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(Open Box) MSI GeForce RTX 2080 GAMING TRIO Graphics Card RTX 2080 GAMING TRIO(C) £567.96 @ Box
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Posted 14 h, 45 m agoPosted 14 h, 45 m ago
Very good price for a 2080.
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The more I look at this deal and the prices, this is a good deal, much better performance than a 2070 super, more than 10 FPS on average, also MSI warranty makes no mention of buying brand new, as long as you have a receipt from a reputable seller. Price wise I've seen 2070 super cheapest at about 450, but those deals are every now and again, id happily pay extra and get more performance. I have the money so why not, understand others don't want to spend so much so will go via price / performance ratio.


Play with the cards and OC them. Pretty much every Ti gets 15% on an OC, good luck getting more than 6% out of an XT. Ergo, for tweakers, 1080Ti is 15-20% faster. Drivers for XT suck. I know this because I have built and tested almost a dozen XT systems in the past few months. Some games have terrible frametimes on the XT (Total War series, Half life Alyx) I'm yet to find a game that isn't buttery smooth on a 1080Ti. Have a look at the XT in VR, it's atrocious 'The RX 5700 XT also cannot handle Ultra settings even though it delivers 119.27 unconstrained FPS and drops or requires 26 frames to be synthesized as again microstutter is evident.' 'The GTX 1080 Ti is suitable for Ultra settings with 130.13 unconstrained FPS, and it drops or requires only 1 frame to be synthesized' Look at the frametime plots. This is what average fps doesn't tell you. As someone who's worked very closely with PCs for a decade, I can tell you the consistency of the XT is just plain bad. It's a very hyped card that is not one I'd reccomend, it is not comparable to a 1080Ti or 2070S in any shape or form. People who own it like to think that, fair enough, but it's wrong.


What we think we should get and what we actually get, coupled with the speculative console real world performance levels, is something that is much talked about, I hope for cheaper more powerful graphics cards, but time will tell. I would guess at £649 for anything that might come close or hopefully equal a 2080ti with extra ray tracing power. I'd say next year will see the real cut throat pricing, when AMD can match what Nvida have on offer when the mid range cards truly will surpass the 2080ti type performance, offering excellent 4k performance , hopefully with a large dose of realism from the new generation of consoles nipping at the heels at the price per performance, making graphics card look to be fairly bad value in comparison


It was the worst performance increase we've ever had in any GPU generation... 2080 matched the 1080ti at the same price and the 2080ti was 30% faster for 70% more money.. At best we had a 5-10% performance increase if that at all price ranges. The new consoles have 2080s level GPUs plus better optimization so we must get 2080ti performance for sub 500 with the 3070 otherwise what's the point in buying a GPU equal or worse than the consoles for the same price as the whole console box. Shouldn't be be too much to ask for that's only a 25% bump over the 2070s


I wouldn't call the 2000 range a disappointment, I thought my 2080ti was excellent..way better than any other regular gaming card on the market, I sold it recently for £900 (ahead of the crowd), I paid less than £600 for it around 10 months ago, but I do buy and sell used parts for a living...currently happily running a used rtx 2060 super, great card, put a decent OC on it and it can game at 4K with nice visuals, with a fair bit of tweaking of the settings...banked the £900 for the new 3000 range of cards..I am guessing a £649.95 card will offer something between a 2080 super and a 2080ti type of performance...something along the lines of a 2080 super super...that would do me nicely at that kind of price with a decent OC, I guess it would then have similar performance to an unclocked founders edition 2080ti.

MSI Optix AG32CV 31.5 inch FHD VA 1ms Freesync 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor - £244 delivered with code at Currys PC World
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
£5 off with code, hope it helps. SPECIFICATION Panel Size 31.5" (80cm) Panel Resolution 1920 x 1080 (FHD) Refresh Rate 165Hz Response time 1ms Panel Type VA Brightness (nits) 25… Read more

I was going to say. I know 4k is way too small as need to scale it to 150% to see things. I think QHD should be standard from 23" and up


Wouldn't recommend anything over 27inch FHD


I had a 27 inch full HD and it was okay from a comfy distance, but if you were up close yeah you could see some edges. At this size you'd definitely have to be chilling at a relatively decent distance, though not super far, to not worry about seeing edges and pixels etc.


I guess it depends how far away you're sitting. But yeah will likely be poor from close up i.e. Sat at a desk


A bit big for fhd at this price?

MSI Gaming Gear- GK-701 RGB Cherry MX Keyboard + Clutch GM60 RGB Gaming Mouse + Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset - £69.99 delivered @ Box
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Nice gaming bundle I came across earlier. Original price is a bit on the high side but current price seems alright. :) GK-701 RGB MECHANICAL GAMING KEYBOARD + CLUTCH GM60 … Read more
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I’ve been refunded too ;(


Mine was the same.


Looks like a decent deal that.


On Currys website they a Razer bundle that looks tempting for £110 including a headset and mouse mat. Not a mechanical keyboard though (and collection only although appears to be plenty of stock)

matt0917 Says expired for the code but they've still got some left. Just need to find a separate headset but that can wait.

MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX AMD Socket AM4 B450 Chipset ATX Motherboard *Open Box* £92.40 delv from CCL
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Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX AMD Socket AM4 B450 Chipset ATX Motherboard "OPEN BOX" Special by CCL... B450 TOMAHAWK MAXREADY TO DOMINATE THE GAME 1 Flash BIOS Button 2 PS/ 2 Combo Port… Read more

I bought the same deal back in May. Mine came complete with I/O, sata cable manual and more importantly the M.2 bolt. My experience has been positive but not sure if it was just out of good luck.


just picked up the Aorus x570 pro wifi edition. would have been tempted to cancel the order but then i saw this was MSI.


I think this was the goto motherboard for gaming this year, I paid about £100 and added the 3600 for about £150, nice setup, very happy with mine.


Yeah sounds like a bad idea


I had a Gigabyte X570 inside the box of this B450, not the best board and would prefer the msi one but can't complain for 79£ from the last deal ;)

MSI MAG271CQR 27 inch 144hz QHD Curved Monitor £299 @ Argos
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Monitor: 27in LED display. Resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels. Brightness 300cd/m2. Pixel pitch 0.23mm. Suitable for wall mounting. Interfaces and connectivity: 1 Displa… Read more

Yep, the ElectriQ is the same panel. Can't comment on quality control, only to say I have the ElectriQ and it's great. Have a look in that deal thread for some comments and reviews (of the Pixio version). Brand doesn't mean much alone, they all sell good and less good monitors.


Do you mean ElectriQ is the same as Pixio - just rebranded? Looks like very solid offers. Which one would you recommend? What is the quality control like for both of these? Also, what is the catch here? Before, I have solely used Dell monitors - how would these compare to a 27inch 1440p Dell Monitor?


Pixio at £260: Rebranded ElectriQ, same panel and specs (dropped to £180 today):


Can you provide a link? I am after a reputable brand, well calibrated model and thin bezels if possible. Thanks!


Good news!

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MSI X470 Gaming Pro Max AMD Ryzen ATX DDR4 Motherboard - Socket AM4 + Free Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB Cooler - £116.95 delivered @ AWD-IT
Refreshed 2nd JulRefreshed 2nd Jul
Update 1
Now comes with a free Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB LED Cooler When you select it.
Supports 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ / Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Graphics / Athlon™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics Desktop Processors fo… Read more
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will it support ryzen 5


Can add a 3600 for £149.99 which a tenner cheaper than most other places currently?


Yeah, I don't beleive that to be honest. This site has gone downhill fast... mega heat for a 1p discount or for a £4k+ arcade machine, but actual deals don't get a look in. Limiting sellers also... meh.


you can only get black listed for breaking policy, like posting or promoting your own deal, or negatively influecing competitors,


So you cannot post eBuyer cause they don't get any money from them? So much for being a unbiased deal website lol

MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX £109.99 - free Click & Collect / £3.99 delivery
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
I'm surprised but appears to have the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max in stock at the lower price. Agreed this should be a lower price now with the B550 and X570 being out but se… Read more

@jgeorge shame it's now oos. Thanks for taking the time to share your first post. (y)


Even if you don't plan to overclock your cpu you still need decent vrm to power it. B450 version of this mobo was struggling with ryzen 2700 and it is the same with ryzen 3600 where cpu cannot achieve max boost clock at all and many times can't get to all core nominal speeds. b550 is more or less drop in upgrade for last gen so I don't think it will be any different.


Most people don’t need good VRMs as ryzen really offer not much performance boost with overclocks. I’d much rather support for next gen CPUs over a 5% performance boost. Even then you can still overclock on boards with terrible VRMs.


I do wonder for the majority of people how often they need to be upgrading motherboards now a days. I mean, in the mid/late 90s the step change year to year was big and games needed the latest hardware to run well. Now though I'm still using a 2500k and the same motherboard pushing 10 years old. With a half decent gfx card my games run at 70fps on 1440p. Photoshop runs fine. IMO, people are too obsessed with getting the latest hardware then justifying it by benchmarking, which is really the only place they can tell the difference. Take SSDs as an example... Don't get me wrong, I'm sure with video editing or other such things you could notice a difference, bit the majority of the time you can't. If you paired this board with a good CPU I bet it'll last you a long time.


B550m-hdv is terrible mobo, 4phase vrm with no heatsink, and poor features. Most b450 boards will be better then this

MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI motherboard Socket AM4 ATX AMD - £223.44 @ More Computers
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
£223.44, in stock with free delivery

There isn't a chance on Earth that the coming generation of consoles will do true 4k, 120fps and have ray tracing.. without huge caveats.


A £1000+ PC will blow a PS5 or Xbox series X out of the water. Remember there's a lot of hyperbole surrounding console launches and their capabilities, they're selling you a dream. The consoles run on custom chips akin to laptop parts, they will have some features and 'bells and whistles' from their desktop counterparts but to fit the form factor, and limited cooling afforded by console's designs, they will not hold a candle to dedicated desktop PC components. The beauty of consoles and the reason so much can be squeezed out of them is that Devs are coding for one specific set of hardware and they can learn to use the resources of that hardware to the best of their abilities. I'd always recommend doing a bit of research, shopping around and building your own PC. Prebuilt machines always have poor motherboards, PSUs and some other corners cut. It's easy to build a PC, it's just like a big Lego kit for grown ups. You can build a very capable system for about £750-800 currently. On the flip side, if you're happy with console gaming and their ecosystems.. just buy a console.


Hi, so a decent PC will cost £1k+ but it'll play games 2+ generations in the future and also emulate previous generations consoles. This year will continue to be expensive because of all the ray tracing 4k 120fps marketing mumbojumbo. You'll have to think of it this way, how many accessories do you need to buy for the next gen console, the price of games and how long you intend to pay the premium for internet access. If that get close to the price of a PC you might as well build a PC. Remember games are way cheaper on PC and any old cheap unbranded hardware will work. You can check people's pc builds on Pcpartpicker to copy for your budget etc etc


I’ve been on the line about if to give PC gaming another go ( I had a “gaming” laptop a long while ago and was capable of playing most games on low/ mid specs, I enjoyed it but couldn’t cough up the cash for a more serious machine and it fairlyquickly become outdated ) I’ve now got some spare funds for gaming, but after looking at various YouTube channels it seams to build a Gaming PC with the equivalent power of PS5 / Xbox series x that I would have to spend £1000+, even if the next gen consoles cost £500 that’s still half the price and with consoles they just work.. Anyone who’s clued up think they could build a next gen console equivalent gaming PC for less / recommend a prebuilt machine ??


Yes it’s sold out everywhere I think CCL are expecting stock mid July

MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Ventus GP 8GB £464.99 @ CCLOnline
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Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
As the title, says, a 2070 Super 8GB for £464.99 And before anyway says it, yes, maybe when the new 30xx series is launched this will be cheaper. Or maybe it won't (immediately an… Read more

They've increased the price now. This deal is "over" :(


Starting at £400 for a 3060 probably ;) . And they can do that as AMD have yet to make a decent graphics card since purchasing ATI


I highly doubt next Gen GTX's will be less than £600. Big Navi is likely to meet what a 2080S, possibly a Ti can deliver now, ergo the new GTX's won't have any competition again. As for the Console argument, when the PS4 released at the end of 2013 the GeForce GTX 780 Ti was $699.99. The only thing that affects nVidia pricing is nVidia.


Im confused, it now says 479.99?


Pie in the sky speculation, were not technically proficient to make a prediction, even those with the knowledge will just be guessing. To many cutNpaste merchants.

MSI B450M MORTAR MAX AMD Socket AM4 Motherboard £94.99 @ CCL
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
MSI B450M MORTAR MAX Motherboard mATX, AM4, DDR4, LAN, USB 3.2 Gen2, TYPE-C, M.2, Mystic Light Sync, HDMI, Display Port, AMD RYZEN 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen Ready

But you can't find a better motherboard for less than £94.99


I've been tracking this for a few weeks, and it has been at this price on Amazon (out of stock) and eBuyer for at least as long as this. Not a deal really.


I'd say best micro ATX B450 board. Superior vrm and cooling, better rear IO and two nvme drive slots.


The PCI 1x above it is covered if using a big enough video card. This leaves one without ANY further internal expansion options. Such is the case with my system due to a large 2060 super. I'm seriously considering moving it to a B550 Aorus Pro once they are available.


This is not just 'a B450'. It's the best B450 motherboard. Some might argue it's the Tomahawk, but I prefer this.

MSI B450 Tomahawk Max AM4 ATX Motherboard - £109.97 delivered @
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Meet the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Motherboard. Get ready to dominate the competition with this military style board in your setup. Enjoy benefits from the DDR4 Boost, Core Boost, Turb… Read more
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I believe they are about the same, it was hard to find direct comparison. I wouldn't get too worried about comparing higher end B450 msi boards against each other though as they are the best for that chipset. The main difference I found was that on a pro you get an extra pcie x1 slot and on the Tom max you get rgb, extra raid features and gaming branding etc.


Does this have as good VRM's? Normally the 'A-Pro' version is the budget version of the series where as the Tomahawk/Motar is a top end B450 board


If you dont need rgb you can get the MSI B450-A PRO MAX at ccl for £95. Almost exactly the same board in terms of performance, slight tweak to pci slot layout.


Great board, I have had no issues at all with it


Yeah i know. Just saying because prices have gone stupid these days on many things.

MSI X570-A PRO AMD AM4 Motherboard, £133 at Currys/ebay with code
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Slight discount here, hope it helps. Key Features Dazzling effects with MSI Mystic Light Create amazing lighting effects to complement your other components and accessories w… Read more

I use a 3600 with Noctua 14s cooler and 2 14” Noctua intake fans in a Fractal Design meshify case with a single 12” extract fan. There is filtered ventilation in the top of the case as well so in general it keeps the components cool. I don’t think a downward flowing cpu fan is necesssary provided you have good airflow to start with. People who are looking to overclock and squeeze every last ounce of performance would probably be going for a more expensive motherboard anyway. I would assume for the majority of people that this motherboard is more than fine.


The poster above suggests using a down firing fan / CPU heat sink. I would agree. The 212 definitely isn't. But with 3 intakes perhaps there is enough airflow that it might not be an issue.


3600, Cooler Master Hyper 212, 2 exhaust fans, 3 intake fans, Phanteks Eclipse P400A


I have never had a single one of these boards returned and absolutely no VRM temp issues. If you are going to run a £500 cpu in it and overclock, then perhaps, but in my experience, best feature set / value for miles. 3 year warranty, recent BIOS (June 2020) good audio, usb c, loads of features. I running a 3900X in it and a RX5700XT, 32GB DDR4 4000Mhz, so if it was gonna burn, it would. All stock, no o/c whatsoever. Use a good downfiring CPU fan which will help cool the VRMs, as with ANY X570 board. The Aussie review was on an open test bench with no airflow whatsoever, which is very unrealistic... If you are using an AIO Cooler for the CPU, then a couple of top mounted case fansto pull some cool air over the Mainboard will keep it nice and cool for you... Seriously, there is NOTHING on the market comes close to the performance of this board for the money.


If u scan the other thread, i said the exact same as i did above lol.

MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ventus XS 6G OC Graphics Card 6 GB GDDR5, 1830 MHz, 3x DisplayPort, HDMI, Dual Fan - £180 @ Amazon
507° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon UK Boost Clock / Memory Speed : up to 1830 MHz / 8 Gbps / 6GB GDDR5 TORX Fan 2.0 with Double Ball Bearings; dispersion fan blade : steep cur… Read more
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Not £180 here is 212 odd.


Are the 1660 Super ones with the 'stop fan' technology quiet in general use? Or does it literally only stop the fan if the machine is completely idle?


Google is your friend.


The card achieves 144fps 1440p on games like Rocket League, Cs Go, Dota 2 etc. In that sense its a good card. I use a first generation Ryzen 1600 stock cpu. 1080p on games like Frost Punk, Snow Runner, Witcher 3 etc will have the gpu hitting the thermal throttle in minutes. Just from experience. I even had the card on open air.. same issue. Games like Teamfight tactics on 144hz 1440p will keep the gpu cool and quiet.. but as soon as its tasked.. you have a bee hive inside your case.


BuT wAiT fOr 3000 SeRieS.

MSI Optix G27C4 Full HD 27"165Hz Curved LED Gaming Monitor - Black, Damaged Box - £205.43 @ currys_clearance / eBay
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
new other when an item is listed as "new other" it means the product is new and unused, with absolutely no signs of wear. products listed as "new other" may have sealed boxes that … Read more
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Really, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.


Hi Dill, Im Dill XD


Yo my name is Dill, just putting it out there..


I’ve bought a damaged box monitor from these before and it was immaculate. Wouldn’t have even said the box was ‘damaged’. Generous of them in my case.


It's a marketing gimmick, it's overclocked from 144Hz and usually causes more issues (ghosting/other visual disturbances) than anything else.

Ryzen 5 3600 Six Core 4.2GHz, MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi Motherboard Bundle £329.99 @ AWD-IT
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Cheaper than buying separately, even factoring buying Amazon's cheaper CPU. 4 left at time of posting. Good for a WiFi enabled X570. Bundle: Ryzen 5 3600 Six Core 4.2GHz MSI MPG… Read more

No, in fact it can be a serious hindrance. This board is one of the worst boards ever made in the X570 family. Buy a better board and a wifi USB or wifi card.


The Tuff is such a better board its ridiculous. The board on offer is such a terrible terrible board I'm amazed people dont know.....'gamer wifi' (lol) (lol) (lol)


Also depends which powerline you get. I bought a TP link pass through kit not realising that the ethernet ports were only 100M ports which limited my connection. The gigabit port equivalent ports don't cost much more. IMO powerline is still better than using WiFi as long as your home's wiring is decent too


Currys just price matched this offer.. If anyone wanted to buy it from a store based business..


Power line can be great but sucks in my house lol, I get 75 up compared to my 150 connection. The wiring must be poor...plugged directly into the wall socket.. It also cuts out now and again. I just got virgin to move the access point into the room where my pc is.. Only cost £50

MSI Cubi N 8GL-001BEU Barebone SFF PC Intel Celeron N4000, up to 8GB for £109 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Reduced by nearly £80 on Amazon for this tiny PC. Was £188.78, now £109 - lowest price i think. Main Features DDR4 2400MHz up to 8GB Intel Celeron Processor Fan-less desi… Read more
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It's 4x the size XD


I bought a whole aluminium laptop with full HD ios screen and N4200 Pentium for lower price. One of them curry's geos


Glad to see it back in stock. If you're a HUKD regular, chances are you've got at least one SSD and maybe even some RAM lying about. Bought this to try with CloudyReady. If it works, that's a bargain Chromebox.


I never managed to get OpenElec to work. What a pain to press the secret reset button and only to see the build failed again.


Yeah long gone are the days of media pc's and xbmc\OpenElec now that plug in streamers are so competent. Must admit I don't miss the days of messing around with OpenElec builds trying to get my Media centre remote to work properly!

MSI NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080Ti VENTUS GP OG Graphics Card 11 GB GDDR6, new other £825 at currys clearance ebay
327° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
New Other When an item is listed as "New Other" it means the product is new and unused, with absolutely no signs of wear. Products listed as "New Other" may have sealed boxes that … Read more
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Thing is, we have become far too focused on getting the most recent, just released GPUs, a fact NVidia plays upon. Nobody is going to deny that they have the newest and best technology in them, however by staying just one generation behind will save you upto 50% of the price, at a cost of about 20% less performance (at most) from its newer counterpart. As mentioned, i bought an RTX2080 and winced at paying £600 for it a year ago. From now on, ill stick to buying tech thats one generation old, for a massive price saving.


Some people prefer higher FPS.


Nah even 800 would have made some sense


yeeah not for a while. then they'll bring out 8k


Problem is when you are looking to spend almost a grand on a GPU you expect 4K60....or is it just me (embarrassed)

MSI Infinite A 8RC 296UK Intel® Core i5+ GTX 1060 Gaming PC 2 TB HDD Refurbished £521.10 at currys_clearance ebay
234° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Grade A Refurbished 'As New' condition. "Grade A Refurbished" products are fully tested and fully functional. Supplied in generic brown box packaging, not the original manufacturer… Read more
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Queried the price with currys and they have now corrected to 399.98, bit more value at this price.


And a 12 month warranty


Not sure why would want to buy this. Refurbished and still over 500+. I guess they including the windows for it to be this price.


Not quite everyone else.. Not a bad buy but not hot either. If buying a cpu around £160 you would not go for a i5 8400. GPU is the 6gb variant (at least not 3gb) but will be a outperformed from 580 upwards (say £170 value) a 16gb optane - super fast but also super small - SSD purchase likely to be sought soon after. And the kicker - even the advert below shows £399 previously reduced from £499 although no claims on being marty McFly.


Agree with everyone else, it's a good system with some upgrade potential. Heat from me.

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