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Google Pixel 7 Pro – Unlocked Android 5G smartphone with telephoto & wide-angle lens – 128GB £661.50 + £125 Trade in boost @ Amazon

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Update 1
Reduced further to £661.50

Oops! Obsidian much cheaper at £664.45 at Amazon as well, only noticed the price difference after posting Hazel
Google Pixel 7 Pro – Unlocked Android 5G smartphone with telephoto lens, wide-angle lens and 24-hour battery – 128GB – Hazel

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Super selfies? Check. A three-day battery life? You bet. 5G Connectivity? Obviously. Google’s best-of-everything Pixel 7 Pro has it all. Keeping up with your favourite shows is a dream on the 6.7" OLED display, with the telephoto lens and pro-level features like Macro Focus always making sure to capture your best angles.

Don't worry about security either - the Titan M2 security chip and built-in VPN help protect your personal data.

5G capability
Say bye-bye to buffering. The super-fast 5G-ready connection zips through downloads at record pace. Stream, browse, and watch whatever you want, wherever you want. Waiting forever for your Instagram feed to load up will be a distant memory.

Immersive screen, with super vivid colour
It’s more of the same dazzling display that wowed us on the Pixel 6. Just a bit bigger. The 6.7-inch OLED display comes HDR-enabled and has a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Put in plain English (don’t worry, we had to look up half of that too), those fancy numbers and letters mean you get smooth scrolling and superb colour on a clear, bright, movie-style screen.

Dust, drop and splash resistant
The Pixel 7 Pro safeguards you from any little oops, with IP68 water and dust resistance. The screen also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, making it tougher and less prone to scratches.

Your safety is Pixel's priority
Your Pixel looks out for you with the Personal Safety app. In an emergency, Pixel can automatically call for help, share your location or record a video.

Tiny is epic
Pixel 7 Pro's updated ultrawide1 lens powers Macro Focus. The smallest details make magnificent shots – raindrops, snowflakes, petals or a blade of grass.

Simply touch to unlock
With face unlock and the on-screen fingerprint sensor, you can instantly log in to your apps and websites without compromising on security.

Make photobombers disappear
Magic Eraser is a real game-changer. With a few taps, you can remove strangers and unwanted objects from pics. Or change the colour and brightness of an object, so that it blends right in. It’s never been easier to forget about your ex.

The camera that makes you feel seen
Real Tone represents more skin tones beautifully, authentically and accurately in photos, videos and Meet video calls.

And... action!
Bring more drama to videos. Cinematic Blurkeeps your subject in focus and blurs the background for a dramatic effect. Hello, Hollywood.

It's everything that a battery should be
Pixel's Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours. Turn on Extreme Battery Saver, and the battery can last up to 72 hours. And your Pixel charges super

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone got any experience with this handset? Considering swapping from my Galaxy S21 Ultra (mainly for the free Google photos storage)
    You'll find the lack of Samsung bloat alone exhilarating!
  2. Avatar
    Loads available on eBay for £600-£620 brand new Sealed.
    Would trade-in apply if one buys from eBay? I haven't checked, still reeling over this howler because of handset colour price difference. I am prone to gaffs, probably time to give deal posting a rest!
    At least, it has highlighted that prices of Pixels are plummeting ⬇️
  3. Avatar
    I just had to check to see how Google have done since the Tensor revolution and their sales are still crap, despite all the give aways less than 5 million 6's were sold from release 21 to Sept 22.


    I don't see the 7 series doing any better after using it.

    7 series is definitely the best of the lot. The only pixel series that doesn't have a glaring issue.

    Each gen has had something wrong,from terrible screen (2xl) to worse notch of all time(3xl) to horrendous battery life (4).

    I think they've finally got it right...now all we need is a pixel 5 fan edition with tensor 2. Perfect device.
  4. Avatar
    664 minus the 125 for trade in ....540 quid seems pretty good.

    I just can't understand how they think 128gb is enough....
    Eh it's enough for most people as long as you're not videoing everything Infront of you. Plus they want to sell the cloud storage which is convenient and very cheap
  5. Avatar
    HUKD getting pretty saturated with Pixel deals recently!
    Standby for even more when the 7a launches
  6. Avatar
    One of the most attractive phones
  7. Avatar
    Well folks, reduced a bit further to £687.91
  8. Avatar
    Sorry, Obsidian is £664.45, much cheaper
  9. Avatar
    The depreceation on this phone is mind-blowing (edited)
    Pfft. Got the 256GB for 650 day 1
  10. Avatar
    Adding heat as the price is good. And the phone does good job for the tag. I've bought the 6 Pro probably 5,6 months after release for £799 so it's nice to see they're selling the 7 Pro cheaper. I'm happy with the 6 Pro (after the device was replaced because of some faults - dealing with Google was annoying & since replacing it, had no issues). But in general, I'm a Samsung fan and will get back to them. Pixel A series for me is a phenomenal value for money too. If you don't want to spend alot, get this deal. 6 Pro is not bad too will be selling mine cheap so reach out
  11. Avatar
    Only 128GB with no expandable storage? No thanks
    Welcome to 2023.... No charger or headphone jack either.
  12. Avatar
    Any one know how long does it take Amazin to accept a trade-in? Surely the purchase price could change in the meantime - Is there any way of "fixing" the price you pay? TIA
    That’s why I wouldn’t try taking advantage of Amazon’s trade in.  Send a phone off and end up with a voucher that’s not going to make your purchase any cheaper because Amazon have increased the sale price meantime.
  13. Avatar
    Above deal seems expired now.
  14. Avatar
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