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Getting Personal is the online store that is committed to making available unique and personalised gifts to buyers. The store sources gifts from different merchants and also creates exclusive items in-house.  Some customer suggestions have been incorporated into the product line, which have become bestsellers over time. The online website was ranked among the top 10 gifts and flowers websites 4 years in a row by Hitwise. Read the “Book of Smiles” on the website to see what customers think of the products and service.  How to redeem Getting Personal vouchers
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paintball for 8 people £19.99 at
58° Expired
Posted 12th Dec 2016Posted 12th Dec 2016
paintball for 8 people £19.99 at£19.99
Paint balling for 8 people reduced from £79.99 down to £19.99 350 different locations

I used to do paintballing. Top of the range paintballs for 2000 were £35. These sites charge £70 for 1000 cheap ass paintballs. They make about 400% profit on their paintballs.


They can afford to let you play paintball for free. ALL the money is in the paintballs, they openly encourage you to go nuts with the gun knowing the more trigger happy you are the more money they make.The activity is a con. Take a box of your own paintballs and watch them break out the health and safety rule book and why you can't use your own paint.


Sorry op :(


They have one for 4 people and that's £24.99?!


I bought one of these and they only allowed me 100 paintballs for the day. soon got expensive when we all had to buy additional paintballs to carry on playing :(

Paintball entry for 8 people at
-22° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2015Posted 13th Dec 2015
Paintball entry for 8 people at£19.99
Entry for 8 people only - paintballs not included. Various locations including Ireland

You will ALWAYS find discount/cheap/free entry codes for any paintball venue. It's the price of the balls and add ons like grenades where they make the money back.

Wine Bottle Glass - Finally! A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs! £15.68 Delivered @
258° Expired
Posted 12th Jul 2015Posted 12th Jul 2015
Wine Bottle Glass - Finally! A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs! £15.68 Delivered @£15.68
Cheaper on Amazon if you have Prime. Use this code FUNFRI to get this price + 10% Quidco for all new customers 3% for all existing customer.

nice one sy don't let jeff see you driving about with that in your mitts ;)


.. Lack of really long bendy Straws in my case ;)


oO The Wine that I buy ( ..can afford )... you really don't want to taste it :|


Did you notice my comment was edited? Apparently the use of C word is unacceptable on HDUK, Have a great day you.


I agree wholeheartedly. X)

Name a star - £16.99 @ Getting Personal
-299° Expired
Posted 29th Dec 2013Posted 29th Dec 2013
Name a star - £16.99 @ Getting Personal£16.99
Name a star gift :))
Get deal*Get deal*

Total con. The only people who will acknowledge that 'your' star is called whatever are you and this company. A bit of paper from them does not mean you have named a star.


Do it free here


The company put a lot of effort into doing all those reviews lol stars are not avalable for naming sorry its a con :)


@3010 me too. i don't know why. here the link


I'm Confused ( It does not take much). Is it just me or does this deal just link back to this page?

Hotdeer water bottle @ Getting Personal
-78° Expired
Posted 9th Dec 2013Posted 9th Dec 2013
Hotdeer water bottle @ Getting Personal£10.98
the closet thing i'll get to a flamedeer this winter. least ill be warm. Huggable Hot Water Bottle is just the thing for those cold winter evenings. This traditional hot water bo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I know I know I'm hanging my head in shame lol X)


too expensive


It's a bit deer lol Already been said!


this is cute


Excluding the deer, actually not a bad price!

Gentleman's Ball Scratcher - £10 @ Getting Personal
-191° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2013Posted 1st Nov 2013
Gentleman's Ball Scratcher - £10 @ Getting Personal£10
Normally £12 but with Code "BFN10" brings it down to £10. Good price compared to other ball scratchers.

Butt Scratcher???????


139 people have no sense of humour. The phone deals rule. Yawn




This deal is a load of Bo??ocks


or a tax payer to buy it for him!

Zombie Gnome £14.99 @ gettingpersonal
-41° Expired
Posted 28th Oct 2013Posted 28th Oct 2013
Zombie Gnome £14.99 @ gettingpersonal£14.99
Perfect gift for old ladies or anyone who like Gnomes :- The Zombie Gnome. Give as a gift or just plant it Ninja style (take a photo). Code NEWPG10 might get you 10% off, it didn'… Read more

This would keep the kids off the lawn


How ugly!

Engraved/Personalised Beer Glass £9.99 @ Getting Personal
47° Expired
Posted 5th Aug 2013Posted 5th Aug 2013
Engraved/Personalised Beer Glass £9.99 @ Getting Personal£9.99
I've been looking for a graduation present for a mature student and these look like a good deal - £9.99 without a gift box (boxes £3 separately) but be careful to read the descript… Read more

Great deal, have bought several engraved glasses over the years and always had to pay a lot more, and I do shop around on the Internet.


Got one on my first pack last week, well chuffed.


I'd also like a link to a better deal for a personalised glass please.


have you seen a better deal? Please post as I am also a student so I could do with saving every penny.

snigface not sure why link not working, this is the edited version but still not working. Unfortunately the stella deal means you have to actually DRINK the stella, yikes! ;)

Gimme Tunes Shoe Speaker in Red for £22.99 + £2.99 DEL @ Getting
19° Expired
Posted 7th Mar 2012Posted 7th Mar 2012
Gimme Tunes Shoe Speaker in Red for £22.99 + £2.99 DEL @ Getting£25.98
Great to listen to and even better to look at! Our amazing shoe-shaped speakers are big on sound and even bigger on looks and give a whole new meaning to the term "dancing shoes"! … Read more
Duck with a **** - 4.99 Delivered at
-98° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2011Posted 26th Nov 2011
Duck with a **** - 4.99 Delivered at£4.99
I don't know why. Maybe to embarrass a relative at Christmas.

I am yet to find a cheaper duck with a ****


Of course all ducks look like this when swimming - it retracts on land


it also brings a new meaning to the term "f*ck a duck" oO


I dont know about embarrassing a relative but you'd embarrass yourself for buying it! Awful thing poor little duck.


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