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Posted 9 September 2023

Dream D10 Plus vacuum robot with mop and self emptying station

£273.42£33919% off
£11.95 from Germany ·
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Im personally searching for a robot with a self cleaning station for a while low but unwilling to pay over the top. This one has great vacuum results and it’s under £300, what’s not too love about it? The app is supposed to be good too.

Obviously a bit cheaper with a few free card.

- After each cleaning session, the D10 Plus Robot will automatically return to the 2.5L collection base to quietly and precisely empty the collected dust itself. Emptying the robot in just 10 seconds minimises interruptions and optimises cleaning time. DualBoost technology efficiently collects dust without clogging thanks to two air circulation paths to remove dirt, block odours and prevent clogging. Empty the collection base every 45 days, avoiding daily contact with dust and secondary pollution
- [Intelligent Laser LiDAR Navigation] The D10 Plus can accurately map the home in just 8 minutes (100m²) and avoid obstacles for efficient and effective cleaning, especially in rooms with furniture close together. You can scan within an 8-metre radius and use LiDAR navigation and a SLAM algorithm for dynamic mapping and intelligent route planning: Accurate detection, more accurate mapping. Wider scan radius, faster mapping. Better navigation, less bumps
- [Cleaning scheduling and customisation] Take control via the app to set the robot's cleaning locations and times, as well as which spots to avoid. Voice commands allow you to start, pause or stop the robot by integrating Google Assistent or Alexa, making automatic cleaning even more convenient. Operations can be customised in the app to select cleaning modes, clean chosen rooms, set a virtual wall, define areas to avoid and more
- [Powerful 4000 Pa suction] The powerful, self-adjusting suction penetrates deep into carpets and thoroughly cleans hard surfaces to remove dirt, debris, hair, pet hair and more; it is ideal for homes with pets. The intelligent carpet detection function allows the suction pressure to be adjusted up to 4000 Pa, while the roller design of the main brush promotes deep and effective cleaning
- [2-in-1 Vacuum and Wash] Setting water usage for floor cleaning to suit your needs has never been more convenient, simply choose from three different water volume options to control the water usage and humidity of the floor washer according to the dirt on the floor, for efficient and thorough cleaning. The high-capacity 5,200 mAh battery provides high power for continuous cleaning on a large scale, up to 190 minutes without interruption
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  1. MJ_Bull's avatar
    HUKD won't let me post this for some reason - I've never had much luck with that (mostly my fault tbf) - but this one from Amazon UK will do everything this deal does, minus the mop feature (whatever that even is), and for only £184.99 with the 50% voucher selected, delivered direct from Amazon:


    I've had mine for a fortnight and I can confirm it's a premium product. I've had zero complaints and have been very satisfied with the results.
    Moss.b's avatar
    It's not a brand I've heard of and from experience I would stay well clear unless you know otherwise. Reason is because they will stop support and abandon it.
  2. DubDriver's avatar
    A lot of reviews on YouTube, I think this is worth a watch.
    Good value for money, though useless mop and no optical side sensors.
  3. scott2c's avatar
    This is just another Xiaomi brand? Looks exactly like my roborock.
    Optometrist6's avatar
    Most of xiaomi's own branded robot vacs are made by dreame.

    Their cheaper versions are called mijia, and the premium one is roborock
  4. arty3000's avatar
    Is this better than the Eufy RoboVac X8 for £299 in the other deal?
  5. googleboogle's avatar
    These things any good. Or a total gimmick
    tinky13's avatar
    Not sure about self emptying thing but the robots are great as long as you get one with the LiDAR (laser mapping). We've had one for almost 3 years now and couldn't live without one now, three pets produce a ton of fur on the floor!
  6. 10dulkar's avatar
    Always wanted my own mob. That's OP.
  7. Ah-hem's avatar
  8. SJK_256's avatar
    Have some heat. We have this model, not used the mop function, but the vacuum works very well on fairly thick carpet and hard flooring. Self-emptying feature is great, but briefly very noisy.
  9. ziggycat's avatar
    I've just bought a Roborock Q7 Max+ on Amazon this week £399 (with £100 off) voucher.

    I nearly bought the D10 as it was £299 on Amazon at the time and they had it on 5 x £60 installments. After reading and watching lots of reviews the Q7 just pips it in overall performance.

    I've not used the mop as it's mostly a gimmick but I can vouch that the vacuum even on a single pass does a great job. Very happy with it and have it fully integrated with node-red and home assistant so I can throw various commands via alexa to get it to clean.

    At £273 this D10 is a great price.

    sequeezer's avatar
    I actually plan on integrating mine into home assistant too but not sure what to program in besides „go clean“ what did you do? I assume something to only clean specific rooms?
  10. bil.hussain's avatar
    Should this be mop as apposed to mob?
    sequeezer's avatar
    Haha, yeah my bad - sorry
  11. justonemorepie's avatar
    I have an older Dreame robot vac that I love. My only gripe about it is the smarthome integration is pants. You can only start it from Alexa and that's it. No other commands. Otherwise it's a great device. Heat given.
  12. Dinth's avatar
    Is supported by Valetudo firmware
  13. russ1978's avatar
    What is the €60 import fee deposit that gets added to my fees on checkout? Anyone know?
    JJ100's avatar
    It's what the Pro Brexiters voted for!
  14. Ah-hem's avatar
    Do I have to create an Amazon.de account?
    Optometrist6's avatar
    No.works from your normal amazon account. Just change regions in your settings
  15. Ah-hem's avatar
    Just ordered , thanks OP
  16. Optometrist6's avatar
    Yes. The X8 has mixed reviews
  17. Rwmc6's avatar
    Only thing that is stopping me ordering this just now is:
    1 - what about the UK plug? Given ordering from Germany I assume this comes with a 2 prong plug?
    2 - How do Amazon returns work when ordering from a different country’s store?

    Thanks in advance
    DubDriver's avatar
    Hopefully someone has a more recent experience of returning an item as mine was a while ago. At the time they issued a label but postage was not paid and although they refund the postage it was not enough to cover the cost, specially as you will probably want to send it by a tracked service.
    This might help you decide: hotukdeals.com/dis…571
    “Did you complete all the correct customs documentation and declare that it was items being returned to seller? Without this, Amazon would be billed for import fees and most likely would refuse delivery“
  18. Calumt's avatar
    This has expired (edited)
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