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Posted 13th Dec 2022
Anyone had any issues returning stuff from the UK to

Amazon gave me a "returns label" and instructed me to post it to their return address at my own cost, and that they would refund the postage (costed over £70.)

Item was posted at a Post Office using Parcelforce GlobalPriority, insured to the value of the item, to the following address:

Amazon Retouren
01332, Dresden, DE


(Barcode blurred out as it contains RMA number)

In addition to whatever labelling Parcelforce/The Post Office put on the box, I attached a second copy of the shipping label supplied so that it was abundantly clear where the parcel was destined for, in the expected format etc.

Unfortunately it looks like local German Postal service couldn't deliver it, and the tracking says that the address was incorrect - even though this is the address that provided (and you'd hope that they knew their own address!)


I gave Parcelforce a call and they pointed me to DHL, who were apparently responsible for delivering it locally in Germany.

Called DHL and after a couple of hours of speaking to robots, and being redirected by support agents trying their best to get me to the right place, just gave up. DHL UK recommended contacting DHL Germany, but realistically I don't speak German and don't want to be paying the international call charges to contact them.

Spoke to Amazon support and they've now given me a new address to send it to:

Amazon-Str. 1
36251 Bad Hersfeld

They have also told me to email "" to claim a postage refund, though I've lost faith in Amazon in general and I expect to have problems when their system sees me attempting to claim two separate postal refunds for a single return, due to the issues written here

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  1. rev6's avatar
    I had the same issue recently but the address was to Slovakia. Amazon ended up refunding me cost price + postage and it was eventually returned back to me. Good luck.
    Mail's avatar
    Exact same thing happened to me.
  2. chrb's avatar
    The first address they gave you was incomplete just Amazon Returns then a post code and town. No wonder it never arrived!
    Artecide's avatar
    Artecide Author
    Yeah, that would make sense. Quite frustrating as that was literally all Amazon gave me and basically just said good luck. Item was delivered damaged so not even a "changed my mind" return
  3. Myriad's avatar
    The second address they gave you is the one I've returned to before but now I dont bother using Amazon in EU anymore unless its cheap item (like sd cards). A lot of the time items will get hold up in customs where you need to pay a fee etc and just hassle getting refund
  4. Artecide's avatar
    Artecide Author
    They've asked me to post it again but they are refusing to refund any postage costs at all until the item is returned - meaning I'm going to be out £140+ until they get the item, and there is no guarantee that it will even arrive when I post it a second time once it is returned back to me.

    It's a high value item that arrived damaged, so I'm considering raising a chargeback with my bank if Amazon continue to be useless - under the pretence that I believe under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, I'm under no legal obligation to post the item to them as it arrived damaged; my only legal obligation is to make the item reasonably available for them to collect. Obviously their terms and service will say otherwise but AFAIK their terms or service can't override UK Consumer law?
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    It's the same thing with what happened to me, purchased Sony XM3 earphones that were broken. Went to them for repair and they came back "repaired" even though they weren't. Wanted me to send it back and not give me a refund until it was received.

    Weeks came by and I went back to them saying I had sent it off ages ago and havent received my refund.

    They said it was lost in transit and refunded me immediately.

    2 days later it came back saying it was denied at customs, so I got to keep the earphones (they are worthless but still) and got my money back.

    I don't know about consumer law and the protections we have, but because this is similar to my experience I wanted to share that I got my refund. Hopefully this at least provides some comfort as it is quite an annoying process. (edited)
  5. ace_rees's avatar
    I have had the exact same issue. I have been given the same address to return the item to as well. Did the second return go smoothly?
    Artecide's avatar
    Artecide Author
    The item hasn't been returned to me by Parcelforce/Germany Post yet
  6. madtrekker's avatar
    Did you complete all the correct customs documentation and declare that it was items being returned to seller? Without this, Amazon would be billed for import fees and most likely would refuse delivery, hence problems with delivering it. 
    I don’t think the address should be a problem. UK Amazon return addresses are often just a town and postcode - Amazon are so big I’m sure the postie would know where they need to go!
    ace_rees's avatar
    I think the problem is because it’s impossible to get proof (signature) for what must be an unmanned post box.
  7. Android786's avatar
    Any update on this?
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