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Posted 9 April 2023

George Home Clear Water Bottle £1 (+10p in cashpot with Asda Rewards) @ Asda

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George Home Clear Water Bottle £1 ( +10p in your cashpot with Asda Rewards) @ Asda

This clear water bottle is a great staple for anyone to use anywhere. A brilliant basic for any home. Wash before use. Handwash only. Not suitable for use in a dishwasher. Cold drinks only.

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    These are good. Yes, they are plastic however they do not leak at all and all parts are cleanable. Even the stainless rim at the bottom pops off with a little hot water poured over it. They last absolutely ages without the need to replace unlike other drinks bottles. Then of course you can recycle it at the end of its life so quite an environmentally friendly option imo.
  2. navneet1311's avatar
    Haven't these always been £1
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    NuffinisFree Author
    Strange how Asda dont mention that on the webpage
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    When I was a wee lass many many years ago, when neither bottled water nor plastic water bottles were around, my Mum used to reuse and repurpose the 1 litre Robinson's orange squash bottles as water bottles for my siblings and I to take to school.

    The Robinson's bottles never leaked and were virtually indestructible. We even resorted to using a filled Robinson's bottle as a football, kicking it around without it ever bursting.

    Back then, those high inflationary days forced us Brits to be resourceful. Alas today, people simply moan and complain, unable to budget their income with their expenditure.

    They sure don't make 'em like they used to.
  5. friar_chris's avatar
    What about reusing an existing bottle and saving the £1? How is buying unnecessary plastic environmentally friendly?! Some people! (edited)
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    NuffinisFree Author
    Do you mean bottles that come with water or drink in them?
    The bottles with water in them are only made for single/minimum use, they degrade quickly and it's not advisable to reuse them for long-term use.
    Bottles with other forms of drink in them are ok if you can find one that is strong enough for long-term use.

    For people who don't have an existing bottle then they either have to buy a reusable bottle or buy a drink for the bottle.
  6. Grazz0r's avatar
    Strange there is zero information on its capacity. Could be miniscule for all we know.
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    They hold around 0.5l
  7. soapqueen040's avatar
    My son has 3 of these which i bought in the summer, each one leaks!
  8. Easthighland's avatar
    PET-1 plastic. nice bottle though.
  9. Orange_swan's avatar
    Better ones available for 3p from Ali express new user welcome offer
  10. Mooney_70's avatar
    I bought one of these at the weekend. Decent bottle for a quid imo. Definitely not a single use product should last for a while. They where on isle 5 at Asda and not with the other water bottles and flasks. They definitely hold 650ml or 0.65 litres. (edited)
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    What is the plastic in this bottle made of What kind of plastic is it? The recycling number?
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