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All Music Magpie Voucher & Promo Codes for June 2020

Exclusive £50 off Refurbished iPad Orders at Music Magpie
Exclusive £50 off Refurbished iPad Orders at Music Magpie. Order by 10pm for Next Day Delivery on Tech at musicMagpie

Spending £400 for a 5yrs old iPad is questionable in itself but battery degradation could be major. My 3yrs old iPad 10.5 is showing signs (albeit I’ve been using it every day) and that one could be 2 years older still.


Do I really need this 12.9 pro or should I just be sensible and resist?


Think I would rather go direct to Apple Refurb online store... 5th Gen in Gold £239.


Good find. Note this doesn’t work on all refurb iPads, just the ones with the £30 off already applied.


Was the ipad 5 the original ipad air?

Get An Extra 10% For Your Unwanted Tech Including Tablets And Smartphones / Games Etc @ Music Magpie
Get An estra 10% for your trded in electronics at music magpie, offer extended but new code supplied JUNE10

good deal


(lol) ...compared to WeBuyAnyMobile ;)


you're getting 17 quid for it?


:D cheers mate


I could get an extra £1.70 for my S9+ (flirt) I'll stick with WBAM for the sake of the messing about but heat added (y)

10% extra trade in (limit to £20 on phones) using code @ Music Magpie
Hopefully this is helpful. Recently I tried to use the MAGPIE10 code for 10% but showing as not valid. However it work with MAGPIE10MORE

Probably because they offer less than half of what they sell the product for................magpie by name , magpies by nature


Oh right, thanks for that. I had thought got to be a reason then.


Not sure why this is cold. Music Magpie are great for trading in electronics/phones if you want to do it quickly and without any hassle vs selling online (e.g. auction fees, PayPal fees, chargebacks, fraud)


I send a full box of DVD’s to them, they gave me a quote for 60 quid and then took of like 15 quid for some reason. Should of just brought them to a charity shop, like you did.


10% OFF trade in? So they give you 10% less for your trade in, no wonder this is going cold

Get An Extra 10% On Selling Anything To Music Magpie With Code MAGPIE10
Decent offering, smartphones are capped at £20, so a phone worth £200 to them will net you the biggest percentage Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends Monday 1st June. *Couri… Read more

I tried selling an (old) phone for £39.60. They said it has screen burn when it doesn't and offered me a quid! I declined.


Probably, but I contacted them and they gave me another code, 'MAGPIE10MORE' (y)


can you not use another email and create a new account to use the code?


I've sold a few phones to them before (they usually give giid prices, and its much easier than messing around with eBay). Never had any issues. Also bought an iPhone 7 in good condition and it looked brand new - not a single mark on it.


Thats fair, but I haven't really used the code as I haven't checked out, I simply entered the code to see how much I'd get with the extra 10%... But now it won't let me use the code. 😔 So basically don't put the code in unless you're definately going to check out there and then. Heat added anyway, thanks!

Extra money for Music Magpie mobile phone trade ins!!
Not too often Music Magpie do voucher codes for phones as well as tech. These 3 should work..... APRPHONE20 For phones worth £220 or more APRPHONE10 For phones worth £1… Read more

Mine has been bad unfortunately, apart from that great device but it's getting pretty tiresome having a device that only lasts half a day. Semi interested in Pixel 4a as leaks look good for it or may look at OnePlus offerings.


My battery is fine although never got used to the menu system on samsung handsets and just fancy a change.No 5G in my area in next 5 years i am sure so just looking at 4G handsets


Hopefully something with decent battery, mine has been awful on this since the start :D I'd rather just get rid of this for now while it's still potentially worth something.


I have a Samsung S10e too. What new handset are you considering?


Thanks OP, heat added 8) (y)

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10% off when using code @ MusicMagpie
Once per customer, apply to discount box when checking out. May be other cheaper discount that is applied to give you the best discount. Use code LAND10 i.e. 2 for £5 4 for £8



Not working for me. Logged in. Added full price oasis definitely maybe vinyl. Ah well


i used them before Christmas, ordered a used set of Family Guy DVDs Boxset 1-12, (already had all the season DVDs after that) for 9.99 delivered, when it arrived it was a brand new set unopened, happy days. never had any issues with them tbf only ordered media, not tech from them.


Stay away music magpie the company is dodgy I ordered Apple Watch 3 n got sent a 2 then had to fight to get money back STAY AWAY


Love music magpie with 2 teenagers in the house!

Extra Money for Tradings , with voucher codes if your wanting to sell unwanted Tech phone DVD's @ Music Magpie
Enter the code at the checkout if your selling unwanted/ needed tech while your at home clearing out your cubboards.

Ahh thanks mate, could you kindly let us know what they say please


I had a chat with them earlier and they're looking at alternatives to royal mail drop offs. I can't get to a po anymore as mine was in a whsmith inside a mall which is now shut hence the chat


Also are we allowed to go to the post office or courier company to send item off? I guess wouldn’t really be classed as essential would it?


Are they still open? My son sent his faulty mobile back last week and still hasn't heard any replies to his emails

15% off selected phones (Apple iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus @ Music Magpie
Click the link for all the options available. Plenty of iPhones included - mostly a couple of generations old but still good phones and come with a 12 month warranty

What is general battery health of these ?


How good condition are the phones ?


No problem, I'll add more in a bit.


Thanks for the direct links mrswitch - on my phone with poor signal :(


£123.22 For grade good iPhone 7's, mostly locked to networks. £144.49 For 128gb iPhone 7 in good condition Good find op :) 🔥

10% off all pre-owned CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Games and Books using code @ Music Magpie
Just received an email saying you can get 10% off until midnight on Wednesday 29th January. I’m guessing this is to try and compete with Amazon Warehouse sales May be some good ba… Read more

The books are great too!


I wouldnt say "great selection", but yeah, they do stock a decent size selection of DVDs and a limited selection of Blurays


Vinyl included?


Every Poundland store in the UK stocks this company’s CDs all priced at £1 each, the exact same CDs they sell on their website , great selection of DVDs and Blue Ray too from the same company , well worth popping in for some great music bargains .


Yeah I got that too, guess who bought 7 DVDs from them yesterday? (flirt)

Music Magpie - Get an extra £15 for your phone using code (minimum trade in value £240)
Music Magpie - Get an extra £15 for your phone using code JANPHONE15 Your trade in value must be £240 to qualify for this offer

Thanks, I'll check it out


It's been a while since I used them and maybe they have changed, but it was something like £15 or £20. Might be worth checking they don't charge a handling fee or similar?


I thought they returned the items for free if they amend the quote and you don't accept it. Thats what the T&Cs say as well. is that not the case, as I'm looking to sell my Pixel 3 which is in excellent condition so don't want them to try and tell me its not and offer less.


Yep, been screwed over by them several times and the postage fee for returning an item to you if you don't accept the revised price is ridiculous. I would have got more at cex etc after the downgrade so I don't use these guys anymore.


There are literally dozens of near-identical reviews. Trustpilot, in particular, are in the habit of removing one star reviews at the behest of the retailer where the reviewer can't provide evidence. I'm inclined to believe that for every bad review in there, there's at least a few more that have been taken down. Still, as long as it works for you :)

10% off all Tech at Music Magpie using code
I’ve seen an offer for 15% off certain phones but this is good if you’re looking for something else.

Received the same email. But code doesn’t work for me!

15% off iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ with code @ Music Magpie
15% off iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ with the below code at Music Magpie JINGLE15 Code looks to be generic and was emailed to me in a Music Magpie "myst… Read more

That's the selling page, not the buying page (lol)


Dont buy from music magpie. Bought a refurbished iphone 7. It arrived with a faulty display where it would freeze and the screen would go grey whenever you put pressure on it. Luckily returned it and got a refund.


WOW it's amazing how did you get this price £410 ?


Good code, but still cheaper via MusicMagpie on Ebay for exactly the same item + Nectar points


Looks like you can’t. The message “The previously applied coupon code results in a better deal“ appears at the top for me

Get Up To £40 Extra For Your Tech Trade - Samsung Smartphones £15 Extra - IPhone 7 £15 Extra - Enter Code At Checkout - Music Magipe
Varying discount code for your tech being offered, and some good prices, checkout the minimum order amounts though before applying the code

£11.25 for my Nexus 6P excellent condition. Seems like a generous offer! (lol)


just sold my smashed apple watch series 4 for £41! Not bad at all, ebay is a lot of hassle and you have to wait for fees, i doubt you will get alot for a smashed watch from there as they are so difficult to replace aswell.


Perfectly timed (y)


i.e. this weekend


These deals are a ripoff, just be patient and sell your device on eBay when there is a £1 final value fee

15% off iPhone XS and XS Max (max. £80 off) with voucher code MAGPIE15 @ Music Magpie
Enter the code at the check up for Up to £80 10% off all iPhones including iPhone 11 (max. £60 off) with code IPHONE10 15% off Samsung S10 and S10 Plus (max. £80 off) with cod… Read more

Seems like they have a new code live now...BF15 This is 15% off and looks to be £120 discount max (still pretty good). I just got myself an iPhone XS Max with £106 off...Winner!


Code IPHONE10 does not work on anything


Already has £60 off so this only takes a few quid more off. But all helps :)

Extra 10% Back when you Sell Tech with Voucher Code @ Music Magpie
Get 10% extra when you sell your iPads, Games Consoles, MacBooks and Wearables to musicMagpie from 6/11 - 11/11. The 10% extra offer code cannot be used in conjunction with other … Read more

You can have some heat, I hate Music Magpie when I am selling DVD's but they were the best price when I sold my old Apple iPhone recently and I wish I'd got an extra 10%.

Get £5 Extra On Your Trade In (Sell To) On Smartphones & Tech In General @ Music Magpie Using Code ~5MORE~
Exactly what it says in the title, get £5 more on your trade in to music magpie using the code ~5MORE~
Get 10% off at musicMagpie with code TECHTEN
MusicMagpie are giving 10% off with code TECHTEN, won't work with the existing halloween discount they have. Free delivery .

Thank they you


Oh yeah. You is fine (y)


But if I said "They should be more careful" it would suggest I was talking about somebody else other than theyself


Due to my non-binary identity I'd prefer it if you referred to me as "they" rather than "you". Thanks!


You should be more careful calling somebody sensitive, you could hurt their feelings. ;) :{ ps welcome to 2019 lol

10% Off All Tech - Including Smartphones With Code @ Music Magpie
Not a bad offering, though doesn't seem to stack with the other monies off they are running, better for bigger purchases I'd say

Xbox one x on for 299, so 270. I think that's a good deal with a warranty but could be wrong??


People been waiting for a good deal since 2009


I’m waiting 10% aint nowt special


Thanks. Waiting it out.


I'd wait.

Get an extra 15% off, for selling, using code @ MusicMagPie
Get an extra 15% off, for selling your stuff's, with Code: TAKE15MORE, at MusicMagPie. I got an email about 2 hour's ago highlighting this one. :-) The email was this one: I h… Read more

Hehehehehehe (highfive) and me, I luvvvvvvvvv me a code too, like. :{ Thanx.


Heat added ;) love a code (y)


@n15hu and @MrSwitch , hehehehehehe, thanx for your support guy's. (highfive) 8) Most appreciated. :{ (flirt)


Haha, yeah I know, I was just trying my hand at sarcasm nish. Amour3k gets my vote as well ;)


No my friend MrSwitch. I’m supporting my friend amour3k. He/she has always supported me. So they have my hot vote and support every time. :D

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10%Get An Extra 10% For Your Unwanted Tech Including Tablets And Smartphones / Games Etc @ Music Magpie5/08/2020
10%10% extra trade in (limit to £20 on phones) using code @ Music Magpie5/08/2020