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6 issues of Edge Magazine delivered for £9.99 (then £31) for 6 months @ My Favourite Magazines
10/07/2020Expires on 10/07/2020Posted 3 h, 58 m agoPosted 3 h, 58 m ago
6 issues of Edge Magazine delivered for £9.99 (then £31) for 6 months. As far as I can tell you can cancel after 6 months. So for the first 6 months it's not a bad deal (as long as… Read more

How the hell do you cancel this. I signed ho for 3 trials at £3 each. If they start charing me I'm Probabky gonna get stung for £100. I have no interest in continuing it. I've tried contacting them and nothing


Yes, I'd agree, that's the part that isn't clear.


Depends when they regard your 'purchase' as -- 14 days after you order the trial part, or after the after the start of the full price period? "You can write to us or call us to cancel your subscription within 14 days of purchase. Payment is non-refundable after the 14 day."


Cheers, so you can cancel? It's worded in a slightly confusing way. Way to go Edge Magazine - who not just say 'you can cancel after your 6 month trial'. From what I read you can cancel it.


"As far as I can tell you can cancel after 6 months" 3.1 TRIAL OFFERS: Trial offers entitles new subscribers to take out a subscription at a reduced price for a specified period. Once the trial is over, pricing will revert to our standard offer. New UK subscribers will step-up automatically to Direct Debit once the trial period is over. Full details of the Direct Debit guarantee are available upon request. If the offer is applicable to overseas subscribers (USA, EUR & ROW), new subscribers will step-up automatically to continuous credit card once the trial period is over. You can write to us or call us to cancel your subscription within 14 days of purchase. Payment is non-refundable after the 14 day cancellation period unless exceptional circumstances apply. Your statutory rights are not affected. Prices correct at point of print and based on the overseas RRP, and subject to change.

6 months of Gardener’s World for £9.99 @ Buysubscriptions
Posted 16 h, 16 m agoPosted 16 h, 16 m ago
Was looking for this subscription for a friend’s birthday and this is miles cheaper then anywhere else, when my partner went to the same site it didn’t show for him so not sure who… Read more
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It's already been posted


You might as well post this as a deal - no one seems to be able to get the original deal to work.


I didn’t like this magazine at first .... but it grew on me !!!


Oh no!! £5 for 5 issues!! And I thought I had a good deal!! I hate it when someone out bargains me 😩


Try this link, it's 5 issues for £5 (y) Gardeners World 5 for £5

Additional Free Month Of Audible @ Audible (Possibly Account Specific)
Posted 16 h, 27 m agoPosted 16 h, 27 m ago
Hey Guys; Just checked my emails and this came through for me about an hour ago.. Admittedly this is the email I use specifically for signs ups/potential spam (possibly account sp… Read more
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I agree that 7.99 should include unlimited access, I jumped over to Scribd for 9.99 which is unlimited in terms of audiobooks to listen to. I use this more than netflix so it's worth it for me.


i'm sure i tried this a while back and it locked me out of the offer for a few days, but, just tried it and it works. which means, this little hack is cheaper than even the annual one-off-payment membership w/ 24 credits too. and then you throw in the odd free credit offer when you cancel... surely they can't let this go on? 7.99/month is a rip off though, that's what you should be paying for full and unlimited library access.


There is none i don’t think. Cancel, immediately follow link, sign back up, simples!


what is minimum wait between sign ups?


Yea, will keep an eye on payment, have a screenshot of the offer just in case. Strange they are not honouring the trial period after cancellation, maybe it is because it was 99p and not free. They normally offer a free credit to stay as well when you cancel. Were you offered that? I think audible is expensive for 1 book per month, and just use free trials or offers to expand my library with book I never listen to anyway :D

Bt Sport £10 per Month for Plusnet Customers
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul

Plusnet is BT.


Great for UFC, rally, WWE fans, Tennis.


I remember getting it for £2.50 per month by going via live chat. Looks like BT themselves have told plusnet that they can’t negotiate on the £10.


Used to be £5 then went up to £10, so this is the standard Plusnet price.


Great for the ufc. Fight island soon and the fights are coming thick & fast.

6 issues of Radio Times - £1 -
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Six issues of Radio Times delivered for £1. Remember to cancel after first direct debit taken, otherwise £39 every six months thereafter.

I had no idea Cate Blanchett was going to be playing Christine Hamilton.


Great thanks OP


xmas editions are as much of a tradition in our house as the tree. did this over xmas time and will attempt to again this year.... when we're all in 'rona lockdown for a third time due to mass xmas shopping (2nd will be when the kids go back to school)


Thank you, much appreciated.


I just delete the Direct Debit on my online banking account. After the first £1 has been taken. When they try and take the next payment, it won't go through, so the subscription ends.

3 Month Audible Membership for 99p @ Amazon Prime (New customers/ Selected Returning Customers)
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Amazon are offering audible for 3 months for 99p which can come in handy during these lockdown/impending school summer holidays times. I think this is applicable only for prime me… Read more
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It wasn't valid for me but then I went through a link on this page and it worked. Hope it helps someone.


Came here to say the same. I've not paid full price for audible for over a year. £4 is my price point for it and I've spent loads on extras because of it so its win win for all parties You need to follow this link through the browser not the app. Make sure you log out before following the above link. £4 for an audio book is a fantastic deal. Give it a go.


Thanks for the heads up OP. I've been an audible member before but this offer was showing in my prime account.


Interesting idea! How many more people would find this vastly more more affordable. Many! With piracy being such a problem prices near 8 pounds will push people to download from these illegal sites. Although you will always have a black market and are always going to have a crowd that will go for that but as we move into the digital age and distribution of said assets are significantly less due to no paper etc should that not reflect on the price. The reselling of digital console games could easily be transformed to a blockchain market place. No cheating transparent transactions. This formula could be transferred to multiple industries.


£3.99 would be great but its just not practical. take captain tom moores book for example £14 hardback, £10 ebook and £8 audiobook. Given the extra costs involved in producing audiobooks its already a good deal if you buy new releases. and if you dont then there are always 2 for 1 deals making it £4 a book for older books. Maybe they should do a monthly price that avoids all new releases for £3.99 a month

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Free 6 months access to Financial Times for NHS workers
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Thank you to all of our health workers for everything you have done and continue to do for us throughout the coronavirus crisis. As a token of appreciation, the Financial Times … Read more

They've fixed the offer for people with email addresses such as


Super thanks


For the people who are jealous of NHS employees getting free and discounted stuff, remember that just because a doctor is on 76 - 110k a year does not mean they have an amazing hourly rate. Its not a 9 - 5 job. My partner who is a consultant neurologist (Not on 110k btw) is up until 2am nearly every day doing admin work. If you add up all the hours she actually works, the hourly rate is not as great a you think, especially considering she has studied over 15 years to get there. She has asked to go part time, she is not interested in the money, just wants some kind of life, but part time is not an option. Of course there are exceptions, you get the tricky doctors who wriggle their way out of work and pass patients off on to colleagues because the don't fancy the complex cases or would rather see them in their private clinic . But most hospital doctors work their butt off. Hopefully this will make you feel a bit smug the you have the luxury of having the time to write comments on a money saving website. You should actually count yourselves lucky that you never had the ambition to enter medicine, from what I have seen I would not recommend it to anyone.


Bless. Did the mean paper say mean things? Gotta make sure you stay in a little echo chamber without your views being challenged, huh? (lol)


As a small point - band 1 doesn't exist anymore. It was removed a couple of years ago from the agenda for change pay-scale.

TIDAL - FREE for 90 Days
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
You can currently get a 90 day completely free trial of TIDAL premium using the link. (Better than paying £3 for 3 months) You can exchange this for a 45 free trial of the HIFI qu… Read more

Not sure, they may not release it for a while or at all! :S


True, any idea when they release a watch app? £3 a month is way too cheap and when they release the watch app I would likely switch completely


Yeah, I agree with the major flaws. I mainly use it just for the quality, however spotifys user interface is much better.


It doesn't have a working 'devices' to play from menu. I edited my above comment if you read that, there are a lot of severe flaws with tidal, it is literally years behind Spotifys tech.


If I sign up in Turkey and set my payment card to a fee-free card, when it renews will it be charged in TRY? As its good for rap, is Tidal good for Grime too? EDIT: Yes, I get charged £3 a month from now on for HiFi. The master quality is impressive and puts a smile on my face. All the top boy singles on there, good for grime too. The UI is nice, not sure why people say its bad. I can see usability being total shit though. On my phone, clicking on my devices, my desktop is not showing up, but it will pause my desktop music to play on the Phone. Such a critical feature to play onto other devices, just does not work at all. No apple watch app. It's insanely fun to flick the wrist mid set in the gym and turn up the music when you need to power through. I will still be paying for Spotify as the tech is much more usable. I think I will keep tidal just for the desktop perhaps.

£5 Amazon voucher for listening to 1 song on Amazon music (Prime members - account specific)
-276° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
You will have until 31 July 2020 to earn your code by listening to a full track on Amazon Music. The code will be emailed to you within 5 days of your first stream and can be redee… Read more

I got an email yesterday saying i have the £5 got a code as well.


I am! But I’m not eligible.


It tells you when you do the “get deal’.


Another one here not elible :(


worked for me :D

Surfshark 24months - £38.16 + 60% cashback via Quidco
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Went to go for the PureVPN deal but I saw a few people recommending SurfShark instead With the cashback it works out at £7.63/year to me or 63p a month.
Get deal*Get deal*

it's not letting me in the site from tcb. Anyone experiencing the same??


I have tried it for torrents and it works very well. You will have to change settings for protocol and use the best server available so check all the servers and select quickest one


Just tried it and it gives very good speeds,but if you need it for torrents-look somewhere else.


Unfortunately with Adblocker it will not track as Quidco need cookies to work to track your visit. Wait a bit and cancel if nothing happens. Re order once cancellation is done


Yes if you was using VPN it would not have tracked but good that your cash back is showing in the account

YuppTV 12 months subscription - £69.99
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Asian TV channels + movies in HD and 4K Much better value and more content than Sky and Virgin Works out £5.68 month YuppTV is a revolutionary and pioneer in providing a no-hol… Read more

Indian TV? Is this some sort of joke


all the channels available on YuppTV is available in youtube


You put wrong price. With all the charges it will be £95.99.


it's totally rubbish one, interface is too worst.


This is a subscription to watch indian live TV channels and some flop movies in the UK. Used to be good when owned by LEBARA. Now filled with too much advertisements and less content.

Huawei Y5p 2GB/32GB + Free Band 3e / Mini Speaker - 6 months Huawei Music + 12 months cloud storage £74.99 Delivered @ Huawei
57° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Good price for the budget Y5p + a free gift, either a Band 3e or a Huawei mini speaker. Regardless of the gift you choose, you'll also get 6 months access to Huawei music and 12 m… Read more

This is a lot for the money. Huawei seems to be offering a few phones with extras. Pity there's no Google apps but I'd love to know how Huawei's alternatives work on it.


Also worth noting that it probably wont get googles covid notifications tool which my MiA1 added yesterday after an update Tools> Google > Covid


Sure - it's a bargain, but with not google app store.


Good price for those that want a cheap way to test out Huawei mobile services, heated Bonus of a free watch as well, bargain.

NordVPN Limited time only: get 2-year plan £64.50
-129° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Limited (today only) get 70% off 2 year VPN plan.
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Try disabling CyberSec if you have it enabled


I got a 3 year subscription to Nord and Twitter images and videos refuse to load when using there VPN.... Frustrating


Lifetime subscription to Keepsolid VPN for around £30 quid, depending on exchange rate.


This offer is always on unfortunately. There’s regularly 100%+ cashback on Quidco. I got paid £30 to take a 3 year plan thanks to Quidco:D

All sky sports channels for £18pm for 18 months at Sky Digital
30/07/2020Expires on 30/07/2020Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
All sky sports channels for £18pm for 18 months, just recently they were asking £18pm for sky sports premier league.… Read more
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You mean Indy car? No circular tracks in F1. .


Imagine paying good money to watch cars going round in a circle.


Thank you guys for this post. I just renewed my Sky TV contract at a reasonable price after I threw a cancellation dagger at them a while ago. In particular, my sky sports + HD now comes in at a handsome £12. Cheers :D


Just been on chat, was offered all sports channels for £20 a month for 12 months, cancel anytime. And then offered just the F1 channel for £10 a month for 12 months, then going up to £18 a month. Declined both. My existing package is Signature with HD for £18 a month


I've got the same except my Signature's only £15/mth (It was Entertainment but they now include Sky Box Sets) I've 11mths left on my contract also took out Superfast broadband with WiFi Booster and unlimited anytime calls I currently pay £57/mth for the combined bundle including Sports and HD which was a much better deal than Virgin were offering me at the time. I accept Sport isn't as good just now but hopefully will improve and for me it is still worth it.

Annual Dollar Flight Club Subscription - $9 / £7.21 per year @ StackSocial
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
I am aware that people will not be flying for a while but even then a 3 year subscription is $39 compared to $207 which is near half of a 1 year subscription! https://stacksocial… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I paid for a few years but didn't renew because in the end the deals were being posted here or on other free services.


A bit of both I guess... I guess it seems to be more targeted to those based in the UK


Are these just deals that are found on websites like secret flying ect and then posted through email subscription. Or using skyscanner cheapest month search deals. Or do they actually post alot of flights each week /month that don't get posted through these types of sites.


Yep, sure you were (lol)


I have paid... I think it’s £25 a year, it saves a lot of time as the good deals come to me instead of me looking for them. Made my money back in the first year with £180 return flights to Cuba

PureVPN 1 Year plan for £1.15 per month (£13.80 odd) @ PureVPN
17/08/2020Expires on 17/08/2020Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
PureVPN are offering a 1 Year subscription plan that works out at around £1.15 per month so £13.80 in total! (Original price in $) Price conversion will be made from $ to £, so t… Read more

It's not as clear cut as that. Read here:




Thanks , I’m with express VPN , was thinking of getting another as well , sometimes ExpressVPN really slows down on my mini iMac but yep as you say a VPN that screams discounts does put you off


I'd stay fully clear of purevpn, asked for them to delete my account and data, account is still there too this day, all they did was change my email from to xxx@gmail.com123 Had auto renew off, but they still continued to attempt collection of £68. No way to remove payment information, had to cancel card and report the transaction as fraudulent


Seriously don’t touch. They do keep logs and supply to the FBI. many others report the same. Avoid

£20 John Lewis/Waitrose Gift Card + Bonus 12-week Spectator subscription - £12
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
This looks like a decent offer here to pick up the magazine subscription for £12 for 12 copies and you also get a £20 Gift Card from John Lewis/Waitrose, so that to me feels like e… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

So count the Spectator as having £0 value. When it arrives then stick it straight into the recycling and take your £20 gift card for £12 (probably costing them more money than what you have paid).


Have went for the Amazon one! Will we receive it in the post and any ideas when?


It is a £20 voucher for the cost of £12 - That is a deal!


Nice spot, that's the better deal. Will be ordering. @csa1 @LauraBargain2017 £12 for £20 Amazon/JL, good deal.


It's not a deal to someone who values it a much lower price, and this is an open forum. If people want to call the spectator a terrible terrible publication, they are free to do so. But it seems to have really got your back up. Why is that? So you not like it when people have more liberal views than you? Do you want to talk to someone about it? Does someone slagging the daily mail off have the same effect on you?

3 issues of Minecraft World delivered for £3 from Magazine Subscriptions
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Usually £4.99 per issue and usually comes with "free" gift on the cover. My little boy enjoys this magazine on the rare occasion I can bring myself to spend £4.99 on it! This is a… Read more
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Fair comment. I haven't used this specific company but have had no issues (pardon the pun) with other companies personally. When you cancel a direct debit with your bank, they always say you need to let the recipient know so I would say email them when you cancel. They also have a livechat facility if you don't want to phone them. As with anything you get sent through the mail that you didn't order, you DO have to tell the sender you have received it (or potentially be charged for it) but it is the sender's responsibility to have it collected. If you receive more magazines after your subscription has ended, do not open them and let the sender know immediately. Keep records of all correspondence.


"This is a 3 issue subscription so don't forget to cancel the Direct Debit as soon as they've taken the £3 otherwise" Does anyone have any experience with cancelling from this company? I've heard horror stories about other magazine subscription where you cancel the direct debit but they keep sending you the magazines and then pursue you for the balance since you haven't actually cancelled. On their site it says "If you would like to cancel your subscription, please call our Customer Care team on 0330 333 9490 and a member of the team will be happy to help." which always rings alarm bells if there's no way to cancel yourself online. Not saying a bad deal - just be careful.


Thank you, ordered for my boy!

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet with a free 3 month subscription to mail+ for £32.97
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
subscribe to the Mail+ digital edition for three months for £32.97 and receive a FREE Amazon Fire 7 Tablet - 16GB worth £49.99 or subscribe for six months for £65.94 and you’ll get… Read more

Seems a good deal, can't see it cheaper anywhere. :)


Well... it's not, is it.


How much do you value your soul to sell it to the Daily Mail, surely that should be in the cost listed in the deal? #faustianpact


I remember a similar deal for a free Nexus tablet with a Sun online subscription and I'm afraid that the money saving potential of the deal overruled my better judgement. I'm still ashamed to my very core and will never be so stupid again.


For £4 more you can get the ebay deal posted on here and not have to give the mail any money...far better deal,

AllTrails Pro £14.99 for one year subscription - detailed trail maps, photos, and reviews
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Very good app for walks. Great maps. Well rated.
Get deal*Get deal*

Any good for bike trails?


Thanks OP. I use this regularly and has a great selection of trails. I've considered the Pro subscription in the past but only real benefit seems to be downloadable maps (for areas with low service or if you have limited data allowance) and printable maps (to save phone battery so not checking the phone as frequently). I might bite.


Komoot is pretty good and was on offer recently


Agree it's good enough as a freebie, but I am still looking for the walking app that's worth paying for, which I will happily do


Agree, great free app, wouldn't pay though.

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