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Posted 13 May 2023

eufy security SoloCam E40 Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, 2K Resolution, IP65 Weatherproof, 2.4 GHz £69.98 @ AnkerDirect UK / Amazon

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  • Every Detail Matters: See the difference with 2K resolution and keep an eye on what’s happening outside with more clarity than ever before.
  • No Hidden Fees: You shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for data storage. SoloCam E40’s 8GB of local* storage holds at least 2 months of footage protected by military encryption, so your data is kept private and safe.
  • Alerts* That Matter: The on-device AI only notifies you when people are detected, reducing false alerts triggered by passing animals or swaying tree branches.
  • 100% Wire-Free: SoloCam E40, the outdoor security camera, is completely standalone; there’s no need for HomeBase. Simply set it up and you’re good to go. And because it’s 100% wire-free, it takes just minutes to install anywhere around your home.
  • All-Weather Protection: Come rain or shine, the outdoor security camera's IP65 weatherproof rating ensures your property is protected all-year round.

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  1. vlaur's avatar
    Is a camera for fun, to see what dog is doing in the garden etc. Is not a security camera. I recommend this camera to my friend which living on main street with the purpose to record his front house activity mostly to record activity for his car parking space, someone stole it with all recordings and have no evidence of nothing because everything is stored on internal memory without any options to automatically transfer the recording to FTP NAS or NVRs. My camera is as well in front house to record front garden and driveway, I can say I'm as well not so happy because detection is a hit or miss. If the person on front is moving to fast is a much probably the camera do not record it, even if the detection level is set on maximum.

    If you are looking for a proper security camera look for something to have options to save video immediately to another storage option like FTP NAS NVRs, external storage.

    I'm saying it again, this is a camera for fun to monitor what dogs or other pets are doing on your back garden and definitely not a front house camera as security one.
    Myself I'm disappointed, and after my friend history this is the last camera to recommend to someone to use. (edited)
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    All SoloCams will soon be compatible with the Homebase 3 (Due June 2023), so they will send to the HB internal storage. They're also promising to add support for NAS storage but no timelines for that.

    There is the option of cloud storage, although most buy Eufy to avoid monthly fees, so not ideal.

    Mine are out of reach, but also have Gen3 cams that are connected to the HB3 (edited)
  2. happydeals123's avatar
    Silly question but can these simply be stolen ? In thinking of having one but its so easily removed then surely it can be stolen easily. Do people put them high and out of easy each ?
    Bendown's avatar
    These cameras need to be installed out of easy reach of interference from third parties, all my cameras need a ladder to access them.
  3. Coolbeans_coolbeans's avatar
    I had one of these and returned it as I had a terrible time connecting it to wifi
  4. Cooling_Deals's avatar
    Great camera but awful battery life - about two months for me; not a massive issue - I just hook up a battery bank when it gets low. However, worth noting the Gen3 "eufyCam" cameras from Eufy have a far superior battery life

    Worth noting these are not compatible with any of the Homebases "yet". It is due to be added to the HB3 in June, but I would take caution with that target as the date has been moved at least once. For other Hombases (1 & 2) it just says "Not Yet", and wouldn't hold out any hope they will ever be added TBH

    The app is OK, but accessing live video after an alert can be troublesome

    I do like the Eufy offering, and the AI elements work really well (edited)
    benfromlondon's avatar
    Well worth trying the solar panel if you can. Battery stays at more or less 100% for me all year round.
  5. 99pinkyandthebrain99's avatar
    Have one of these. It's slow at connecting sometimes for streaming the clips. Spoke with anker and they said it can take 30 seconds!!!! It will however work with the homebase 3 so I'm hoping that will solve the delay. Good camera though.
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    It will not work with HB3 - not yet, anyway. Due to being compatible "Late June 2023", although a couple of weeks ago, it said May, so not convinced that will happan anytime soon

    Have the HB3, but also a bunch of E40s, so eagerly awaiting their addition! Ditto for the Floodlight 2k

    I had the same issue with E40 taking an age to load, but that seems to have improved with the recent update; I just tried, and it was almost instant. The bigger issue I have is streaming after I get an alert, which normally fails, and I have to keep reloading the clips until it appears, an issue due to the increased encryption they added. I've "kind of" resolved this by enabling "include thumbnail", so at least I get a quick picture of what has triggered the alert
  6. rezaudio's avatar
    I have one and it works well for me.
    Triggers all day, every day and video playback is OK.
    Sometimes a little slow to connect, but the image quality is good - and the battery lasts 6 months. (edited)
  7. Radec's avatar
    id take a look at the controversy with anker eufy before buying from them.
    especially if your footage is something you wanted to keep locally rather that out on their cloud.
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    A lot of this was overblown and is now resolved. The issue here was that Thumballs was being sent for storage on a cloud before being sent to the end-user to show an image of what triggered an alert. People's complaints were numerous, but the main one that took hold was people thought that it was being used for Eufy AI training (so mass storage and AI information on every customer stored on the cloud) - people thought this because a lot of these thumbnails were close-up images of people's faces. However, this was not true - the AI isolates a face; that's the image they use for an alert - all AI tasks are done via the camera or Homebase.

    Eufy did themselves no favours as they concentrated on the AI, denying there was an issue whilst ignoring the unencrypted image issues. In the end, they resolved the issue by encrypting all outgoing information, but this has caused alert delays (which is likely why they didn't do it in the first instance), although it is improving.

    Worth noting that the lack of End-to-End encryptions has, at one point or another, been raised with most CCTV where the cloud is used - some far more serious than others (video access for example). The alerts point is often left unencrypted to allow for the fast delivery of the alert; it's only recently that it has started to become more commonplace - Ring provides it as an option and would rather see that with Eufy to allow for faster alerts
  8. greg666's avatar
    Would only buy an ONVIV compatible camera so I can store the evidence on my Synology NAS. I have different cameras and also they where all cheap they all come with an app, local sdcard or the possibility to store in the cloud for lots of money….not good enough in my view. (edited)
  9. maccalen's avatar
    Looking at the images, you just Clio the cam to the bracket. Is that correct? I need to replace one which may be reachable to people in my garden.
    Mr_SMG's avatar
    It screws directly onto the bracket. Easy to install and remove.
  10. sid7777's avatar
    I have this unit and some of my main gripes is that is a little buggy, slow to connect to my 500bm wifi even though the mesh is right next to it. Footage on 2k does not pick up numbers plates that well. Also It would be great to have some kind of notification if the battery level drops below reserve power.
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