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In recent years, Waitrose has striven to lose its 'middle-class' image and make its pricing - certainly on its Essentials range - as competitive as its main competitors, Tesco and Sainsbury's. Add on to this its mission to use local products that have been ethically and sustainably farmed and it's easy to see why Waitrose is so popular. If you like your food as fresh as possible and want a range that runs from daily basics at basic prices to more exotic choices, then you'll enjoy shopping at Waitrose & Partners. Why not make your weekly budget go a little further by looking for a Waitrose discount code at hotukdeals? How to redeem Waitrose vouchers
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£5 Discount
£5 Discount
Waitrose online - £5 off £40+ spend with code @ Waitrose
Waitrose online - £5 off £40+ spend Waitrose Rapid is closing down, and having used it in the past, I was sent the below. Seems pretty generic so imagine it's not account specifi… Read more

Stock depends on area


Voucher worked with an online order and automatically got free delivery too. Unable to use the Waitrose money off vouchers that came through the door though. Some prices are sharply higher than Morrisons so decided against buying a whole chicken this time. Thanks for the heads up OP.


What's with the comparison chat above, Waitrose vs the also expensive Sainsburys rather than one of the cheapys like Asda or "Lildi"? - If I was going to pay for expensive food I'd be off to M&S, not one of the wannabies


Thanks code worked


i find this discussion amusing because i remember a time when most wont buy at Aldi/Lidl at all when they started over here in the UK but Aldi/Lidl have somehow throughout the years made cheap and low quality fashionable and now it's hip to shop at Aldi/Lidl, how times change, however quality doesnt change really, it's just that standards change with time and quantity now wins over quality anyday. :)

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off Online Shop - Minimum spend £40 @ Waitrose & Partners
Online on Waitrose.com Minimum spend:£40 Conditions:Excludes fine wines, champagnes, spirits and wine plans. Some other exclusions apply



doesn't work for me today so I agree with expiry!


i believe it expires on 22nd Mar 2021 (nerd)


Great worked fine. Can this be used only once per account?


No longer available

£5 Discount
£5 Discount
£5 off for online groceries @ Waitrose (Minimum £40 spend)
Tested working for delivery and click and collect.

Yes, seems a bit haphazard! I also got a couple of £10 vouchers last year as well. Not complaining, just can't figure them out.


Fair enough. Sounds as though I’m one of the “others”! I too get a delivery every Saturday, also a delivery to my father 100 miles away every other Sunday.


I don't know about that - I get a delivery every Saturday and Sunday (the latter for my mum, but delivered to me, plus I can usually sneak in any missing items from the Sat - they really need to dial back the midday cutoff now though!). Mostly split the shop since they reduced the spend to £40 so i get the weekend papers free. I got the email with both the codes, the second one of which I shared here and works for some folk but not others it appears.


Used both vouchers: the above today for £5 discount on the basket total for delivery 12 March. Thank you.


Just tried to apply voucher code and got, “The promotion code you have entered is either not valid or has expired. Please check the code and try again.”

£10 off your 1st 3 shops of £80 with voucher code @ Waitrose
Customers get £30 off their first 3 online shops at Waitrose when they spend £80 or more plus free delivery! £10 off your first shop online at Waitrose when you spend £80 plus fre… Read more

I prefer the offers from Ocado as they offer more variety including the Waitrose products and I have been sent an offer of £15 off a £60 spend for next shop as well as a £10 off a £60 for the second and third shop. But when you fist join Ocado you can get £20 off a £80 spend but always make sure your delivery is before all the offers end.


such a small discount for such a large spend - current in store Waitrose coupons I have are £4 off £20 x 6!


Not as good as it use to be

£70 Off Over 3 Shops @ Waitrose & Partners - £30 off £100, £20 off £80 then £20 off £80

Managed one delivery but you only have 1 day left!


Bit late for me. All collection and delivery slots are taken well past Christmas into the new year. Would've been a great deal in combination with Halifax cashback.


This is for new account customers from what I can see, and all orders must be made and delivered before 20th December... (confused) T&Cs Terms and conditions: £70 off your first three online grocery orders at waitrose.com. Offer available on first time online grocery orders only. All orders must be delivered by 20 December 2019 to qualify for this offer. Minimum spend on online groceries at waitrose.com of £100 required on your first order. Minimum spend of £80 required on your second and third orders to qualify for this offer. Excluded Items: infant milk formula (0-6 months), single-use carrier bags, Waitrose & Partners Food, Health and Drinks magazines, tobacco, stamps, mobile top-ups, e-Top up vouchers, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, cash back, car park charges, fuel and delivery charges. Excludes alcohol purchases in Scotland. Other items may also be excluded at the discretion of Waitrose & Partners. Offer not redeemable in branch or in conjunction with any other offer or service. One redemption per household. Offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Online Grocery Orders: Selected postcodes. Subject to availability. Online Grocery Orders: Minimum spend of £60 applies on online grocery deliveries. Minimum spend of £40 applies on Click & Collect in-store collections. Selected postcodes. Subject to availability. Free delivery excludes our shop in branch service.

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
£20 off 5th online shop at Waitrose & Partners + FREE delivery - Minimum spend £80
Minimum spend £80. £20 off your fifth grocery shop, plus free delivery.

I would be Ocado interested to hear Ocado how you get Ocado paid to dislike some items Ocado and not others Ocado.


why is that?? I get a bit confused when a genuine good deal is posted and ppl vote it cold. is it because u dont like the shop or your paid to dislike it or whats the deal? :/ :) at the end of the day ppl can do what they want its their choice ;)


sorry im new im not trying to earn myself lots of hits. ppl can vote hot or cold it doesnt matter to me. I just want to help ppl. i didnt put thrm on one post cos they were all different codes!


Ice station zebra from me.


Voted hot.

£20 Discount
£20 Discount
£20 off 4th online shop at Waitrose & Partners + FREE delivery - Minimum spend £80
Minimum spend £80. Offer available on fourth time online grocery order only.

Yes this was what I ended up doing in the end


im sorry to hear. I did have an issue once with one of my codes but I rang Waitrose and explained the situ and she gave me a different code to use and solved the problem. maybe you could try that if all else fails? when contacting them tell them the code came on an email from mysupermarket. good luck!


Code is too short


This is my 4th shop


it has to be your 4th ever online shop. look at my other psots if you havent done that many online shops, i have different codes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. hope that helps. if youve done over 5 shops with them online none of the codes will work.

Best Waitrose deals from our community

Branston small chunk/Original pickle 360g £1 @ Waitrose
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Link for Original https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/branston-original-pickle/060345-30520-30521 Both now £1 from £1.60

Bring out the Branston.

Powers Gold Label Distiller's Cut Irish Whiskey 70cl 43% for £23 at Waitrose (min purchase / delivery fee applies)
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
On Amazon for £23.50, Tesco £28.

Possibly but it was online as that's where I saw it last week but oos now. ;( ;( ;(


Must be a clearance at your store because it is not available in my store nor online on the Sainsburys website.


There’s also £10 cash back with checkoutsmart


£23 instore for a litre at sainsburys. - I only know as bought on sunday for a birthday gift (lol)

Twinings Everyday Tea 100 Tea Bags 290g £2.50 @ Waitrose & Partners
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Rich & Full Bodied.What does it taste like? A hearty and well-rounded cup of tea. Like your normal cup of tea, but better. The kind that reminds you why you love tea. Where doe… Read more

Give Asda’s gold tea a go. £1.09 for 80 bags.


haha thank you! I love my Twinings english breakfast tea so I won't bother trying this one :')


This site is like something out of the Twilight Zone. This deal (for IMHO a rubbish teabag) at 25p/bag goes hot My deal for the Strong Breakfast Tea at 28p/bag goes freezing. I know I should have given up factoring in common-sense or rationality years ago!


I find these a bit inconsistent, some bags much stronger than others. We now drink Lidl own brand (Knightsbridge Gold) which are currently 95p for 80 and much better than the Twinings.


Thank you for posting. Your thread has been selected for our Highlights section (y)

Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets £1.60 @ Waitrose & Partners
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Pack of 8 tablets which are ideal for getting rid of limescale under the water line. For best results leave overnight. Power Plus Active Tablets. Deep clean without scrubbing. Rem… Read more

Now this is what I was worried about - people thinking that I may have a really bad brown toilet bowl (fierce) In my case it was a spare bathroom toilet in an empty flat that hadn’t been used for several months, no brown - but the bottom of the bowl didn’t look all sparkly white despite using different brands of toilet cleaner. I bought these yesterday to try, using one small tablet it turned the water blue with a small amount of effervescence. I left it for 3 hours, a good clean with the brush and flushed. The water was still blue, but after 3 more flushes the water was clear and any limescale had disappeared. In exceptional cases I’d say use 2 tablets over 2 consecutive nights.


If where you’re talking about is under the rim, I’d try (using rubber gloves) a spray of limescale cleaner and a piece of scrunched up silver foil (for abrasion) and then a flush and mad moment with the toilet brush to rinse off the area.


How do you lovely clean people remove limescale from the rim? During lockdown version 01, i did use bicarbonate soda along with a brand new toothbrush which worked well. I'm allowed out now so ain't doing that again and am looking for an alternative for the missus as it's her job


Cilit bang do 4 tablets in £1 shop too if anyone is interested. No much scrubbing required for the normal people but these stuff are for those people who don’t wash toilets and they have (poo) (poo) inside the rims . As seen on tv Yuk (zombie) (zombie) (zombie)


free cookies as well when you shop online :{

Jude's Vanilla Clotted Cream / Salted Caramel icecream tub 460ml for £2.50 at Waitrose
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Levantine Table Turkish Delight Ice Cream 500ml £2.40 @ Waitrose
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
This maybe the Marmite of Ice Cream Raspberry ice cream with rose and geranium, with a rose ripple.Dishes inspired by the diverse and vibrant culture of the Levant, the region of t… Read more

Fantastic ice cream!


Thanks, wiil try if I go there (highfive)


Try the Lidl Turkish Delight chocolate bar - IMHO, better than Cadbury/Frys.


I've just found it online, didn't realise it was the same thing :p thanks


In fact I just found it in my local Tesco as well.

Eat Real Hummus Chips (135g) - £1 @ Waitrose
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Down from £1.79

Tomato and Basil flavour are very nice


Chicken flavour? Would go well with a nice Chianti and some fava beans.


I think I need more coffee, I saw the title and my brain saw 'Eat Real Human Chips'....


Decent price and very tasty


On offer in tesco too if that helps

Waitrose Decaffeinated Colombian Ground Coffee 227g £3.50 each or 2 for £4
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Fabulous deal on this decaff with 5* reviews. Other varieties in this 2 for £4 deal include Colombian ground coffee and coffee beans both 227g normally £3.25 per pack https://www… Read more

What are you comparing to? I've tried their own brand No1 when it was on offer and was rather disappointed.


That's an interesting rule of thumb. Thank you.


waitrose coffee by far is the best in the business, even compared to freshly roasted in my opinion


i went yday and bought 20 bags of the normal colombian beans hehe


Great price for 2 bags! (y) 😄

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