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Air Fryer Oven, Uten 10L Digital Air Fryers Oven - £78.81 @ Amazon

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This airfyer is great, brought one myself and couldn't rate this enough. Cheapest price it's been
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    This is Bpa and Pfoa free, unlike most other air fryers. This is very hot price and a great buy. Since I have never heard of this brand, Just hope it will last a few years.
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    Uten a name you can trust, actually no it seems to be one of those scammy Chinese brands you always find on Amazon. They seem great value at first but they often can't break the 12 month mark. Anyway Amazon are good at taking stuff back and usually these brands have died off within 12 months so you get the money back. I have done this quite a few times, learnt my lesson but always get the money back. So the only unfortunate this is if it makes it past 12 months because then your money back guarantee has gone and it most likely won't last another 12 months.

    Uten - Shenzhen, yup I was right > facebook.com/UTE…me/
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    I have one of these and have been using it for the last 2 years. It is great and can even cook a full roast in under 30 minutes with all the trimmings. Well worth the money spent wouldn't be without it
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    Isn’t this just a scaled down oven ?
    That's the whole point. It has to heat less area hence saving on electricity costs
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    Game changer, hot from me.

    Buy some butchers twine/chicken string for the rotisserie
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    Has it got a guarantee ???
    Hi, it's sold and dispatched by amazon. I would have thought you gey 1 year if product is faulty or broken. Not 100% sorry I couldn't have been more help. Maybe someone could help ? Anyone got any ideas
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    How is the below slightly bigger one from Daewoo at 99 compared to Uten ??

    Daewoo 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer for Healthy Cooking, Rapid Air Circulation with Large Window & Interior Light For Easy Viewing, Thermostat Control, Includes 3 Mesh Baskets, Rotisserie Skewer
    amazon.co.uk/Dae…14G (edited)
    Not an expert but as far as I can tell they are extremely similar products and there isn’t much difference.

    You’re paying the extra £21.18 for 2 litres of space. (edited)
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    This looks like an air fryer I bought and sent back as the smell of plastic was sickening. I got a ninja soon after and thats been great
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    Just ordered one as current air fryer is too small. Didn't think I'd use it that much but I do and can't fit much in it
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    At what size does an air fryer become a fan oven?
    My thoughts exactly. Soon they'll just be portable ovens.
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    The rotating basket for chips is ace, no need to rearrange and turn during cooking.
    I was going to ask whether Chips in a drawer type fryer need to be 'shaken' every few minutes
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    Looks big enough to cook a ready meal.
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    From the description "it can almost meet your needs"
    I was about to post that! I think I'll wait for one that meets them.
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    Great product had mine for about 4 month now. Rotisserie chicken at its best 👌
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    I recently got the daewoo SDA1551 from Robert dyas. It was reduced to £99 from £239 or something like that and it’s much better than my old 5 litre tower , also has very similar design with shelves and rotisserie stick plus basket . Think it’s 10 or 12 litre also and comes highly recommended, i cook roasts , bake cakes etc etc. (edited)
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    It has just been delivered by UPS but Amazon still says not dispatched.
    same as with me, arrived by ups, amazon still says preparing for dispatch lucky i was in and heard them at the door, else i think they would of just took it back to depo.
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    How do you clean that rotating chip basket?
    In the dishwasher, if its anything like the one we have.

    Check the Q/A, plenty of answers there
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    Thanks, just bought one and received confirmation email. However, now seems to be OOS? Fingers crossed they deliver.
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    Available again - ‘Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days’
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    Errrrr - Am I missing something? You've linked to the same deal
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    I have one different make love it a lot better than the ones with a basket
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    No shipping to Ireland
    Can't you get it forwarded if it's NI?
    I think I might start one up myself with the amount of people that complain about this.
    I don't understand why they don't just use Royal mail. (edited)
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    Ordered. Delivery on Saturday.
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    I have the Gourmia air fryer from Costco. Not in front of it at the moment to measure up but can anyone advise how this one compares in size to the Gourmia please? Is it much larger? Also functionality wise, is this far better than the Gourmia? Or is it just that you can do rotisserie chicken in it and everything else is the same?
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    Great price, excellent size. Its the sort of price these ovens should be at. We have the Gourmia but would have bought this if we hadnt. Yes its a portable fan oven as many have commented and so handy for being just that.
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    The most important question... how easy is this to clean? If it's a pain, this sort of thing usually ends up confined to a kitchen cupboard.
    Ours is quite easy, after you've used it just leave it for a while and you'll hear it in the kitchen cleaning itself by the noise it makes.
    Just ask the missus. (edited)
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    Hm. Due for delivery tomorrow but still hasn't been dispatched.
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    Price is now £99.99
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    Just scored one on the warehouse in "acceptable" condition for 53 quid! Then the price shot up to £99.99.

    If it lasts a year or 2, i'll be happy