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TAG Heuer Link Calibre 5 Automatic Men's Watch  £1520 @ Beaverbrooks
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
New for 2017, this TAG Heuer Link Calibre 5 automatic men’s watch boasts an updated design – sharper, more elegant and slimmer. Where comfort and elegance collide, the TAG Heuer Li… Read more

Shame Dawson touched on it in one of his conspiracy video skip to 1.02 he said it was to do with advertisers giving subliminal messages of a smiley face. I think it just gives a clear picture of the the face and usually the logo.




Lol you watch guys. I'll stick with my phone hehe.


Why? I'd base it on minimum hourly rate. Which is £8.21 per hour.


Out of curiosity Peter, what would you define as a "basic salary"?

Timex Allied Grey Chronograph Men’s Watch £110.00 £85.00 £68 @ Beaverbrooks
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Range Allied Supplier Code TW2R60300 Strap/Finish Silicon,Stainless Steel Strap Type Strap Watch Movement Quartz Function Date, Chronograph, Indiglo Water Resistancy 100m Case Size… Read more
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Thanks for the post. bought it


BTW anyone receiving one of these and thinks the crono is broke (not resetting to zero correctly - mine were all over the place) It isn't broken it just hasn't been zero'd - hence all the bad reviews on the Timex site DL the manual and follow instructions on pages 30~33 Simples :) HTH


Sale on Timex direct site, some nice watches too, extra 15% when you sign up.


Nice looking watch. Heat


Nice looking watch, don't need another, 7% CB via Quidco at earnest Jones BTW, £3 delivery tho' Dam this site (ninja)

Tissot Everytime Swissmatic T109.407.16.051.00 £200 delivered @ Beaverbrooks
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Another deal which is found after the T109.407.11.032.00 deal, especially for those whom prefer a black colour dial. Also an Swiss-made AUTOMATIC watch from Tissot . Descr… Read more

Have a look on the other Tissot swissmatic thread. Comments on how it's sealed. I had a quick Google on the original Swatch movement and it's all done by machine and is sealed for life, no servicing possible. The Tissot is a development that uses more metal components.


Don't know just couldn't see anything on the back that I'm used to seeing wrt opening. Hermetically sealed is a new one to me, already thinking anti tampering device necessitating authorised dealer servicing.


Hermetically sealed back on these isn't it?


Screw back? Pry back?


people must've claimed the last few ones! I will mark this as expired now.

TISSOT EVERYTIME SWISSMATIC T109.407.11.032.00 £208 @ Beaverbrooks
181° Expired
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Good deal for Swiss-made AUTOMATIC watch from reputable brand, Tissot . They dropped their price by an additional 20% on their sale lines. Description: "The watch for e… Read more

I'm not sure that a Swiss made watch with a Swiss Made movement developed by a Swiss watch company is quite as much of a fiddle as Japanese made city car badged as a British Sports car. A quick look online suggests the Swissmatic is based on the Swatch movement but with more metal components. It seems a decent compromise for getting a Swiss Auto at a reasonable price.



Hot for the brand, automatic and price!


For me it’s a con and is the watch world’s equivalent of the Aston Martin Cygnet - it might have all the right branding on top but underneath it’s a whole different story.


I'd say Swissmatic movement is a Swiss automatic movement but lack of ubiquity. As you said, Swatch Group developed this movement, and its development made us to find very affordable, entry-level price. The power reserve is 70 hours, and tested accuracy (from Europa star) is -4~2.5 sec a day.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Men's Watch £2,560 @ Beaverbrooks
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
The new golf edition, this Omega Seamaster Aqua terra co-axial men's watch is a tribute to Omega's ongoing connection to the global game. The watch of choice for professional golfe… Read more
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Doesn't come with pedals, no Band 20 and not real 4k are the ones you missed, or is that something else. (confused)


I gotta say this is a very nice watch; the green accent works well. Butomega have really killed it for me with all their special edition crap. They spew watches out all over the place.


I'll add: this will be soft on the resale market (this is a good point tho lol) and This is not on the bracelet; only buy watches on the bracelet. (this is also a good point)


Maybe that's why it was in the amazon warehouse. I can live with 10 secs though. It's £230 on the main site.


Agreed. It always annoys me how cheap watches keep brilliant time and some pricey ones don’t. Saying that, your Orient shouldn’t be that bad. (y)

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Master Chronometer Automatic Men's Watch - £5,440 @ Beaverbrooks
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Absolute bargain for this stunner. Known as the 'The Big Blue', this Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer automatic men's watch is a combination GMT and divers' watch that… Read more

That’s worrying that you think that way.


when you look at 5k and think, imma buy a watch with this


What is "far too much money"


The orange is a functional feature of the watch. Orange is one of the last colours on the spectrum when you’re deep sea diving, hence baby making it orange the Dover can still see the relevant dials and tachometer


Ah yeah great, I'll have two of them.

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Beaverbrooks Extra 20% off all Sale Lines @ Beaverbrooks
75° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Starts Today. Some great offers at Beaverbrooks, who have now added an extra 20% discount to their sale Items. This includes Luxury watches, Diamonds and Jewellery.
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How about a pen, this is a great deal for a Montblanc Pen. Over 300 everywhere else, only £224 here. It's not just watches on sale.


Wonderful deal


Yea I've heard some go for over £1,000! (shock)


In the world of Swiss automatic watches its peanuts :)


Even the Speedmaster Moonphase £6144, This ranges from over £7000 to £9000 everywhere else. Even this Tag Heuer Link Calibre 17 Chrono Automatic £2360, This is still over £3000 in most places.

Tissot Everytime Large Men's (42mm dial) - £130 delivered @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Tissot Everytime Large Men's (42mm dial) - £130 delivered @ Beaverbrooks
Best price I've seen this particular model. Swiss quartz with sapphire glass. Free p&p / click & collect
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Nice! Does it come in black?


Good price for a decent watch.


In the same way that a Skoda is as good as a Lamborghini, Porsche or Bentley because they are all part of VAG? (lol)


Then I’d personally vote cold at any price. A digi (which isn’t to my taste) would be a better timepiece at this price point....


It seems that is just the way they're made... It's a uniform flaw

Tag Heuer Auto Aquaracer Price Match (Read Description) - £1,895 Instore @ Beaverbrooks (Belfast)
261° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Tag Heuer Auto Aquaracer Price Match (Read Description) - £1,895 Instore @ Beaverbrooks (Belfast)
Good price at Beaverbrooks... but Beaverbrooks price matched Lunns jewellers based in Belfast £1895.... Using manufacturers code on Google then should bring up same page on Lunns. … Read more
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You won’t, marketing and supply and demand ensure they don’t need to reduce the RRP


Cool let me know if you find a Rolex or Omega for 44% off rrp no matter how inflated the rrp on watches of this premium type might be and I'll be more than happy to buy one as would love to add to my collection


Correct. Supply and demand and clever marketing. Look at Tudor watches, they are owned and made by Rolex at a fraction of the price. Rolex is for those who want the prestige. A few years ago buying a Rolex would make you a good return. All my opinion of course before I offend someone (annoyed)


Looks like it is sold out. I'll mark to close. Hopefully some took advantage


Why is the resale of rolex what it is? Supply and demand... Simple

TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch £3,105 @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
TAG Heuer Heritage Autavia Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch £3,105 @ Beaverbrooks
Lowest price I've seen on this model.

Looks good in black .. Not sure of the blue .. but might be better in the flesh ..


What do you think about the Tudor pelagos? I keep looking at getting one but haven’t pulled the trigger yet


£99 (lol)


Get a speedmaster moon watch.


I am a 🐑so at this price point i would be buying a Tudor chrono.

Bremont Boeing Automatic Men's Watch, £2,795 @ Beaverbrooks
-108° Expired
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Bremont Boeing Automatic Men's Watch, £2,795 @ Beaverbrooks
A grand off a great British watch

Or that lol!


Id prefer a 2017 explorer <3


I'd take a 20 year old explorer over this any day of the week. Anyone with any sense would too.




Have you seen Archieluxurys rant on them ? lol

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Date Two Coloured Automatic Men's Watch, £1,960 @ Beaverbrooks
71° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Montblanc Heritage Spirit Date Two Coloured Automatic Men's Watch, £1,960 @ Beaverbrooks
Beautiful dress watch from Montblanc with 40% off.

Don’t risk this company. i spent thousands on an Imefa with them. Not only is it used, but it is faulty and incomplete.


Thanks for the informed and well crafted opinion.


Looks like a tenner off the market


Nice dress watch. Nice price. Heat.


Good price but too plain.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Men's Watch, £660 @ Beaverbrooks
63° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Men's Watch, £660 @ Beaverbrooks
20% off on a decent Hamilton

Yup, I’m with you on that. The one Vizta linked to is a much better looking piece imo.


I prefer the aesthetics of that one, massive discrepancy in price too. I don't think I can justify the premium that's attached to the rose gold in this comparison.


Quite a difference in price isn’t there. This one has rose gold numerals so may be why the extra cost (assuming they’re real gold)?


Why is this cheaper ? DIal ? Movment ?


Heat! Will come in handy whilst playing my jazz flute beats

Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 Rose Gold Plated and Stainless Steel Men's Watch RRP:£495 £395 @ Beaverbrooks
155° Expired
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80 Rose Gold Plated and Stainless Steel Men's Watch RRP:£495 £395 @ Beaverbrooks
Range T-Classic Collection Le Locle Supplier Code T0064072203300 Strap/Finish Stainless Steel,Ion Plated/PVD,Rose Gold Plated Strap Type Bracelet Watch Movement Automatic Function … Read more
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This Watch is £495 on the Tissot website, other variants are £395! Of course you can wash your hands with a watch that's 30m rated! What Tissot do you own? Not all Tissot automatic movements are the same so unless you have a watch with the powermatic 80 we can't judge if your comments are helpful or not


The back worth a mentioning. By the way £395 on Tissot offical website too, might not be the plated one I own a tissot too, not reliable enough for me, not accurate enough... Water resistancy 30m is basically nothing, don’t even wash your hand while wearing it. however I still like the brand, but one of my weakest one of my collection. Butterfly clasp is great and tight, even after 3 years later didn’t get loose Thanks for sharing it


As long as you don't mind winding it and setting the date, no problem. I actually get some enjoyment out of winding mechanical watches so I would never see that as a negative.


Not been this tempted by a watch for a long time :| Don't own an automatic yet. How much of a pain will it be if I only wear it like once a week?

Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Men's Watch, £855 @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
Rado Coupole Classic Automatic Men's Watch, £855 @ Beaverbrooks
Great watch for more formal occasions and at 41 mm would look great on almost any wrist.

Much cheaper seller seems ok... Seen the watch....Nice one...


I've got the (40mm) Xiaomi W001M Automatic Rado "homage" (however, I have since seen the real, equivalent model Coupole Classic in a shop window!! and the Rado has a smooth dial as the sunburst fades into the middle - if that makes sense). The Xiaomi has the sunburst design (almost) throughout the dial. To me, the graduated fade out on the Rado looked more noticeable, anyway.


Agree. Well, almost, I’d not buy a Longines, but this isn’t what I’d expect from a Rado. However, the powermatic 80 that Tissot use, I’ve personally found to be as accurate as most of my 40 hr autos. Rado have a very distinct look, this doesn’t look like that. I can’t comment on the value, as I’ve no idea what they usually cost, so it may be a good deal, but it’s not something I’d buy. Looking in the sales recently, for this money, I’d probably recommend the Oris Big Crown. About the same price, but from an independent watch house. Rado, Tissot, Hamilton and Longines are all part of the Swatch group I think. (y)


Not really a deal tbh. This Rado watch is compromised IMO. The whole point of getting a Rado is for their signature scratch proof ceramic coating and sleek black design which this watch doesn’t have. It also has a standard ETA movement used in lower priced Tissot, Certina and Hamilton, only 50m water “proofing” plus also a 80H power reserve is actually not an advantage - to get an extended power reserve the movement sacrifices accuracy over the usual 40H movement. You are much better off getting a Longines at this price range.


Have I time to save up?

Omega Seamaster 300 Automatic Men's Watch £3715 at  Beaverbrooks
329° Expired
Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Omega Seamaster 300 Automatic Men's Watch £3715 at Beaverbrooks
Been after a seamasters 300 for a while now and would have pulled the trigger on this one if it was the bracelet model. First time I see the model discounted at all, so maybe other… Read more

I need one then XD


That may be the last thing a person might wish upon themselves ... A watch would be much more welcomed than an all-inclusive break with the Mrs and the bin lids !


I think anyone buying a luxury timepiece merely to impress others is missing the point of horology, and anyone shallow enough to judge an individual by what’s on his wrist is not a person I want to impress anyway. Anyone interested in the incredible engineering that goes into these watches or the beautiful precision of a mechanical movement is not buying to impress. Its like buying ornaments for your home, your not impressing anyone but you get to look at something beautiful everyday. I start everyday taking 30 seconds to wind my watch and I appreciate its beauty every time.


It's all relative, I think £1k on a phone is crazy, £5 a pint is crazy etc.... this is something I can see the long term benefits of owning.

Fogg1969 A bit mean, apologies, no offence meant. It makes me think of a friend who bought a Seamaster for the sort of money I'd buy a car with, and I think he was a bit perplexed by how few people he managed to impress. Then he bought his son one, and he won't wear it because it's too ostentatious. Still,it's up to the individual to choose what they want to spend their money on. This looks like a great price for this watch. It's not for me, but as it's someone else's bargain I'll give it a hot vote. Thanks OP.

Omega De Ville Vision £2,920 @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Omega De Ville Vision £2,920 @ Beaverbrooks
Great reduction on this model, been thinking about getting this for a while. Finally pulled the trigger. Beautiful watch. Great deal (y) 🏻
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Maybe not the £50 ones but you can get very very similar looking, if not identical, replicas around the £300 ballpark. You just need to know where to look ;)


I have a 1995 automatic seamaster in perfect condition. It's worth more than I paid for it (£900). But if I sell it I won't be retiring to the Bahamas on the profits...


Don't forget the parrots who repeat 'I bought 10 for eBay' every time a watch deal is posted.


Until you flatten the battery using the light button all the time to read a book under the covers in bed.


Probably because of all the post Christmas discounting that happens every year.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane 45, Breitlight, Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch Yellow or Black £4384 @ Beaverbrooks - Free Delivery
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Breitling Avenger Hurricane 45, Breitlight, Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch Yellow or Black £4384 @ Beaverbrooks - Free Delivery
This is a great price from Beaverbrooks. Also available from Breitling if you want to pay more £6100 Link for Breitling… Read more
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Anyway hope you enjoy your new watch, sounds like u have earned a nice treat.


Each to their own I guess.


My late father in law was a millionaire he own many hotels and properties in London. He drove round in an old Morris miner, people respected him for being so humble. He was also a very generous man.


Unless you are a watch collector, most people would not give a second look to this or most of my watches. So why is it vanity?


Maybe true, but vanity items don't do nothing for me, I have other ways to validate my life.

Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook Automatic Watch, £1272 @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Rado HyperChrome Captain Cook Automatic Watch, £1272 @ Beaverbrooks
Classic looking automatic watch from a good swiss brand. Great entry into the madness that mens automatic watches are.

Love Rado watches and this looks like a really good price, nice find.


Cheers, my mistake. Your response was very info4mative and polite


That is nice, good find


thanks for te advice


Guess what!?! It is 45mm!

Bremont Boeing BB1/SS - BK £2236 @ Beaverbrooks
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Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
Bremont Boeing BB1/SS - BK £2236 @ Beaverbrooks
For those that are not sure what they are looking at Bremont are a new british brand that sit squarely against people like Zenith, IWC etc... Alot of watch for the money, not ever… Read more
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sethjohnson555 Amazed how many brands I'd never heard of but I guess that makes sense. Patek Phillipe is the only one that rings a bell, probably because of adverts in hospital/hairdresser/in-flight magazines. :)


Good read! 👌 (y)


Brilliant, thank you for taking the time to write a detailed response. Makes a lot of sense and I get the quirky hobby aspect of it. One thing I really get now is that the time factor is actually nothing to do with the ownership, the fact that it tells the time is a byproduct, an aside really. What you're buying is a piece of craftsmanship that also happens to tell the time. Watches are unique in this sense in that they are regularly wearable by men, aren't technology focussed (in a modern tech sense) and require huge amounts of sophistication and effort to produce. There really isn't anything else like that, and there is a sense of 'just for the sake of it'. Cars come close but they're not personal to you. Cufflinks, glasses, wallet, suit? Perhaps suit is similar but there's no space in that for ultra sophistication and workmanship. I think provenance is a key word, it's like buying into a sense of imagery or achievement or taste. Amazed that rolex produce that many watches each year. And did they REALLY called one the pepsi?! If you have any advice on any high price watches being 'released' soon that are expected to increase after sale, well then do let me know. :)


Like most people I try to consider the collective knowledge of experts presented on a variety of sites. I have about 45 watches at the moment including a Bremont and a couple of IWC so also have some first hand experience of both marques. I have been collecting watches for about 25 years now and consider it something of quirky hobby. Bremont, love them or hate them, are very clearly targeting the mid-luxury market with a product that is constructed and priced accordingly. If you don't feel they achieve that, that is fine but it is your opinion, it conflicts with the expert consensus. Also Bremont is a British brand, so I am not entirely sure how a American bias would assist it. In addition, not a single brand from the USA makes top tier. - so for a biased list it is not doing a great job. I look down that list and it seems pretty damn accurate, sure it is possible to dispute a few but i have yet to discover a more complete and balanced source of info. If you have one, i would love to read it to further expand my knowledge. If not, it is probably best to keep your unqualified opinion to yourself - it achieves nothing constructive and confuses people that may geniiuely be consider this watch.


You base your purchases on a heavily sponsored American biased website...……. (lol) (lol) (lol)