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Posted 30 April 2024

Heineken Premium Lager (Dutch Import) - 6x330ml Cans - Clubcard Price

£5£5.6011% off
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These cans maybe small but these are the real deal.

Authentically brewed in The Netherlands as they should be and not the inferior UK brewed version when buying the bigger cans, see my picture of my actual pack to confirm.

Try for yourself if you don't believe me.

The price works out 83p a can which is decent for a decent macro lager that is imported.

It is 5.0% ABV which tastes very different and much better compared to the UK brew despite the same ABV.

Comparison video of the UK vs Dutch brew here courtesy of a chap called Adam:

Another video here focusing on the Dutch brew only:

See below to compare prices to other stores:
Water, Malted Barley, Hop Extract

Summery from Heineken:
Experience the richness of Heineken, a premium lager with a deep golden hue, subtle bitterness, and a harmonious hop aroma that culminates in a refreshing, clean finish.

Crafted from 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, this is a premium, invigorating lager.

Think of Heineken as the ‘single malt' of lagers, meticulously created, pure, and free from corn, rice, or additives.

Gather your loved ones for moments of joy, whether it's cheering on your favourite teams or celebrating special occasions like Christmas, Easter, summer festivals, and BBQs.

For an optimal enjoyment, serve Heineken chilled. Each pack contains six carefully crafted 330ml cans, ensuring there's a Heineken for every occasion.
Tesco More details at

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  1. Weirdy's avatar
    Anyone know of somewhere to buy a few decent crates imported lager in the London area ?
    ShiveringSwan's avatar
    Ocado do 24 x 330ml bottles of Heineken for £30, they state they are Dutch imports.
  2. TN567's avatar
    People still won't understand the difference In taste between these beauts and the Edinburgh dross being churned out by the bucketload

    Lovely drop this one
    guttediam's avatar
    I do!!!!!!
  3. jhw's avatar
    Never liked Heineken - but I miss the 5% Grolsch that they withdrew from UK market.
    tissot22's avatar
    Many years ago a Dutchman describing me a various dutch beers draw a picture of a horse drinking Grolsh and peeing heineken
  4. Rich069's avatar
    Been this price for a while...and definitely tasting the difference to the big cans and bottles.
    MLAM's avatar
    Indeed it has, thought I’d post it on here as it hasn’t been yet.

    Nice to see others notice a difference too.
  5. michaeldudley's avatar
  6. Alf.Garnett's avatar
    time to stock up
  7. Marwood_Withnail's avatar
    The Dutch brew is a far better drop! The reason Heineken keeps it at 5% is because they have many other products in the UK market that are under the 5% mark so this way they cover the whole market.
    MLAM's avatar
    Glad to see another person who tastes the difference!

    Good point about Heineken and their portfolio of products.

    Fosters is weakest at 3.7%, Cruzcampo is 4.4% and Birra Moretti is 4.6% and the Unfiltered one is 4.8%.
  8. guttediam's avatar
    Had to check to prove you wrong Op but CAN'T..... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, will get some tom and if it's the real deal I'll be single soon after as my stocking up ie she's out
    MLAM's avatar
    Aha let us know how you get on tomorrow

    Hopefully you don't end up being single because of Heineken
  9. ShiveringSwan's avatar
    Same price at Tesco with a clubcard. This is actually the best deal for 5% lager out there, particularly being brewed in the Netherlands. Nicer than the UK brewed bottles, and about 10 times nicer than the guff 440ml cans brewed in Manchester.
    MLAM's avatar
    My deal is at Tesco

    Nice to see another person who can tell a difference.
  10. girag1847's avatar
    Going to give it a try , only had UK brewed before
  11. JESPINEI's avatar
    Estrella Galicia (Majestic), Peroni bottles (Amazon and Majestic) and Mahou (Amazon) for me. That's it. Painful to have a pint these days in most pubs. The range of lager is one big joke.
    MLAM's avatar
    Good choice of drinks there.

    I take it you mean Peroni Red Top? I prefer that to the Nastro Azzuro stuff.
  12. villager's avatar
    been buying these for years when on special, it's the real deal not edinburgh piss
  13. ShiveringSwan's avatar
    Not long left to get these now, I've got 15 packs in the house but they go down pretty fast. Going to clear out every Tesco withing a few mile radius over the next couple of days.
    MLAM's avatar
    Wow and I thought I got a lot by picking up 2x more packs tonight!

    Loads in my Tesco stores around here but staff don’t rotate, latest sport packaging up the front, I saw an old pack in the back with a June 24 expiry date. (edited)
  14. ureds's avatar
    Is the 440ML can made in the UK?
    MLAM's avatar
    Yes, everything but these 330ml cans are brewed in the UK.
  15. BustyB293's avatar
    Tins… No thanks …. 
    MLAM's avatar
    It beats the skunking of green bottles.

    I pour out into a glass anyway so I prefer cans.
  16. lazurus616's avatar
    Yeah sorry, you can't bastardise your UK product and then release "the genuine imported real stuff" in the UK and expect us to go for it. Booo the them and cold.
    MLAM's avatar
    You should vote hot as I posted it, not for Heineken 😁
  17. Rich069's avatar
    These went oos about 2 weeks ago in all the Tescos ive been in. Maybe seen the last of then😥
    MLAM's avatar
    Still seen plenty about in my travels both in Tesco and in Sainsbury's, even have newer stock coming in as it has the Champions League branding on them and not the 150 years one.
  18. sussexroyal's avatar
    Funny how people here get excited about this bland lager. It may be a bit better than the UK product but you won't find drinkers in The Netherlands singing it's praises.
    MLAM's avatar
    The same goes for the German stuff though, I think stuff like Krombacher isn’t rated all that high at Germany.

    Goes to show how limited the choices the of imported lagers are in supermarkets here. (edited)
  19. MLAM's avatar
    For those who want to try the Alcohol free variant, head over to my deal thread.

's avatar