Audible UK discount codes

Audible UK Discount Codes

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Audible UK brings you the world of audio books - best selling fiction and non-fiction, crime, humour, romance, thrillers, fantasy, classics and more. The download takes only seconds and there are over a 200,000 titles to choose from. The audio books can be heard on an MP3 player, mobile phone or other handheld device and be accessed from anywhere. You can make audio book purchases from the online store or you can become a member and enjoy savings of up to 70% and even exchange the ones that you don’t like!

All Audible UK Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

-50%50% promo code off Memberships for 4 Months @ Audible

Expires:in 24 days

Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Offer is not available to existing Audible members or those participating in an Audible free trial. For the first 4 months of your Audible membership, you will be charged the discounted price of £3.99/mo. After the first 4 months, your Audible membership will automatically renew at £7.99/mo until cancelled. You will be billed monthly, and will receive one credit each month, good for any Audible audiobook. The promotion applies only to items sold by The same items sold by other sellers (e.g., etc.) do not qualify. Claim codes cannot be resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other Audible account, except where required by law. This promotion may not be combined with other offers. Limit one per customer and account. Audible account required. Other terms and conditions apply, including those available at If you violate any of the terms or conditions, the promotion will be invalid, and the offer will not apply. Audible reserves the right to modify or cancel at any time. Any terms prohibited by law shall be void without prejudice to the remaining terms.

Get code & visit site
50% off
50% off 50% Audible Membership for returning customers: £3.99/month for 4 months

Worked for me, thank you. (y)


Thank you. It worked for me too :)


worked for me, thanks!


Thought it was 4 months for a total of £3.99. Alas, its £3.99 per month for 4 months and then back to £7.99 I renewed, so thanks for this! (I also didn't have the invite and Fwiw haven't been a member for well over a year)


Yes that just happened to me too, happy days :D

£3.99 off
£3.99 off Audible - 50% off per month for 4 months, £3.99 pm
Audible - 50% off per month for 4 months. Alternative to the Groupon deal.

Great. Thanks


Restarted my dormant account this week so this code still works as of 17th October.


Had an issue getting this, so I spoke to live chat and they activated it for me. Worth a shot.


Anyone got this to work recently?


Another (but sometimes random) way to get cheaper Audible books is to check out the Kindle Books offers, which are often free or 99p, on Amazon. You can either search by subject or theme (e.g. children, fiction etc), and select price low to high. There is an option to select the ones with Audible narration, on the left hand menu. Then you can check the "Add narration" button below "Buy". This can be as low as £2.99 - £3.49.

£3.99 off
£3.99 off Audible 50% off for 4 months. Promo Code COMEBACK18
I just had an email through offering 4 months at £3.99 per month instead of the normal £7.99. I've plenty of audio books in my backlog (largely thanks to Game of Thrones being so … Read more

There is a £3.99 for 3 months offer on the rotating banner of the Audible home page at the moment (item 2) in case anyone is still looking for a discount. I already have an account with them but haven't had a subscription for over a year, so I think you need to have an account to see this.


Yep, now expired. Damn!


Just missed out! Sorry, this promotion appears to have expired. If you think we have made a mistake, please contact Customer Care.


It worked for me too, thanks. However I’ve not seen any of the usual sales on (2 for 1, or buy 3 get £10). Is it just me or have they stopped doing these kind of sales?


Still working today via Smithy's link

36% off
36% off 3-Month Audiobook Subscription, 36% Off - £3.43 per Month @

Still working. Did the same as l_bromilow. Well chuffed.


Still working thank you!


Tried it just now. Worked no problem.


Had to cancel my account, then rejoin with this code. They gave me a free credit to stay first. So cashed that in then cancelled and rejoined at half the price. Win/win!


worked for me thanks

£3 off
£3 off Audible 3 month membership 2.39 with code

Please expire


Code didn't work for me, got the following error message - Sorry, this promotion appears to have expired. If you think we have made a mistake, please contact Customer Care.


​what I did was went to audible site and put the 3 month membership in the basket and then added the code. It worked for me.


What does your membership page then show? Does it mention the offer or look like.. Membership Plan Description: 1 book monthly membership: £7.99 a month Receive 1 credit each month. Roll over up to 6 credits. Enjoy select titles and samples free


​This just worked for me .

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£7.99 off
£7.99 off Audible UK - £1.99 per month for three months deal - save on the usual £7.99 per month
INSTRUCTIONS: Hope this will be of use to Audio book lovers - until 20 May 2016, go to the Audible UK website, sign up for their one book a month membership, type in code " O2AP… Read more

Nice, been wanting a new discount code since the last one didn't work for me. Had to pay full price last month, but this one worked after cancelling, thanks for posting.


Brilliant, just finished the previous £1.99/month deal so this is perfectly timed :D


Many thanks. I've got a few credits to use first but I'll give it a try


Need to cancel then renew with voucher


How do you get it to work? Do you have to switch membership plans?

£5 off
£5 off less than half price - £2.99 for 3 months
INSTRUCTIONS: Get the first three months of for £2.99 Instead of £7.99

I got the following message. Please expire as no longer valid. AUD5OFF16 - Sorry, this promotion appears to have expired. If you think weve made a mistake, please contact Customer Care.


Worked with an existing account


Get this message when using gift centre :(


It does work with existing accounts. Just go to gift centre, then promotional code, and it works


where do you enter the code? I just get taken straight to a payment page with credit card details

More Info
More Info 3 months for £0.99 at Audible UK!
INSTRUCTIONS: Audible membership for 99p per month for 3 months instead of £7.99 per month. 99p gets you one free book a month - which is great value considering how expensive … Read more

I got the following error message, please expire as no longer valid. CBTA99P - Sorry, this promotion appears to have expired. If you think weve made a mistake, please contact Customer Care.


HUKD will you PLEASE mark this as expired?! It has been expired for months and yet for the last couple of months I repeatedly see in search engines. Very misleading!


Thanks OP :)


Hint: CBTA stands for Come Back To Audible, so it is for existing account holders who have not subscribed in a while.


They said that it is eligible only to existing customers that received the email with the code itself.

£0.99 off
£0.99 off Audible 99p for three months for new & current subscriptions
Found this in the MSE newsletter. I cancelled my previous subscription (after using remaining credits) then went to restart it using the code MSE907H1ED & got 3 months at 99p! … Read more

Not expired, just logged back into my previous Audible account to try the code, works perfectly.


Yep, definitely not expired.


Code is not expired , Code just worked for me.


Thanks , Code just worked for me.


This hasn't expired, I just now cancelled my membership (my previous 99p offer ran out) went to account->redeem gift-> redeem promo voucher-> used this code, and it went through perfectly and I'm back on the 99p train. Also, I tried before I cancelled just in case and it said I wasn't eligible so be sure to cancel first. I don't know when it expires but it certainly hasn't yet.

88% off
88% off 3 months for £0.99 at Audible UK!
INSTRUCTIONS: Audible membership for 99p per month for 3 months instead of £7.99 per month. 99p gets you one free book a month - which is great value considering how expensive … Read more

I got the following error messages. Please can this post be expired? OCT99 - Sorry, this promotion appears to have expired. If you think we have made a mistake, please contact Customer Care. MSE907H1ED - Sorry! Due to the overwhelming success of this promotion, weve reached our maximum number of awards. This promotional code can no longer be used.


That code worked for me. Thanks


try this code MSE907H1ED


Thanks, this should be super hot!!!!


code worked for me. Thanks.


Doesn't work any more due to the overwhelming popularity of this offer so they have reached the limit that they will allow to use it booooo!


just cancelled and signed up again with this. I'm sure I've used this before. HEAT!


Thank You. I love audible, and now I drive over 30 mins each way to & from work I have time to listen. Used the code and it's worked for me, no problem. Cheers


thx very much . worked perfect for me

£3 off

I can't get this - it's saying they've reached their max number of awards so I can't have it. Boo...


You'll be on the £7.99/month plan, but only paying 99p/month. Been doing this since I started at the turn of the year!


Thanks, tried it, should it say 99p for three months anywhere in my account? Got an receipt for 99p but that's it. Just says I'm on monthly £7.99

More Info
More Info 3 months, 99p a month using discount code @

brilliant - thank you !!


Heat added, worked for me


hot! thanks op, audible deals are few and far between


Just cancelled my membership this morning because it was too expensive - managed to apply the code less than ten minutes later and get the deal. Thank you!


It worked for me, thank you for posting.

£7 off
£7 off 3 months, 99p a month using discount code @

If it doesn't work, as it just didn't for me, go to the url, and where it says '=false' at the very end, change 'false' to true and it will work. I just got refused the code, changed to true and it worked. I only cancelled my previous membership 10 mins ago. Heat added.


thank you so much for posting this code, i saw the deal a few day ago but the link did not work. Voucher cloud kept sending me the same link over and over again and it does not work. Now i have the code i can contact audible directly. Thank you :D edit to add: That code does not seem to work.


Bless your heart for sharing this! :)


Worked for me 2 minutes after cancelling.


If it doesn't work (blank page after submitting), try checking the URL it sends you to. If it ends "o=false", change it to "o=true" and it should work - it did for me.

70% off
70% off 70% off for first 3 months - £7.17 for 3months get u 3 credits using discount code @

this code doesn't work :(


and I was an Existing, non subscribed customer


sorry it was the url at:-


had problems trying to use. I searched the web and found this offer which still worked with their link. 70MEM3M2014


Was trying on a mobile. Tried on a phone, and now works :)

£7 off
£7 off Exclusive 1 book / month at 99p for 3 months using discount code @

Wondering if I will get cashback... worth a try :)


Thanks a lot x


Does anyone know if you can get cashback with this offer?


I don't think it is expired as I tried and it's still available?


Weird it said due to popularity it can't be used any more, for some reason I went back and tried again... IT WORKED. Strange website! Thanks!

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