Unfortunately, this deal has expired 8 September 2023.
Posted 17 June 2023

Asda Pizza Counter 2 Medium Pizzas, a Bottle of Drink & VUE Cinema Ticket (or Sky Store Movie Voucher) £6 at Asda

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2 Medium Pizzas, a Bottle of Drink & VUE Cinema Ticket (or Sky Store Movie Voucher) ONLY £6 at ASDA…

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  1. turnbug's avatar
    Quick tip.
    If your getting 2 of these deals get 2 seperate receipts as they don't honour both deals on one receipt
    moonmanz's avatar
    That’s how I got banned on 2 email addresses. Those idiots just banned my ip associated emails. I use vpn and new emails now. Can still redeem on one sky account though (edited)
  2. Minimadam6835's avatar
    Don't make the mistake I did last week and get the woodfired bases as they're not included in the deal
    matt_j_2005's avatar
    Yeah same happened to me even though medium! The lady on the pizza counter said it doesn’t matter
  3. R37R0's avatar
    They make a big thing about the sky movie voucher only being for rentals but if you claim these and cant find a movie you like, the credit remains on you sky store account. With a few you can use that on a buy and keep movie and get the blu-ray too.
    IsaY's avatar
    They regularly have movies on offer which you can purchase for £2.99 to £5.99 so easily buy and keep a movie with the voucher. Eg Violent Night is available to Buy and Keep for £5.99 right now.
  4. powerbrick's avatar
    Their counter pizza's have gone downhill over the past couple of years, bases no where near as good
    oldsystem's avatar
    Not always been crap? Last time I got one the chicken was reformed cubes, rank.
  5. superscrooge's avatar
    Can you claim this offer more than once or is it just one per email address? Tia 
    ToOn7's avatar
    You can claim as often as you like. I've been claiming for them for a long time. I almost never pay to goto the cinema haha.
  6. cj3290's avatar
    How long does it take for the voucher to be available i.e if I bought today how long for them to validate? Thanks
    ToOn7's avatar
    Sometimes I get them within an hour or two, and sometimes not until the next day. I have a couple of Vue cinema codes if you need them for today?
  7. andyj1982's avatar
    This maybe a daft question but can you claim the sky voucher via any other means or do you need a sky subscription?
    jamkhan's avatar
    You don't need a sky subscription. Just a sky account
  8. mcdexsta's avatar
    Does it work for online orders?
    ScrewYou's avatar
    Yes works with online too.
  9. Michel6's avatar
    Been around for a while but an amazing deal. Top tips.. only deal per receipt. If need more than one put through separately & use different email to claim.
    The cinema ticket needs used pretty quick (sure it's within the week, or used to be).
    You can get sky store on smart TV via app. You just need a sky store account (free) to login. Credit sits on account until you use it. Can rent or buy a movie.
    You sometimes get this offer on the £12 meal deals too.
  10. wixxx's avatar
    Now thats a good deal,just need a decent film at the cinema
    reubenno's avatar
    Across the Spider-Verse is absolutely phenomenal, but you'd ideally need to have seen the first film before watching it.
  11. Happykuar's avatar
    The pizzas were good years ago. Tried them recently and the bases were like cardboard.
  12. RandomUser42's avatar
    It's a shame they removed regular Coca-Cola from this offer
    pimpg69's avatar
    I’ve had a nightmare this this recently. The signage shows regular coke as available but it doesn’t actually work for the meal deal when scanned. I’ve had to go to customer services to get this sorted a couple of times in the last few months and they know it’s an issue with some of the drinks
  13. Urchoice's avatar
    Can’t believe the price hasn’t gone up as every time I do my weekly shop everything else in the store has lol (edited)
    Mooney70's avatar
    It did go up as it used to be £5 then went up to £6 for the same offer.
  14. Mooney70's avatar
    Thanks to their recent £5 Asda rewards app offer I'll have been paid to eat the 28 pizzas i bought! Got to love the sky store credit. I've tried all the medium pizzas they do apart from the pepperoni. And i reckon the meatball marinara one is the best. But this is subjective of course. (edited)
    tek-monkey's avatar
    I always have them made up:

    Chilli cheese
    Diced chorizo
    Spicy chicken
    Spicy beef

    Then grab a bag of sliced red onions for 30p to chuck on top, cook on a stone and beats anything the chain places sell.
  15. jd121's avatar
    Anyone know how long it takes to get the Vue cinema ticket?
    Mark_McAj's avatar
    Usually within 10 minutes once claim is submitted
  16. saucymonk's avatar
    Noice price. Just bought 10 of these deals at bemmer Asda!
    tomandlauren2015's avatar
    Hope you got 10 receipts! I got 2 deals on one shop and can only claim one per receipt
  17. Mobb_Deep's avatar
    50649718-NvLqj.jpgThere's currently a bonus if you scan your Asda Reward app
  18. Mooney70's avatar
    Oh well, my waistline will be happy no more Asda pizzas for me. Loved the sky store credit offer. And it does look like you have to spend £12 to even get a chance to enter the draw for £100 worth of ticketmaster credit.
  19. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    I’m assuming you can’t actually eat the pizzas at the cinema
    Caveman2014's avatar
    Could do, but I think someone will be upset about the oven you have took in
  20. FrankieThePanda's avatar
    Anyone else realised the quality of these pizzas has got much worse? Seems to now be a ton of gritty flour on the bottom of the bases when cooked especially on the deep pan and the stuffed crust base has been changed to be extremely floury and cracks easily when cooked also seems thinner? I've heard too that all asdas are getting rid of their CYO pizzas counters in August and turning them more into takeout areas, what ever that means
    ELM's avatar
    Shop bought pizzas are in general much worse quality than they used to be. I swear every time I buy one, they get a bit smaller.
  21. johnnyshuttle's avatar
    Been on for years????
  22. Mobb_Deep's avatar
    Hopefully Vue one comes back by time there's a good movie to watch

    I watched Spiderverse & Oppenheimer via this offer
    kevdoe7's avatar
    I'm missing this offer already
  23. greengiant4's avatar
    Being going on while, had it a few times as my scales like to remind me. Great deal. I combine it with vodafone deal to take family.
  24. Mark_McAj's avatar
    Been going on for as old as time, cracking deal though
    Cyb's avatar
    True. I remember Jesus telling us about it.
  25. bluedhu's avatar
    Love this deal especially as I think Asda's pizza counter is the best of all the supermarkets.
  26. jay007's avatar
    Can you use the ticket to watch the latest Flash movie or just pre-running ones
    Mooney70's avatar
    You should be able to use it on any film you want.
  27. Seasider's avatar
    This isn't news - been going on at Asda for ages!

    Still it's a brilliant deal
    deleted1935076's avatar
    Believe it used to be a fiver instead of the advertised six quid too
  28. ApplePie_'s avatar
    Is this offer still on please? 3 of us are wanting to go to the cinema this weekend and any discount to go would be amazing please
    kevdoe7's avatar
    Offer is still on .I got another cinema ticket yesterday.
  29. PerlHold's avatar
    Just tried this yesterday and all good. I sent my recipe and after 30 min get the code for cinema

    50609209-sdSqZ.jpg (edited)
  30. andrewmp's avatar
    Looks like it's being replaced with a chance to win promotion.
  31. ApplePie_'s avatar
    Going to get this in the next few days. Last free cinema trip for the holidays
  32. Krinkle's avatar
    How do you watch this film on your TV? Apparently, from the t&C's you can't watch this on your SkyQ box...so I have get my pop and pizza and huddle around my phone to watch a blockbuster movie??? ...terrible 'deal'!
    Dorti007's avatar
    Enter the codes on the mysky/skyvip pages then purchase whatever it is you want and when you have done so it says send to my sky box. Or at least mine did last night and I can confirm it is there on recordings ready to watch on the tv
  33. Krinkle's avatar
    Well, apparently you can only send 'buy & keep' purchases to your box, online rentals using your phone can only be viewed on your phone, tablet etc...despite costing the same as a rental on your box! Sky should be ashamed of themselves creating this ludicrous situation!!!
    ...how are people viewing their rentals using this promo exactly?
  34. darrenjohnbird's avatar
    anyone have codes they dont want ?
  35. teerex's avatar
    Good deal
  36. deleted2904940's avatar
    Insanely good deal.
  37. secsteel's avatar
    Do you get the blue light card discount on these still as they've removed it from most items in store.
  38. Gary_Painter's avatar
    Our nearest asda is like 20 mins away and doesn't have a pizza counter. Shame it's not on normal pizzas too 😣🍕🍕🍕
  39. Kal007's avatar
    Thanks OP. Good deal
  40. petem2's avatar
    This is the normal price and has been for quite some time .?
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