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Resident Evil 7 - Gold Edition PC Steam Key £9.99/£9.69 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 2 h, 44 m agoFound 2 h, 44 m ago
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition Includes: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Base Game Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC End of Zoe DLC About the Game: Resident … Read more
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(horror) Great find thanks, one for the Geforce now.


One of my favourite games ever (strong)


I could only play for 10 minutes in VR without feeling sick lol. The game is one of my favourites of this generation though. Loved it.


£10 for the gold :/


I nearly bought this yesterday at that price glad i never after getting the quidco 2.50 bonus email. Loved the game

PC Building Simulator (Steam Code) £8.49 @ CD Keys
Found 5 h, 53 m agoFound 5 h, 53 m ago
Details Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not chang… Read more
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The PS4 version is much better... Maybe the graphics aren't as good and the upgrading is limited to increased storage and maybe the campaign is not as long but overall the cost is lower, the software is better optimised and the experience more consistent for all players.


Saved me a few quid with that, cheers


Spoiler alert!: You end up with an assembled pc.


it's like inception you get to test it out by playing a version of PC building simulator on it, once you finish that you have to test out the pc by playing pc building simulator on the pc inside the pc inside pc building simiualtor and so and so on. (shock)


I think it's a good game but definitely overpriced for what it is. Maybe at £3-£4 it's a better buy.

[Xbox One] Steep - £4.99 - CDKeys
Found 8 h, 51 m agoFound 8 h, 51 m ago
Cheaper with their 3% discount (£4.84) :) Ride a massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends. Defy and master the … Read more
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Cold........with all that snow.


Wouldn't be surprised to see this hit GWG soon tbh. Well worth a fiver though.


Sorry, I was "board"


Are you taking the piste ? :D


That's snow joke!

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire PC Steam Key £11.99/£11.63 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 11 h, 56 m agoFound 11 h, 56 m ago
Discount code: Pursue a rogue god over land and sea in the sequel to the multi-award-winning RPG Pillars of Eternity. Captain your ship on a dangerous voyage of d… Read more
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It's good, combat is improved, AI is improved, the world exploring is definitely far better. They are constantly updating the game too!


Still haven’t finished the first game ;(


How is it compared to the first?


What a price! Bargain


Been waiting for a decent deal on this, thanks.

Sniper Elite III 3 PC Steam Key £2.99/£2.90 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 21 h, 55 m agoFound 21 h, 55 m ago
Story Overview Featuring a greater focus on player agency/choice and expansive environments filled with opportunities for distinct play-styles, and set in the exotic yet deadly ter… Read more
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Wow thanks! Missed out on insurgency for 40p before and think I have war of mine on android never played from humble bundle!!! Always nice to have games never played on two systems!!!


Is there a lot of dlc for this and worth waiting for a bundle on that? I got sniper elite 4 recently on steam cheap when was part of humble monthly abs regretted not getting dlc in sale!


Worth considering also


Very decent price for a good game (much better if you play with someone else). Now waiting for SE4 to drop below a fiver...


Nice one, thanks @thewrecker7477 (y)

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Metal Gear Solid V 5: The Phantom Pain PC Steam Key £3.49/£3.39 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Konami Digital Entertainment continues forth the ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V Experience’ with the latest chapter, METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain. Ushering in a new era for the franch… Read more
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ground zeroes only £1.99 as well... i have mgs5 so not sure if it is worth it. you can transfer stuff over from one game to the other but then that will mean starting mgs 5 again i guess


I own this on the PS4 and Xbox already, I may as well get it on the PC too to complete the set.


Indeed! For those who have not played it... The real fun is the ai adaptation So I used to go at night with sniper rifle and hide on roofs and then they started using helmets and search lights. So I had to adapt and go in shot gun as they were heavies! Ha. In theory you can go in stealth and take them out that way but I am less good at that! They then use more mines and things to get you. So the game adapts for each player.


Can find the discount code here if you don't want to use FB


I think thats all there is. The rest is optional missions and cruising around

V-Rally 4 PC Steam Key £14.99/£14.54 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
The return of a legendary off-road racing game! Enjoy an extreme experience while becoming an expert in a demanding simulation. Take on the challenges of rallies, rallycross, drif… Read more
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I never saw the fuss about the original, the handling was so abysmal it was a chore to play, but still people went nuts for it.


You can't get more arcadey than the first Vrally, it literally had an arcade timer which gave you game over if you didn't reach the next checkpoint in time!!


This will sink fast. It looks V-Pretty but plays V-Awful. V-Floaty driving physics. V-Disappointed.


Screamer rally was out of this world back in the day , 200mmx penitum II with a monster II 3dfx card !


I liked slre, not many others seemed too. The more racing games the better!

Fallout 76 [PC] - Pre-Order for 14th November £31.03 @ CDKeys w/3% Discount Code
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Can't find this cheaper anywhere else and it's Bethesda. Enough said! CDKeys are very reliable with their keys and never had any issues to date. Xbox One - £45.58 w/Discount … Read more
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Well done. (lol)


Indeed I do!


You know that this particular Beta is called the Break it Early Test Application, or B.E.T.A for short right? Well, you know now. (y)


You know that beta is not an abbreviation, right? It's the letter beta, as in alpha, beta, gamma... Well, you know now. (y)


"...and it's Bethesda. Enough said!"

Fallout 76 BETA PS4 £1.99 @ CDKeys
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Although you do unlock the beta if you pre-order the main game, this might be a cheaper option for those who want to try-before-they-buy option. Bethesda Game Studios, the award-w… Read more
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Well it means I'm not clever enough (lol) or just way behind...


Wouldn't say its clever lmao, people even doing it for years.


That's very clever. Thanks.


You order the game. Get the code. Use the code. Cancel the order. Amazon don't charge until dispatch.


How can you get it from amazon for free?

Hitman 2 + DLC [PC] - Pre-Order for 13th November @ CDKeys with 3% Code
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
As usual, CDKeys with a respectable price. Played the first Hitman and loved it. Looking at trailers and gameplay this one will most likely live up to the hype! Get your 3% discou… Read more
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good price but been burnt too many times pre-ordering.. will wait on reviews on release and then buy


wait heads up this is NOT the gold edition with the Levels Expansion pass, it is just the base game and Sniper mode pre-order bonus dlc. Gold edition with expansion pass is oos and was £39.99


Different parent company now, Square Enix owned it and IO developed it last time, in seperate episodes, what did waiting a month or two do anyway? Because paris was released then it was more than a month or two for the next episode. this time Warner Brothers are the parent company, all six episodes released day one, a month or two later will make no difference, apart from the dlc will be released like every other game that gets dlc, like Spider-man etc


Not Quite, all levels 1-6 available day one (previously released as seperate episodes in the first game) all expansion pass level dlc available afterwards like every other game with a season pass


In what way?

Killing Floor (PC) 99p @ CD Keys
Found 21st OctFound 21st Oct
Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You… Read more
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quality game for its time but aged real bad spend the extra £4 get killing floor 2


Heat. Will always be one of the best horde-type zombie games, good soundtrack, amazing gore and weapon gameplay, good perks etc., cool bosses and an excellent British charm about it. Killing Floor 2 is on another level though! But this is great for the price (y)

12 months Xbox live membership (Brazil Region) - £22.99 @ CDKeys
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Brazil! VPN needed
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Making a mistake baffles you? Or that fact that people are sad enough to correct grammar on a deals website? 🙃


Cheers dad. You're a smart one


Took me about 5 minutes. Though with 6 months currently at less than £15 for the UK, I imagine most will go for that.


Paid £26.20 for a similar Brazil vpn gold purchase yesterday. Nice price!


I waited too long to order mine and missed the £19.31 deal. I bought this the other day and applied the code, the only thing I missed was the Microsoft points. I have been using the account without issue for a few days now. Thanks for sharing OP! (y) I thought we are supposed to be in a global economy - I can understand when physical goods have huge differences in prices, but digital codes - I don't get the disparity. I pity those Australians - they have it worse than us when it comes to digital delivery... (It's not like support comes with this code - maybe they are trying to justify it by suggesting support costs in different regions vary)

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance/Ground Zeroes PC Steam Key £1.99/£1.93 each with code @ CDKEYS
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Ground Zeroes link: This new PC version includes all three DLC missions: Blade Wolf, Jetstream, and VR … Read more
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Was just about to post this, heat from me.


My comment was not in reply to yours, hence no comment indent. :)


Not complaining, just asking.


Thanks op.. ordered! HEAT!


There is a mod for it

The Bards Tale IV 4 Barrows Deep PC £12.99 @ CDKeys
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Bards take 4 12.99 at cdkeys

IV 4? ;)


Ok puzzle-centric RPG but certainly not a proper sequel to the combat and exploration focused original trilogy - and I say that as someone who kickstarted this game at the $115 tier and beta tested.


I normally check my wish list on instant gaming and bought for 16 then looked on cd keys and saw this


Great deal (y) Caught the developer Brian Fargo on a couple of podcasts recently, cool dude. Realised I've never played any Bard's Tale games, although they look great. Karak gave this game a really solid review (ACG), and I noticed recent updates are patching the performance gripes. Almost seems a pity to see it on deal so soon, hope it's just some Moldovan keys or something... ps how did you spot this? just checking daily or is there a tracking site for cdkeys somewhere?


This game does have some issues but is still very enjoyable and cheap

Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration PC £7.79 (£7.56 with code) @ CdKeys
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Cracking price for this game. £7.79 or £7.56 with 3% off code

What is this and why is it so cheap??


That's a great price. I've been achievement hunting this game recently and had a lot of fun. ~I felt happy with paying £15 in a sale! Under £8 is a steal! (horror)


got it ,thanks


I knew it wouldn't be long, as it's been at 15 quid for far too long. Good spot pal (y)


Happens a lot with me mate. Trying to see a price drop and then someone post a deal when it happens few minutes later. (lol)

Call of Duty: Black Ops II 2 PC Steam Key £4.49/£4.36 - Black ops 1 £3.49/£3.39 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Black ops 1 link: In the near future, the 21st Century Cold War is heating up. Help decide the course of the war in COD: Black Ops … Read more
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That's me


(lol) (lol) (lol) ;) ;)


Quick maths


Minus 1 that’s 3


2+2 = 4

[Xbox One] Shadow of the Tomb Raider - £29.09 (3% code) - CDKeys
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Game sharers, we're down to £15 each (y) Facebook code Become the Tomb Raider As Lara Croft races to save the world from a Maya apocalypse, she must become the Tomb R… Read more
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Ouch i paid £39 for this tomb raider now its even cheaper :/ , .. finnished it within 2 weeks tho now i gotta wait for the next one ..


You’ve got the absolute worst of the game to come then. Good luck with that. Haha


Edge used to give good reviews I'm only 30% through and would play more but too many other games ATM and what I've seen and played so far I would say it's more like a 7/10 for sure


Do CDKeys pay a monthly fee to advertise here? Top deals of the day are all from this site


I paid £35 on release day and was happy wit that for a new release, but having completed the game I feel it’s largely disappointing. Great beginning, fantastic end, but way too much laborious filler in the middle and poor man’s Splinter Cell style stealth that simply doesn’t work.

Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One/PC £37.79 (£36.66 with 3% off) @ CdKeys
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Daily deal at CdKeys. Forza Horizon 4 XBox One /PC £37.79 or £36.66 with 3% off facebook code. (y)

I played the demo on PC and it worked pretty well. Have bought the full game but am having constant download problems. Spent 5 days trying so far and I'm not closer to playing it. If you're willing to take the chance, I'm sure the full game is great. But in all honesty, Microsoft have little to no interest in sorting the Windows Store so I'd save your money.


I have i5 6400 and 1060 6gb and I benchmark ultra at 73-75fps in 2560x1080. I would have thought a 1070 would do a bit better even at 1440p. It might be worth noting my performance improved when I moved the game to a SSD


I get 60fps on custom settings but mainly high,4k. Using rx 580 8gb, ryzen 5 2600 3.9ghz and 3200hz ram


It has lower requirement for the same settings than FH3. You can set dynamic quality on, choose ultra quality, your res and frame rate then it will adjust the settings accordingly. I only have a 1060, i5 6600k yet it runs near perfect on ultra at 1080 60. There is a good digital foundry video showing which settings the X1X uses.


Worth trying on the PC anyway. If he's getting 60 on Ultra at 1440p, its not unlikely you'll get 30 at 4k, which would match the performance on the Xbox One X. It's also very unlikely that the Xbox version is running at the PC's ultra setting also. It's entirely possible that on PC, knocking a few of the settings down a bit you'll be able to get 4k and 60fps. Its not like you have to pick one or the other either. You can play both.