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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
Ordnance Survey 20% off absolutely everything!
Ordnance Survey 20% off absolutely everything!

Also works for the app subscription


Anyone got a link as can't find it on maps 8)


I’m probably wrong but don’t they just sell maps? ;)


Excellent. I need a new house and car.

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
Flash sale 15% off all ordnance survey maps and rugs etc using code
OS maps 15% off online purchasess for three days ending midnight on Wednesday 19th August 2020. Includes papermaps Personalised maps Picnic rugs Trek towel

With their weird digital rights management it won't be the first time they'll have pulled the rug from under me.


I tend to use dash4it for paper maps. Usually cheaper (even after these discounts) with quick and free delivery. Worth checking before buying.


Umm. Nope I think you go and traipse in the great outdoors and then when you get tired or having a picnic you get the rug out :) to prevent sitting in cowpats etc


Umm. Not sure, think you may not able to stack I usually get my maps from the library for free (nerd)


Maps and rugs. Bit of a strange mix

-100% Discount
-100% Discount
OS Maps free 2 month Premium subscription
A great free deal with OS online mapping at the moment. They currently have an offer where you get 2 months for the price of 1. But even better, after adding this to your basket, a… Read more

Yep, that did the trick. Thanks :) (heat added, of course :) )


There isn't an option specifically to do this. However if you log in to your account, add the 1 month Premium subscription (not the £2.99 auto renewal option) to your basket, enter the code and checkout, it adds 2 months to your premium expiry date.


"This will also extend your subscription by 2 months if you already have one, again for free." Do you know how to do this? I can't see the option for extending my subscription.


Thanks OP worth a look for £00.00


There is and it's fine for printing out maps to take with you. I prefer these OS maps however when out in the field as you can plot routes and their app works well on the phone for GPS.

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3x Ordnance Survey paper maps for £20 with code at Ordnance Survey
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
3x Ordnance Survey paper maps for £20 with code at Ordnance Survey£20 Free P&P Free
🧭 3x paper maps for £20. Came up in my emails this morning and seemed a reasonable deal. Just need to add the code 3MAPS when you check out to receive the offer

With a few exceptions, Amazon sell them for £6.99 to £7.19, so not cheaper.


Another vote for Dash4it, good fast delivery (y)


Amazon have all the maps cheaper anyway


There's a code for Dash4it which makes them £5.39 each delivered (y)


Explorer and Landranger are only £6.29 each delivered at Dash4it. https://dash4it.co.uk/ordnance-survey-maps.html

20% off premium Ordnance Survey maps subscription - £19.19 with code
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
20% off premium Ordnance Survey maps subscription - £19.19 with code£19.19£23.9920% off Free P&P Free
OS maps are offering 20% off their annual subscription to digital maps. Once you've added it to your basket, go to view basket rather than checkout to enter the discount code ALL… Read more

Have a look at the Ramblers pathwatch for online os maps


For info, on phone if you use browser settings to view as desktop then you can get it (though you have to set it on a Google search page for bing maps first - or at least before you try to access the site). Doesn't seem to be a tie in to gps for live location though.

12 Months OS Maps Premium annual subscription £18.99 Ordnance Survey
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Posted 24th Dec 2020Posted 24th Dec 2020
Save £5 off OS Maps with code ONEYEAROUTSIDE To help you have an amazing year outside, we're offering £5 off OS Maps Premium annual subscription in our New Year sale. Enjoy acce… Read more

OSMand doesn't come anywhere near ordnance survey however if you get the 2004 maps that where converted from tracklofs and uploaded to Usenet as .qct you can download them from a 2013 torrent free also Garmin GB discoverer v2 50k maps and national parks and trails V3 maps are free but I can't find a source as long as you don't have a signing GPS the latest you'll be ok.... I have my android phone with mmtracker 1.21.1 and the maps OSMand and a Garmin Etrex 20 with the discoverer maps these are all free options that won't fail in a whiteout ......thus OS subscription covers all OS maps included pirated ones if you think of a broken spectrum to use a spectrum emulator or vinyl to dowoad an MP3 if you own the item you own it's intellectual copyright regardless of format.. ..if you are asking why Google maps isn't enough or why you are relying on cached maps in a whiteout sorry you are not a hiker. ....map and compass still needed I'm a walk leader 26 years experience


Ordered a year's sub using this account and already made use of it on a trail run. I found it more friendly than Viewranger. Just a word of warning though - you CANNOT stack subs using this offer as its a recurring sub. It will automatically renew on expiry - you will be reminded by email so can still cancel. You CAN stack the non-renewable subs at £29.99 but there is no discount on that. I just got this confirmed by chat. Still, a good bargain and an extra 96p off using TopCashBack LOL


Is there a way to check this actually has any routes near me


Can you stack the subs ? Eg buy two years worth at £10 off total ? also don’t forget topcashback


How does this compare to plotaroute? I've got a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus with GPS maps but I've only managed to get plotaroute maps to work properly. I'm interested in this deal but wanted to see if it would be hugely different to what I'm already using.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sports GPS - £479.99 (with code) @ ordnancesurvey
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sports GPS - £479.99 (with code) @ ordnancesurvey£479.99 Free P&P Free
Seems like a decent deal and it also comes with free delivery. The Garmin Fenix Pro 6 is one of Garmin's latest releases in the Fenix Range. This impressive device boasts a range… Read more

I have a 6s pro, the screen is gorilla glass which is fairly sturdy as it is. And I've got a tempered glass screen protector on it for extra safety, which was about £1 on Ali express. I've been using it for a while and it's still immaculate


£439 at Amazon just now.


I got a screen protector for my F5. Somehow managed to crack it very quickly so it was a few pounds well spent especially because I don’t know how it got damaged. Replaced the protector and it’s not come to any grief since despite a number of pratfalls!


Worn my fenix 3hr with sapphire screen every day for nearly 5 years Bezel has lots and lots of scratches including from a bike accident but the glass is still perfect.


Scratched the face of my fenix 5 the day I bought it around 3 yrs ago. Nasty big line right across! Garmin said £150 and they’ll send out a refurbished watch as they don’t do glass changes. So I’m awaiting a Forerunner 945 to appear on the BF deals which will replace my fenix 5 and 920xt. Bring on the deals.

Complete garden / beach badminton set with net, supports, shuttlecocks and a racquets £9.59 at Ordnance Survey
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Complete garden / beach badminton set with net, supports, shuttlecocks and a racquets £9.59 at Ordnance Survey£9.59£11.9920% off Free P&P Free
This looks a brilliant price for a full badminton set. Currently £11.99 on the Oordinance Survey website which is a pretty good price anyway, but even better when you add the promo… Read more

:) good find:)

One month free premium subscription @ Ordnance Survey
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Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
One month free premium subscription @ Ordnance SurveyFREE£3.99
Doesn’t automatically renew so a great way to try this risk free. Get instant access to the full range of OS leisure maps for all of Great Britain on your computer, tablet and mo… Read more

Sounds good; where can you download the routes from? I guess gpx is a file type. If you can get free routes into a free app then sounds good to me along as the app isn’t ad supported.


You can get all the os maps of UK free with 'backcountry Navigator' app, use offline with GPS, import gpx routes and more.


Don’t be soft :p


As this is browser based are you able to view these maps offline? It doesn’t seem to have any walking routes either only public rights of way?


Or just use this for free anytime http://www.rowmaps.com

3 x OS Explorer or Landranger Maps £20 @ Ordnancesurvey.co.uk
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Posted 19th Oct 2020Posted 19th Oct 2020
3 x OS Explorer or Landranger Maps £20 @ Ordnancesurvey.co.uk£20
As per the title, 3 x OS Explorer or Landranger maps for £20. Usual price is £8.99 each. Each map comes with a code for a downloadable copy for mobile devices. These maps are perfe… Read more

Thanks for taking the time to post the deal. Appreciated :)


Semantics. I'm paying for it for the purpose of leisure.......


You know what "Ordnance" is, yes? :-)


Either way, I'm personally happy to pay for stuff like this which is used for leisure time. I'd prefer my taxes spent on things like defence, housing and healthcare, not making maps for walkers (y)


OS has been a public corporation for a long time now, and either before that you had to pay for the maps. The original early mapping and much of the source mapping today was and is developed for non private users i.e. military and business who pay for 95% of the costs of OS. The fees OS charge for maps are fairly cheap given that printing maps is expensive and the company doing it needs paid, even the data has a maintenance costs attached to it and it isn't free to deliver. Any profits from OS go straight back into the public purse, so it is taxpayer funded, still is, it is just funded by the people that use the service rather than everyone! They also aren't making excessive profits!

1 month free digital OS maps subscription with code at Ordnance Survey
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Posted 24th Sep 2020Posted 24th Sep 2020
National GetOutside Day is back! This Sunday 27 September, let's show everyone how good it feels to be outside. Release those happy endorphins and take a deep breath of the Great B… Read more

Found this in terms for this code: OS Maps Subscription If you sign up successfully, you will get a free one-month subscription code to the OS Maps app. The code is only valid until 31 December 2020, at which point the code will expire. Use of the OS Maps app is subject to separate terms and conditions. These can be found here. Web link https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/national-getoutside-day-rules/


I myself use OsmAnd too. It's amazing how open source community mapping is much better for hikes and walks compared to official applications (y) There's the Here maps which I believe Garmin base their maps on. It doesn't have any topology features so OSM is much better. They have a free Here WeGo application but it's mainly for driving about tbh. It's nothing like the usual Garmin mapsource basecamp which does show this. For those who are saying the paths are missing on the maps. You can always contribute to OSM online through the online map editor on their website - it will feature the mapping changes right away to the online versions of the map. Google maps can also be contributed from the Send Feedback option in-app you get to draw the path and it appears to update within a day (I am a local guide on Google).


Tried Pathwatch on a walk yesterday, the GPS didn't pinpoint my exact location, but it's a great source to OS maps, thanks @andychelt. OsmAnd (OpenStreetMaps) did a great job with GPS and still have clear footpaths on their map. Touring style map option worked best for me. @LordMetro thanks for suggesting.


Anyone know when this code officially expires?


what is this for???

Free download and print colouring maps from Ordnance Survey
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Posted 5th May 2020Posted 5th May 2020
Free download and print colouring maps from Ordnance SurveyFREE£0.01
Just spotted these, a small selection of black and white maps for you to colour in, in the same style as the "adult colouring books". There are 4 for direct download and a 15 page… Read more

Check out the historical UK maps here, you can print your own and view side by side with modern maps. Some go down to street/building level e.g. London but there's also 25 inch to the mile. maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/ (Looks a lot better on PC)


Signed up earlier and just updated description. Actually 14 maps (page fifteen was cover!) from 7 different cities. Two of them are within the OS logo shape, rest full page.


You really have to be bored to colour maps (lol)


Thanks. Shame the Southampton one misses my house by a fraction


Anyone knows which 15 on book?

One month’s subscription access to the most detailed view of Great Britain with all 607 OS Leisure Maps £2.99 @ Ordnance Survey
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Posted 1st May 2020Posted 1st May 2020
One month’s subscription access to the most detailed view of Great Britain with all 607 OS Leisure Maps £2.99 @ Ordnance Survey£2.99
Easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access. One Premium subscription includes b… Read more

Yes, but they're actually rather small and don't seem very detailed


how are you being offered a better rate than me! unfair!


Interesting! THe ones I'm interested in show primarily footpaths and bridleways, they are not planning maps



it says 21.33% on top cashback, where did you find the 41.41%?

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