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-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% Off Yale Products with voucher code @ Yale Store
Yale’s range of domestic security products have always represented great value for the consumer and this Black Friday customers will be able to get an even better deal,… Read more

Prices inflated...


Prices seem inflated to me atleast on the 3 star barrel locks.

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Yale Smart Starter System £399.98 with code @ Yale Store
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Yale Smart Starter System £399.98 with code @ Yale Store£399.98£49920% off
Featuring the Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock, which gives you the freedom to open your home via your Smartphone, Key Card or Key Tag, the Smart Home System also includes the Yale Smart… Read more

Think it's because it looks like its the old SR rather than the new IA version, though I might be wrong


Blimey, this is the lock I'm after...! Does it have issues? I'm looking to integrate with smartthings.


No idea, bought separately it’s loads more, guess it just didn’t hit the Hduk cool list and people don’t trust the lock.


Any reason as to why this is cold?

Yale conexis l1 lock plus free indoor camera all colours - £160 with code @ Yale
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Posted 4th Oct 2019Posted 4th Oct 2019
Yale conexis l1 lock plus free indoor camera all colours - £160 with code @ Yale£160
As above use code for 20% off

Ultion Smart has just been released. Is pretty pricey though - between £230-£260 depending on model


" z wave module" for the hack you must be close to the person operating the door, I would not worry about this because if someone is standing next to you at your front door with a laptop you would have big concerns why they are there, there are a few up to date video's on youtube about the hack! Heat for such a good deal


Me also!!


Genuine question. Does anyone know of one of these type of locks that has a key option as well. I live in a flat with only one door in and out..can’t take the risk of it not working or that’s me knackered


I think that was the first z wave module, that has been updated since then with better security. You could say someone stole your car the same way, or someone robbed you in the street, with no evidence to back it up. It would generate a crime number but you’re unlikely to get a pay out without supporting evidence. If you tried that and put your watches on eBay and were traced as part of the investigation, you’ll end up with a fraud conviction. I have one of these and it’s been great, but also have a house alarm and cctv. If set up 100% then these work great. The negative feedback ‘often’ comes from people who can’t/don’t have the patience to set them up correctly.

Yale Conexis L1 with free Yale 720p indoor Camera - Any Colour at Yale Store for £169.99
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Posted 29th Sep 2019Posted 29th Sep 2019
Yale Conexis L1 with free Yale 720p indoor Camera - Any Colour at Yale Store for £169.99£169.99£20718% off
Was just looking at the conexis L1 and Yale have a sale which brings it around to the normal prices of £170 with a free indoor camera included in the bundle What can you expect… Read more

Ordered thanks to this deal. Arrived and fitted myself today, worked first time. Guess I'll see how it holds up.


I have the front door type model My daughter is one for loosing here keys and we have had to replace them so about 3 years ago I got the one above. This one will go on a normal door lock. One of the differences ( i think) is there is no key on this so if something goes wrong you would have to get by another method. This has never happened but we do have a back door that we can get to and a hidden key. The unit does not need any mains/charging as a battery will last a good year and we use it constantly as we work from home so it gets used 20 times a day. We only use the keypad to get access but you can set up rfid so you can use it like a hotel room. There is no worry about being locked out and you can give someone a tag or code to get in (I think you can give a one time code for a delivery etc) so they can feed kitty. You can buy modules for the back ie smart home unlock, car type thing so you press it and the door wil unlock but we only use the keypad as that works fine. Only criticism is the screen is now all scratched up really bad. Dont know why. We did have a yale wireless alarm system and as many have said on here that was pants. We also have a ring device that we would also recommend. Guess if you had entrance and another door you could get a driver to leavce it just inside (by giving him a code) but as we work from home we have never really used it for that.


Can power it through mains? Ring bell works on battery too, or is that just backup?


You can open your lock via the app on your phone. You can send a virtual key to a neighbour or family member if needed etc. It new technology not sure how safe it is compared to a good old key.


No. They are for use with 3 point locks

Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit £229.49 with code @ Yale Store
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Posted 26th Sep 2019Posted 26th Sep 2019
Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit £229.49 with code @ Yale Store£229.49£269.9915% off
Yalestore.co.uk is offering 15% discount on many items. Home alarms at cheaper price with a free wifi camera.

No able to get in and see if the code works without entering email, but that is not a bad deal, cheaper that you can currently get it anywhere else. Amazon occasionally have it for £199. The website also says they are giving away a free 720p security cam at the moment too.

Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock - Any Colour - £160 (With Code) Direct From Yale - 2YR Warranty
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Posted 6th Aug 2019Posted 6th Aug 2019
Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock - Any Colour - £160 (With Code) Direct From Yale - 2YR Warranty£160£19920% off
Hi All, I've been looking at these locks for a while and waiting for the price to come down or an offer. This is the best price I've seen it at so far! plus direct from Yale with … Read more

All locks have flaws, but I personally will be sticking to a normal key and a decent core for the time being - like an Abloy Protec2.


And every regular door lock has been picked or forced. You are way more likely to encounter a thief who will smash your window than one who will 'hack' your lock. Just because a security expert can do it doesn't mean your average home-burglar is going to be able to. The real question to ask yourself is if having an expensive lock makes your house appear more desirable to a thief. Personally I would wager that most thieves wouldn't have a clue.


Plenty of smart locks have been hacked already, this isn't going to be any different.


I said could, it is possible Huge companies have been hacked so this is a Smart Lock. Anyone could just exploit a flaw which could be found at any time.


Where’s the proof?

20% off everything on the Yale website
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Posted 1st Apr 2019Posted 1st Apr 2019
20% off everything on the Yale website£160£20020% off
20% off the original price of anything on the website with code YALESPRING20 for example it Makes the smart lock £160 instead of £200

I am having problems and seems expired for the items I wanted


Is this expired now or anyone had problems ?


thanks for such a detailed reply, really appreciate it.


Excellent, cant fault it, without jinxing myself haven't had a false alarm in years I've had the system 4-5 years, had to do a factory reset once the control unit was displaying an AC failure last week and a replacement PSU didn't solve it. looking more closely though there was a low battery on a PIR on the top of the list which wasnt displaying on the main screen. after replacing that and clearing the log absolutely fine I have many 'smart' bits of equipment in my house but have seen no need to replace the alarm. does an old school dial out when if it triggers, all you need, that's then my cue to check my cameras


I'd really like one of the smart locks. I've been thinking about it for a year or so. Does anyone have any experience with them? I've seen both good and bad reviews. I would need it to work with a few phones, but one review I saw suggested only 1 phone at a time?

Yale Live Siren for EF and SR series smart alarms £35.99 @ Yale Store
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Posted 28th Mar 2019Posted 28th Mar 2019
Yale Live Siren for EF and SR series smart alarms £35.99 @ Yale Store£35.99£84.9958% off
These sell for £85 on eBay brand new. They are now in stock on Yale Store for less than half that price. If you are looking to add an external siren for your existing Yale Smart Al… Read more

This is the normal price of them I paid this 3 months ago The eBay sellers have a nice hustle in fairness


looks like ebay sellers have cleaned them out.

20% off on everything except doors keys at Yale online store.
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
20% off on everything except doors keys at Yale online store.

Pretty rubbish products too in my experience. Alarms that require central server access which sometimes isn’t there. Door locks that only allow one module so either remote control or smart phone control or WiFi control whereas I want to have all three. They also only fit limited number of door lock types so beware if you buy them to check if they will fit yours.


Unfortunately still cheaper to buy on ebay for the most part.


Swines I need more keys hah

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