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App exclusive: 10% off all pre-owned music, films, games & books @ MusicMagpie using the code 10FIRST
Just saw the banner in the MusicMagpie app Play your cards right and you'll find some decent deals on pre-owned games (especially last gen for any retro gamers our there) so the 1… Read more

Near the bottom of the basket page


How do you add a code on the app? Can't see it anywhere.


YAY, another soon to be hour - a few days of everyone, one by one listing everything music magpie sell on they whole site oh the fun to come


Useful, but they have a 10% off code most of the time.

10% extra on phone sales at Music Magpie
10% added to offer price of phone. This added £22 to my iPhone 7 offer. May also apply to other tech.

Hot. Still working


Go to Carphone Warehouse - they pay loads more. My Pixel XL 32gb was worth £140 at CPW, but only £80 at MM. Took it into store last week, quick 10 minute test, refunded the money to my card which arrived the next day. Easier than CeX let alone MM.


just tried and it seems to work, also works on iPads.


Tried this today and is still working


Received the full amount today (including the extra 10%) (y) 🏻 (y) 🏻

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Extra 10% on Tech Trade-Ins @ MusicMagpie
Extra 10% on Tech Trade-Ins @ MusicMagpie this Bank Holiday weekend with code MAYDAY10. :)

Check out almost any gaming post and you'll see Tarotbarnes saying 'thanks', it's unbelievably tiresome.


Why is this spamming?


Please stop spamming.


Doesn’t include mobiles which is a shame


Not bad at all. Thanks

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10% Extra Cash Added to Items being sold to Music Magpie with Code (excludes mobile phones)
Customers simply enter the code MAYBANK10 at the checkout to get 10% more for anything they're selling. Excludes Mobiles. From Weds 22/05 until … Read more

Brilliant x(y)


This is great. I got more for my phone last time than had I sold it on eBay/private.

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*1 left* Used Nintendo Selects Lego City Undercover The Chase Begins 3DS £8.89 (possibly £8 with code) @ Music Magpie - free delivery
Another great 3DS game available for under £10 at Music Magpie. If you haven't already, use the code 10FIRST for 10% off this game if you are ordering on the app. Details here … Read more

Feck ewe, duke wad!


So that 2 people can buy it?


Only 2 available! why even bother to post. Cold from me cold

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Get 10% extra cash for your CDs and games with code 10EASTER @ Music Magpie
Just got this whilst checking the Music Magpie app. Terms and conditions in the screenshot at the bottom.

I bought 2 cd's a minute between each other not realising it was 2 for 2.25 instead of 1.50 each and they refused to refund me the 75p.


Never had MM say anything other than "we dont want your rubbish book/CD/DVD when have entered the code" so given up on them


Great that’s another penny then (lol)

10% Off All Games, TV, Film & Music @ Music Magpie With Code
Scribblenaughts Nintendo Switch pre owned £8.80 I assume its generic and not just because Mr Switch has a birthd… Read more

I did some reading up on it. It seems you'll be able to play it with other people, VR and normal users! 'Play in multiplayer and casually wave to your non-VR friends or fist bump your PSVR peers.' Even if they'll have to scale back the models and draw distance I'll still be interested.


Revealed in last night's State of Play (3:05): I'm not sure about MP VR - I'd say VR alone would tax the std PS4 so maybe not.


That news passed me by (shock) . I never thought they'd be able to do it, but now I think I'll have to get it as well. I wonder if there's MP VR?


Just tested the system and both are working and give the same result APP10 - 10% Off Pre-Owned Music, Films, Games & Books Promotion: HAPPY BIRTHDAY - SAVE 10%! Both only works on pre-owned btw


APP is replaced with BDAY 10 is at the end of both

10% off Music. TV, Videos and Games
Via email today

Thanks, worked for me today.


Thanks OP used today


Thanks (y)


Worked fine for me today, cheers OP!


Only works on used items.

15% off All Pre-Owned CD's DVD's Games and Blurays with Code @ Music Magpie
Enter the code at the checkout Valid till the 19th

Sorry mate, you're absolutely correct. Must have miscalculated, it definitely overrides the 10%.


Doesn't stack for me, when you enter the code it's overrides the 10%


Thanks Op. Very handy. It works with the existing 10% off pre-owned where applicable, so a total of 25% off, and we know their items are usually in top-notch condition.

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Get 10% EXTRA CASH for your Phone & iPad this weekend only! Use code @ Music Magpie
Selling iphone or ipad get and Extra 10% for it enter the code at the checkout.

10% of nothing is nothing.


There are plenty of comparison sites that highlight this is still a crap deal for me (looking to sell an iphone 7 plus). Hoping it benefits someone with a phone that MM are looking for. Although really hoping this isn’t just a lure, with crap prices. For people thinking “10% extra must mean that as a minimum it’ll be competitive”

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Extra 10% payment for trade in on your phone @ Music Magpie
I’ve used magpie on multiple occasions for hassle free trade in. Fair price and even better with this offer.

Just been to cex offering 147 or £200 vouchers for iPhone 7. £220 from magpie with code.


They've put the offer prices down 10% too. Only checked 2 days ago

Get an extra £5 if you sell your iPhone on musicmagpie

This offer still works and actually isnt cold, its pretty good. Im about to trade in a iphone 6 at Music Magpie for £141 Cash (£135 + £5 code) CEX are offering £113 cash Quickmobile fix are offering £110 Envirophone & Mazuma are taking the mick with £80. Seems like a win to me as theyre going for £140-150 on ebay


That was lucky, it was going extremely cold. Epic fail


No problem deals expired no more voting


Awh bless


So you're saying an extra FREE £5 is not good? Anything extra is better than nothing. Their probably voting cold cause their seeing your initial first comment that's totally irrelevant and then following the crowd.

10% Off All Refurbished Smartwatches With Code @ Music Magpie
As the title says, use the code to get 10% off all smartwatches.

I know, should have looked before posting, try not to post too many apple deals, there are 3 Samsung watches however, the s3 is £169.99 152.99 with the code.


I can only see Apple watches there :(

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Extra £5 When you Trade in any Tech Item @ Music Magpie w/code GET5MORE
Also 10% Extra Cash for Students

Thanks for posting (y)


I think generally cex is still better offer if trading in for a cex voucher. I just look at PS3 selling prices and it's still £5 more at cex. The ps vita price is woeful on music magpie too.

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10% Extra on Tech at Music Magpie
Get an extra 10% when trading in Tech at Music Magpie. Apple released news on their iPhones last week. Today I've found a code that gets you 10% extra when selling phones and tec… Read more

Anyone know when this code expires?? Currently getting £650.10 for an iPhone X 256gb which is almost £40 better than the next trade-in value!


If you have a GAME shop near you just use them instead as their prices are similar to these after the 10% has been added with music magpie Bonus as well is you can walk out with the cash in your hand instead of having to send anything in the post and you could get a tidy sum extra if you wanted it as store credit instead


Yes, it's trustworthy. I've only used them once before but it was a fairly straightforward process. I also know other people that have used them and had no issues.


I've never sold on this site before is it trustworthy? Hear so many bad stories.


No I phone x left unfortunately

20% Off Refurbished Tech @ MusicMagpie Store
Use code SUMMER20 for 20% off all refurbished tech. Expiry date unknown.

While I don't like Music Magpie or their business practices I don't believe even they would stoop that low. Not much of a trick if it's so brazen either!


This trick is also used for money laundering (just a general observation!).


Your wife (lol)


Wow, just bought 6, now, who will give me £997 for one, any takers?


They're selling a ps2 for the same price as a ps3

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Music Magpie - 10% extra paid this weekend
An extra 10% paid on a wide range of items this weekend, excludes Lego. I’ve used them in the past to sell a few things and prices paid are always fairly competitive and service … Read more

Ziffit are giving 15% this weekend (MAYDAY15), so if you have the time it may be worthwhile comparing the prices on them both, most tings are around the same prices but some can vary a lot.


Very annoying I sent off some stuff yesterday 😣

10% off Refurbished Tech with Code @ Music Magpie
Offer: 10% Off all Refurbished Tech (Mobiles, Tablets, Wearables and Macbooks) Code: 10-off-tech Terms: Valid until 22/04, not to be used in… Read more

Nice got my lg g5 from them via ebay.

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