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Posted 22 July 2022

Petrol £1.67 per litre / Diesel £1.84 @ Baileys Garage Abergavenny BP

In store: South East Wales ·
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Petrol £1.67 a litre and Diesel £1.84
BP More details at
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  1. Geezer08's avatar
    Doesn't matter to me how much it is cost because I only ever put £30 in my car .
    pfpf's avatar
    yea, but you only ever had to put £20 in.
  2. stuartc73's avatar
    Still getting ripped off in Poole, Dorset. Cheapest being 185.7 at local ASDA who since being bought by the Issa brothers have raised prices more than any other supermarket and no longer sell petrol cheaper than others.
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    The people paying £1.67 in this deal are getting ripped off lol
  3. elainelusted's avatar
    No don’t tell everyone- there are already queues around the block
  4. sc0tt88's avatar
    Why did this come up with a notification for whisky Baileys garage I guess. Can I put whisky in my car?
    twistedpixel's avatar
    Car might not be able to drive in a straight line.
  5. god's avatar
    If they can sell it for this price then why aren't other places this price too it's a joke, over £2 a liter for tesco ultimate at the moment and shell v power is even more
    jase.2's avatar
    Exactly but as people keep buying from over priced supermarkets they have no incentive to drop it

    Instead of motorway go slows the people arranging stuff should arrange a mass boycott of Tesco and they would soon change their prices
  6. Pokora's avatar
    Baileys and that price per litre i was getting too excited. i need a specsavers deal.
  7. sim11's avatar
    Given the price of a barrel of oil now it should be down to the £1.30 mark......
    gabesdad's avatar
    Everyone in the chain is profiteering to allow for inflation, rising prices and COVID losses I think, whilst the Government shaft us doubly with fuel duty and VAT!
  8. EN1GMA's avatar
    what a time to be alive!!! fuel prices as deals on HUKD.

    kudos for people posting and helping. thankfully, holidays have started and with WFH for me, i wont be using the car much. tough for those who need the car to travel to work.
  9. secsteel's avatar
    I call it local area price fixing all the fuel retailers get together and fix the price for the area and the person who's paying 185 think yourself lucky I'm paying more
  10. Besford's avatar
    Good to see fuel is finally falling back a little from the insane prices of recent times but doubt it'll ever get back to pre-Ukraine invasion levels, let alone pre-Covid. We've been conditioned to pay high prices. Only a glut of the stuff will force significant falls and seems unlikely at the moment. Maybe as many more go electric in the next few years?
  11. anewman's avatar
    Also visit Bailey's DIY round the back for cheap near dated food and drinks. If this is getting so much hype in the media I'm staying away, though. Garage and shop owned by the same people. I think the garage might have cheap alcohol but I've never been in. (edited)
  12. Andy's avatar
    Great heat for your first deal - thanks for sharing
  13. Banjo_McBanj's avatar
    Dropped from 189.9 to 187.9 in my local
  14. jet199's avatar
    175.9 in Abridge Shell.

    No idea why it's so different to everywhere else.

    They must have bought cheap.
    allenshouse's avatar
    Is that Axbridge Somerset?
  15. winchman's avatar
    And yet it's £1.89 at BP just north of Milford Haven.... 🤷
  16. beaufinder1's avatar
    We’ll be in recession this winter then it should come down to about £1.25 ish so start buying containers to store it before the next price gauge
  17. RavensNest_OfTech's avatar
    187.9 by me
  18. Gav_LCFC's avatar
    192.9 still at my local BP garage.
  19. MartinBright's avatar
    By gosh some moaners on here
  20. Luke_Evans's avatar
    Lovely ice cream at this garage
  21. CaptainMBE's avatar
    It's not BP or any other fuel provider reducing the prices, it's the specific forecourt owner pricing it lower so good on them. (edited)
  22. SkyBaker's avatar
    Same at our BP in southend
  23. GlitchFace's avatar
    Terrible site, can't see anything for the bloody ads
  24. thedvdmonster's avatar
    £180.7 for dieselat Costco derby today
    sainsburys up the road £195.9 lol (edited)
  25. Erni_e's avatar
    I have still £1.99 for diesel...
  26. cheekyweegit's avatar
    £1.79 at my local Asda in Dundee down another penny from yesterday.
  27. surely1966's avatar
    Why such a big difference between petrol and diesel?
  28. Proof_89's avatar
    Going to travel 250 miles to this petrol station so I can fill up £20 as I normally do.
  29. bargain4me's avatar
    Big Increase! When I went to Aneurin Bevan Hospital Abergavenny on Friday it was £1.63. The queue to get to the hospital were bad though. On the way out the queues away from the hospital were over 2 miles, until we pulled off. Such a shame they are near a very busy hospital & posting it here isn't going to help those queues,
's avatar