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MSI Katana GF66 12UGSZOK-1034UK Gaming Laptop, i7-12650H, 8GB*2, 1TB SSD, 15.6" 144Hz, RTX 3070 Ti 8GB, Windows 11 Home - £899 @ Amazon

£899£1,19925% off
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Now with the latest 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processors and powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics, the Katana GF66 has reached new limits of power. Optimized to unleash true performance during gameplay, the new Katana GF66 is built with the same exquisite craftsmanship used to forge a blade. Run at optimal performance and shine on the battlefield!

Katana GF66 [12UGSZOK-1034UK] Key Specs:
15.6" FHD (1920x1080) 144Hz IPS-Level Panel
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU (8GB GDDR6)
12th Gen Intel Core i7-12650H processor
16GB DDR5 RAM (8GB*2 Dual Channel)

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

NAGANO TSUYOSHI PROFESSIONAL ILLUSTRATOR IN GAMING CHARACTERSNagano Tsuyoshi, who created the most impressive and well-recognized game cover of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms V” which is beloved by gamers since the 1990s, has done it again.

Together, MSI and Nagano Tsuyoshi, bring a sophisticated spirit to the tailorization of the Katana GF series. With a mutual vision for gaming, this collaboration has created a masterpiece for gamers.

REINVENTING MULTI-CORE ARCHITECTUREKatana GF66 for the first time equips the latest 12th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor, with performance and efficiency cores providing an unprecedented boost in multitasking work and heavy games.

  • Hybrid Core Architecture
  • 14 Cores
  • Up to 30% Performance boost
  • Intel 7 process

*Performance compared to previous gen i7-11800H. Specs varies by model.

GEFORCE RTX 30 SERIES LAPTOPS, THE ULTIMATE PLAY EMPOWER THE FULL PERFORMANCEGeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs deliver the ultimate performance for gamers and creators. They're powered by Ampere—NVIDIA's 2nd gen RTX architecture—with new RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors for the most realistic ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features.

*Performance may vary by system configuration and game settings.

Comes with exclusive red illumination and built on a solid metal shielding with 1.7mm of key travel for better responsive and tactile feedback. The new ergonomically-designed keyboard will meet all the needs.

FAST GAMING DISPLAYThe 144Hz IPS-level display brings you striking visuals and smooth refresh rate so you never miss a thing.

*Optional. Actual specification may vary by configurations.

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  1. jazid's avatar
    Didn't know about the poor brightness (250nits) and poor colour palette (50%DCI).
    On the surface it looked great value if you can cope with the small battery.

    Now it's an avoid for my usage.

    Still a very good if you intend to only use with an external monitor I suppose.


    pcworld.com/art…tml (edited)
  2. Gav's avatar

    This a better review of this actual model. It's a great price for the specs and would've bought it but no thunderbolt, so a no from me
    Sanzai's avatar
    That review summarises with this though: MSI cuts some corners in many areas. With this, the gaming laptop looks better on paper than some of our measurements reveal.

    Basically, it's decent specs for the price for the most part but you have to consider the screen as with any laptop that is one of the main ways you interact with what the CPU and GPU are doing
  3. Paul_f1's avatar
    You think they would have made it with a qhd screen
    markyo007's avatar
    On a screen this small? Pointless
  4. phunny12000's avatar
    Amazing price but the displays are apparently terrible even in the 4070 version
    50% DCI coverage unless planning on external display
    phunny12000's avatar
    Lenovo are well made
    Factories in Ireland i believe so anyone living there might get them cheaper
    MSI top tier are great but expensive and lower down they're more brute force
    The vector Vs the Acer Helios the MSI vector was slightly better in gaming but the screen and user experience was better in the Helios and not just a gaming brute as Jarrod described it but this katana is still an incredible deal especially how much you would have to pay for any! 4000 series to even match it at the moment
    And the 4000 series has released with some high power 4070s which is unusual compared to previous years where lower power were released first , and still not showing massive improvement over previous Gen
    Plus Nvidia moved the tiers after the 4080 was tested and said to be disappointing so they moved it down and renamed it
    The 4070 according to Nvidia is the replacement for the 3060
    All about money
    You might actually make money reselling this in 6, months LOL
  5. loverboy21's avatar
    Is this the 90 watt 3070TI if so about on par with a RTX 3070 120 watt or a RTX 4060 105 watt.
    JamesFallon's avatar
    Same wattage 3070 is literally only around 5% slower than the 3070ti.
    A 120w 3070 absolutely obliterates this.
  6. Wafoe's avatar
    Indeed has a 105W TDP 3070 Ti. The 105W 3070 Ti is just 4% faster on average compared to the 140W 3060. It also doesn't have a MUX switch which means gaming performance is strongly impaired when using the laptop's display. Not that you'd want to use that screen anyways since it's worse than your grandma's CRT. notebookcheck.net/MSI…tml (edited)
    MeneerSmith's avatar
    Not same model.

    This is a Katana GF66 12UGSZOK while the notebook check is Katana GF66 12UGS.
  7. komi's avatar
    Looks like it comes with a 180w Power supply, so assuming its low TDP GPU (EDIT: the GF66 12UGSZOK is 140w GPU)

    DOCTORPUSS's avatar
    Different model.
    Katana GF66 – Sharpen Your Game (msi.com)

    Power adapter seems to have gone up to 240W across the board as well since that review. (For the 12UGS variants that is). (edited)
  8. eggmanpete's avatar
    Very cheap. No gaming laptop deal comes close at the moment.
    Yes the screen seems bad and it's not latest gen, but 3070ti and 12th gen Intel for £900 is amazing
    Habibs_ICT_Tutorials's avatar
    For £899 🫣
  9. volleyking's avatar
    very good price the the specs. heat !
  10. LEB123's avatar
    Really really good specs for the price 🔥
  11. ud987's avatar
    Now showing as £1828. Seems like deal expired
    Mikaiyel_Miah's avatar
    Stupidly overpriced At 1800.
    It's a £900 laptop max. Not really a bargain. (edited)
  12. kgman's avatar
    Outstanding deal. Best one I've seen for a gaming laptop for a while.
  13. shayman1992's avatar
    Great price
  14. NicholasTimothyJones's avatar
    Absolute corker for the price.
  15. hb1982's avatar
    Good price
    Big price reduction ahead of the 40 series coming onto the market
  16. bovrilla's avatar
    I replaced an awful TN screen with a more tasty IPS on my old MSI laptop, it might be possible with a bit of detective work to find a nicer screen for this one (fearless modders only)

    There is nothing close to this specs wise at present, although 17.3 inch would be more pleasant
    bfhf's avatar
    We should read SRGB coverage if you really want IPS. no matter IPS or VA panel. IPS not equal 100% SRGB coverage.
  17. Rumcajs_9's avatar
    A great offer if you are looking for a PC replacement, and connect am external monitor, as the one installed here is pathetic. The battery is pretty much non existing.
    ataritheone's avatar
    As well as heavily underpowered parts!
  18. pdpd's avatar
    Must be miss price.. cant believe the budget line katana with a 3070 let alone ti is at this price

    it's well worth it at this price if your looking for gaming laptop at this price range for performance

    They want to save people £ but cash ££ in them selfs the i7 12650H is a 10 core processor with 6 performance and 4 eco cores with a high tdp 3070ti still a good processor but a bizarre combo and not worth the rrp prices imo (edited)
    PsychoSonny's avatar
  19. Big_Mr_P's avatar
    I have this and have used it for 3 months now for 3d design and general use. I think the build quality is a bit poor for the price (£999 when I bought). Id recommend a Lenovo legion 5, IF you can find one for the right price for you.
    Battery life is ridiculously poor, but I tend to move from summerhouse to lounge so my I can use with charger.
    My thoughts are it’s a lot of laptop for the price but battery life and build quality have suffered. That said, for £900 it’s a good buy, and whilst I might gripe I would actually recommend it.
    MeneerSmith's avatar
    Is yours the zok variant like this deal? If so what is the watts/tdp of the gpu?
  20. benedictmurray's avatar
    How does this compare yona Lenovo Legion I'm looking at,
    Lenovo Legion 5 15.6 FHD IPS ,512GB SSD, AMD Ryzen 7,GPU RTX 3070,RAM 16GB
    This looks better I think.
    It's the same price .
    MeneerSmith's avatar
    If it is a legion 3070 at £900 that would be well worth posting as a deal on here.

    Legion will be better than this deal but check the screen.

    120hz is below average, 144hz is ok (probably would be this one), 165hz and better are pretty nice. If it was a qhd, 1440p, that would make it a really good deal...and you would need to pm me where it is so I can get one before they go out of stock five seconds after you posted it on here as a deal. :P
  21. OhTyler's avatar
    This laptop is absolutely trash. Sure, the GPU is nice for this money but the display is absolutely pants. Build quality is poor. Keyboard rubbish. I bought it from someone local, with virtually the same specs, simply to make a profit as he had it on for super cheap. I used it for a few hours and couldn't believe how bad it was for an MSI laptop. Everything about it is poor. Mine wasn't the Ti version. The only saving grace about it was I paid £600 for it (also came with a nice wireless Corsair mouse that I kept!) and sold it for £800 on eBay during one of their promotions.

    If you buy this I would suggest hooking it up to an external Monitor and also purchasing a decent keyboard. (edited)
  22. Shaftydude's avatar
    Cracking deal.
  23. Nicolas's avatar
    899 should be the normal price as u can get 3080 for way cheaper than 1800
    eggmanpete's avatar
  24. eggmanpete's avatar

    Anyone with the 3070ti model care to find out the actual TDP?
    whorlow's avatar
    If you can wait until April 27th, I can tell you mine
  25. zebz001's avatar
    Anyone know what’s the TDP? Thanks in advance. (edited)
    MeneerSmith's avatar
    I hate MSI's so much as I saw it on their page at 140w (125w+15w) here:


    but if it is only 105w then it is not that good a deal.
  26. JohnNg's avatar
    What wattage?

    How bad is the screen for those that have it? (edited)
    loverboy21's avatar
    not sure but looks like the 90 watt.
  27. whorlow's avatar
    No delivery until end of April, may
  28. maltloaf_df's avatar
    Excellent specs for the price but I personally don't rate the design. I tested one alongside a Legion and a Predator and ended up buying the Predator even though the MSI was the cheapest
  29. shamus21's avatar
    If this is the 140watt 3070 TI it is not a bad deal. Personally i am not a fan of MSI laptops that said they are doing a better job with the new rtx 4000 series.
  30. bfhf's avatar
    I can't find out any SRGB coverage information from MSI, There's a link for some information what I can find, anyone can find it ?
    notebookcheck.net/MSI…tml (edited)
  31. Mikaiyel_Miah's avatar
    This laptops GPU tdp is a 3070ti 105w. It's okay deal. Very similar performance to a 3060ti 140w.
    lutherinlondon's avatar
    Where have you found this info? There's a lot of confusion about this on here.
  32. Sourz31's avatar
    Deal must be gone now, link price is now £1800
    Habibs_ICT_Tutorials's avatar
    It's back on at £899
  33. eggmanpete's avatar
    MSI Katana GF66 12UC-668UK, i7-12650H, 2.3 GHz, 8GB*1, 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD, 15.6" 144Hz FHD, RTX 3050 GDDR6 4GB

    is now £899. I guess the 3070ti version was a misprice?
  34. Habibs_ICT_Tutorials's avatar
    The deal is back on at £899 peeps
's avatar