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Do you enjoy eating tasty meals? Do you love wholesome fresh ingredients? If the answer to both these questions is 'yes' but you never quite have enough time to organise a weekly menu, shop for ingredients or cook healthily then Gousto might just be the answer. Gousto delivers regular boxes filled with precisely measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. They're designed to help you create the perfect meal day after day. Each week over 50 tried and tested new recipes are available while you can serve up family meals that start from around £3 a portion. If you are looking for Gousto deals, then check out hotukdeals. How to redeem Gousto vouchers
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£18.75 Discount
£18.75 Discount
40% off first box and £18.75 cashback with code @ Gousto
60% off first box and potential of £27.75 cashback topcashback.co.uk/gousto/

Cannot get my head around the fact that their fish based recipies don't specify what type of fish. What's next, "roast animal dinner"? Why are they so ashamed of Basa?


Works great - when they actually remember to give you all of the ingredients.


Can you be recommended instead of using this code and still get tcb?


TCB gone up to £20.62 for me! Thanks OP


How do you get 18.75 cashback? I am seeing 12.75 cashback

-60% Discount
-60% Discount
60% off first box @ Gousto
Valid for 30 days

Get a referral from someone you know. You get 60% off first box and then 30% off all boxes in first month, and they get £15 credited to their account. Blurred my referral in screenshot below cus I reckon it would probably be against HUKD policy to post it, but private message me if you want a code. I've tried both Gousto (2 months) and Hello Fresh (3 weeks) for me Gousto wins hands down. Cheaper, more choice, nicer recipes and less missed ingredients.

-60% Discount
-60% Discount
60% off first order @ Gousto
4 meals for 2 people only £14

ICKLETSBT use my code anyone for 60% off 4 recipes for 4 people 16 portions for £19.10


Very likely that Gousto will decline the cashback as the voucher code is not approved by TCB. These cashback amounts usually only track successfully if you pay for a full price subscription. That being said, TCB have posted a 50% code so it's possibly better value to use that one instead as its less of a gamble on the cashback paying out.


It's not referral. Its promo code


Is this a referral code or a general money off code?! :/


I’ve just moved onto hello fresh which has got a similar deal and give that a go. Had some really nice recipes from Gousto though.

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Gousto 3 meals for 2 £14.99, free delivery and £6 Quidco making it a possible £9 if your on quidco **NO REFERRALS**
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Posted 4th Feb 2019Posted 4th Feb 2019
Gousto 3 meals for 2 £14.99, free delivery and £6 Quidco making it a possible £9 if your on quidco **NO REFERRALS**£14.99
I did hello fresh on offer last week and was so impressed thought I’d look how Gousto compared, they have excellent review in the Telegraph seems like a bargain with me.

The meals are soo tasty love it :)


Just ordered the next weeks £14.99 for 3 meals for 2


Through Quidco, see picture. If your not on Quidco use code MVC1950M


how have you got it for that price? when I go on its 30% off and 2 meals gets me to 17.50


Had my first box from a previous Wriggle deal. Very impressed with quality of the ingredients

Get 3 meals for 4 people £29.93 @ Gousto
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Posted 19th Jun 2018Posted 19th Jun 2018
Get 3 meals for 4 people £29.93 @ Gousto£29.93£42.7530% off
30% discount on all meal boxes Gousto offer. You can choose your own dishes for your box.

New customers only.


If you want 50% off your first Gousto box, loads of links around. PM me if you want one.


I think this is 3 meals with each meal being a 4 person portion. So it very much depends on the portion size.


So this is 12 meals in other words


@steveideas hahaha no all 4 people get a meal! It's basically 3 dinners ;)

50% OFF first 2 orders @ Gousto
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Posted 18th Feb 2018Posted 18th Feb 2018
50% OFF first 2 orders @ Gousto
Cancel subscription at any time. Discount automatically applied on first two orders save a massive 50% upto 15£

Is this deal any better https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/gousto-10-for-ingredients-should-be-30-for-three-different-meals-that-feed-two-each-ie-six-meals-2889276


The portions do look on the small side but in actuality they are really filling. Been having meals every few weeks for the past few months and not had a meal that's left me hungry yet (y)


I've tried Hello Fresh, another cook box co whose name I can't remember, and Gousto (all on offer - don't think any are worth full price) and Gousto were the best - really tasty recipes, I've cooked several since using the recipe cards. I found the portion sizes good, one moussaka for 2 was so big it actually did 4 with a bag of salad I had in the fridge.


I've just tried Hello fresh as they offered a promotion, but the recipes on Gousto so seem better imo


I had gousto for a few weeks then the price rose, so I cancelled (easily done). Thanks

Gousto £10 for ingredients (should be £30) for three different meals that feed two each (ie, six meals)
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Posted 5th Feb 2018Posted 5th Feb 2018
Gousto £10 for ingredients (should be £30) for three different meals that feed two each (ie, six meals)£10£3067% off
I saw this on MSE and I searched here but couldn't find it. To help you cook up a storm in the kitchen, weekly meal box subscription service Gousto* is offering a £20 discount to… Read more

My Gusto experience was not good, firstly Quidco didn't track, they also sent what appeared to be a lot of missing or wrong ingredients, turned out it was the recipe card was wrong (1 of 3), also I got something veggie when I don't think I would have ordered that, unsure. I can't 100% blame them as they did credit me one meal for 2(which I probably won't claim) and I found some of the ingredients hiding in a brown paper bag at the back of my fridge today.


Topcashback have £6.30 for gousto https://www.topcashback.co.uk/gousto/


edit: cashback may NOT pay. I still think it's a good value, but read the above comment first.... With Quidco (which I hardly use but TCB doesn't have this offer) cashback of £8 this is an amazing deal, £1.99 for ingredients for 6 meals to be delivered to your door, in an ice box. Really brill. Only thing is 8am - 7pm delivery window may not suit all and of course cancelling should you choose to do so. I've gone for it this morning :) Nice one.


Quidco has tracked immediately for me. Not sure if it will be confirmed though as the T&Cs say cash back not in conjunction with other offers. I’ll wait and see- happy to to pay £10 for 3 meals anyway


Ditto. Lots of ingredients left out too!!. Cancelled order. Not just because of missing food but the HUMONGOUS amount of packaging that goes into sending a very small package out. Such a drain on resources/environment. (annoyed) Told them that too.

Gousto 50% OFF + £10 Nationwide Cashback + £6.30 TopCashBack + Free Delivery
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Gousto 50% OFF + £10 Nationwide Cashback + £6.30 TopCashBack + Free Delivery
Received an email from Nationwide about £10 cashback. Decided to check it out and also found the 50% OFF automatically added at checkout. There is also a possibility of £6.3… Read more

Just tried and this doesn't work anymore 😪



£10 cash back on purchases of £10 or more PLUS 50% off your first and second order at Gousto via Visa offers with any HSBC account
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Posted 22nd Sep 2017Posted 22nd Sep 2017
£10 cash back on purchases of £10 or more PLUS 50% off your first and second order at Gousto via Visa offers with any HSBC account
Just ordered 2 meals for 2 people for £12.50 plus the £10 cash back which will bring it down to £2.50. This would normally cost well above £20. To get the cash back you have to reg… Read more

yve67 is correct. Make sure you pause subscription. Very sneaky, I never saw anything about subscribing during the ordering process.


One of the recipes is called "Annabel’s Glazed Salmon & Chinese Rice" that comes with 2 salmon fillets (should be about 125g per fillet). If you order for 4 people and order 2 of that recipe it will cost you (after cashback) £5.87 for 1 kg of salmon fillets, and all the other bits. The other recipes have much cheaper meat components meaning you could probably put the ingredients together yourself for not much more. Salmon fillets typically cost £13/£14+ per kilo in the supermarkets so £5.87 for 1kg plus the other bits is really good (y) I maxed it out and got 4 x "Annabel’s Glazed Salmon & Chinese Rice" for 4 people costing £13.87 (after cashback) so the salmon will work out at about £6.94 per kilo plus 1.2kg basmati, 200g honey and all the other bits. Turning out to be a good bargain hunting day this along with 2 of the £20 Argos vouchers. They say things come in threes, so what's next! :D


Not showing on either my HSBC or 1st Direct Visa Offers page, what location are people putting in?


I was just about to post this. I think you missed the best bit about it though.


I didn't have this offer for my HSBC account but did have for First Direct.

New customers - first four meals from gousto (8 servings) for only £16.99 via quidco or a possible £11.09 if quidco pays out.
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Posted 29th Jun 2017Posted 29th Jun 2017LocalLocal
New customers - first four meals from gousto (8 servings) for only £16.99 via quidco or a possible £11.09 if quidco pays out.£16.99
Quidco currently have a voucher code that gives you £25 off your first box, £10 off your second and 35% cashback for the next 3 days only. This offer is for NEW customers only, so… Read more
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Big box of food delivered for £5.49 @ Gousto
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Posted 28th Mar 2017Posted 28th Mar 2017
Big box of food delivered for £5.49 @ Gousto£5.49
Follow the link or use code PROMO25, I managed to order 2 meals for 2 people for £5.49 including delivery!
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks i will give it a try


No you cancel when you receive the first box. You get 3 meals for £9.99.. But when you have 4 or 5 I think it then becomes cheaper to use the 50% off code which you can get via Googling it.. The meals are normally very tasty and once you had a couple of boxes you can save the recipe cards and then just make them yourself for 1/5 of the price of the boxes. It is very much worth the £9.99 for 3 meals as they are normally very nice.


Will i be tied in in any way? Don't want to be charged every month


I have it every week the best thing I've ever done


It was actually £5.49 so I've edited this, and the lasagna and Miso & Sesame Chicken Noodles

40% cashback (and 50% off first order) with TCB with Gousto
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Posted 12th Jan 2017Posted 12th Jan 2017
40% cashback (and 50% off first order) with TCB with Gousto
Found this offer on topcashback so thought it worth sharing as 40% off looks to be the best deal I've seen online. Looks like the offer expires in 3 days so guessing it's an exclus… Read more

topcashback has its usual disclaimer of not paying it out if you use voucher codes that are not approved by themselves. no harm giving it a go though.




Worth a shot via TCB. Thanks!


Yes but if you click on the link from your topcashback account the popup still shows on the Gousto website, so there may be a possibility that this is applied in addition to the cashback?



Free £25 Ticketmaster Gift Card with your first order at Gousto Box
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Posted 29th Jun 2016Posted 29th Jun 2016
Free £25 Ticketmaster Gift Card with your first order at Gousto Box
Now is a good time to try out Gousto Box. New customers will receive a £25 Ticketmaster gift card when they order their first Gousto box. Use Code: TMASTER25 The minimum spend is… Read more

Is this a sign up thing where you have to have it for 6 months ?


That'll cover the booking fees then!


can you merge it with any other first time code like money off? not sure if I will use the gift card. thanks

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