Unfortunately, this deal has expired 1 September 2023.
Posted 13 July 2023

Google Pixel 7a 5G 128GB Smartphone + 33GB Vodafone Data, Unltd Mins / Texts - £18pm + Zero Upfront With Code - £432 @ Affordable Mobiles

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£432 total cost, all colours available, nice low monthly of £18 with no upfront

Snow Colour Option
Charcoal Colour Option
Sea Colour Option

Make every day memorable with the Google Pixel 7a Pro smartphone in your palm. Get as snap happy as you like with the 64MP rear camera making every pic crystal clear and social media ready. If you can’t quite get the right angle, switch to the 13MP front camera and make it a group selfie to remember. Keep those memories safe with facial recognition tech that’ll only unlock for you. The cherry on top is the epic 5G connection and lets you download and stream quicker than ever before. So, just sit back and watch, play, or scroll the day away on the stunning 6.1-inch OLED screen. What more could you need?

Key Features
  • 6.1-inch OLED screen
  • 64MP rear camera
  • 13MP front camera
  • 4300mAh battery
  • Facial recognition
  • 5G ready

Faster Speeds with 5G
5G is here on Vodafone, bringing you incredible data speeds, a smoother experience when gaming and video calling, and a more reliable data connection in busy places like the football and festivals. Vodafone has launched 5G in a load of busy towns and cities up and down the UK. See our Help Centre for the full list. Note: When you leave a 5G location, your 5G mobile will automatically switch to 4G or 3G, then back to 5G when it's available.

Claim Free Rewards and Offers
By becoming a Vodafone customer, you get access to exclusive VeryMe perks through the My Vodafone app, unlocking all sorts of rewards and offers. You’ll be able to enjoy treats from your favourite high-street retailers, as well as discounts on entertainment activities.

Experience Uncapped Data Speeds
Enjoy data speeds as fast your mobile phone and network will allow, giving you a smoother experience when you're streaming videos, surfing the web or socialising with friends over social media apps. Check your device settings for an indication of maximum data speeds.

Stay Safe Online with Secure Net
All Vodafone plans come with a 3-month free trial of Secure Net, to protect you from harmful viruses and websites while you’re connected to their mobile network – plus a filter for children’s devices, so the whole family can be kept safe. After your free trial it costs £1.10 a month unless you cancel.

Enjoy 30GB Extra Data for Free
This plan comes with a free 30GB data boost, which means you get extra data on your mobile to surf, stream and download. The data boost gets automatically applied to your plan - there’s nothing for you to do, other than enjoy it!

Online Help
Affordable Mobiles More details at
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  1. Turbowayne's avatar
    Should also qualify for £65 TCB ?
    logie48's avatar
    Likely not, as you are using a code to remove the £49 upfront payment.

    However, this would be offset and more by the £65 cashback. But is it worth the risk?
  2. Husnaan's avatar
    Total cost doesn't take into account CPI + network providers own increase..
    sossidge's avatar
    no deal ever posted on this site ever has: if you know what CPI will be in eight months and twenty months time then feel free to detail it in a post
  3. AdelRawas's avatar
    Please note Vodafone hikes the price massively in April. The way they make their contract is that they add an expensive tariff then apply a discount to get this figure of £18. When they do the increase they calculate it at the full price not the discounted price.
    For example a tarrif would be £40 a month and then they apply a discount to make it £18. When they do the increase they do it based on the £40
    My contract was increased by almost 20% because of this (edited)
    Collingwood16's avatar
    Definitely worth highlighting this point. I still think it's a good deal, but personally I wasn't too comfortable with the higher than expected price rises you'll experience, so I went for the £329 buy outright option w/ student discount code from the EE store deal.
  4. djlondon22's avatar
    Showing upfront £49 st checkout for me
    MrSwitch's avatar
    With Code ⬅️@ affordable mobile
  5. ElChampo's avatar
    Will the be mid contract price increases?
    Njay's avatar
    Tempted but trying to work out price based on 2 mid term increases. Given they all seem to say cpi plus 3.9% then wont the total price require at least two 3.9% increases during the 24m term?

    8x18.00 = 144.00
    12x18.70 = 224.40
    4x19.43 = 77.72
    Which comes to £446

    If the price increases are anything like the last ones then that's nearer 16% which would make the figures

    8x18.00 = 144.00
    12x20.88 = 250.56
    4x25.22 = 96.88
    Which comes to £491

    I guess the likely cost will be somewhere between these two figures?

    Or have I done the maths wrong
    Edit: didn't realise the price is £26 with a £8 discount so maths above is wrong. See further down the thread (edited)
  6. Collingwood16's avatar
    I think this is a pretty good deal overall. However, it's important to note that the annual price increase applies to the original £26 a month (and then £8 is subtracted afterwards). This means you'll experience a slightly higher monthly cost increase than what you may initially anticipate. (edited)
  7. J100288's avatar
    Been holding off for the best £0 upfront deal, and think this is it. Thank you.
  8. jakbli's avatar
    Attempted but hardly see any advantage over 5 yrs old p20 pro:)
    Marcusl2345's avatar
    I'm thinking the exact same. I have the mate 20 pro. Hell of a phone
  9. Raiper's avatar
  10. Dorian_Mangel's avatar
    Good find heat
  11. MrSwitch's avatar
    Maybe one for you?
    ShahAli21's avatar
    I'm currently looking for Samsung Fold 4 if there is any better deals
  12. tascheman's avatar
    Better than a Pixel 6?
    MrSwitch's avatar
  13. Nobull's avatar
    Seems a good deal. Just out of contract with O2, I wonder if they would price match. Quite like that their contracts include EU roaming.
    jakbli's avatar
  14. Saf1994's avatar
    Can anyone tell how long this voucher code will last for?
  15. Lil6ix's avatar
    heat paying £14pm for a 6a with 30GB on Three.
  16. teracir's avatar
    ordered thanks.
  17. mattd555's avatar
    Do you think this would be a cheap upgrade for my Pixel 5?
  18. matthew_hawes's avatar
    any decent deals going for an upgrade from a pocofone F1?? Ideally under £200!!
  19. jeh12369's avatar
    Any ideas for the best method to upgrade to this from Vodafone? Upgrade deals awful. Pac porting to PAYG and then back to pay monthly?
    mattd555's avatar
    they will do it internally no need to PAYG, i will do this too and have done before
  20. Popmonts's avatar
    I got declined due to internal checks?? Anyone know if its worth trying again with a different bank or something? Cheers
    mattd555's avatar
    For me, the message was "Your order has been paused because the network is unable to match the phone number you provided with your existing network account."
  21. Mart678's avatar
    I've got a Vodafone contract just about to run out. Can I cancel it and take this contract out and transfer my number easy? Many thanks
    mattd555's avatar
  22. DonegalJones's avatar
    I got the deal for £18 but my bill has come through for £21.60, is this right?
's avatar