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Free kids meal at Frankie and Benny's when you surrender your mobile
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Surrender your mobile at Frankie and Bennys and get free kids meal

ITV getting all swept up by this. Its just a marketing campaign!!


Did this yesterday - went to get my phone back, and it took almost an hour and was cold in the middle when it arrived.


Yes it comes with a switch, ask them to turn it down, will more than likely oblige. Onto the deal, seems a liability nightmare to have all those phones, mix ups, damage etc


How the hell are the kids going to warn their mates that the food is (poo)


Very good PR for Frankie and Bennys, share away! If they cared so much surely this would be more than an 8 day campaign. Always enjoy a free advert on the front page

All You Can Eat Vegan Nuggets £5.99 (13-16th November) @ Frankie & Bennys
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
In celebration of National Nugget Day, Frankie & Bennys have launched an all-you-can-eat Vegan Nugget offer at 250 locations, and are available for £5.99 Vegans will be happy,… Read more

A blue steak contains plenty of raw meat which according to you means I should be dead. You are talking utter bollox


What about the outside of it? Is it cooked? Your failure to respond to the substance of my argument speaks volumes....


Nope. A blue steak is raw in the middle. And I eat raw fish as sushi too. Still alive.


I've never seen a cow grow and cook and eat soya beans.. cow food is grass. The same principle applies. instead of using a whole field to graze 20 cows, we could have grown a whole field of wheat etc which has more nutritional value than 20 cows


A blue steak is still a cooked. It isn't raw meat. Farmed animals are pumped full of antibiotics and other medicines, the meat you are served is clean and prepared for you. That's the reason you're still alive and you can digest it. Wild animals, for example boar, are riddled with parasites, viruses and bacteria that would almost certainly kill you if you dared to brazenly eat a blue steak of its meat.

Unlimited Nuggets for £5.99 TOMORROW ONLY 02/11/18 @ Frankie & Bennys
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Login/signup under link, find voucher and take to restaurant. - With this voucher, you and all of your table can enjoy bottomless nuggets for £5.99 per person • You can use thi… Read more
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are these real chicken nuggets or mac style flavoured junk ?


Competitive eater Beard meets food used this deal - "unlimited" chicken nuggets at Frankie & Benny's ... Check it out


And 'maximum stay in restaurant' is 90 mins? Are they 'avin' a larf?


Glad it's not just me to has to wait ages to be served in F&B. Used to have breakfast there fairly regularly but they've become so slow with serving, I would spend almost an entire morning waiting for my bacon and eggs. I think the only nuggets they have are the ones working there.


Only unlimited if you can manage to get them instore. Tuesday this week went to Frankie and Bennys for lunch unlimited soft drinks priced at a ridiculous £2.99. 20 minutes after ordered we managed get our first drink and when we asked for refills none arrived, we had to go to bar ourselves, wait for a member of staff to be bothered to come across and get them ourselves.

Free Squishie @ Frankie & Benny's with a Kid's Meal prices from £4.99
LocalLocalFound 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Thought this may interest someone as squishies are popular at the moment. I included a link to the menu and prices but I am not sure if they are 100% accurate. Prices for a kid's m… Read more
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Email, this Friday at f&b eat unlimited amount of chicken nuggets
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Just received this email from frankie and bennys for chicken nuggets, unlimited amount of chicken nuggets for £5.99 for this Friday
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Heat from me - thanks for posting.


It’ll prob be like the breakfast give you another plate once you’ve finished the first one.youll give up after two plates because they take so long to bring it out lol


Doggy bag, I'd take at least 100 home


Let’s face it they are onto a winner,a big of 30 chicken entrails shaped as nuggets will cost them about £2.....


Well if the composition of ingredients is similar to their burgers you will enjoy the highest standard of breadcrumb filler

30% Off Mains at Frankie & Benny's
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Need to know Ends Wednesday, October 31, 2018 Not valid on Saturday Only valid in October Terms and Conditions With this voucher, you and all of your table can enjoy 3… Read more


Hmm I can’t see a button that says use now


just use the app, no need to print off as its still showing 2-4-1 on mine for the whole table. they'll bring back the 40% of deal soon as i've been a few times in the last 4 weeks and the venue's are suprisingly quiet


Rather go to my local Sainsburys and get a large cooked pizza for £6.50....i can just about manage a whole one to myself


why would you bother with this when you got meerkat meals? that gets you 50% off, even so the prices are outrageous even with 50% off, paid 7 pounds (originally 14) for a large burger with fries, which probably would of cost little over half in mcdonalds.

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2 for 1 mains all day everyday (Inc Saturday) until Tuesday 9th October @ Frankie and Bennys
Refreshed 4th OctRefreshed 4th Oct
Get 2 mains for the price of one at Frankie and Bennys all day every day until Tuesday 9th October. Quite good as the usual offer is 40% off mains and excludes Saturdays but this … Read more

You need to sign in or create an account or down load the app. Click the offers tab at the top of the page half way across then will ask you create account or sign in then you should see this


How do I get the voucher? Clicked on link but no sign of this offer.


It tastes like frozen food from iclend savers range


Went last night, used Meerkat 2-1 we just had starters and a main, no time for dessert as wanted to catch film (Venom) it was OK, nothing much changed since before but it was quite busy... Think a lot taking up the bogof offers.


I've just had pizza, fries, it's okay but like I mentioned in thread they starting close up. It's not my 1st choice.

Burger and beer £5 today only @ Frankie & Benny’s
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Just got the email: Burger & beer for £5: • With this voucher, you and all of your table can enjoy a 330ml bottle of Beer including Coors Light, Corona, Budweiser, Brooklyn Bee… Read more

Just had this tonight. The menus look so cheap and tacky now. No draft beer, all pumps were dry. Service was good for a change and it was fairly busy but the full prices are just insane. £10.19 for the burger I had. Chips were worst than Mcdonalds. Burger was frozen patty but ok, no where near the standard you expect from eating out these days. £4.99 a bottle of Brooklyn is insane. At least it is included in the deal which is good! Worth a fiver, nothing more.


Not looking good for F&B.


They'd have to pay me more then £5 to eat there


Also available via Voucher Codes


These guys must be having trouble. Their current groupon offer is unbelievable- £20 for two people, two courses each with choice of pretty much all the menu. Have never been as the menu suggested they were trying to be all things to all people and our local has under average Tripadvisor reviews.

40% off starters, mains and desserts C&C orders at Frankie & Benny's [Classic Burger & fries £5.39]
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
We've seen these before with vouchers and what not, those aren't needed here at all. You can just click the Get Deal link > Click your local F&B and add your starters, mains… Read more

What did she do wrong? More punishment than treat :D


They just closed my local one down, due to basically being cr@p lol


Awesome. I love eating in Frankie and Bennies so much I never ever do it. I can get enough of their delicious flavours and qualities! On the topic of quality its just right for people who are not me, being at that level that makes me desire it with almost all of my body but closer to none.


Tried them a couple of months ago, and what a shame. Considering the basis on what they used to serve this was appalling. Food was very poor quality, wait was long and where has the music/ambience gone? I can only assume it's a tough market and when you're competing at Burger/Drink at £5 you're really at McDonalds level, and personally I know where I'd go - table service now and quicker than here!


Yes it is for collection food only not eat in.

40% off Mains + Kids Eat FREE with voucher (can be combined) + 1 Free Main / via app @ Frankie & Benny's
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Edit: You can try combining them ! And a voucher for 1 free main: 0089ZGBY Saw these two offers on my profile for F&B’s. Terms for 40% off: • With this voucher, you and … Read more

Assumed it was during booking via link in email or show code to waiter before ordering, could be single use only.


Good to know! Added it to the description :)


Great thanks added to the description (y)


how does this code work please as im going here tonight . do i simply tell them i have a code and do i have to buy a full price main to get this offer . only reason im asking is i have a groupon for two and an extra free main would be lush


Hi, I can confirm they can be combined. Bought two mains and two kids meals. The kids meals were knocked off the price and 40% knocked off the mains. Less than £14 for four (exc drinks)!

Frankie And Benny's Unlimited Breakfast, available until Bank Holiday Monday (27th August)
LocalLocalFound 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Frankie And Benny's Unlimited Breakfast, available until Bank Holiday Monday (27th August)
Hey Guys; Frankie and Benny's are doing their unlimited breakfast again up until the 27th August (Bank Holiday Monday) where you pay for one breakfast and order it again and again… Read more
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I really dont see much attraction in this offer. You are limited to the same order only. Be different if you could have a different item.


They MAY be able to fry an egg and a couple of rashers of bacon, but from experience that's their limit.


To be fair, I've never actually eaten there and this seems like a decent offer to get a feel for someone's food. =l


Who would want a repeat order in F & B's? (shock) :| (poo)


Who dare ask for tap water. If your are pregnant you can pee in a policeman’s helmet - these days that includes self-identifying trans pregnant she males but nobody ever does.

Burger & bottle of beer inc Bud, Corona, Hop House 13 or softdrink for £5 at Frankie and Bennys 7th September
Refreshed 7th SepRefreshed 7th Sep
Burger & bottle of beer inc Bud, Corona, Hop House 13 or softdrink for £5 at Frankie and Bennys 7th September
Back for 7th Septmeber - also includes other drinks You can get a burger and bottle of budweiser from frankie and bennys for £5 today only. Voucher is on website.
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yes it does..


Now that is a tasty burger! Much much better than the awful rubber I had at Harvester Get the Brooklyn lager it's nice. After this I'm off for my free Aperol Spritzer and then to watch The Nun with my free cinema ticket. After that I'm going home with my 8 free bottles of wine.


Does it come with fries?


Kids eat free too?


No, only 1 voucher can be used at the time.

£1 double premium gin & tonic this weekend - works with 40% off mains and kids eat for £1 offer plus new gluten free / feel good menu @ Frankie and Bennys
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
£1 double premium gin & tonic this weekend - works with 40% off mains and kids eat for £1 offer plus new gluten free / feel good menu @ Frankie and Bennys
Just had a rather welcome email in my inbox - £1 for a DOUBLE premium gin and tonic this weekend at Frankie and Bennys. Choose from Beefeater, Rhubarb and ginger, Gordons Pink and … Read more

heat (party)


Tomorrow’s deal is 40% off mains and £1 double gins. Today’s is kids eat for £1 and you can have a double gin for every main course you buy - just have the gin will all be clear then :D


so basically come back yesterday and we we will tell you tomorrows deal..


Ok this is quite complicated! You can use the £1 gin voucher with the £1 kids meal and the £1 gin with the 40% off mains but not the 40% mains and £1 kids together and you can’t use the 40% today only tomorrow but you can use the kids today - clear as mud?! Basically you can’t use £1 kids and 40% together no but I think if 2 adults went the 40% off mains saving would be greater than the £1 kids. Here’s all the t’s and c’s anyway


Cam the adults use 40% off main And kids have £1 to eat ???? Can you use both at once

£10 off bill / 40% off mains at Frankie & Benny'w when you download the app.
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
£10 off bill / 40% off mains at Frankie & Benny'w when you download the app.
£10 off bill (including weekends & 40% off mains when you download the app.

I went once to the one in Watford I have never been back ever again, Staff were dismissive and food was worse.


Great deals but VAT is added on the bill at the end. Offsets things somewhat. A little cheeky imo


Also on groupon 2courses for 2 £19.99


Pretty much everything is microwaved.. small portions, high prices, poor quality. Service is also dire. Good luck anyone who goes here.



50% off starters/Mains/Desserts when you collect @ Frankie and Benny's
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
50% off starters/Mains/Desserts when you collect @ Frankie and Benny's
Pick up your order from a local frankie and Bennie's and get 50% off starters, mains and desserts!
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Yay, now I can eat cr@p in the comfort of my own home Then again I could just get the missus to cook :/


Too bad their food suuuucks

Frankie and Bennys now do click and collect plus 50% off when you order
LocalLocalFound 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Just had a email to say that Frankie and Bennys now offer click and collect with 50% off when you order Terms & Conditions: Click & Collect: • 50% off all Click and Coll… Read more

The next chain to go...on their last legs...


Also the same for Chiquitos as they’re part of the same group


i got the same email but not in my area ,even though its about 10 minutes away

Wing Wednesday - 12 chicken wings & 2 bottles of bud for £9.99 today plus Fathers Day 40% off mains and free beer for Dad @ Frankie and Bennys
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Wing Wednesday - 12 chicken wings & 2 bottles of bud for £9.99 today plus Fathers Day 40% off mains and free beer for Dad @ Frankie and Bennys
Today only 12 chicken wings and a 2 x 330ml bottles of bud for £9.99 - just get code and show on your phone. I imagine this deal is meant for 2 people but I know a few who would ha… Read more


Link to pizza Gate?


That was funny wasn't it, well made me chuckle! Talking of pizza ((sure you have not forgotten!)) the 2 x REAL chilled yummy pizza's & 4 bud offer for a £5 ((or even less with a NUS card!)) starts today at 3pm in the coop food area! (worldcup)


I should of expected this after pizza gate last week! (lol)


Why only Wed, have the same any day, with more buds, for less than half the price of F&B! (worldcup) Make fathers day ((and mothers!)) a celebration, everyday! BBQ Chicken Wings - £1.50 Buds x 4 - £3

Mid week meal and a drink inc wine or beer for £5.99 until Thursday 7th @ Frankie and Bennys
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Mid week meal and a drink inc wine or beer for £5.99 until Thursday 7th @ Frankie and Bennys
Back again from today until Thursday - mid week main course and a selected drink for just £5.99. Drinks include 175ml glasses of wine and 330ml bottles of beer or a soft drink if y… Read more

Good deal but f&b in Northampton is awful! We went at the weekend as kids eat for £1 it was the worst meal all that was edible was the chips so kids come away hungry and had to get them something to eat at home. I asked out waitress who was let’s just say less than enthusiastic who the manager was so I could complain about every meal that was served to us as my lasagna tasted bland and was as thick as a pancake. The manager didn’t really want to speak with us so sent someone else over who told me the lasagna is given to them in bulk packs and they just cook it...... for almost £10 a dish with no salad or chips I was amazed he had the cheek to tell me. I haven’t liked it the 3 times I’ve eaten there in the past 2 years when I’ve been invited I have promised myself not to go back total waste of money and time, sorry good deal for the price but that’s my little rant (embarrassed)


Voted cold. F&B food is disgusting, tasteless and bland. I wouldn't eat it even if they pay me.


The crap people eat this cannot be that bad for £5.99 you cannot complain the others are just following like sheep as all chains cannot be serving up all the same bad food it makes no sense so i know its all lies.


It won't win any awards, but it's not terrible, don't expect freshly prepared on the day, some of it will be cooked from frozen. No italian chains in the UK are even half decent. If you want quality go to an independent Italian restaurant, however it won't be £5.99!


Is F&B really that bad, there's two stores near me and I've alwayd wanted to try it and the prices seem fairly low.

40% off main meals @ Frankie and Bennys with app download
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Download the app and all offers will be added to your wallet. Currently offering 40% off of all main meals excluding the Italian family feast or any other promotions.

Not to mention full of screaming little ****


Check nearly always 40% off


This is true. I have had the same dish in different places and one has been awful the other tasty. I also don't like that they skimp on things like fries. Also the same restaurant can have good service or bad service. I think they should ban that tips can be taken by management and make sure only floor staff get them (waiters and chefs).


I think it depends which restaurant you use, there’s one I regularly use which is amazing but I have had a couple of bad experiences elsewhere.


Awful food & even worse service.

Kids eat for £1 this half term plus unlimited breakfast offer back again until Monday @ Frankie and Bennys
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Kids eat for £1 this half term plus unlimited breakfast offer back again until Monday @ Frankie and Bennys
Unlimited breakfast is back again for the bank holiday weekend from now until Monday 28th so nice treat to set you up before a day out. Plus if you don't fancy the breakfast, they… Read more

I'm usually stuffed after 1 portion and I felt guilty ordering another Eggs Benedict, when I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage a 2nd full portion. Better off going to the Toby or something for a proper buffet style breakfast.


I'm assuming you are talking about the breakfast. You buy something off the breakfast menu and you get a free refill of the same dish as many times as you like. If you choose something else you pay for that breakfast item but can refill that too. It is not like a hotel breakfast buffet but it's good if you only like English breakfast or only pancakes etc.


Is there a time limit? Is it just before 12?


You need to follow the link and get a voucher code for either deal then either show it on the ap or print it off and show the server. If you click the link, put in your postcode and it will show you the menu with prices for your local branch


Does anyone know how it works and how much it is? I have never been.