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£50 Discount
£50 Discount
£50 off Eve Sleep £50 minimum spend
If you go on Eve Sleep and use the code SPRINGEVE50GZ you get £50 off your order and free delivery! Can order a pillow and pillow cases for under £10

Be aware they are cancelling these orders I have had a email cancelling mine and saying any money paid will be returned


No cancellation comms, but a check on on the order tracking shows it has in fact been cancelled.


Not honoring orders had PayPal refund


Dodgy voucher codes, 3 days to notify of cancellation and refund another 5-10 working days.. at least they’re consistently hopeless.


I’ve had nothing but a confirmation email , fingers crossed :D

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Eve Hybrid Lighter Double Mattress - £306 delivered (down from £549) with code @ Eve Sleep
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Posted 28th Aug 2020Posted 28th Aug 2020
Eve Hybrid Lighter Double Mattress - £306 delivered (down from £549) with code @ Eve Sleep£306
Eve Sleep currently have a 35% off sale across the site. This can be combined with discount code EVE50SPRINGGZ to get an extra £50 off, making this hybrid mattress only £306 with … Read more

Hi. It was the hybrid and was a little too soft for me and I was waking up with backache after just a few days


First night on it last night, miles better than the Emma I’m returning.


Which Simba did you have and what was up with it? Been considering the hybrid pro, but heard the eve are good too


Mine arrive also. I think I prefer it to the simba which I just sent back


You're welcome :)

Eve Memory Foam Pillow Buy 1, get 1 free - £59 @ Eve Sleep
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Posted 24th Jul 2020Posted 24th Jul 2020
Eve Memory Foam Pillow Buy 1, get 1 free - £59 @ Eve Sleep£59
(for what its worth) Voted as the best memory foam pillow by the independent https://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/house-garden/bedroom/best-pillows-memory-foam-good-night… Read more

Thanks OP. I got this deal after missing it the last time. Got the extra 20% off code to work also. Expired now, not 2 for 1 anymore. Sure it will come round again some time soon. Pillows are pretty good and we've been sleeping well, softer then previous memory foam pillows I've had but still supportive enough.


The thing I find most dangerous and dumb about this website is that when someone posts a deal, they take it as a personal attack if you question the product in any way or are critical of it at all lol. People posting always see heat as something personal and defend a product blindly as if it's a family member lol (lol)


I quoted the review voted most helpful on Amazon above. It's a verified review. Are you saying that person is lying??? SMH


Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with All-New Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player FAKESPOT REVIEW GRADE - F An F? REALLY? so this makes both Amazon and the Fire Stick 4K cr@p? Unwise you are to use this site Master Yoda


https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/fakespot.com enough said. Yes, you trust one website to tell you that reviews are fake on another. Oh my....I suspect you post to facebook every 6 months telling them that they cant use your photos. There's a no quibble free trial, they have been around for years. If they are cr@p. I will send them back, if they don't honour their "no quibble" I'll claim via Visa. Its all BS! but if you compare the prices of ALL memory foam pillows out there, these come in at the low end AND you get to try them...where is the issue?

The Memory Foam Pillow - Get 2 pillows for the price of 1 AND Free Delivery £59 at Eve Sleep
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Posted 23rd Apr 2020Posted 23rd Apr 2020
The Memory Foam Pillow - Get 2 pillows for the price of 1 AND Free Delivery £59 at Eve Sleep£59£11850% off Free P&P Free
Eve Memory Foam Pillows Buy One Get One Free - £59 for two with free delivery and free returns (for you lucky people who don't live remote in places like Norn Iron). Otherwise £10 … Read more

Bought two of these after seeing this post (forgot to comment at the time), and we've been really pleased with them over the few weeks we've had them. I can echo the point made by a couple of people about delivery being quicker than originally notified as well. Overall, recommended if a similarly-priced offer comes up.


I find them too firm. The end


Looks like it's expired.


Although it's a fair comparison, it all comes down to preferences. I found the EVE ones to be miles better than OTTY and couldn't smell any chemical smell at all from them (They were great to use right out of the packaging with no airing). Also OTTY pillows are more expensive now than EVE at current prices. Online, OTTY pillows are £54.99 on the website (Not shipped til middle of June) and on eBay they appear to have vanished. I think if you have standard feather pillows then weather it's EVE, OTTY or another brand, there will be a significantly improved sleep for most people by using them. Just at this BOGOF price for EVE, I cant see OTTY competing for a very long time with prices like that (as it appears their warehouses are empty and they are awaiting new shipments so it could be months, if not next year when their prices are around the same prices they were on the previous deals posted here).


I've received my EVE pillows....they smell a bit chemically when you first open them but leave them for 24hrs and the smell dissipates. Have tried them for a few nights and they are ok. Will persevere with them for another week to give them a good test but I have to say I prefer my OTTY pillows which I got off a previous HUKD thread. The quality of the OTTY pillows is better than the EVE ones I feel and they also feel more supportive to me. So I'll probably be sending them back under the 30 day guarantee....but worth trying them with no risk as if they were 'game changing' pillows then i would have kept them. The OTTY pillows were previously available on a HUKD for £34.99 delivered for a pair (but that was before Covid19 pushed up the price of most things) and as it stands there are none available until June. I voted the deal hot as the price currently is good....and the 30 day no risk guarantee means you can return if not satisfied with them. Hopefully the pics below will highlight the difference between the pillows...I feel that the OTTY ones are better manufactured. That is just my opinion comparing the two brands.

Eve Mattress Topper 35% Off - Double Mattress Topper for £129 @ Evesleep
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Posted 5th Apr 2020Posted 5th Apr 2020
Eve Mattress Topper 35% Off - Double Mattress Topper for £129 @ Evesleep£97 Free P&P Free
Eve Mattress Topper giving out 35% off. UK Single - £97 EU Single - £103 Small Double - £127 UK Double - £129 EU Double - £146 UK King - £149 Super King - £168

Not essential to Clarks, they don't supply them with the shoes, but you have given me an idea.... A giant insole mattress topper.


A good pair of insoles is essential. I always do in in any pair of shoes, be it Clarks, Hush Puppies etc


What's a topper and what happened to buying a good mattress. When you buy shoes that are uncomfortable, you buy memory foam insoles.......think about it.


I’ve only ever read good things about Eve mattresses (and Simba etc, assumed they were all made in the same factory pretty much!) - what don’t you like about it? Need a new mattress but unsure what to go for.


Don't waste your money. I have this from when they offered it for free and it does not stay in place, you will chuck it out after a week. Makes the mattress uncomfortable to sleep on.

Sleep Sloth Cuddly Toy £15 using code @ Eve Sleep
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Posted 9th Feb 2020Posted 9th Feb 2020
Sleep Sloth Cuddly Toy £15 using code @ Eve Sleep£15
Won’t be for everyone I know. Looked at these before Xmas because the advert was funny and was shocked at the price of 35 quid. they’re now being sold for 15 with the codes MYSL… Read more

Mines out for delivery today, little one will be happy (annoyed)


Expired :-(


Ordered last Sunday turned up about 3 days later via Hermes


has anyone had theirs yet? i ordered but have nothing but a paypal email saying ive sent payment. no confirmation from them at all and would have expected a dispatch today?



The Alarm Clock - £12 (Mini pillow £18) delivered @ Eve Sleep
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Posted 16th Jan 2020Posted 16th Jan 2020
The Alarm Clock - £12 (Mini pillow £18) delivered @ Eve Sleep£12
Rise and shine with our sunny-yellow alarm clock. Adding this friendly face to your bedside table makes early rising a breeze. The clock is angled for easy viewing from your pillow… Read more

Where's the tipex?


"the clock is angled for easy viewing from your pillow". Bed side drawers are generally a shade lower than pillow height in a regular bed. With a regular alarm clock, with the face at 90° from the horizon, I've never had a problem reading the time from my pillow. In fact, angling the face upward would be more beneficial for viewing the time from sat up in bed rather than lay down. I'm not sold on the concept.


The clock is only £8 in their eBay shop less 10% with code. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/the-alarm-clock/233306737054?hash=item36522a499e:g:-3oAAOSw9W1dSUNz


Pillow....was £30. evesleep.co.uk/accessories/travel/memory-foam-mini-pillow?set=the-travel-pillow


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EVE Sleep Mattresses - 20% off + free sloth
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Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
EVE Sleep Mattresses - 20% off + free sloth
Anyone in the market for a new matress for the bed at home? you can get 20% off + free sloth at eve sleep.com just sign up to get the 20% off code via e-mail. Why wait until Black… Read more

Love that dancing sloth.


blame the mods they approved them.


Might have done better as a superthread.


Can you stop spamming the site with mattress deals? Stick them all on one post rather than posting multiple deals for the same thing.


My favourite mattress so far got it last Black Friday with a free pillow if it’s same as last year I believe you can’t use finance when using a coupon code (unless they’ve since changed this) I’ve the mattress original and 2x pillows (which I purchased 4 months after the mattress to replace my otty) Do think and feel it’s overpriced though it’s just some fancy marketing and no doubt a £200 mattress from dreams or something will do the same if not better but I like it so oh well ha.

20% off any purchase of £400 or more at Eve mattress (price is for Original king size)
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Posted 20th Jan 2019Posted 20th Jan 2019
20% off any purchase of £400 or more at Eve mattress (price is for Original king size)£559£69920% off
I know some of these have been around before Christmas but the amazon and Very prices/codes seem to have expired. This is direct from the manufacturer and the code works, so does i… Read more



And is it any good?


Camelcamelcamel one of these if you want one ...... Ordered one last week for £371


Or a fitted sheet...


Their prices are joke. Have a look at the pic, her face tells everything... she has not money left for a table to put that vase on (ninja)

Eve Mattress 25% discount code King size now £561.75
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Posted 10th Jun 2018Posted 10th Jun 2018
Eve Mattress 25% discount code King size now £561.75£561.75£74925% off
use code SUN25 at checkout i am looking at Simba, eve, etc and came across this deal maybe useful for someone 25% off the eve mattressThe world’s most comfortable memory foam ma… Read more

That's the thing - I live in southern Spain!


It does also lend itself to air circulation and as a result is cooler than normal memory foam. My Simba doesn’t cause me to get too hot, especially with recent weather!


i've mentioned on another thread the eve is very good but again its down to personal preference. simba was too soft, felt a bit too depressed (i weigh 75kg so not heavy). The eve was just right, i didn't find it too warm although i was just napping on it. Naith- springs and foam - a 'hybrid' is supposed to help with ventilation below... but obviously it sacrifices a bit of firmness and of course the springs are likely to wear down quicker.


I see at the moment there's £150 off all Simba mattresses...


Great marketing on this mattress, but as other have said memory foam is ridiculously warm in the summer months. Unless you have an air conditioned bedroom I would avoid this.

£100 off all Eve Mattresses for the whole of October
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Posted 16th Oct 2017Posted 16th Oct 2017
£100 off all Eve Mattresses for the whole of October
Enter the code " OCTOBER100 " right before checkout to receive £100 off your mattress purchase. 100 nights trial period too, so if you find it's not for you simply return it. Sin… Read more

At that price you are better off buying the ergoflex mattress from Ergoflex as it’s ten times the build quality in my opinion and slightly cheaper


I just got mine in last Friday and after sleeping on it over the weekend I'd say it's a really nice mattress and it's definitely going to be kept but I agree even with the £100 off it's not overly worth the money. £150 and I'd agree, possibly even pushing £200 as long as it lasts a good 10+ years. But £250 is definitely on the higher side.


A piece of rolled up foam ? The profit margins must be huge! I’ve never slept on one. Maybe they are amazing


Emergency services via Bluelight card get £110 off. Also Debenhams have 10% off with 2 free eve pillows. So in effect works out around £40 for the two on top of this deal. Pillows are comfy and worth the £20 each IMO compared to other similar pillows out there.


Would be a better deal if they hadn’t increase their prices by £50....

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