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[PC] Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card - £9.98 - Fanatical
Found 18th DecFound 18th Dec
Better than deal than both the recent Gamesplanet deal, and the CDKeys one (y) Use code FANATICAL10 to drop the price. Alternatives... Grand Theft Auto V and Criminal Ente… Read more

people who buy these cards are the reason gaming is in the state it is.


Great find OP(y) (y)


Amazing deal. On a different note its almost impossible to get to a good game deal and not find a post from you @BuzzDuraband - what a relentless deal hunting machine you are :D


Makes me think of this LOL.


great deal, if i remember correctly u get a wad of money with this?

SEGA MegaDrive & Genesis Classics (PC-Steam) - £7.19 @Fanatical
Found 18th DecFound 18th Dec
Great price for a great bundle, though it has been a few pence lower in the past. Use code FANATICAL10 to drop it from £7.99 to £7.19.

VR is awesome it's like really being there, the room looks like a drug den though.


After a bit of thinking Bought this edition rather than Switch because a) has Sonic 3 & Knuckles- Switch is missing this game b) has Eternal Champions - one of my fave fighters for the Megadrive (outside of Mortal Kombat & Streetfighter) - not on Switch Edition. c) cheaper of course d) has more games I think this has 56, Switch has only 50 e) can stretch fullscreen etc not sure if the Switch Edition can, as well as Emulation improvements like smoothing etc f) says something about mods with certain games, don’t know what that is yet, have not tried it. the downside is Switch has Portable, but I can play this on my Nvidia Shield on my TV anyway.


What! it does I bought it this morning, are you mistaking it for the Switch Edition that is missing Sonic 3? Well this Edition has that too


The little game launcher hub can be played in VR yeah - pointless optional extra they added in. Doesn't mean the megadrive games are VR of course :D


Are you sure? It is listed.

Cuphead PC Steam with discount code £10.12 @ Fanatical
Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec
As per title, Cuphead for only 10.12£, Steam version, using Fanatical10 code at checkout.

Edited, sorry for the confusion, I posted it from my mobile in a hurry


Fanatical are selling the Steam version, it doesn't support Play Anywhere (XBox/PC).


I'm confused, the link takes me to the Steam version but the description above says it's the Windows version (of which is the version I want so that I can have it on my Xbox as well).


Great game!

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy PC Steam Key £0.75 @ Fanatical
Found 16th DecFound 16th Dec
Covert and slick, does anything really beat being a sniper - get the BEST EVER PRICE on the Sniper Ghost Warrior Trilogy for 24 hours! SNIPER ART OF VICTORY  Become a sharpshooter… Read more
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No it's an infamous trilogy on steam with only 2 games.


Not sure how a trilogy but 75p for two games. Heat and purchased.


No it doesn't, it's a rather disingenuous name for this bundle really because it's not a Ghost Warrior trilogy at all.


Nice find thanks


does it include Ghost Warrior 3?

Baldur's Gate I and II Enhanced Editions - £5.99 @ Fanatical | ALMOST SOLD OUT
Found 15th DecFound 15th Dec
At the BEST EVER price for just 24 hours - It's time to experience a duo of strategy RPGs that have raised the bar when it comes to classic Dungeons & Dragons style gaming. T… Read more

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure if I should get it during the summer sale, but after researching it a bit, I regretted missing it. Nabbed this as soon as I saw your post, as well as all the other BG related items. Thank you OP!


The game was previously released on xbox original too!!..


Good deal, grabbed this, loved BG on the OXB but i always wanted the PC versions, so that is a nice prce for both, £2.99 a pop, nice.


Yeah you're right, I didn't even realise this. I stand corrected. This is for a steam key so PC, Mac OS or SteamOS + Linux


It is also available on IOS and Android, so the question was relevent. Loved this game when first released.

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40% off Jackbox Games inc Drawful 2 for Steam at Fanatical
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Selection of Jackbox Games on offer for 40%-70% off at Fanatical Further 10% off with code Fanatical10



Must have gone up, I got it soon as it was posted.


How are you getting that price? I’d grab it for that but with the code it’s still over a tenner!


What’s the best way to get these running on iOS?


Thanks, been waiting to find Party Pack 4 cheap, £5.12 with code.

Anime Tales Bundle, £4.69 - 10 Steam Games (See OP) + 15% Off Your Next Game Purchase, Exclusive @ Fanatical
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
*Bundle Expires 8am UK Time* I was checking out the Steam 5 Games for £5 thread and found myself looking at bundles on Fanatical. I'm not into gaming as I was (don't be fooled … Read more
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If anyone wants my 15% off code (which doesn't work on bundles/offers) I'm happy to PM you it :)


This is all news to me. I vet all the content I pass onto my niece (as any relative/parent should) so will do a bit more research before passing this on. Thanks for a comment that has some details, rather than the weird, rather rude and obtuse evasiveness I was getting.


Steam is banning adult games with sexual content where they consider that the characters in the game to look under 18. Otherwise Steam has actually relaxed it’s rules. Some developers are crying foul because they feel the rule is being unfairly used and Steam is just banning their game without giving them a chance to change it or patch it. Ultimately it’s a case of Valve own Steam, so you follow their rules. Too many developers have skirted the borderline with “all characters are 18” disclaimers despite said characters on the product page looking well under that


Found an active code, FANATICAL10 but it doesn't work with promos/bundles :)


Goodnight. At least I am polite and informative on here and don't talk in riddles. Maybe try to be nicer in future.

10 pc games for £6.65 Mystery Winter Box @ Fanatical
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
You can only purchase this mystery bundle twice.
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Thanks for the input, will check CDKeys out :)


Other than during some sales, Steam is really expensive, so you can't really go off RRP. CDKeys is a much better place to buy Steam keys


No apologies :D They know it's a blind purchase. If someone's like (annoyed) rather than (party) that's the risk of participation xD


Remember the 'bag if crap' days


Wait until the Xmas steam sale starts mate... that's when your library will really start bulking out (lol)

Broken Sword Complete Pack STEAM key £3.32 with Code @ Fanatical
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Hard to go wrong at this price - apply the code "Fanatical10" to get it for £3.32 Video Review For further information about each of the titles including system requirements … Read more

Not played a broken sword game in years, seems too good a price to pass up, cheers OP


Its not awful, just not as good as the other 4 games so probably seems worse than it is if you play them 1 after the other.


Thanks...that bad eh?


Fantastic find, download and ready to play once I'm finished with work for Christmas 🎁 (y)


1st great, 2 great, 5 great, 3 ok, we do not mention the 4th

Through the Woods (PC) - £3.99 @ Fanatical
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Explore stunning environments and experience stories inspired by Norse mythology, Norwegian art and nature Uncover dark tales of the past and present through reactive narration C… Read more


Reminded me of this.


From people trying to axe you and set fire to you, right? I'm in!


Doesn't look like you can unfortunately, I liked the sound of it but I think it's one of those games where you just run and hide.


use code FANATICAL10 for extra 10% off. have some heat :)

Raw Fury Bundle - Tier 1: 5 Games £4.31 / Tier 2 is Tier 1 + Kingdom New Lands Royal Edition £5.85 @ Fanatical [PC/Steam]
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
I quite like the look of Kathy Rain (No it's not my nextdoor neighbour) You can get it as part of this bundle with a few other titles, This includes Kingdom: Classic, which is abou… Read more

Kathy Rain is a pretty good point n click.


I'm pretty sure most of those titles have been given away in the past


Kingdom is a fun game

[Steam] Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition - £9.99 - Fanatical
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Today's Star Deal, and a cracking price :) YOUR MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF WAR DEFINITIVE EDITION STEAM KEY GIVES YOU: Thrilling action RPG Climactic close to Talion's… Read more
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Ohhhhh how long does this deal last? My birthday on 21 dec and was going to ask my son to choose a game for me... Think will get him to choose this :)))))


Actually thinking about it, they're the same thing. Although the Gold Edition does have the Gold War Chest, but I'm not sure how relevant the content is now all the MT's were patched out. The Gold Edition is £9.99 at CDKeys :)


is this better than the gold edition?

[Steam] Road Rage Bundle - £3.75 - Fanatical
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
Weirdly, there's no Road Rage included :/ But there is... Mad Max Clustertruck Guts and Glory Carmageddon: Max Damage This bundle's all the RAGE! Carnage… Read more
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Ugh these deals are so good lately I sometimes buy them even though I know I won't play any. I mean mad max for like £2?? Wtf


Reviews: ClusterTruck Metacritic: 76% (14 critics, 7.1 from 26 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (2811 reviews) Mad Max Metacritic: 73% (22 critics, 7.8 from 855 users), Steam: Very Positive 89% (13339 reviews) Carmageddon: Max Damage Reviews of an earlier/alternative version: Metacritic: 52% (15 critics, 7.2 from 16 users), Steam: Mostly Positive 78% (947 reviews) Guts and Glory Steam: Very Positive 84% (407 reviews), Metacritic: (1 critics)


Yet another amazing bundle from Fanatical


Amazingly good deal. Got them all. Played none of them yet. So many games so little time. Heat added.


Mad Max (2015), Clustertruck (2016), Guts and Glory (2018) and Carmageddon Max Damage (2016) for £3.75? Ridiculously good deal!

[Steam] Kingslayer Bundle - £4.69 - Fanatical
Refreshed 17th DecRefreshed 17th Dec
Cracking bundle :) Styx: Shards of Darkness The Age of Decadence STAR WARS™ - Knights of the Old Republic STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II - Th… Read more
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How come?




NW95H-TD3C6-99A96. Oxen free i already have so please fell free to use.


Ridiculous price, thanks OP. I can now play KOTR on my Shield via GeForce. Shame they don't support the second one though.


The Age of Decadence is unforgiving, frustrating, and extremely tough that minor mistakes are punishable with your character's death. Under no illusions this game requires the correct decision making, careful character class building and learning the intricacy of the profession but if you persevere will find a rewarding, satisfying game. Age of Decadence is probably one of the best RPG games around, but be warned at times might have to re-start with a new character, or realise the limitation of each profession as it impacts on the linear storyline.

Stardocks Classic Bundle £2.95 @
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Gal Civ 1 Ultimate Edition Gal Civ 2 Ultimate Edition Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity Dead Mans Draw Fallen Enchantress Political Machine 2016 The Corporate Machine Sorcerer King Ri… Read more

Please do give Sins Trinity a good few hours, particularly if you enjoy RTS/empire building. Graphically it initially looks poor but after a few hours you can see the reasons for the UI design choices - most definitly a case of substance over style.


Another handful of games I'll never get round to playing :)


I have all of these and have had many hours of enjoyment out of them all... Very sold games and good deal!


Didn't even realise I didn't have SoaSE on Steam!


Wow that's a lot of game time for a few quid!

Very Positive Bundle (RiME, Sexy Brutale, DeX, Bastion) £3.25 @ Fanatical
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
The working week is done... it's time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a weekend of gaming with Fanatical's brand-new Very Positive Bundle! In our first of the 'Something for the… Read more

5% new/2% existing cashback at Quidco/Topcashback.


I own them all and have played and enjoyed The Sexy Brutale and Bastion. Reviews: Bastion Metacritic: 86% (17 critics, 8.6 from 1423 users), Steam: Overwhelmingly Positive 96% (19037 reviews) The Sexy Brutale Metacritic: 83% (28 critics, 8.3 from 46 users), Steam: Very Positive 94% (512 reviews) RiME Metacritic: 78% (19 critics, 6.9 from 126 users), Steam: Very Positive 91% (1229 reviews) Dex Metacritic: 62% (16 critics, 7.8 from 63 users), Steam: Very Positive 85% (922 reviews)


I've wanted to give Dex a go for a while. I've played Rime, Bastion and Sexy Brutale but all on console and I'd be more than happy to play them all again on PC. I'm all over this.


Superb bundle here, though I own everything but Dex (which I meant to buy during Fanatical's recent sale, but didn't get around to it :()


Bastion is one of my favourite games of all time, to those haven't played it, crank up your speakers/headphones. The sound design is unparralelled :)