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Morphy Richards Soup Maker £42.49 with voucher at Morphy Richards Shop
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Posted 30th Dec 2020Posted 30th Dec 2020
Morphy Richards Soup Maker £42.49 with voucher at Morphy Richards Shop£49.99£99.9950% off
RRP: £99.99 Then: £49.99 Now: £42.49 + FREE DELIVERY with extra 15% off code BASKET15 (alternatively try PPC15) The Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker, is the quick and easy way to … Read more

Exactly, you get quality (fresh as it can be) soup, with only the ingredients you want in it, in (so I discovered only yesterday) about 30 minutes tops. I think I might have ter drop a few hints fer me birthday IN APRIL ;)


We didn't get this exact model, we got the one that sautes too (by no means essential). But we bought a warehouse used- like new for a ridiculous 35 quid! Ordered on 29/11/19. This very much is an investment! We can make 1.6 litres of delicious, nutritious soup (carrot and coriander, for instance) for way less than a quid so 25p each generous portion. How much is a can of Heinz? 70P? BUT the stuff produced is more comparable to the 'posh' stuff that sells for over a quid in supermarkets per portion! You know, the ones in the plastic cartons. The savings soon add up...


CHEERS :) What do you think of the price, actual & RRP, do you remember what your maker cost you? You know, given the cost of tinned soups, this may well turn out to be an investment...fer soup lovers. I'm certainly "warming" to the idea by the hour.


We got ours a year or so ago and it has genuinely been used at least twice a week ever since (our kids have flown so there's just the 2 of us and this makes 4 very generous portions so that's lunch sorted most days and very cheap and nutritious meals they are). Wouldn't be without it now. (y)


Yet ANOTHER product with a crazy RRP (I'm thinking Tassimo) I WAS gonna pooh-pooh the idea of a soup maker over a potentially much cheaper/larger slow cooker) until I saw the video (on Amazon) of this thing in action. FRESH HOMEMADE soup, ready to eat in UNDER 30 MINUTES, AND it's a SMOOTHIE maker, so not the gimmick I first thought it to be, but a genuinely quick n easy kitchen gadget that has an everyday function, ALL YEAR ROUND. I don't suppose it crushes ice (in smoothie mode) I guess it's geared fer power not speed. Umm, shame that.

Coffee On The Go Filter Coffee Machine £19.99 @ Morphy Richards Shop
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Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
Coffee On The Go Filter Coffee Machine £19.99 @ Morphy Richards Shop£19.99£24.9920% off
With the Morphy Richards Coffee on the Go Filter Coffee Machine you can have hot, delicious coffee ready to take away within minutes. Save yourself a trip to the coffee bar on… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Mine has been faultless and so easy when i am in a rush in the morning


I’m so tempted, is it that good? I’ve read mixed reviews?


Is this better than using a stove top cafetiere/espresso maker?


One similar in aldi in St Andrews for 16.99 yesterday if it helps anyone


I have one of these and it's excellent.

MyPot Pressure Cooker £47.99 with a two year guarantee + Free delivery, using code @ Morphy Richards
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Posted 2nd Jul 2020Posted 2nd Jul 2020
MyPot Pressure Cooker £47.99 with a two year guarantee + Free delivery, using code @ Morphy Richards£47.99£6020% off Free P&P Free
Really good price, very good reviews and free delivery! Use code VC20 for above price, enter at basket. Your Perfect Cooking Companion Let MyPot be your helping hand in the k… Read more

Kids these days don’t know how good they’ve got it. We used to just burn a corner and sprinkle it in

20% off Morphy Richards Soup Makers With Code
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Posted 1st Jul 2020Posted 1st Jul 2020
20% off Morphy Richards Soup Makers With Code
This doesn’t seem to be mentioned in general on their site, but while browsing one item that was currently out of stock this code was listed at the bottom of the page. It seems to… Read more

Heard a lot of positive things about these from a few folk i know that have them! Going to wait for the ninja hot and cold blender to drop in price on a promo again! (Got a bit of a ninja addiction going at the mo) Heat added!


Bagged the 48822 for a birthday gift to a Romainian friend who loves her sour soup! Cheers OP. Also 16.5% cashback via TopCashBack ... tho whether it's honoured is another issue given voucher and discount already.


Why not just use a pot and save £100


but might even work out cheaper than buying canned soups as I can buy good reduced to clear vegetables or frozen etc and make for less cost?


I think speed and potentially healthier soups . Not used one yet

Refefine Hot Water Dispenser, £99.99 Free Postage. @ Morphy Richards
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Posted 10th Jun 2020Posted 10th Jun 2020
Refefine Hot Water Dispenser, £99.99 Free Postage. @ Morphy Richards£99.99£131.9924% off Free P&P Free
Redefine Hot Water Dispenser £84.99 with code PPC15 Amazon £131.99 Very good price for this. Our design works in harmony with your needs. Select from 150ml to 1.5 litres at a tim… Read more

No plastic taste from mine, very happy with it. Wish it had a couple of quick button presets you could set, but otherwise great.


Thanks for that. Will give it another try.


Nearly gave up too, then found there are two more screws underneath hidden under the front rubber feet.


Had one sent back plastic smell wouldn't go. Ran over 30 full tanks through. Still the same. Used vinegar, bicarbonate, descailer to clean. Shame as worked really well


I tried for ages to get ours apart, removed the security screw but couldn't see how to remove the outer casing. I only wanted to get to the cup size selector dial to see if it needed tightening. Gave up in the end.

Morphy Richards MyPot Pressure Cooker 560005 £55.19 Morphy Richards Shop
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Posted 18th May 2020Posted 18th May 2020
Morphy Richards MyPot Pressure Cooker 560005 £55.19 Morphy Richards Shop£55.19£83.9834% off
Let MyPot be your helping hand in the kitchen, cooking complete meals with the press of a button. The 15-in-1 cooking gadget from Morphy Richards is all you will ever need in your… Read more

the Instant pot stuff looks a little simpler to use and has the ability to air fry with accessories. Not too sure, great price but may spend a bit extra for the benefits


Balls....further to my last. The timer delay function is only on the Pressure cooker activity and not the slow cooker or soup. That’s a little backwards in my opinion and unhelpful for those who find themselves on 12 hour shifts etc. So close Morphy Richards, so close.


Eventually a slow cooker (plus many more skills with this beast) with a delay timer! Plus it looks like a kitchen too Death Star. What’s not to love? Thanks all for your combo effort on the product and discount price available.


Yes Dunelm is cheaper at £47 even without NHS discounts. Cheers


£40.37 on Dunelm if NHS discounts

Morphy Richards 48822 1.6L Soup Maker for £39.99 (with code) delivered at Morphy Richards
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Posted 20th Apr 2020Posted 20th Apr 2020
Morphy Richards 48822 1.6L Soup Maker for £39.99 (with code) delivered at Morphy Richards£39.99£49.9920% off
The Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker is the quick and easy way to make homemade soup to your liking. Make to your own personal taste and consistency. The Soup Maker from … Read more

Thanks OP. Just what I was looking for (y)


Not to impune your taste in soup, but the only soup that I ever managed in that kind of time in one of these machines was tomato with shop bought powdered stock and it wasn't good. More importantly all the recipes need adjusted, there is no way to cook root vegetables properly in 21 minutes in one of these. A pressure cooker though can cook soup as if it had hours of cook time in 20 minutes. More importantly you can also make your own stock in them, I make stock all the time in the pressure cooker and they are massively better and healthier without all the salt.


I've got one of these a d they're spot on. It makes me soup in 21 mins, how much 'alot fast' do you need???


These are a waste of money vs. pressure cookers. Yes Ninjas and Instapots cost more, but you GET a lot more. These don't last long and even when they do work are really limited. Unless you like a lot of very basic soup these are pretty mince, whereas a proper pressure/slow cooker will make you proper soup time and time again a lot faster and tastier. The blend function is also rubbish, proper stick blenders do a far better job.


Mine lasted 13 months only used it about 12 times and Morphy Richard's said they would sell me another after I complained. It had burn Mark's on the base inside that could not be cleaned off. Many post about burning marks.

SuperVac 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum + 2 year guarantee now £47.18 with code @ Morphy Richards
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Posted 8th Jul 2019Posted 8th Jul 2019
SuperVac 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum + 2 year guarantee now £47.18 with code @ Morphy Richards£47.18£7940% off
Good price for this 2-in-1 Vac, use code ALL22 at basket and price will drop. 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 1300+ reviews Blurb: Our Supervac 2-in-1 cordless cleaner is perfe… Read more

Well, mine just arrived and it appears to be dead. Main LED already flashing red and green as I was taking it out of the box, and it doesn't seem to want to take a charge or turn on at all. And their customer service number (the only way they offer to get in touch) is only open while I'm at work! Delightful!


we just gave one away, it was SH**


Seems great for the money thanks op


Actually read few reviews and if the reviews are genuine then this is a bargain.

Evoke Bronze Special Edition Traditional Kettle & 4 Slice Toaster Pack £54.59 using 22% off Code @ Morphy Richards
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Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
Evoke Bronze Special Edition Traditional Kettle & 4 Slice Toaster Pack £54.59 using 22% off Code @ Morphy Richards£54.59£138.6661% off
Use code A LL22 for 22% off all products. Makes this super cheap compared to anywhere else. The toaster alone seems to be around the price of the bundle here. So if the colour… Read more

Brillant thanks ;)


Free p&p and 8% Quidco ..ordered thanks.




I've never tried but I'll take your word for it (lol)


nice OP

Classic Morphy Richard Cordless Vacuum (45% off) for £55.65 (RRP £110) with code @ Morphy Richards
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Posted 3rd May 2019Posted 3rd May 2019
Classic Morphy Richard Cordless Vacuum (45% off) for £55.65 (RRP £110) with code @ Morphy Richards£55.65
Our Supervac 2-in-1 cordless cleaner is perfect for every day cleaning. Use as a cordless upright vacuum cleaner for daily pickups and also as a handheld cleaner which is ideal for… Read more

Mine is fine after 2 years - used almost daily . It needs to be emptied and the filtered cleaned very frequently though


just stopped myself from purchasing after the comments above- thankyou (angel) . i love the hukd community :)


Mine died after 6 months. Stay clear!


Still remember returning it to ASDA after one day use. Won't spend a penny. Good for junk collectors.

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