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-50% Discount
Personalised Photo Card from 25p including postage with code (via App) @ Optimalprint
You can get a personalised photo card from 25p including postal delivery by creating a card via the app and using code CARDSUK at checkout . If you opt for an envelope works out a… Read more

Nightmare web site - gave up after about an hour trying to order card!! unless anyone can give simple instructions, i’’m out! (flirt)


gave me the option to amend quantity to 1, although a bit fiddly


I can't seem to order just one card on the app, it's an option on the website but the minimum number on the app is 10?


Thank you for sharing this! Ordered!

Various discount codes @ OptimalPrint UK

Good find thanks - still working!

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A4 Personalised printed photo calender @ Optimalprint from £4.75 + £2.99 p+p
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Posted 31st Oct 2020Posted 31st Oct 2020
A4 Personalised printed photo calender @ Optimalprint from £4.75 + £2.99 p+p£7.74
Product Details Give a gift full of memories to yourselves and your loved ones to remember throughout the year! Now with an option to start the calendar with any month you like. … Read more

I tried using my android phone and I do not have account with them either.


I have updated the photo with a screenshot taken on my android tablet. I don't have an account with them so it can't be account specific but maybe it only shows at this price on android devices or tablets (confused)


I went till checkout and showing as 19+2.99. Not sure if it is account specific. No luck for me, however a good deal if someone manages to get the price.


Is every calendar this price, the one shown here is 15.84 ?


You have to go through the options for each calendar. I got this price on an Android tablet this morning but shows up more expensive on my iPhone for some reason ???

Personalised Photo Christmas Card delivered for £0.22 with code (Via App) @ Optimal Print
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Posted 30th Oct 2020Posted 30th Oct 2020
Personalised Photo Christmas Card delivered for £0.22 with code (Via App) @ Optimal Print£0.22 Free P&P Free
Update: Well this just turned into an even better deal, I managed to order 5 individual cards for like £0.22 each, but 10 of each card has turned up, so I've now got 10 cards for £… Read more

Haha sam


Funny you should say that I got 11 instead of 1! Luckily I decided not to put a message on the inside of the card so worked out quite well. Lol


They're cards. Christmas cards.


Did you get cards or like postcard?


Yes. I have received ten of every card I ordered. People are going to be getting the same card for the next ten years.

Get a Personalised Mug For 90p delivered with code @ Optimal Print's App
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Posted 23rd Oct 2020Posted 23rd Oct 2020
Get a Personalised Mug For 90p delivered with code @ Optimal Print's App£0.90 Free P&P Free
You can get a personalised Simple Photo Mug delivered for only £0.90 via Optimal Print's App, if you do it via the website it looks like it charges for delivery but it's free via t… Read more

Try board mailer / envelopes / peel n seal on google or eBay.


Hi , random question but really hoping someone will be able to answer it. I ordered a photo poster with this deal. It came in a nice n hard envelope and the photo poster itself had an accompanying white coloured, hard (1mm thick, a bit shiny) cardboard - same size as the poster, so I’m assuming it’s to be used with the poster to provide support (?) as the poster itself is ofcourse quite flimsy. My question is, does anybody know what that thick hardboard is called?? I really need to know as I’d like to buy some of the exact same ones (to use in another project that I’m doing and it worked surprisingly well in it) Tia :)


Received my replacement mug after the first being smashed to bits on delivery, strangely the first took 2 or so weeks to arrive but the replacement was here in 3 days, but it get funnier this one has turned up, but it obviously from a batch of seconds cups, because the handle is on upside down 😁 I'm not even gonna bother complaining as it only cost 90p and I guess it unique 😁


I'm sorry that you had such an experience, but no where in your message does it clearly state you contacted them. I highly recommend them, I had an issue with my order, and they fixed it. Tbh we can't really put the broken mug down to them, that will be more with royal mail. Good luck with your order.


If I haven't contacted them I would hardly have written that they "couldn't be bothered about the rest of the order" I have contacted them 3 times and I still have received no second mug. They say they have sent it, the Royal Mail says they are still waiting for it. I don't leave negative comments for a pastime I have tried getting them to resolve the issue and they have done nothing. I don't care about the 90p but quite frankly pointing out that lots of people have had issues and you received a damaged mug is hardly a recommendation from yourself. Furthermore they send you discount codes on a daily basis and I have had another full order waiting in my basket for over week, but if I have no confidence in them to resolve issues I won't be placing another order and as someone else pointed out its not good for mods to post deals from a company with what shall we say a "chequered" customer service as plenty of posts on this thread will attest to , delayed orders, damaged deliveries and dubious paypal methods.

Photo on a mug £3.81 free delivery if app downloaded @ Optimalprint UK
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Posted 16th Oct 2020Posted 16th Oct 2020
Photo on a mug £3.81 free delivery if app downloaded @ Optimalprint UK£3.81 Free P&P Free
Easily create a photo mug with the photos facing you when holding it. Whether you are right-handed or a lefty, there is a design for you.

£4.17 for me, as the first one was only £3.27 for me :)


Fantastic, shame only the posters on here will realise you can actually get 2 printed mugs, delivered, for only £4.71 (highfive)


Everyone that ordered, check your emails, as today I've just received an email with £10 off (no minium spend by the looks of it) which you need to remove the current discount in your basket (you can reapply after if needed). This £10 off gets you another mug delivered for only £0.90.


Yea I contacted them via live chat on the app and they've issued a replacement.


Sorry to hear that. I'm sure they'll send you another one as delivery companies fault. :(

Get a personalised mug delivered for free @ Optimal Print (Via App)
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Posted 24th Feb 2020Posted 24th Feb 2020
Get a personalised mug delivered for free @ Optimal Print (Via App)FREE£12
If you download the Optimal Print App, and then subsequently use the code METRO15CREDIT at checkout (via the app) after adding your mug to your basket, you will then receive the… Read more

Got a email in German saying code was void and order canceled so next thing I get postman at door today and box with mug in so did work lol


Mug arrived this morning. Happy days. Cheers OP.


Mine got cancelled but I still received what I ordered the thing I ordered with the mug


My order has been cancelled and they took payment as well


Didn't get an email, just says refunded on the order page. Ordered something else and paid with real money so hopefully that'll come. Their mobile App crashes alot though.

Special Offers @ Optimalprint UK ~ 25% Off Photo Calenders ~ Half price Corporate Envelopes ~ Plus Further discounts ..
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Posted 12th Jan 2010Posted 12th Jan 2010
Special Offers @ Optimalprint UK ~ 25% Off Photo Calenders ~ Half price Corporate Envelopes ~ Plus Further discounts ..
Optimal Print have a couple of special offers on at the moment: * 25% Off their Photo Calenders * Half price Corporate Envelopes - available in full colour with company's logo if r… Read more
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Special Offers @ Optimalprint UK ~ 10 FREE A6 Cards ~ 100 FREE Business Cards  ~ 25 Free Flyers ~ Just pay P&P
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Posted 21st Oct 2009Posted 21st Oct 2009
Special Offers @ Optimalprint UK ~ 10 FREE A6 Cards ~ 100 FREE Business Cards ~ 25 Free Flyers ~ Just pay P&P
Optimalprint UK have some really good special offers atm. There are several freebie offers and you just have to pay the p+p. * Order 10 A6 cards for FREE - pay p+p - £3.27 The of… Read more

Sorry, I clicked expire but you can still get the flyers and invitations for postage only, just not business cards


Haven't bought anything, but you can use all three offers together, and only pay shipping once. Doesn't seem like a bad offer, and the designs are more flexible than Vistaprint (can add logo / image at no extra cost) Just bunged a few things in the basket to see what it did: 25 x Leaflets 10 x Christmas Cards 100 x Business Cards Order Price (excl. VAT): 0.00 GBP Shipping and Handling (Great Britain): 3.99 GBP VAT (15%): 0.60 GBP Charge Amount (incl. VAT): 4.59


Sounds like Vistaprint - anyone know if the quality as good?

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