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All Simba Sleep Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

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More Info Free Mattress Protector with Mattress bought with Code @ Simba
Get a FREE Mattress Protector with every Simba Hybrid® Mattress (excl. Bunk & Cot). Use code JAN19. Offer ends 15/01/19.

If anyone is looking for a mattress and would like a £50 discount code then feel free to use this discount code link. £50 Discount Code


I have a Simba mattress, also came with the 'free' protector however its plastic and rustles so never used it! Recommend the mattress just not their protector! A free pillow if negotiable would be more useful in my opinion! (y)

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More Info Free Gift when you buy a Simba Hybrid Mattress with Code @ Simba

Above deal finished as indicated but have £50 off mattress only code below if use to anyone :


this inst there best deal! Black Friday week (month) they were doing £100 off, the week before that they were offing a free protector and free pillows which would have been the better deal if you wanted pillows. you have to have the protector if you want the 100 day trial, but the protector and pillows arent cover in the 100 day. they also do a recommend a fried and get £50off your purchase and a £50 amazon for the recommendation


You can choose from an Amazon echo dot, Fitbit or Lumie bodyclock. This things are quite expensive in any high street shop. I just bought the mattress to my niece so I can get the Fitbit. 2 gifts in 1. Amazing deal!


Its a deal not a freebie, but thanks for posting. If you can change it to a deal you will hopefully get a better response.

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More Info Free Hybrid Duvet with every Simba Mattress
If you buy a Simba Hybrid Mattress via the official Simba website you get a free Hybrid® Duvet with OUTLAST worth £195. The award-winning Simba Hybrid® Mattress Combining the supp… Read more

We purchased this last week as we were going to buy the mattress by itself The duvet and mattress are really nice and together they manage to maintain your "warm spot" in the bed when you pop out to the loo etc. The duvet does a good job or regulating temperature as well so you don't get to hot Now I just need to convince my wife to stop stealing said warm spot


It's "hybrid" so it must be. Probably cus it's petrol and electric (y) #Green


Is any duvet really worth £195? :/

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More Info Free Mattress Protector with Every Simba Hybrid Purchased with code @ Simba

Horrible protector, very noisy due to waterproof plastic backing. Worse than the £5 versions from argos, etc.


the mattress protector is horrible, we recieved one with our mattress. As its waterproof it stop breathability and makes you really hot. I dont see the need for a waterproof protector unless you have certain problems shall we say

40% off
40% off 40% off Simba Hybrid Duvet with Outlast with Code DUVET40
Enter the code at the checkout to get the discount.

For the mixture of Down and Feather (90/10) its a good price with the code!


Lowest price it has been but I can't afford, either way it's a good price for those waiting out for a good deal on the outlast collection


Can vouch for the mattress but the extras are silly prices - hence why they often throw them in as add ons. I have The sheet and protector and they are nice but about 3 times the price of the equivalent from anywhere else


£245 for a double duvet... no wonder there doing 40 percent off. Makes it like £150 quid... Bit daft really.


I had the duvet sold it, no different to any other feather/down duvet. Didnt keep us cool in the summer. Not worth the intial expense.

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More Info Two Free Pillows with every Simba Hybrid Mattress with Code @ Simba

Enjoy the mattress mate, really are good better than the rest. You need to keep reposting the referral the admins remove it often.


£50 off using this link also, via refer a friend (y)


Shame it didn't, still £50 off better than two free pillows! Enjoy the Amazon voucher ;)


Should do enter the promo and if need to enter Adam Nuttall in the mention me bit should deduct £50 ;)


Purchased via Amazon when it was 30% off, hotukdeals didn't allow post, very good matress, usual back pain goes away after a few weeks but was it worth it? Yeah it's pretty good. Only got matress and what it goes on, no pillows yet waiting for a good price for hybrid pillow.

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More Info 2 Free Active Cooling pillows with Ever Mattress Purchased with Code @ Simba

@lucas matress was good to sleep on just not one to lounng on or sit and watch TV as you would sink in to it. Only when lying flat it's comfortable.


Just out of interest why couldn’t you get on with it and how easy was the return? Also what mattress did you finally opt for? Cheers




Thats Great (y)


Purchased simba matress couple of months back came with free pillows which are very comfortable, couldn't get on with the matress so returned it under there 100 day trial and the let me keep the pillows!

20% off
20% off £100 OFF at Simba mattress
Used yesterday and it worked. Was emailed to my better half.

The code works. But can only use the Free pillows OR the £100 discount code. Can't use both together.


Good deal and ordered. Thanks OP.


Good Deal on this Mattress. I have a King Size in my master bedroom and planning to swap the others in the house as it is by far the best mattress we have had.


Good Deal (y)


Good deal. Great mattress.

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More Info 2 Free Memory Foam Pillows worth £90 when you Buy a Simba Hybrid Mattress with Code @ Simba Sleep
Enter the code at the checkout you must add the Pillows to the Basket First and then add the code

Quite a few good mattress deals over Easter. I went for the Casper


I got a Simba mattress on the Easter deal with pillows and sleep pack bundle thing and the pillows are proper incredible, best sleep I've had in years!


Worth £90?! For two pillows?! (lol)

20% off
20% off 20% off at Simba Sleep
Not sure how long this will last but if you go to and enter any email address (can be fake) it will then give you a 20% off voucher. … Read more

I think I'm going to go for this. There's so many similar mattresses around at the moment: Eve, Casper, Simba etc and I do like the idea of the 100 night trial as you really do need to try a mattress before purchasing. They all feel great in the shop but your body needs time to adjust. I have chronic neck and back pain - not to do with my current mattress - but wondering if this could help.


If anyone is with their 100 day sleep trial then check out this post: Amazon have the mattress on it's deal of the day, 25% off and if you call simba they will refund the difference! Looks like today only!


No longer working as of this morning, was just about to buy as well :(


You do get the protector free.... if you contact them and tell them you’ll go for a mattress if they chuck it in ;)


Worked for me, thanks!

15% off
15% off Simba Sleep - 15% off with Code
I was looking for a mattress deal and one my collegue suggested Simba. After researching this website, reviewes, feedback - I convinved they sell quality mattrewsses. Add NOV15 fo… Read more

Worked for me. Quidco currently 12.5% cashback too. Can’t use multiple voucher codes but the 15% off works out to be the best deal rather than the free mattress protector.


I'm very tempted by these mattresses, was just going to order for my son's bed using this code but it's a pity that the code they give for a free mattress protector and this code don't stack.

£50 off
£50 off £50 off Simba Mattress
Been looking at replacing my mattress. Went on Simba's website and got the usual chat pop up sales thingy. Cheekily I asked if they had a discount or offer and they gave me a £50 c… Read more

Register here to get £75 emailed to you

garyc Register here for a £50 voucher emailed to you too


code works :)


And Quidco 4% and 100 day trial in case it doesn't agree with your back

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% offFree Mattress Protector with Mattress bought with Code @ Simba11/01/2019
% offFree Gift when you buy a Simba Hybrid Mattress with Code @ Simba4/12/2018
% off20% off with code @ Simba27/11/2018
% offFree Mattress Protector with Mattress Bought with code @ Simba2/11/2018
% offFree Hybrid Duvet with every Simba Mattress29/10/2018