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MSI GTX 1070 Ti ARMOR 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card - £384.98 Ebuyer
Found 22nd OctFound 22nd Oct
Another day, another 1070 TI under £400. Though as I wrote about the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 TI, I don't know how good this exact model is but thought worth posting anyway. Free … Read more
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Holding off for Xmas deals!!


Pretty bad in this case means ‘worst’! There aren’t any worse performing coolers out there. That said it’ll still keep it within operating temps but seems to run around 70-75C if left to its own devices and this is a good price for this particular chipset.


The cooler on this card is quite notorious for being pretty bad, how bad exactly I'm not sure. Worth looking into before buying for sure.

MSI RX 570 ARMOR 8GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Card £169.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Includes 3 free games: -Assassins Creed Odyssey -Strange Brigade -Star Control Origins Model Name Radeon™ RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC Graphics Processing Unit Radeon™ RX 570 Interface PC… Read more
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Graphics cards,like cpu's dont get huge die shrinks any more, and when they do develop a new process it takes years.. People didnt buy a.m.d. cards even when they were cheaper AND faster, so pc gaming is no longer a priority for A.M.D. We just get what they develop for other uses with gaming drivers. Nvidia can charge what they like, the blame lies with the people who didnt buy the best value products back then.

arnold.rimmer 175 quid, ye its 4gb but doent even matter infact the rx480 might even be quicker, same performence as this card well over 2 years ago i when remember when 2 half years got you double performence not the same ,it is joke atm


Nope, that would be the similarly priced 1050ti that's only 2/3 the speed of this card (and also the 1050ti offers no free games).


Still slower than consoles and compared to my 2080ti so it's slow.


its a decent 1080p card at a great price. Simple as that.

MSI PRESTIGE PL60 7RD-005UK - Gtx 1050 + ssd - £549.99 @ Box
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Need to add 4gb ram (has a free dimm slot so £20 from cex for another 4gb) and maybe more storage (dont know about options but not bad price for a gtx 1050 laptop imo ProcessorInt… Read more

Discrete gpu will always be harder to find in a cheap laptop. What I’m saying is, pretty much any decent midrange laptop will be equipped with 4 core cpu releasing 2019 onwards.


Depends what your definition is of "plays every game just fine". If you don't mind jagged edges, all the details turned down, no light reflections, low fps, graphical slow downs and it generally looking terrible when playing AAA games, then sure, it plays them "just fine"....


It is an issue, for example this is rather recent. There is a chance it can work by just buying a random stick of the same speed but there's also a chance it wont work. Then you've wasted time + money. Always try to get the exact same stick.


I regularly do it. You do realise that motherboards chipsets are built to handle this and only in rare circumstances does it cause issue. Sodimm ram all runs at the same voltage (nearly all anyway), the timings dont matter that much as motherboard will put both to the same timings as slowest one, I have already addressed the speed in previous post. If different speed will go to slowest speed of the two modules. It really isnt an issue in modern computing. Read up a little about it for modern motherboards (you prob have experience with older hardware)


It's common practise for MSI to put in minimum replaceable hardware as they try to make the laptop as cheap as possible so customers can source and spec it as desired

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MSI 8th Gen i7, 1050 Ti, 8gb, 128gb + 1tb £849.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Bene going down in price for a while, was 1100 a month and a half ago 1 star review due to wrong page info so bear in mind this is a 60Hz TN (not a 120Hz IPS as indicated at some … Read more

Just got the 7th gen version for £680 from amazon its ok but i hate the keyboard


1060 money for me, cold.


If she doesn't need it to be portable a desktop would be a better choice for sure. More bang for your buck, better cooling and future upgradability. Be plenty of deals on components over black Friday and all that so could make a wishlist now and wait for the prices to drop.


Desktop if the space is available 100%


My kid really wants a laptop to play some games etc but at this price and it being a gtx1050 I doubt I'm getting her it lol. Thinking I'll build her a desktop instead

MSI RX580 8gb Armor £229.99 Amazon
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Prices are starting to come back down so it may be worth holding on for a better price but I thought this isn't too bad for an MSI rx580.

about 20fps per new game faster than a GTX 970, not much slower than a GTX 980ti


*EDIT* My mistake in a moment of madness the eBuyer one is also the Armor edition. With the 10% off at eBay code today it is worth anyone looking out for deals on the Gaming X. The eBuyer one is the Gaming X as I have mentioned.They are different cards by MSI I thought I had already made it clear that the Armor is the budget option. Supporting backplate, better cooler, side RGB lighting for windowed cases, higher clock speed out of the box.


Whats the difference between the Amazon and ebuyer one besides thee free games?


I am not saying the cooler isn't any good, just that for the sake of £4 over this deal why would anyone go for an Armor when they can have the better designed and faster clocked as standard gaming x edition and three free games?


I have a MSI armor oc edition Rx 570 8gb temps never go above 75 degrees most of the time it stays under 60 degrees install MSI afterburner and set fan to 40 percent speed so they are still inaudible. I just played bf1 for an hour wreckfest for 30 mins and the Witcher 3 at 1440p at medium to ultra settings for 3hrs temps never went above 60 degrees.

MSI GeForce RTX 2070 ARMOR 8GB Graphics Card £459.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Probably be voted cold because of all the hate surrounding the RTX cards but I thought id post it even if it helps at least 1 person. It comes in at a similar price (if not cheaper… Read more
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DLSS at 4k makes plenty of sense






Ah, right, thanks for the detailed reply :-) Apologies for misinterpreting your comment, I was being wary because for a long time it seemed fashionable to bash Nvidia and perpetuate a myth that they deliberately gimped older cards at the driver level. I can't remember where the article is now, but there was a good analysis done on a reputable tech site that completely disproved it. They showed that over time, the performance of both Nvidia and AMDs older cards had been improved by later drivers. Take your point about there being no incentive to optimise newer games for older cards, that makes sense. However older cards can still get small optimisations from other improvements in the drivers. Obviously at some point this just doesn't happen any more, as support does eventually get dropped and clearly this is going to happen to the older cards first.


I didn't say Nvidia was directing gimping driver performance (existing performance), what I said was they just stop bothering optimising driver performance for old cards in NEW games. The simplest example is on latest driver a GTX780Ti will more than likely still beat a R9 290 in pretty much all games that were launch before the card became EOL; on new games that are released AFTER the 780Ti EOL though or games the 780ti get decimated by the 290 series cards- the newer the game, the worse the 780Ti will perform. It is not the case of Nvidia "putting poison" in the driver to cripple the performance of old cards, but more a case of "cutting off supplies" in providing what's needed to perform fully in new games to the level that they once did in the old games. "Closing Thoughts It's hard to believe that the GeForce GTX 780 is four years old, although the card is certainly showing its age. In the 22 modern titles we tested, the 780 was just 23% faster than the 1050 Ti, despite the former GPU being four times larger, packing more than twice as many transistors and consuming well over twice as much power. Compared to the R9 390, the GTX 780 has slipped well behind. It's no secret that the Kepler architecture hasn't aged as well, which is either down to the architecture itself or Nvidia neglecting driver development -- or maybe a bit of both. Regardless, we've never seen an Nvidia architecture age as poorly as Kepler has. We don't expect the same to happen to Maxwell anytime soon, but of course we'll keep an eye on its performance."

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Ryzen 5 2600x Motherboard bundle with 8gb Ram £318.99 ebay /  cclcomputers
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
I have been looking for new components to upgrade my PC, this deal was over £400 but yesterday it droped to £319. Seems like a good deal to me but please share your expertise to h… Read more

If £40 is changing your GPU that significantly, then yeah, get the cheapest RAM possible and be sure to get yourself at least a GTX1050 or RX560. You're also probably looking at 1st Gen R3's, and your budget rig is going to be awesome for the price regardless of how fast your RAM is. If you're buying an R5 2600, then you're probably looking at a GTX1060/RX580 level card bare minimum, in which case if you manage to find a GTX1070 for only £40 more, then you should also save another extra £40 for fast RAM so that you're not bottlenecking your much faster GPU anyway! Much more likely is that £40 won't change your GPU choice that much. Also, with this hypothetical supposed RAM and hypothetical £40 and hypothetical PC build where you're significantly upgrading your GPU for 40 hypothetical pounds, we can hypothetically say basically anything ... In the real world, with the prices available today for multiple people through a retailer, then the price difference to 3000mhz RAM is usually so insignificant that it would be worth it even *IF* it didn't make a noticeable difference in performance. Which is absolutely does. Certainly for the £10 difference available to most people. Probably even for £40 on a 16gb kit, given just how big the performance gains can be, and given that increase iss going to be such a small fraction of the total build cost.


Definitely, that is what the PC game is all about. If you have a low powered GPU and have no intention to upgrade (let's just say a 1050), then no it's not worth the extra £10 for the faster RAM. If you have a expensive GPU and CPU (or will eventually upgrade) then yes it is worth the extra £10. It is all relevant to what you want and need from your computer. If you can save £40+ on RAM (in my case) then under no circumstances is it worth it, that can be spent on a better GPU or CPU which will have a much bigger improvement overall.


100% agree, right place at the right time is usually just lucky or not. Let's also now set it straight, unless you are saving a huge sum of cash, then there is no reason not to spend an extra £5-10, especially if it is for a personal build that may last many years. :)


No I was shopping for RAM at the time to sell a build, and I just looked on Amazon as they have so many ways to get money off. Let's be brutally honest, what I bought made sense to buy against other prices at the time, compared to the difference in performance. That is what we are talking about, as for the other guy who mentioned 40% difference in performance is just off their face... My point is that there is always ways to buy items cheaper than what is on this site, you just have to use common sense.


You completely missed the point, the RAM you bought in May was as item misprice, not the normal price.I am asking you to post misprice deals, as without the misprice, even using the the coupons and credits etc. the price difference would have still be pretty much nothing compared to a faster RAM kit. How did you find the cheap discounded RAM in May, was it on here?

MSI AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB ARMOR OC Graphics Card £159.98 / £164.77 UPS delivery @ Scan
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Demand More, Demand Radeon Guiding the Future of Gaming The 4th generation GCN architecture is engineered for gamers who play anything from the latest MOBA’s to the most popula… Read more
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They’ve run oos atm the codes will be sent via email


They sent me just the assassin's creed code then 3 more codes so I have one extra


Thanks, i purchased the other day :-)


I ordered this on Tuesday morning, got an email that evening saying it was on pre-order. I have spoken to customer support and they say it will be three weeks until available. Cancelled and ordered from ebuyer. (skeptical)


yes there is another connector, thanks for the advice, card if very good

MSI GK-701 RGB Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Silver £49.99 @ CCL
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Free click and collect or £4.99 for DPD shipping Pretty amazing price for a fully RGB mechanical keyboard
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Maybe email the company and see what they offer?? Can't see them doing a partial refund though but you won't know unless you ask them


Hi guys, I ended up purchasing this keyboard. It arrived today and the number 8 buttons light is inactive. BUT the button works. I don't want to wait a week for the item to be returned and processed. I rather be refunded partially for the slight damage. Is that possible? I live far the actual store. Any advice? Thank you :)


Does anyone know how the keys compare to a SideWinder X4? Mine's still going strong but the keys aren't removable and there's a decade of gunk and probably rot underneath the keys. Both are gaming keyboards and from what I've read both have a short key depth.


All keys should sound the same. Does it feel the same. like depth of push ect?


Received mine today. The A key action sounds different to all the other keys around it. Is this normal?

MSI GV62 7RF 1216UK Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1060, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD, 15.6" Full HD - £799.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Seems like a pretty good deal for a Gtx 1060 6gb at the moment. Not too sure about the quality of the laptop itself however as I’ve heard that they are quite flimsy.
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Should have 1 stick of 8Gb and an empty slot as that's how my slightly different MSI came with.


Or is this ASUS better? Which would you choose between the 2?


The desktop linked below would offer quite similar performance I would imagine. Although the desktop cpu would be better. An 7700hq or 8300h laptop cpu would be more comparable to the cpu in the desktop linked below.


Yes that's what you're doing when you compare a desktop and a laptop. Though they don't market them as "downclocked", because they aren't, they are thermally/power limited. They can run at the same clock speeds as the desktop part for very short bursts but slow down drastically after a few tens of microseconds. Useful for interactive response but no good for heavyweight data movement. As you say, the decision is rarely that simple and most people want laptops anyway, but I wanted to point out that despite the marketing numbers the laptops do not keep pace with desktops, even after several generations of development, so for some uses a used desktop can be a great buy. (Annoyingly I can't edit the quote section to focus on the bits I'm replying to using the latest Android client ..)


You're comparing old desktop CPUs to low power CPUs, downclocked on purpose to use less power and generate less heat because they often run on battery, of course the desktop CPUs will run faster. Even then, Intel are starting to focus on lower power usage on desktop CPUs as well now. A modern high end laptop CPU isn't much worse than a high end desktop CPU, the only difference is caused by the lower clock speeds for power usage. The real answer to your question is, it depends. What does she really want? If portability is in any way important to her, get a laptop. Will she take it to school/uni? Will she enjoy using it while sat in the lounge watching TV? If she will be exclusively gaming and doesn't care about portability, get a desktop.

MSI RX 570 ARMOR 8GB OC GDDR5 Graphics Card £159.98 Ebuyer
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
This got quite hot the other week and is now a few £'s cheaper! (excited) Great card, expecially for 1080p gaming! Features Core/Memory Boost Clock / Memory Frequency 1268… Read more
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Odesssy is very poorly optimized make sure too turn off depth of field straight away and the rest of settings on high to very high but you are looking at 40 to 60 FPS. I still find it playable


Sounds good to me, i've still got Witcher 3 to play through so im glad that will look pretty. Anyone running Odyssey on a 570 at 1080p? If so how does it run? Although seems like most new games need a month or so to be bug fixed and drivers updated by AMD/Nvidia.


Not on every game but I would say the majority I play wreck fest in ultra preset battle field 1 ultra preset the Witcher 3 ultra all maintain 60fps


I was waiting for Black Friday to upgrade my R9 280 but I've gone for this. Should see a nice bump in performance i hope. Is this about a right match for a Ryzen 1600 would people say? Only after good looking 1080p 60fps really.


I'd say very very similar, will be better in the high texture games.

MSI GP72MVR 7RFX(LEOPARD PRO)-615UK i7-7700HQ GTX 1060 17.3" Full HD GAMING LAPTOP £899.97 @ BOX
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core Processor 17.3" Full HD Screen Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit 8GB DDR4 RAM 128GB SSD + 1000GB HDD Dedicated GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics USB3 | HD… Read more

128GB SSD is a total pain.


You carry around a 24+ inch screen with you do you?


No but let’s be fair that there is nothing between 15.6 and 17, if you are bothered about the size then I’d suggest buying the more powerful laptop and hooking it up to a better screen 24+


does that have a 17 inch screen?


The 899.99 deal on Currys for the 6GB 1060 and i5 8th gen is better than this tbh

Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Aero 8G, Core Clock: 1607MHz, Boost Clock: 1683MHz, Memory: 8192MB 8000MHz GDDR5, Stream Processors: 2432, SLI Ready, VR Ready, PhysX/CUDA Enabled, 3 Years Warr… Read more

This or useless Laptop...


Think there’s still a way to drop for these now, especially blower fan versions


Mind add the tenner for delivery

1070ti MSI Armor - Scan, £389.99 - £395.47 Delivered @ Scan
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Missed the last one but seems they have put this one on sale instead. Not sure how this compares?

Cheaper elsewhere if you can be bothered to look !


Didn’t realise it had gone up. Put this in my basket earlier this week when it was £340. That’s made my mind up whether I’ll be buying it now anyway. Think I’m pushing towards a new mobo,cpu & mem combo instead anyway. *edit* not sure if I’ve got that right maybe it was the mobo combo I seen for £340.

MSI Apache Pro GE62VR 15.6" Gaming Laptop £799 @ SVP
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
high end gaming laptop MSI Apache Pro GE62VR 15.6" Gaming Laptop - Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ 16GB RAM 1TB HDD & 128GB SSD NVIDIA GTX 1060 15.6" FHD Windows 10 - Black Experience … Read more
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Wouldn't call this high end...


Also not got a 120hz screen. Not amazing in my opinion.


Yeah, ex-demo, small SSD and the 3gb variant of the 1060 card. It's ok I guess.


Ex demo, not new


Not really lol

MSI AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB ARMOR 8G OC Graphics Card + 3 Free games £220.72 w/code @ Ebuyer / eBay
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
A lot of graphics cards have hopped up in price, but if you use the PAYDAY ebay code then you can get this for £220.72. It also shows that you can claim the 3 free games too. It co… Read more

Pretty much is the budget variant, the Gaming X has the better twin frozr cooling, backplate heatsink, higher standard clock speed, better overclocking capabilities and if you have a gaming case has the advantage of RGB logo lighting. Some bargains right now on eBay on used RX480 and RX580 8GB Gaming X's, but all depends what your needs and budget is.


hehe fair play


Prices are falling a little. For anyone wanting a good bargain (with marginal performance disadvantage over the 580 'revision') and don't mind used GPU's then it is most certainly worth checking out the MSI Gaming X RX480 8GB variant on eBay, with the 10% should be finding you can get one for around £150-60.


If it leads to a good deal, I'm all for it :)


I mean I have an msi armour gtx 970 which has basically same cooler and it is pretty quiet and efficient. Also allows a good overclock (1526 mhz without touching voltage). Hope that helps.

MSI AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB ARMOR 8G OC Graphics Card £229.97 @ Ebuyer
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Hi Guys, Here's an insanely good deal from Ebuyer! Radeon RX 580 ARMOR OC 1366MHz Boost 8GB GDDR5 Armor 2X Thermal Design It says that it also comes with 3 free games :) … Read more

No need for the apology mate it's a perfectly valid reason :) lots of people care about their temps (especially in smaller cases etc)


I think it's a great find, and I apologise for the cold but I simply wouldn't touch it! Thanks


sorry you feel this way. It's still a good deal considering you can't get another 8GB version for the same price. As long as you can keep the airflow in your rig pretty cool then this should be fine. Or you could replace the stock thermal paste for cheap. :)


Cold, only because it's the worst RX 580 in existence - the armour cards are by far the cheapest with the worst cooling.


Lol thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking of setting up an ML machine using a decent graphics card.

MSI AMD Ryzen AM4 B350 GAMING PLUS ATX Motherboard £63.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
Next cheapest is £85. Very good motherboard for Ryzen CPU's. Supports AMD RYZEN and 7th Gen Processors Socket AM4 Mystic Light Sync Max. Memory Capacity 64GB (4x16GB)
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Showed as £63.99 for me too. Ebuyer must have mispriced and have now fixed it.


(skeptical) it was £63.99 when I posted the deal, nevermind then... XD


Clicked through and showing as £74.99?


this is maybe one of the worst deals i've seen lately


I knew it would catch on!!!


Literally on Currys website


Links? I'm not buying from very if that's the deal you're talking about?


At least look properly, 1060 6GB is available for 100 cheaper.

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