

Newest Waitrose & Partners Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
20%Get Extra 20% off Gifts plus Free Delivery at Waitrose & Partners23/12/2018
10%Get Extra 10% off Fresh Food Hampers at Waitrose & Partners21/12/2018
£1£1 off coupon - Seriously Cheddar Cheese Melting Pot16/02/2019
% off£20 off Waitrose (min £80) first shop16/02/2019
% offNew Customer Codes for 5 shops £20 off £80 Spend on Groceries with code @ Waitrose & Partners31/10/2018