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Google Pixel 6a Smartphone, Android, 6.1”, 5G, SIM Free, 128GB - £299 + case with MyJL code (£199 with trade in) @ John Lewis & Partners

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Save £100 + Additional £100 redemption on top of trade in value + Free case for MyJL members with code PIXEL6ACASE

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Product code: 51950105

Smart. Powerful. Helpful. Google’s more compact take on their acclaimed Pixel 6 is a serious piece of kit. The 6.1” OLED display, the 5G connectivity, the 12MP multi-lens camera, the fast-charging battery, the… we could go on. And it’s powered by the same brains as the Pixel 6 Pro (the Google Tensor chip, since you ask) for brilliantly fast performance. Plus, there’s no worries on the security front: fingerprint recognition will keep everything under lock and, well, scanner.

5G capability
Say bye-bye to buffering. The super-fast 5G ready connection zips through downloads at record pace. Stream, browse, and watch whatever you want, wherever you want. Waiting forever for your Instagram feed to load up will be a distant memory.

Rich, vivid, cinematic screen
This screen packs gorgeously lush visuals into your pocket. The 6.1-inch OLED display comes HDR-enabled and supports up to 60Hz refresh rate. Put in plain English (don’t worry, we had to look up half of that too), you’ll get rich, real-world colour and contrast, and smooooth scrolling on a clear, bright, cinema-aspect screen.

Super selfies
Fancy getting creative yourself? The camera not only gives you multiple lenses (so you can take loads of different shots that’ll all look ace), but you can record video in 4K with cool tech that’ll smooth out any shakiness.

Make photobombers disappear
Magic Eraser is a real game-changer. With a few taps, you can remove strangers and unwanted objects from pics. It’s never been easier to forget about your ex.

Dust, drop and splash resistant
Whether it’s a quick dip in the bath or just checking out the streets (literally), our phones go through a lot. Thankfully, the Pixel 6a safeguards you from any little oops, with IP67 water and dust resistance. The screen also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, so it’s tough, less prone to scratches, plus it’s resistant to those pesky fingerprints.

A battery for night, and day
Scroll, stream, and share to your heart's content knowing the Pixel 6a won’t run out before your train even arrives. Yep, its adaptive battery will keep going for around 24 hours (estimation based on regular use). When you do need a bit more juice, it's Fast Charging compatible, so don’t worry about being tied to an outlet for too long.

Simply touch to unlock
With the under-display fingerprint sensor, you can instantly log in to your apps and websites without compromising on security.

Accessories included
1m USB-C to USB-C cable (USB 2.0), Quick Switch adaptor, SIM tool

Dimensions - H15.21 x W7.18 x D0.88cm
Display - 6.1", Full HD+, OLED, 60Hz

John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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  1. Avatar
    Brought the Pixel 6 from the £300 curry's deal . Not sure what anyone likes about this phone,the updates and optimisation of updates took over 16 hours ,yes 16 hours,absolutely disgraceful and the phone itself is mediocre at best,screen is abismal and lacks any vibrancy or colour,camera is standard and no option to upgrade memory using spare RAM . Easily the worst phone I've purchased and its going straight back to Curry's . My old Poco F3 blows this junk away .
    What did you really expect for a £200 Google device, if it was brilliant who'd buy an £800+ device
  2. Avatar
    What's the major difference between the 6a and the 6 please?
    And wireless charging
  3. Avatar
    Any details about this case? Code doesn't work for me?
    Need to log in and add case to cart with phone plus code at checkout
  4. Avatar
    How is the battery life and camera on this one? Thinking of trading in my S21. Any suggestions

    @MrSwitch any thoughts on this one will be helpful. (edited)
    Bought 2 the other day at Currys for mum and dad. Easily lasts a day, probably 2 with their usage, camera is on par with the flagship 6.
  5. Avatar
    this a worthwhile upgrade from a pixel 4a 5G? (edited)
    I looked myself but tbh apart from the faster chip, IP67 rating your not gaining much. Camera tech is the same plus you'll lose the headphone jack if you buy the 6a (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Ok - Just got through to someone who was actually useful - Even if you have a John Lewis login/account, you need to sign up additionally for "My John Lewis" on top of that. Then the code will work.
    They like to make it complicated. :-)
  7. Avatar
    Popped in store and bought 2 last night ...typical they add the free case offer today
    I just spoke to someone at Customer services and said I'd rather not send it back just to order again with the free case so he said he'll get someone to sort it and give me a call tomorrow
  8. Avatar
    Just tried to call the Customer Service number. Wow, since when did they move their call centre overseas and employ people who barely understand English?!
    Do you have a contact number by any chance please?
  9. Avatar
    cant decide if this is a worthy upgrade from my samsung s10e..??
    What is it currently lacking and ill tell you whether to
  10. Avatar
    How or whats the trade in like? Is it as generous as Samsung's trade in program?
    Prices look to be worse than the google trade in. iPhone 6s was £132 with google (£100 + £32) and here they are offering £100 + £10
  11. Avatar
    What are they like for trade in condition?
    I have an iphone 5s...it works... But doesnt hold its charge for long and also the top half of the phone the screen is coming away for the body..
  12. Avatar
    Guessing there is no issue with paying with John Lewis vouchers and claiming the cashback?
  13. Avatar
    So do buy the phone first then do the trade in when you receive it?
    Yes, you have to give the new phone's IMEI number in order to get the trade in uplift.
  14. Avatar
    £100 cash or £100 of joun Lewis vouchers?
    bank transfer or vouchers ..choice is yours
  15. Avatar
    Just bought a xiaomi redmi note 11 , not sure whether to switch it for this?
  16. Avatar
    IMO you won't do better for the price. Good deal.
  17. Avatar
    Anyone not able to use the PIXEL6ACASE code anymore? Said it wasn't valid so wondered if they'd run out of stock?
    Otherwise I may have to send them a message.
  18. Avatar
    Just tried using the PIXEL6ACASE code (once logged in and with the case in my basket). It's not worked for me either.
    Works for me. Did you add the case to your basket first, so it shows total as £324, then you apply the code and it drops back to £299.
  19. Avatar
  20. Avatar
    I'm so confused by this trade in. The terms say you will receive £100 for trade in. It also says you will receive up to £12 for the phone I've selected.
    Which is it? The terms which say £100 and not "up to £x"?
    It should be £100 on top of the trade price. I can't work out if they'll take non working handsets at a trade price of £0 but with the additional £100 on top regardless.
  21. Avatar
    Can you trade in any phone or just the ones you can find on their trade in website?
  22. Avatar
    Just to confirm, I can only claim the cashback when the phone arrives as I need to enter the new IMEI?
  23. Avatar
    Trading in my p30 pro I could get this for £86. Hmm.
    Same for phones like Sony Xperia 1 II 256GB - £76, Oppo Find X2 Pro 256GB - £86 - bull*hit trade.
  24. Avatar
    Can some one simply explain how this works with trade in of I got a s9 to trade in how does it work plz some one explain in simple way plz
    Purchase it for £299 with case. When it arrives you find the IMEI number and enter it on redemption and get £100 refunded plus the cash for the S9 trade in
  25. Avatar
    Looks like the PIXEL6ACASE not working anymore
    It still works
  26. Avatar
    Can I trade a phone with a broken screen that doesn't turn on? EDIT: Sorry I mean phone powers up but screen is black.

    Also do they come with a pre-installed screen protector? (edited)
  27. Avatar
    Did anyone order on Friday? I've had no shipping confirmation yet. Guessing they're backed up and I did the free postage option.
    In the Confirmation of Order email you hopefully received you'll find a Track my order button. On your order page scroll down to "Why can't I track yet?" and hover over it to see this message:

    "When we've given your items to a delivery carrier, you'll get a tracking link. This can happen on the day of delivery. If you haven't got your items within the timeframe shown on the order, contact us."

    That said, I've not received a tracking link either. (edited)
  28. Avatar
    how does this compare with google trade in please?
  29. Avatar
    Anyone know when this deal ends?
  30. Avatar
    £399 now
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