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Music Magpie Discount Codes

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All Music Magpie Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

-10%10% off Pre-Owned Entertainment Items with this voucher @ Music Magpie

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
-10%10% promo code off Tech Sales @ Music Magpie

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

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-10%10% off for Students with this voucher @ Music Magpie

Conditions:Some exclusions apply. Redeem offer at the following link:

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-10%10% off Pre-Owned Music, Films, Games and Book App Orders with this voucher @ Music Magpie

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

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-10%10% promo code off Refurbished Smart Watches @ Music Magpie

Conditions:Valid only on items featured on the promotional page. Some other exclusions may apply.

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10% off
10% off 10% extra on phone sales at Music Magpie
10% added to offer price of phone. This added £22 to my iPhone 7 offer. May also apply to other tech.

Go to Carphone Warehouse - they pay loads more. My Pixel XL 32gb was worth £140 at CPW, but only £80 at MM. Took it into store last week, quick 10 minute test, refunded the money to my card which arrived the next day. Easier than CeX let alone MM.


just tried and it seems to work, also works on iPads.


Tried this today and is still working


Received the full amount today (including the extra 10%) (y) 🏻 (y) 🏻


Still works today. Just got me an extra £22! Thanks!

15% off
15% off 15% off All Pre-Owned CD's DVD's Games and Blurays with Code @ Music Magpie
Enter the code at the checkout Valid till the 19th

Sorry mate, you're absolutely correct. Must have miscalculated, it definitely overrides the 10%.


Doesn't stack for me, when you enter the code it's overrides the 10%


Thanks Op. Very handy. It works with the existing 10% off pre-owned where applicable, so a total of 25% off, and we know their items are usually in top-notch condition.

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More Info Get 10% EXTRA CASH for your Phone & iPad this weekend only! Use code @ Music Magpie
Selling iphone or ipad get and Extra 10% for it enter the code at the checkout.

10% of nothing is nothing.


There are plenty of comparison sites that highlight this is still a crap deal for me (looking to sell an iphone 7 plus). Hoping it benefits someone with a phone that MM are looking for. Although really hoping this isn’t just a lure, with crap prices. For people thinking “10% extra must mean that as a minimum it’ll be competitive”

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More Info Extra 10% payment for trade in on your phone @ Music Magpie
I’ve used magpie on multiple occasions for hassle free trade in. Fair price and even better with this offer.

Just been to cex offering 147 or £200 vouchers for iPhone 7. £220 from magpie with code.


They've put the offer prices down 10% too. Only checked 2 days ago

£5 off
Get an extra £5 if you sell your iPhone on musicmagpie

This offer still works and actually isnt cold, its pretty good. Im about to trade in a iphone 6 at Music Magpie for £141 Cash (£135 + £5 code) CEX are offering £113 cash Quickmobile fix are offering £110 Envirophone & Mazuma are taking the mick with £80. Seems like a win to me as theyre going for £140-150 on ebay


That was lucky, it was going extremely cold. Epic fail


No problem deals expired no more voting


Awh bless


So you're saying an extra FREE £5 is not good? Anything extra is better than nothing. Their probably voting cold cause their seeing your initial first comment that's totally irrelevant and then following the crowd.

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More Info 10% Extra on Tech at Music Magpie
Get an extra 10% when trading in Tech at Music Magpie. Apple released news on their iPhones last week. Today I've found a code that gets you 10% extra when selling phones and tec… Read more

Anyone know when this code expires?? Currently getting £650.10 for an iPhone X 256gb which is almost £40 better than the next trade-in value!


If you have a GAME shop near you just use them instead as their prices are similar to these after the 10% has been added with music magpie Bonus as well is you can walk out with the cash in your hand instead of having to send anything in the post and you could get a tidy sum extra if you wanted it as store credit instead


Yes, it's trustworthy. I've only used them once before but it was a fairly straightforward process. I also know other people that have used them and had no issues.


I've never sold on this site before is it trustworthy? Hear so many bad stories.


No I phone x left unfortunately

20% off
20% off 20% Off Refurbished Tech @ MusicMagpie Store
Use code SUMMER20 for 20% off all refurbished tech. Expiry date unknown.

While I don't like Music Magpie or their business practices I don't believe even they would stoop that low. Not much of a trick if it's so brazen either!


This trick is also used for money laundering (just a general observation!).


Your wife (lol)


Wow, just bought 6, now, who will give me £997 for one, any takers?


They're selling a ps2 for the same price as a ps3

More Info
More Info Music Magpie - 10% extra paid this weekend
An extra 10% paid on a wide range of items this weekend, excludes Lego. I’ve used them in the past to sell a few things and prices paid are always fairly competitive and service … Read more

Ziffit are giving 15% this weekend (MAYDAY15), so if you have the time it may be worthwhile comparing the prices on them both, most tings are around the same prices but some can vary a lot.


Very annoying I sent off some stuff yesterday 😣

10% off
10% off 10% off everything on Music Magpie

Brought some CD's from them last year CD's never came they wouldn't return my money had to get PayPal involved to get my money back be warned use PayPal if your gonna deal with them!!!



Never had a problem getting CDs or films; tech I'd be a bit more wary bout


What are they like for getting cd's from? 4 cd's £6 I could fill some gaps in my music collection to top up my server of music. Normal buy new from Amazon when they do £5 on collections. They then sit in a box once ripped to mp3.


Well I’ve sold a phone to them in the past and they are a shocking company to deal with. They played that familiar game of lowering the price once they had the handset. In my case it was something like £110 for online quote, lowered to £25 once received for some ‘colour issue’ on the screen that didn’t exist. I got it sent back but it was minus the retail box and cables. Got it sorted in the end but it involved lots of fighting with them and ultimately having to track down the CEO’s email address. I would avoid Music Magpie at all costs.

10% off
10% off Get an extra 10% on anything you sell to them in January 2018, with code: JAN10, at Music Magpie
Get an extra 10% on anything you sell to them in January 2018, with code: JAN10, at Music Magpie.

Any Referral codes? This doesn’t work to sell


Can anyone PM me a referral code? :)


I’m pretty sure that the user trying to sell. I’ve tried it too for what I’m selling and it’s also not working.


Lol, most definitely. :-)


"Get an extra 10% on anything you sell to them in January 2018, with code: JAN10, at Music Magpie." And not: "Get an extra 10% on anything you buy in January 2018, with code: JAN10, at Music Magpie." You read the Title + Description to my Voucher Deal wrong ... That's why it didn't work. I made the same mistake too, when I initially Posted it 4 day's back, but I quickly rectified it a few hours back on the same day - when another visitor (scroll up) to my Post, pointed out my error also ... It's an odd criteria, I know!. But, like the explosion of Cash Converters, CEX, GAME, Gumtree, eBay + alllllllll those other Retailers (both physical, and/or virtual), it appears that bare people are selling their Ware's these day's?. So I gathered my Post may perhaps be of use to some ... (That's the air of the nature of current austerity measures for you I guess?).

15% off
15% off 15% off used games using Code @ Music magpie
Winter sale at Music Magpie gives 5% off PS4 and Xbox one games which isn't a lot, but i can be stacked with the discount code to get an extra 15% off. They also have 10-15% off Ps… Read more

your right, far cry primal was about £11.85 the other day, now its back up to £16.57 :/ strange


Wow. Some seriously overpriced older games like cod ghosts. To name but one. I'm out as these can be picked up elsewhere for a lot less.


They have put their prices up by one or two pounds compared to yesterday or the day before too


Even after 15% off they're more expensive than the alternatives


Yes I have experienced this. Only about 50% of orders I made this year I actually got. But I wasn't refunded until contacting them to ask why the order hadn't been shipped.

10% off
10% off 10% off MusicMagpie shop on eBay (Black Friday Offer)
Works on any item I believe. i.e the "Pristine" Black (unlocked) Samsung S8 will go from 539.99 to 486. Works on mac books etc. too. Obviously MusicMagpie sells refurbished/ pre-o… Read more

Phone finally arrived today. Great condition and I got my 10% Quidco tracked too. All in all, paid around £395 for the S8 Plus. Happy man :D


Looks like Quidco is back down to 1% for eBay :(


ive just spent £1000 on ebay this past hour from 3 transactions and linked through quidco. I didnt come out of ebay or quidco on each transaction just paid on 3 separate transactions , would this track as one or 3 transactions in my quidco? I just hope they dont try link all 3 to one activity cause I would only get a max of £50 instead of £100


They’ve been doing 10% off on there site for a while now on and off.


Yeah, got it sorted earlier, cheers anyway

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10%10% off Pre-Owned Entertainment Items with this voucher @ Music Magpie23/03/2019
10%10% promo code off Tech Sales @ Music Magpie23/03/2019
10%10% off for Students with this voucher @ Music Magpie23/03/2019
10%10% off Pre-Owned Music, Films, Games and Book App Orders with this voucher @ Music Magpie23/03/2019
10%10% promo code off Refurbished Smart Watches @ Music Magpie23/03/2019