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Mix & Match beer & cider 3 for £21 eg 36 bottles of Sol, 36 cans of Carling, 30 cans Amstel, 36 cans Strongbow, 36 bottles of Stella @ Asda
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Thought this was a decent offer for the Six Nations / St Patricks Day - just because its the weekend etc. On offer mix and match any 3 crates for £21 some are £10 each. Available … Read more

Hardly difficult to say, even if drunk. (skeptical) Can you say ”She sells seashells by the seashore”?


Been buying the Carling at 3 for £21 for years at Asda so nothing new there. Mind you for the last month, its been subbed as currently unavailable


Not until I've had about 5 cans (flirt)


Can you say "al-co-holic"?


Guinness on offer here - 12 for £10 for Original Stout >> HERE or 15 draught for £12 >> HERE

24 x300ml bottles budweiser for £12.00 (50p a bottle) @ Asda
Refreshed 21st Dec 2018Refreshed 21st Dec 2018
Note this is for a box of 24 bottles. Box of 24 300ml twist top bottles of Budweiser for & 12.00 in Asda... Nice time to stock up @ 50p a bottle (y)
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Still expensive


They have been 300ml for a while now even long before brexit


Had some of these (and other crates) discounted to £9.50 at my local due to broken boxes. They'd been displayed on the floor and inevitably kicked around. Managed to get a crate of 25 as it had been repackaged wrong.


Stella is grim imo. I love Moretti and Modelo, but at 50p a bottle, this is great for over Xmas when you’ve got family visiting!


Also at Lidl

Budweiser 20x300ml bottles £9.99 @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Price update £9.99 49.95p per bottle £1.66 per litre
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Enough said about Budweizer: Elvis has left the building :{


I did my xmas shopping early this time .. In fact a whole 12 months early .. And the shops were as busy as ever .


Crudwieser nah!


How much in Scotland?


Lol, that would be great. I was scrolling and lingered too long. I just thought I'd tell you because if it was my post I'd be so annoyed if it got voted cold

Budweiser 20 Bottles £14 @ Morrisons
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Budweiser 20 Bottles £14 @ Morrisons
Found at Morrison’s in Aldershot. Offer is nationwide
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One of the worst prices ever! Only £10 practically everywhere else sorry


Pic too sml on my mobile to see and didn't inspect on delivery !


Don’t the boxes have pictures of either tins or bottles??


Hehe! Worth querying - I bought bud online at Sainsbury's and although it said 330ml it hadn't registered and I was shocked when I opened the box later to find they were tins and not bottles!


Oh and Asda staff get 20% discount if you make friends with one they will get you a couple of boxes done this several times

Budweiser 20 x 300ml bottles Tesco - £10
Refreshed 18th Dec 2018Refreshed 18th Dec 2018
Budweiser 20 x 300ml bottles Tesco - £10
£10£1217%Tesco Deals
Budweiser 20X300ml Bottle in Tesco, twist off cap
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I know right!! This is more than enough to get me blootered over the weekend, guess I'm not a 'real man' lol


I found for £ 9.99 at Lidl in Ashford Kent, not much difference but good price as well


Heineken 15 cans 2 for 20 in Tesco is good


I actually quite like these, I often drink my way through these when making the family roast on Sunday and it doesn't affect the outcome of the food 👌


Alternatively, fill a bottle from the nearest spring, or 'urinals' as some people call them.

Budweiser 12 Pack (3 for £21) @ Asda
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
12 x 300ml Budweiser bottles. Twist of cap. £8.27 per pack Or 3 packs for £21

£3 dearer this deal than the box of 24 for £12


Indeed, Asda usually sell Bud bottles for 50p but the box size the offer is on sometimes changes.


Sorry OP, but this is cheaper per bottle from same retailer... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/24-x-300ml-budweiser-at-asda-12-free-cc-3092658


Apologies that that the deal has already been posted in the 3 for 21 mix and match post. Searched before posting and musta missed it.


welcome to hukd newbie.lager first post.luvvly jubbly.hot from me. :)

24 x 300ml Budweiser at Asda - £12 (free C&C)
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
24 x 300ml Budweiser at Asda - £12 (free C&C)
24 x 300ml Budweiser at Asda
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You need to spend £25 to use the click and collect


Dont buy it then...........


Awful beer


Next time I visit the border I'll give you a shout and bootleg some hooch in ;)


There is a loophole which allows alcohol being sent from South of the Border to evade the minimum pricing but i would believe the postage costs would perhaps negate any saving.

Budweiser 20 x 300ml Bottles for just £12 @ Tesco & Morrison’s - £2.00/litre
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
Budweiser 20 x 300ml Bottles for just £12 @ Tesco & Morrison’s - £2.00/litre
Budweiser 20 x 300ml Bottles for just £12 @ Tesco & Morrison’s £2.00/litre Morrison’s link: https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Budweiser/400746011
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Is there any particular reason you had to say that 3 times? :/


Well done Sherlock, that was also my post but saw it after I’d posted this!


Not actually cold either, it’s just my other deal was brilliant!!!!


Well done Sherlock, that was also my post but saw it after I’d posted this!

30 x 440ml cans of Budweiser for £20 (Originally £14 for 15 cans) at Tesco (Many others also 2 for £20, see below)
Refreshed 21st Nov 2018Refreshed 21st Nov 2018
30 x 440ml cans of Budweiser for £20 (Originally £14 for 15 cans) at Tesco (Many others also 2 for £20, see below)
£20£2829%Tesco Deals
30 x 440ml cans of Budweiser for £20 (Originally £14 for 15 cans) at Tesco. Not just Budweiser, there are lots of other drinks in the 2 for £20, Becks / Guinness Draught / Stella… Read more
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Good deal. I went for Heineken and Stella, all £14 crates are 2 for £20


Is this better vale then 20 bottles of bud @ £12 300ml size or worse?


I've been to 2 stores and couldn't find these. Customer service told me I have to buy them online.


Don't buy it then but it really is not that bad :P


Morrisons do 20 X 300ml for £12, £2 a litre.

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Budweiser prohibition 5 for £1 Fulton foods
LocalLocalFound 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Budweiser prohibition 5 for £1 Fulton foods
5 for £1 found in the Huddersfield store.

Anybody know if this is available at the accrington store???


I never understand alcohol free anything. If I'm not drinking alcohol I'll have a juice instead.Dont see the need to look like I'm drinking when I'm not.If it's your thing don't buy these, neighbor gave me one before as a joke. Awful stuff. Worse than bud light and that's saying something.


As alcohol free ones go, this is one of the best imo.


Great! Been looking for a cheap screen wash! (y)


I don't mind an alcohol free beer but I really wasn't feeling this one. It was like normal Bud but with even less taste. Maybe it might be ok for making a shandy with for the little ones.

20 x 300ml bottles Budweiser £9.99 @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Hadn't had Budweiser for ages, bought 20 for a tenner in Tesco over the World Cup and they were unusually better - how many lagers taste worse now - than I remembered. So here goe… Read more

Too many snobs! But then I also like Pinot Grigio - a drink for the masses but scores nil point with wine experts!


Ghastly! Awful! Drink water. Really? Maybe my taste buds have gone but I actually enjoyed them. I know, I find it hard to fathom myself. Clean, fresh and a little bite. Did the job. But then other times give me something with flavour: a strong malty ale. I'm not a illlib-undem. Vote as you please and I'll respect it.


Ale drinker these days. But grew up drinking lager. Old habits die hard.


Drink water. Tastes better, is cheaper and does you more good. Remember this company is all about profit - not beer. Smaller bottles = less cost, less tax, less packaging, less transport and therefore more profit. Good marketing can fool mostof the people all of the time


I drank a load last night. (cheeky) Feeling the effect today but had a good time. Sunday, so chilling out. A fair few cheap half-decent beers. Can't go wrong. Unless you're north of the border. Feel for you guys. Starchy knickers.

Budweiser 5L can only £8 Asda (Greenhithe)
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Budweiser 5L can only £8 Asda (Greenhithe)
Budweiser 5l can Reduced price to £8! Asda Greenhithe

Good job, too. I'd buy the Budvar though. Good price for 9 pints of good lager.


Nobody is asking you to buy it


Yep, dishwater masquerading as beer. Just as I said before. Carlsberg brewed on the continent is OK (I drank rather a lot of it back at Euro 2004 where it was the official beer!), but pretty much all of the lagers brewed under license in the UK are rubbish.


My Local too. Beat me to it ;) :D


Heat added.

Bud Light for less than 50p per bottle! - £35.98 (for 72 bottles) @ Amazon pantry
Found 3rd Oct 2018Found 3rd Oct 2018
Bud Light for less than 50p per bottle! - £35.98 (for 72 bottles) @ Amazon pantry
Amazon is selling Bud Light 12 packs at the lowest price of £7.00 but also offering £10 off a £40 spend which applies automatically at checkout. You don't have to buy only bud li… Read more



Dumb-ass? And a poor comedian.. Grow up!


Dilly Dilly dog (poo)


Well that’s my recycling bin full next week. Dilly dilly


Budweiser is £12 for 24 in Asda, so basically the same price per bottle. Decent deal though.

Any 2 for £20.00 Beer Cases -  Budweiser / Becks / Guinness Draught / Stella Artois / Coors Light / Heineken @ Tesco
Found 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
Any 2 for £20.00 Beer Cases - Budweiser / Becks / Guinness Draught / Stella Artois / Coors Light / Heineken @ Tesco
Offer available from 02/10 San Miguel 12 X 330Ml Stella Artois 20X284ml Guinness Draught 12 X 440Ml Becks 20X275ml Budweiser 15 X 440Ml Coors Light 15X440ml Heineken … Read more
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12 X 330ml San Miguel £7 in Morrisons


Heineken is £16:50 for 1 box of 15 cans in all Scotland stores, So this is a great deal


Either the UK use slightly different ingredients. Or just the UK are not good at making them. But beer imported from the continent is nicer than stuff made in the UK.


I quite like the aldi copy of becks, but this deal (party) takes some beating. Heat added.


remind me the benefits of a beer brand that's made overseas? the extra sprinkle of carbon footprint makes it taste better? only four ingredients in beer, not that difficult to match flavour profiles

24 budweiser £12 @ Asda
Refreshed 5th Nov 2018Refreshed 5th Nov 2018
24 budweiser £12 @ Asda
case of bud £12 x 24
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This stuff gives me diarrhoea


50p each, great price (y)


£1.67/litre is a great price. Scotland will be dearer due to minimum pricing


Lucky Edinburgh



HUSKY 46L Budweiser Drinks Cooler £99.98 @ Currys
Found 21st Sep 2018Found 21st Sep 2018
HUSKY 46L Budweiser Drinks Cooler £99.98 @ Currys
£99.98£129.9923%Currys PC World Deals
Decent price drop, good reviews, free delivery and quite a bit more elsewhere. Ideal for a games room and/or watching the Footie/Rugby/Cricket Store up to 40 cans in this very co… Read more
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I'm not completely sure but I know some are suitable for garages/outhouses and others are not and have to be kept in a warmer environment/room temperature. I think it might be down to the anti-ice functions but I could be wrong. Plus my ones kept inside and still builds up a bit of ice on the back inside anyway


I know it’s a brand.... but surely this is still expensive for a small fridge ??


I turn mine off every couple days to let it defrost,


I have this fridge and paid more .Managed to damage it cleaning it of ice bulid up.Lucky enough I had cover on it so got replaced.Does what it's supposed to do and great quality.Wpuld of preferred one that didn't advertise the king of p1ss beer but at least I choose what beer to put in it like 8 bottles of keo (lol) (lol)


Chin chin

Budweiser budvar Czech premium lager 5ltr keg @ asda Woodchurch / wirral £10
LocalLocalFound 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
Budweiser budvar Czech premium lager 5ltr keg @ asda Woodchurch / wirral £10
Spotted in store. Not on asda website so assuming store specific... If you spot any in your local asda please feel free to leave a comment I'm sure it'll be appreciated by other ho… Read more
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At Lower Earley (Reading ) today


Available in Asda Barnsley along with Stringbow at the same price


bought one of these a few months ago, and wasn't worth the hassle to be honest. makes a great stand for my PSVR though.


In Ipswich Asda too same price. Also hobgoblin for a tenner


In huyton asda with hobgoblin the same price

BUDWEISER PARTY PACK 30 cans beer X 330ML Nationwide / in stores
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
BUDWEISER PARTY PACK 30 cans beer X 330ML Nationwide / in stores
Lowest prise ever for beer in store. Took all shelf :) Nationwide, not chase of Tosco gooses. The World Cup is over. they clean up the branded Budweiser beer. Content of the box :… Read more
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Just been to Sainsbury's Apsley London Road and they have a few


Just been to Sainsbury’s Castlepoint Bournemouth none of these packs or anything reduces grrrrrrr but was worth looking


Was definitely in Exeter!


Never ever seen this pack anywhere down south but will blOdy look but deep down know I won’t find this wonderful beer ( even in a can ) great find Op go buy the lot :D HOT

Budweiser budvar 5ltr £7.50 @ tesco
LocalLocalFound 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
Budweiser budvar 5ltr £7.50 @ tesco

awesome for the price but last time i had it all the gas ....ed off straight away (shock) to be honest it wasn't that bad flat would definitely buy again gonna work on my opening technique (y)


went to 3 tescos in nottingham , all 15 pound, COLD DAMMN COLD


£15 @tesco Littlehampton


is it in other stores


Have to agree, heat

Budweiser Twist Top 24 x 300ml Bottles £12 - 50p Per Bottle @ Asda (Instore & Online)
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
Budweiser Twist Top 24 x 300ml Bottles £12 - 50p Per Bottle @ Asda (Instore & Online)
Good price, works out at 50p per bottle

Back up to £15


this price has been continuously about 2-3 years leaving out 1-2 month in between


What’s this per Litre? And how do we work it out? Rubbish at math.. £1.66?


Grow up son


Yes dad

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