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15% Off Prepaid Weekly Car Rentals @ Hertz for Hire in UK, Spain, Germany, France,  Netherlands and Belgium!
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Posted 11th Jun 2009Posted 11th Jun 2009
15% Off Prepaid Weekly Car Rentals @ Hertz for Hire in UK, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium!
Hopefully this will be helpful for some who are planning a break away and need some car hire ... Get 15% Off Prepaid Weekly Car Rentals @ Hertz! This offer is valid for online pr… Read more
Up to 33% off Hertz Car Rental -Big Yellow Sale Now On
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Posted 8th May 2009Posted 8th May 2009
Up to 33% off Hertz Car Rental -Big Yellow Sale Now On
Found this offer whilst shopping around for a cheapo car for us in the South Of France in August - it was coming out at £110 for us, 10% Quidco available too. I didn't think it wa… Read more
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Yeah they have great prices and service. Sometimes http://www.doyouspain.com/ or http://www.premiercarjet.com/ is worth a look, have used both on a number of occasions.


Shame it doesn't cover Spain, so no good to me. I've always had very good prices and service from Carjet.


Just to let you know - my booking didnt go through and it was because you are supposed to enter all name and address deails in LOWER CASE! Very strange! Had to phone Hertz to find out info. Also NONE of the vouchers posted on here will work, even if you are paying by Mastercard or Visa, so I wouldn't bother trying. To be fair - they are all quite old codes! Worth a try, i thought!! :thumbsup:


I just tried these for summer in Orlando and they are twice the price of Dollar. Hertz are very expensive too, but nowhere near as bad


Got me worried there! - Just tried to get a quote from them and its £201, same size car.

20% off Van Rental plus possible 10% Quidco with Hertz - SWB Transit from £18.95 per day.
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Posted 1st Apr 2009Posted 1st Apr 2009
20% off Van Rental plus possible 10% Quidco with Hertz - SWB Transit from £18.95 per day.
I've just been looking to hire a transit-sized van for our upcoming house move. All quotes were coming in between £42 and £52 for a 24 hour hire. Anyway, had a look on Quidco and… Read more
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Thanks for the tip 'Tricky' heat was added :) However, I have hired from them 4 times now online, but Quidco didnt track once. Possibly because quidco links to their car hire site, the 20% promo, then opens as another campaign in a new window ?


I know it's April Fools Day, but this is a real offer! Come on, give me some heat! :w00t:

Rent a Hertz car for just £1/a day
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Posted 9th Mar 2009Posted 9th Mar 2009
Rent a Hertz car for just £1/a day
Hertz turns 90 this year. To celebrate, were giving you the chance to rent a Hertz car for just £1 / 1 a day. Since our 90th birthday falls in 2009, were offering 2009 different c… Read more

I used this offer last year from Hertz, it was great. 5 days rental in Majorca for £5 no extras, just return the tank full........cannot find any at one pound on this link though and have been looking at it for three days. If you can find one (if they exist) it is genuine, just that i've tried loads of dates and different airports and haven't found one yet !!!!


Not sure it deserves to be this cold! If a few people manage to get the £1 deal then surely it is worth the OP posting it? I'll warm it up a bit for you (or at least make it less cold).


Lol, this has to be a joke! remember the charging for the use of the toilets? ;-)


Looks like one to avoid like the plague! Jointly marketed with Ryanair only 2009deals throughout Europe and IF you don't pick a winner, you get taken for a ride for free :whistling :


Surely this is just a lottery, it's not a deal. Price is very good but it's not guaranteed.

Hertz 90th Birthday Offer : 4 day Weekend rental from any UK location, excluding central London - £90 !
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Posted 10th Oct 2008Posted 10th Oct 2008
Hertz 90th Birthday Offer : 4 day Weekend rental from any UK location, excluding central London - £90 !
Love celebrating 90 years with Hertz. Love taking in the scenery of the UK. Love making the weekend last 4 days. Love its only £90 To further celebrate Hertz 90th birthday, weve g… Read more
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new hertz discount code 20 % req please help.


Just watch some airports 'only serve landing clients' - don't know of any that check or care, but I do believe that is in some T&C.


Car rentals have always surprised me how much they vary by location. Victoria Station in London for four days is £115, yet Heathrow Airport is just £65. Less than 40 minutes on a train to save yourself £50, not bad considering :?


can't beat the hertz £20 a week offer that was posted on here a while back, I've another car booked for two months, picking up in november, :-)


Sorry, but voted cold - I have rented cars a fair few times over the last few years & I almost always beat £20 per day. Travelsupermarket to search, then HUKD for vouchers & last but not least, quidco/topcashback.co.uk to book. Job done!

1,000 Hertz rentals for £9/EUR9 a week
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Posted 26th Sep 2008Posted 26th Sep 2008
1,000 Hertz rentals for £9/EUR9 a week
**Another car rental promotion. I couldnt find any £9 per week so far. If you so find any, please post below!** For 90 years, we've been offering reliable and trusted vehicle rent… Read more
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A lot of the hottest deals are limited quantities. I feel (whether I got it or not) this is a hot deal. Bit like the home bargains posts - no chance for me, but still hot deals. It is not like a lottery ticket - that costs money to see if it is a winner - this one is a case of 5 minutes to have a look (that is all I risked).


yeah, bit like posting a lottery ticket as a deal tho...


I got one (not through this post - got an email - was about to post it) - 8.99 for a focus, ema, 8/11 to 15/11. I only plan to keep it 3 days, but still saved me over £40. You must click through the special link - puts in a CDP & rate code. I found it on the top right of the home page, then clicked a book now link half way down. Also got my 89p quidco tracked, so £8.10! Definitely hot if you can get it.


not a deal, just a promo bbbbbrrrrrrr


carjet a better deal for me, £40 cheaper

Selected Hertz car rental - £9 (via expediia)
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Posted 14th Sep 2008Posted 14th Sep 2008
Selected Hertz car rental - £9 (via expediia)
There is a link on expedia web site to "win" £9 car rental with Hertz. (Select "CARS" from home page, then look in the top left hand corner) Follow the link and it's not a compet… Read more

none in york


Can't seem to find anything in birmingham under £118. Doesn't mean it's not worth looking though.


Searched all dates between now and 22nd and nothing showing for all 6 boxes of Europe so best of luck to anyone else searching through the dates.


hum I've disabled all my adblocking but can't for the life of me get the link working anyone got it? Can't unblock this link!? "http://ads.expedia.com/html.ng/Params.richmedia=no&LOCATION=CARS&PLACEMENT=ACOLTOP&SUBLOCATION=SEARCH&LANGID=2057&TPID=3" okay got it now http://www.expedia.co.uk/cars/hertz/sept08.aspx?pmicid=166058&


Direct link should be to Expedia and not Hertz then...

3 Day weekend rental from Hertz @ London Heathrow  £62.63 - New Ford Mondeo
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Posted 1st Aug 2008Posted 1st Aug 2008
3 Day weekend rental from Hertz @ London Heathrow £62.63 - New Ford Mondeo
This has to be the deal of the summer. Came across this special offer for a Mondeo 1.8 LX (diesel I hope) 3 day weekend rate £62.63 with unlimited miles and vat/taxes all in. You c… Read more

definitely only heathrow? Not gatwick for instance?


i had Merieva 4 days for £59, from Eterprise, they pick u up from home and take you back when rental finish, £150 deposit, £500 Excess excellent service


Edited cause I misread the original renting company as Avis. I've never used Hertz, but I presume they're ok. The usual caveats apply when renting: - Don't take the additional insurance. It can easily double the cost of the rental. If you really think you're likely to damage the car then you can purchase an excess waiver separately much cheaper elsewhere (search on Google). - Don't bother with any fuel pre-purchase offer. It's almost always cheaper to bring the car back full. - You will need a credit card with a decent limit, as some companies authorise an amount equal to the insurance excess. - Check for damage carefully when hiring and don't be afraid to record even the most minor marks on the inspection sheet. Don't forget to check wheels for scratches and windscreens for chips when doing this. And don't let them rush you! - Don't let them hit you for personal accident insurance or any other expensive options. If you're really worried, it's much cheaper to buy these elsewhere. - If you want a really good deal, phone around local branches. They often seem to have some leeway when it comes to prices, so you can sometimes play them off against each other to an extent. - If booking at short notice, always call rather than booking online. They seem to operate an overbooking system similar to airlines - I reserved a car online once only to find out at short notice that no vehicles were actually available. Errr random list of tips I know - the original deal posted is pretty good though. Especially for a rental from Heathrow. Cheers, John.


A quick tip about Hertz at Heathrow: they may suggest that you don't fill up the tank before returning the car, and that they'll fill it up using their discounted petrol ("we buy in bulk, so can get it cheaper, don't you know.."), ignore them. I fell for this scam 2 months ago. It seemed like a great deal, but when I came to return the car (with my flight taking off shortly afterwards), the "check-in guys" knew absolutely nothing about it, and were quoting me about £2 a litre to fill up the tank. I had to reverse out of the car lot and go and find a last-minute petrol station. Beware. It's a con. Fill the petrol tank up yourself before returning it to Hertz, Heathrow.


i hired last weekend from salisbury. i went for the 1.6 ford focus at £57. i ended up having to pay a £550 deposit and £70 fuel deposit and anded up with a 1.8 vauxhall astra and my debit card being swiped for £677:w00t: i had booked through alamo which no longer exists as its now owned by this mob. i had to treat the car with kid gloves, because i was afraid i might lose my deposit. the worst bit is when they told me that if all was well with the car when i returned it the deposit refund could take up to 10 days! mine took only 4 :whistling: take my advise. only book with a credit card. fortunately i dont use them, but this would have been better on this occcassion

UK HERTZ Weekend car rental deals from £22.50 for 3 days
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Posted 6th Jul 2008Posted 6th Jul 2008
UK HERTZ Weekend car rental deals from £22.50 for 3 days
Found this in special deals in their website, 3 days rental for 22.50 sounds cheap to me.. cann't go wrong for this price. Wherever youre going, you can get there in the comfort o… Read more
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very true one needs to be careful on insurance excess.


Phoned their helpline, this means that the car ain't available at that rate!! Should have been obvious:-D £650 excess OUCH.


Add saturday!


Has anyone managed to get one of these rates from any London locations out of interest? And I guess you need to put WOWVGB in the rate code box right? (I keep getting "not all the requirements for that rate code have been met etc.")


Ive done this deal twice now. Pickup up friday and drop of monday.

7 days Hertz Car Hire only £19.99 from Mcr Airport Only
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Posted 17th Apr 2008Posted 17th Apr 2008
7 days Hertz Car Hire only £19.99 from Mcr Airport Only
Hire a car for just £19.99 for 7 days. You have to go thru BMI - But just click on the car hire tab. Seems to be just Manchester airport only. Put in any dates as long as its at… Read more
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i too got a brand spanking new ford focus '08 plate/model'! hooray! the guy at the pickup did say have you got any other upcoming reservations - to which i replied no i havent (only having driven this car over the weekend i wish i had)


I got the same, a brand spanking new Ford Focus. Great car, and an excellent deal.


Picked mine up this morning, they said it was sposed to be a disel but as they didn't have any left they gave me a renault scenic 1.6 automatic which I can change at any hertz office if I don't like it. Great deal, thanks for spotting it.


Glad some of you managed to bag this ! Dave


Picked mine up on Sunday - 08 plate Focus, brand spanking new! Booked mine 62 days back to back till next year...! Too good to miss out. The problem has been fixed. Looking at the prices seems like to cost was 10% of what it should have been. So a massive 90% saving!!

Celebrate 90 years with a 90% saving with economy cars
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Posted 23rd Jan 2008Posted 23rd Jan 2008
Celebrate 90 years with a 90% saving with economy cars
his month it's our 90th birthday, and to celebrate, we've got some of our best offers yet. We've come a long way in 90 years today we have over 7,700 locations in more than 150 co… Read more
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Can get a Corsa for 8.99 Euro but think it better to spend 200Euro and have some comfort... Shame but thanks to the OP and rep left. _____________________ Be good, Dio :thumbsup:


Any reason why people spammed this?


Unbelievably, this bunch are shut on a Sunday in Cork at both places? Don't they think people travel on a Sunday from this International airport.


so think i got 1 week for 9 the other week normal


cool £97 for two weeks in orlando


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