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Bristan Zing Safe Touch Thermostatic Bar Valve inc. Riser + Multifunction Handset - (Free standard delivery) @ Victoria Plumbing
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
The Zing bar valve shower delivers a great performance and showering experience, easy installation and quality materials, all at a value for money price. It features an anti-scald … Read more

Same shower with a single function shower head is £70 at Wickes. Not sure if the showerhead is worth the £29.95...

Smart Bidet Toilet Seat £329.95 @ Victorian Plumbing (£6.95 Delivery)
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Posted 22nd Jul 2020Posted 22nd Jul 2020
Smart Bidet Toilet Seat £329.95 @ Victorian Plumbing (£6.95 Delivery)£336.90
Smart Bidet Toilet Seat - TSB003 The Smart Bidet Toilet Seat provides the optimum multi-functional cleansing experience. Combined with its power saving features the Smart seat vi… Read more

you dont need this toilet just use one of these. If unsure please ask any of your asian friends (y)


Quite right. You need to rub clean with water. Hence the need to only clean with toilet paper and then use water and rub clean with on hand only. That leaves you free to open the tap and operate the soap dispenser with the other clean hand so you do not contaminate the tap and touch soap dispenser. Then you can wash hands safely. Doing poo-poo clean-up is difficult stuff and needs a great deal of thought.


There absolutely nothing wrong with normal toilets. Its the washing of poo-poo away that is important after toilet paper use. Just using toilet paper alone, will not cut it.


Prefer bog standard loo.


Look, I enjoy good poo-poo everyday....sometimes 2 and occasionally 3 poo-poos a day. But, I am deadly serious about the clean up....DEADLY SERIOUS!!!!

Victorian Plumbing Chrome Douche Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose - £22.90 Delivered @ Victorian Plumbing
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Posted 28th May 2020Posted 28th May 2020
Victorian Plumbing Chrome Douche Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose - £22.90 Delivered @ Victorian Plumbing£22.90
Modern Chrome Douche Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose A modern chrome plated brass douche shower spray kit, contains a high quality trigger operated handset, hose and… Read more

Great item, thanks


Sweet nice one.. Looks good


Hey guys, just saw this post as I brought this at the start of lockdown due to everyone going crazy buying toilet paper. I am no plumber but after watching a few YouTube clips I thought I’d give it a go. It was super easy to fit and hope the below pictures would help someone else out thinking to buy and fit one. All in £60 but I have saved almost £40 already as I don’t need to spend £10 a month on bog roll!!


Real question should be................ are you an over or under???


LOL thats made me laugh. You would be hard pushed to drop this in the toilet with your a*se in the way lol. However that latter part happened to me, i have these in my house and i re did the downstairs loo no long ago, decided to use plastic push fit for the plumbing due to speed. Didnt know what the fitting should have been between the douche and the plastic and about four days later i came home after work and lay on the sofa in the kitchen. Said to the mrs, whats that noise? She goes the dishwasher, i said its more of a sloshing noise and i went to the loo. Low and behold, water was everywhere and flooded the garage (lol) The snow shovel came in handy skimming the water out the door. Luckily had fitted an isolator valve and shut it off, found the correct plastic to douche fitting and all is well. One lesson learnt!

Instant hot water tap - £276.90 Delivered @ Victorian Plumbing
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Posted 26th May 2020Posted 26th May 2020
Instant hot water tap - £276.90 Delivered @ Victorian Plumbing£276.90
Victorian Plumbing-palma intstant hot water mixer tap. Comes with taps, filter and boiler. 2.4 litre capacity tank. £299.95 and £6.95 p & p but 10% off with code TAPS10 makes i… Read more

Rubishing other peoples deals saddens me... And as for your kettle quip.. If thats your rationale... You could simply buy a cheap alu pan for a fiver... and heat your water up in that....£25 saved.... Or use an old family soup tin sat on a gas That however would not be convenient... These however are... Its called progress


ah right, I didnt see there was a tank capacity XD yes this would be way too small for an average office


Not this type though for a business your likely want larger tank, 5 cups of tea and this will need a full refill and staff will come walking in pouring cold water in there mugs :P ... small business maybe... bigger business with have something with much bigger tank.. this is for households


You've obviously never had a hot tap before which is why you're making these pointless comparisons.


It is more than £30 and less than £276.90

Extra 10% off showers at Victoria Plumbing (plus up to 60% off selected items)
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Posted 10th May 2020Posted 10th May 2020
Extra 10% off showers at Victoria Plumbing (plus up to 60% off selected items)
Upto 60% off also 10% using code SHOWERS10
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Earl Grey 1750 Double Ender Roll Top Slipper Bath w. Ball + Claw Leg Set £399.95 + £24.95 at Victorian Plumbing
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Posted 7th Apr 2020Posted 7th Apr 2020
Earl Grey 1750 Double Ender Roll Top Slipper Bath w. Ball + Claw Leg Set £399.95 + £24.95 at Victorian Plumbing£424.90£539.9521% off
Every house should have a double ender they look great and feel great and this is a good discount.treat yourself to that double ender you always dreamed of and enjoy lockdown a lit… Read more

Not really, the style is really boring V the one listed which is much more elegant's not the same so it's a dumb comparison


Double ender and teabag.....


We inherited a claw foot original bath when we moved into our home 20 plus years ago. Two points 1. Adding a shower curtain is straightforward enough when combining with a wall mounted or mixer shower. Suggest adding a circular metal shower rail attached to the wall in middle . Providing of course you’ve got the bath next to a wall. When you’re having a bath the shower curtain can fall behind clear of the bath. Also one of these metal shower circular rails can also be hung from a ceiling if you’ve room to put a shower in the middle of a room‽ 2. When you’re pregnant, have reduced mobility or knackered your knees from running , Getting in and out from the shower is much higher in these ‘claw feet’ than a normal bath. Bizarrely it doesn’t feel quite so precarious getting out after having a bath for some reason. As I said my bath is original and maybe these modern copies aren’t so high and deep and hence easier to get out of? Worth considering for some perhaps


Surely you have to have a separate shower enclosure or do you just have a shower in this and splash water everywhere? I have a whirlpool P-shaped bath with a shower screen in the ensuite and not had time to use it as a bath for the last 3 yrs (since we got kids). A shower longer than 15 mins is a luxury! This would be no good to me probably for the next 18 yrs or till the kids move out. Not that I'm not looking forward to that :)


Does it come with a huge tea bag?

Victorian Plumbing Bidet Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose- £19.95 Delivered
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Posted 20th Mar 2020Posted 20th Mar 2020
Victorian Plumbing Bidet Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose- £19.95 Delivered£19.95 £3.95
*FOR TOILET USE* Description Modern Bidet Chrome Douche Shower Spray kit with Wall Bracket & Hose A modern chrome plated brass douche shower spray kit, contains a high qu… Read more

I have been using these in my travels to the Far East for the last 30 years. Brilliant idea. I use mine via the cold water supply. Its connected via a diverter coupled to the isolation valve. The cold water is ok even in the winter for the first minute or two. After that its sorta coldddddddd. In summer its fine. These sprays should be installed in every household in my opinion. Would probably have helped keep the Covid infection rate down too as we all know how ineffective toilet paper is and what it transfers to your hands.




I brought this along with the below and managed to Install it myself after 2.5 hours using basic tools as home - wrench and hacksaw. All In £60 investment and I have to say best investment I’ve made. I am not a professional, but took a chance with my plumbing to make some magic happen :) Hoping this may help someone out if they are considering to buy one since everyone in the country have stocked up on all the bog roll.


One can simply sanitise the toilet seat after use.


I use the 3 seashells

Melbourne 1700 5 Piece Bathroom Suite £195.90 @ Victorian Plumbing
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Posted 24th Jan 2020Posted 24th Jan 2020
Melbourne 1700 5 Piece Bathroom Suite £195.90 @ Victorian Plumbing£195.90
Use code SUITE10 for this price Package Contents (1) Melbourne Full Ceramic Pedestal (1) Melbourne 1TH Ceramic Washbasin (1) Ceramic WC Pan, Cistern & Seat Pack (1) Standard … Read more

There's a 'gift' in the pan.


Thanks ordered 1700


Takes of 10% then adds delivery on top


If it's '5 piece', why are only 4 items mentioned?


It will be awful. Sorry but if its for your own home do yourself a favour and buy decent gear. It's cheap for a reason.

Victorian Plumbing - 60% off May Sale + 10% off Bathroom Suites with code
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Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
Victorian Plumbing - 60% off May Sale + 10% off Bathroom Suites with code
Free delivery over £499 IFC over £250 Trade Discounts available too

These deals are on nearly all the time - the close one and put a marginally different one on - Which mentioned it the other month and did some investigation on it to corroborate Either way, if you're looking for something it's a good idea to buy in the sale!!


Thanx (highfive)


Haha I’m in the same boat please let me know if you see any p shaped baths/toilets/sinks/vanity units. Good luck with your house purchase. I will take a proper look after work! :)


A few things! I'm currently going through the process of buying a house and gonna completely re-do the bathroom... just need to get contracts exchanged so I can pull the trigger on this deal (y)


Anything specific caught your eye?

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