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Bensons for Beds is your online shopping destination for open coil, memory foam or pocket sprung mattresses and a variety of bed types. The store has helped people find the right bed and mattress for their requirements for more than five decades. A 5 year product guarantee and a 40 night comfort guarantee are special features of the online store. You can shop via the online store or visit any of the 270 stores across the country to check out the Comfort Station which helps you find the right bed-mattress combination.
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-5% Discount
-5% Discount
Bensons For Beds - 5% off (Today only)
They made a mistake when emailing customer. Hope it help someone, it only for today. Oops, our mistake! We apologise, but our previous email stated 25% Off Everything, when it sh… Read more

No, instore I’m afraid


Did you buy online? If you did you can get refund under distance selling...


Paid the deposit on credit card and the rest finance £3000 bed + mattress!! Due to be delivered last week, no phone call , god knows when they will deliver !!


10% tomorrow 20% next week Receivership the week after


Make sure you pay by credit card! You’ll need that section 75 protection soon enough.

-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% off Orders at Bensons for Beds
Get 5% off Orders at Bensons for Beds. Don't believe there is a minimum spend. It can be used on top of their current £50 off over £400 deal.

I'd return and take 90% towards new mattress


And that sums up this company exactly


Whatever you do, DO NOT buy from this company. Last year I ordered a new mattress spending over £600. I was told it was in stock and would be delivered in 3 weeks. On the day of delivery I received a text confirming that my mattress will be delivered that day. As I didn't have the space to store my old king size mattress I had a friend help me take my old mattress to my local refuse center in his van. Come 6pm my new mattress had not arrived. I called customer services only get a message that they only open 9-5. Called the next morning to be told that they had no idea why it had not been delivered and no idea when it would be. After several calls I was told the mattress was not actually in stock and will be available in another 2 weeks and was offered an inflatable mattress to use whilst I wait. As you can image I was not impressed but had no choice but to wait. 2 weeks passed and once again I got a text message that the mattress will be delivered today and once again nothing. When I called to complain, customer services told me it was loaded on the wrong van and there was nothing they could do. I finally spoke to the sale woman that sold me the mattress in store and she was very helpful, gave me a refund straight away and said that they have had some many problems with the warehouse that it was a total joke and I was not the only customer to be treated like this. Wrote a letter of complaint to the company, but I never got a reply!


Be very careful with most manufacturers, as they give 5 year warrantee but its not really because after so many years you only get a percentage of your money back. That's not a full guarrantee


I understand the pain. I tried the Simba and it just wasn’t for me, I ended up buying Next spring/gel mattress in firm and I loved it so much I bought a medium for the spare room. Trials are important! Everyone is different but a bad mattress can ruin your life! As BFB... They didn’t even want to tell me how much the return fee was... now it all makes sense.

£25 off £500 Spend on Beds with Code @ Bensons for beds
Name - Save £25 with orders over £500 Description - Get £25 off any order worth £500 or more with Bensons for Beds, including sale items! Terms and … Read more

If you're prepared to wait on hold for 1 hour every time you want to phone them go ahead. Also applies to Harveys which is owned by the same people.


Completely agree!


The worst customer service I ever had to deal with....never again even if they pay me.

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Original Memory Foam Queen Medium Pillow £63.29 with code at Bensons for Beds
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Posted 12th May 2020Posted 12th May 2020
Original Memory Foam Queen Medium Pillow £63.29 with code at Bensons for Beds£63.29 Free P&P Free
Original Memory Foam pillow from Tempur, perfect for back and side sleepers. Yes expensive, but when suffering from neck pain it's worth it so this is more of an investment in your… Read more

I have 2 of these still going strong after 7 years , not used all the time as very firm use with my other pillows, So I usually use this at the top for when i'm reading and under another pillow to sleep... They wash in the machine no problem and would still class as good as new...


As far as I'm concerned Tempur is leagues above all the others, especially their mattresses. I've got a comfort pillow which is great, my girlfriend was annoyed I spent £60 on a pillow, she can sleep anywhere and doesn't care, her words, yet this morning she laid on it for 3 hours and I'm now having to order another for her. Go figure. Don't know how good this particular pillow is though, but Tempur as a company are great. Edit: although, I do prefer Huawei to Samsung so (lol)


Anything that overpriced has to be perfect. Anything less than 5 stars on that product is negative as far as I'm concerned, so 62% negative reviews. That's my opinion! Judging by the temperature of this deal I'm not the only one who feels that way. Tempur make huge profits based purely on the name they got for supplying NASA. Others are equally as good if not better.


The link has 4 negative reviews out of 30. Do you check the actual reviews before buying or just look at the stars? Also assuming I purchase by choosing the highest priced items is so shallow and proves you didn't even read properly what I said before. But hey, everybody has the right to an opinion.

Da_Ta Tempur reviews 3.5 out of 5 and £63 Cheap make 4.3 out of 5 and £26 When I buy things I don't click 'sort by price, most expensive first' then buy the first thing on the list. Buying smart is what this site is all about! I've had my cheap make memory foam contour pillows for over 5 years and they as good as new.

Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Pillow: SLIM £52.79 at Bensons for Beds
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Posted 10th May 2020Posted 10th May 2020
Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Pillow: SLIM £52.79 at Bensons for Beds£52.79£65.9920% off
Serenity Deluxe @ Dunlopillo. £52.79 Super Comfort @ Dunlopillo. £55.99 P&P coming-up as £0.00 even though below £100.00. UPDATE: Benson for Beds, awful reviews, so mayb… Read more

I'm not sure your email to steinhoffretail worked. I expect PayPal did the work for you.


Just ordered direct from JL, Sam price as the headline in this deal with no pricematching required.


My order's been cancelled, and funds refunded, email to, but also PayPal dispute, one of them worked.


I ordered from Bensons & also received an email for scheduled delivery 26/12/50, by which time I might be dead! After the comments of poor service from Bensons, I decided to cancel. Sent an email from the email address given on Bensons website ( but no response. I called customer service today, was on hold for over an hour, to be told I could not cancel via telephone & I needed to cancel via this email address; Sent email, fingers crossed! Hope this helps others who wish to cancel


Figured might be like that hence my suggestion for the partner to try as well. I suppose is like going through with a big luggage when flying with Ryanair :)). If the lady at the desk is in a bad mood.. you might pay.

Silentnight Junior Choices Bunk Bed Mattress £127.99 @ Bensons For Beds
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Silentnight Junior Choices Bunk Bed Mattress £127.99 @ Bensons For Beds£127.99
Product Code: 735820000 Silentnight Sprung Bunk Mattress Designed by Silentnight sleep experts for top bunk beds, mid-high sleepers and cabin beds to meet safety guidelines… Read more

Thank you Majhaar.


Cheaper at Amazon Silentnight Kids Bunk Bed Mattress | Open Coil Spring Support | Foam & Chemical Treatment Free | Hypoallergenic | Single I bought this matters, as it is thinner than most mattresses, for my 5yr old 12 months ago for his first big bed which is a midsleeper. It's a nice mattress and given he weighs less than 20kg I'm not worried about open v pocket sprung. Now it's cheaper on amazon I'll buy a 2nd as I need to DIY convert the midsleeper into a bunk so his brother can sleep in with him occasionally.


I am looking for a decent Pocket Sprung mattress Silientnight offer them But do you have any good recs for me to check out? Thanks


Thank you abigsmurf


Any pocket sprung mattress will be better. Silent Night aren't a great manufacturer (they spend all their money on marketing) and far too many of their mattresses are coil which will sag and start bottoming out really fast. A pocket sprung mattress should last until they outgrow it.

Simba mattress only 20% off @ Bensons for Beds
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Posted 14th Apr 2019Posted 14th Apr 2019
Simba mattress only 20% off @ Bensons for Beds
Looking at the simba range mattress, 20% off at Benson's mattress only. Not sure when the deal ends but I've bought mine :) 0% finance on orders over £300!
Taka_nai cheaper here


Are Bensons that bad? :-(


Yeah, found by chance and bought one myself.


I hate Bensons, they promise a refund then don’t even bother!


Thanks, I’ve been looking to buy one and wouldn’t have seen that deal on Amazon

Lorenzo Classic Package 3 Door 3 Mirror Sliding Wardrobe £799.20 @ Bensons for beds
-80° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Lorenzo Classic Package 3 Door 3 Mirror Sliding Wardrobe £799.20 @ Bensons for beds£759.05
Lorenzo Classic Package 3 Door 3 Mirror Sliding Wardrobe. With discount code MVCBEN5
Benson for bed 60 percent sale
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Posted 19th Oct 2018Posted 19th Oct 2018
Benson for bed 60 percent sale
Benson for bed, having 60 percent off free deliver and five percent off code also finance available i order that for ju… Read more

trying to get change delivery date, and so far all there keep telling is the address it being sent too lol


Where's best for beds?


Up to you how much patients you have and if you want their products. After my experience I would advise no one to use them


well on my order on website it says one canceled,one processing. there website is absolutely terrible


got delivery date, so email if ask i could change, i see lot of reviews about delivery, so looks like there need to convert on delivery, there should give you more options

10% off ALL orders over £499 + EXTRA 10% off w/code + 7% Cashback [ENDS TONIGHT] @ Bensons for Beds
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Posted 8th May 2017Posted 8th May 2017
10% off ALL orders over £499 + EXTRA 10% off w/code + 7% Cashback [ENDS TONIGHT] @ Bensons for Beds
Sale on with savings up to 50% off RRP. 10% off all orders over £499 on top of that. 10% EXTRA off using the code VCUK10 . 7% Cashback at Quidco. Ends TONIGHT at Midnight. My… Read more

I hope for my sake that that's an edge case :(


Truly awful customer after sales service- I am still waiting for a faulty bed within warranty to be resolved 8 months after I first contacted them. I wish I never bought a bed from Bensons for Beds


My Order:Silentnight Mirapocket 2000 Divan Double Bed - RRP: £899.99 - Sale Price: £799.99Silentnight Matisse Headboard Double - RRP - £99.99Silentnight Essentials Duvet Double - RRP: £16.99Delivery: £39.50Total RRP Price: £1055.48Total Sale Price: £955.48Total Discounted Price: 782.24Quidco 7% Tracked: £54.76FINAL PRICE: £727.48

Tempur mattress sale at Benson for Beds - additional £200 of Tempur mattresses this weekend
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Posted 27th Aug 2016Posted 27th Aug 2016
Tempur mattress sale at Benson for Beds - additional £200 of Tempur mattresses this weekend
Addiational £200 off tempur mattresses this weekend. Possibly another 10% off with voucher code VCLOUD10

The sublime is a 25 so will be slightly different, as it's unique to Bensons there is nothing to compare it too. The 21 and 27 that Bensons stock seem to be exactly the same specs and layers as the Tempur beds on the Tempur website.


Interesting. I did compare the Benson's sublime version to the Tempur 22 and they were different specs.


I've spoken to tempur and they have said it is all the same material and specifications. The 25 sublime is a special edition for bensons only.


Yes specs are different.


Correct - but the specs of these mattresses is based on Tempur's specs from a year ago. Comparing them to Tempur's current range is not a like-for-like comparison.

Tempur mattresses one day sale @Bensons for Beds
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Posted 26th Mar 2016Posted 26th Mar 2016
Tempur mattresses one day sale @Bensons for Beds£1,267.49
Been looking for reductions on these for a while, and this is as good a price as you'll see. Topcashback will give another 7.7% off. The link is to their standard double, but if y… Read more

Tempur pillows are awesome! It's well worth the extra money. There is no real equivalent.


Ikea mattresses everytime. I don't like Benson's at all


Sorry, link was working fine for me. Have tried to update it and used a sample price.


But not Tempur pillows...


Got Sainsbury's memory foam pillow for £12. Seen silentnight one in Tesco for £12 also.

Bensons for beds up to £600 off selected divan beds
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Posted 24th Mar 2016Posted 24th Mar 2016
Bensons for beds up to £600 off selected divan beds
Bensons for beds up to £600 off selected divan beds.
View Deal

Awful company to deal with!


They have a 8.4 rating. With 67% for 5 stars.


I can't find any bad reviews. Just good reviews


Shocking company, just Google them and see the complaints :(


Good prices, just ordered one. Thanks op.

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