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Hive Active Heating - FREE Amazon Echo Dot £249 self install @ Hive home
Found 24th Feb 2018Found 24th Feb 2018
Hive Active Heating - FREE Amazon Echo Dot £249 self install @ Hive home
£249 Installed £179 Self-Install Quidco: £10 Terms: [1] Terms apply. Offer is limited to one Echo Dot per customer and is subject to availability and ends on 4th March 2018. Off… Read more
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Someone amended the title incorrectly to say self install!! (annoyed)




so cold. i got mine uninstalled at ao couple of months ago for £119.



Hive Welcome Home pack with Motion Sensor, Plug and Lights £40 @ Hivehome
Found 2nd Jan 2018Found 2nd Jan 2018
Just before Christmas I picked up this deal to expand my hive home, which ties in nicely to the recent post from johnwillowlfc for a Hub and two bulbs for £44.99 on Amazon. If … Read more

Don't forget to cancel. Inward charged £41.20. They couldn't tell me why it came to that but i had a screaming child so I was not in the mood argue the difference.


Just for anyone that went for this. I managed to cancel and pay £40.... Hive argued the toss though before finally giving in. Angle it as the welcome home plan is the device element and focus on hive live being a service as mentioned in the t&cs


Oh, disappointing to read. Cancelled my with no questions and took the £40 payment over the phone. The hive live subscription then disappeared from my online account.


Good on you Gareth. Sadly my New Year's resolution is for a hassle free life, so I just opted to send the whole lot back. It cost them carriage to get it to me and now they have to pay the carriage to collect. That's what I call loss making. Very disappointed as they just were not agreeing to their own terms and conditions whatsoever.


My intention is to cancel the live part, if they try to charge me for it for the remaining term, I have the terms and conditions printed to I will pay it then instruct the small claims court to get it back, along with the fees. Ive had to do similar in the past, not with hive but it has been successful and is very easy to do online.

Hive Bulbs £15.20 + 2.95 delivery -  Hivehome
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Hive Bulbs £15.20 + 2.95 delivery - Hivehome
20% off hive products from hive-home makes it the cheapest place to buy bulbs that I could find. Bulbs are £15.20 plus delivery here, and they are £19 at Amazon and if… Read more



Usual price £18.99 in screw fix, for those who prefer to collect


Thanks. I think it's free delivery if you spend over £50.

Hive Motion Sensor £23.20 @  Hivehome - 20% off in Winter Sale
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
Hive Motion Sensor £23.20 @ Hivehome - 20% off in Winter Sale
£23.20£24.596%Hivehome Deals
Been looking for a motion sensor to go with the Hive Active Heating I got before Christmas and Hive Home have a 20% Winter Sale on at the moment that lasts until January 3rd. The H… Read more
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How do you go about loading custom device handlers die Hive? Your Dth wouldn't by any chance be for Xiaomi sensors?


You can with custom device handlers. I have written one but not yet released to public.


I don't know, I've got a hive hub but never set it up as there's no point if you've got an ST hub.


Shame because they are well made but not reliable so completely worthless as any kind of trigger or security alarm.


I have these and must admit im really disappointed the range of them is not that great and to reconnect them is a real pain gotta take battery out mess around etc. They aren't even that far from the hub talking 1 brick wall the signal has to get through. Not worth £5 in my opinion kinda not fit for purpose.

Hive Heating (no hub) - £79.20 @ Hivehome
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Hive Heating (no hub) - £79.20 @ Hivehome
Tempted by this after getting the free hub/bulbs. Any better prices out there

Yes that is correct, I was talking more about the hive heating when I meant it has to stay behind.


I think it's the opposite of this with the hub - you can't leave it behind because British Gas say once it's linked to an account it can't be changed. I contacted their support yesterday and asked them to factory reset a hub I'm not using so I can give it away to somebody and they point blank refused.


I've got Alexa at home but my parents don't have it. I've gone and ordered two now!!! Retail therapy ... :S (one for myself!) It's just an extra app and hub so shouldn't be too much of an issue. Or might need to pick up an echo for my folks!


Guess it also depends what you prefer to use. I’ve got Alexa setup to control my hive and ikea bulbs. Could add Nest or Hive Heating and add to Alexa. Also like to use HomeKit but hive doesn’t work on that but ikea lights and nest heating does. if Hive added HomeKit I would get this in an instant and slowly move everything over. It’s great using with Alexa, Siri or directly on iPhone or Apple Watch to control other things.


I've just read that the hue bulbs work with Nest but not with hive. I could still get the hive but will just have two hubs and two different apps?

Hive 20% off sale. Starts now
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Hive 20% off sale. Starts now
Just receive an email from Hive, they are starting their sale early, 20% off all their Hive products For example the Plug is now £31.20

from where Hive`s own website ?


For around £30 upgrade to v2


My hive hub v1, drops connection all the time, 2 to 3 times a week


Same me never had any problems ;)


Sounds like you may have a bad one, I’ve not had any issue with mine through the whole time of owning it

Hive smart plug - £29.25 @ Hive
LocalLocalFound 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Hive smart plug - £29.25 @ Hive
Hive Plug
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The original one has the manual on / off button, too. It’s on the top rather than on the face of the plug. I reiterate: the “new” version of the Hive active plug is different only in cosmetics. It’s functionality is identical. I have both.The “old” version is usually £28.


Do you mean motion sensor on the plug? That's an override button isn't it? which the original didn't have?


No brother, the Hive motion sensor remains a separate product.


Not cosmetics only. Motion sensor added. Big difference to me


These are normally £28 for the old version, which works exactly the same as this new version, just slight cosmetic change.

25% off Black Friday sale @ Hive
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
25% off Black Friday sale @ Hive
Offer applies to all Hive products except subscription plans, Home Move, cameras and accessories. Including Lights cheapest so far. downside is Delivery cost £2.95 but just spoke … Read more

Just called AO. They have priced matched the Wickes 20% discount and the 1-day Black Friday additional 15% discount. Three Hive bulbs and a Hive smart plug for a little over £65. Free next day delivery as well

Hive active heating £74 without and £149 with installation for British Gas customers
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Steps 1- check your BG rewards if you are eligible for active lights kit free if you get … Read more
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I bought from Amazon with installation - BT engineer brings hub on installation date. Wait time for installation is 12 days (currently) A great deal as in my area installation is £80-£100 alone. A great find


Thanks (y) - ah right - so I’d be be ok to get this and it would work with my existing receiver too? Planning to get the hub + ‘free’ lights posted on the other deal from amazon too. Unless there’s any better deal for all this stuff going around??


£74 is for anybody only thing specific for British Gas customers is free lights with hub.


I already have a hive receiver connected to my boiler. Can i buy this £74 deal to get the updated thermostat? The V1 thermostat is PANTS. Oh hang on is this kid for British Gas customers? I am not a BG customer.


I'm with Apple Homekit camp and WAS going down the Philips Hue (and eventually Tado route)... this is a gamechanger. I've just got my free lights from British Gas. If I call up for this £74 deal, which Hub do they ship v1 or v2? Also, does anyone know if Hive will ever be on Homekit? Much like Ikea lights have just climbed on board... is it worth the wait, or is everyone now jumping ship to Alexa/ Android/ Google Home??? Decisions/ decisions...

Hive active heating Installed 10 x £19.99 for British gas customers £199.90
Found 10th Nov 2017Found 10th Nov 2017
Hive active heating Installed 10 x £19.99 for British gas customers £199.90
Had an email from BG - they are offering the Hive Active Heating with hub installed for £19.99 a month over 12 months, but BG customers get 2 months free. Also available without t… Read more
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That works!! Thanks a lot for posting :D


@cleverguy12 - it looks like it recognises that I've logged into by BG account. Try this link which is the one from the email offer they sent me


For some reason it's still not showing for me....


Thanks for that mate. I went through yesterday and didn't see it. Cheers


If you follow the link above and click the buy now button it takes you to :-And then you get this option :-

Hive 20% off autumn sale
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Hive 20% off autumn sale
Most Hive products reduced, for example: Window/door sensor down to £23.20 from £29 Active heating kit £199.20 from £249 Dimmable bulb £15.20 from £19 Active plug £31.20 from £… Read more
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Has this expired? I now see a free Amazon Echo and 2% quidco...


10% quidco too. Bought with installation last night for 199.99 and tracked cashback.


Yes they always seem to do a Black Friday offer. Last years saw the Hive Heating kit at the same price as this discount, i.e. £199


The British Gas engineer that installed our 2 zone with hot water Hive took over 2 1/2 hours to do ours and had a heck of a job. Glad I hadn’t tried to do it myself.


Screwfid includes Installtion tho?

Hive (not heating) 2 x Light Bulbs, Motion Sensor, & Active Plug £9.99 per month for 10 months for British Gas customers (12 for non)
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Hive (not heating) 2 x Light Bulbs, Motion Sensor, & Active Plug £9.99 per month for 10 months for British Gas customers (12 for non)
Get all the Hive Hub, 2 x Hive Active Lights, 1 Hive Motion Sensor, 1x Hive Action Plug - Hub alone seems to be over £60, Bulbs £20 each, Motion Sensor £25 and plug £28 - so about … Read more
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These can't be passed on can they? I have a v1 hub could I sell that to someone else even though it's been activated? I guess all the stuff would work with the v1 hub?

Hive active heating kit + Echo Dot @ Hivehome
Found 20th Oct 2017Found 20th Oct 2017
Hive active heating kit + Echo Dot @ Hivehome
Great deal for winter months Amazon have just the Self install kit for £179 With this deal you get Hive Smart THERMOSTAT Hive receiver Hive Hub AMAZON Echo Dot All for £179 self i… Read more

Managed to get mine for £149 installed from the engineer who did my boiler care service.


Do you have a reference number I can quote to them


just call them and told them ur friend got offer by phone from sale team ....u will get same offer


What did you say?


How long did it take to arrive

Hive Active Heating, Self Install, own Hub  £74.25 - Perfect if you already have the hub!
Found 27th Aug 2017Found 27th Aug 2017
Hive Active Heating, Self Install, own Hub £74.25 - Perfect if you already have the hub!
Great deal, direct from Hive website. Under £80 if you already have a hub through one of the various British Gas promo's where they gave out hub + lights, or hub+sockets. (Or hive… Read more

You have the best set up for this. Clip the receiver off the wall, and clip the hive receiver in its place as they use the same back plate and same wiring configuration. The hub just plugs in to your router.


5 core is ideal, but there's no harm using 2 x 3 core


I have a combi with standard (?) Brit Gas wireless thermostat. Would I be right that the existing small receiver box has to be replaced with the equivalent Hive unit and then a further box also has to be connected to the router via ethernet, or is it more complicated than that?? Also, it looks like the Hive boiler controller (i.e. the small square box wired into the boiler) is pretty much the same size as the existing receiver of the BG wireless thermostat. The Hive website speaks of interchangeability with certain other systems. Is the old style BG wireless thermostat one of these, so the box is is just physically swappable ?


Amazed why anyone really needs this when compared to a timer set close enough to daily needs


What type of wire do you need? My current set up has three core flex.

Hive Summer Sale - 25% off all items on their website
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Hive Summer Sale - 25% off all items on their website
25% off summer sale. Bulbs, sensors, smart plugs, heating, hive hub.

Basically anyone who responds (unprovoked) as aggressively as you have to a light hearted post is a troll. Bye then troll, you won't be missed...


I din't read your lengthy explanation of why you think 'm an idiot. Basically anyone who responds (unprovoked) as aggressively as you have to a light hearted post is a troll. You think you're contributing to the site with your comments? You haven't submitted a deal in over 2 YEARS. You called me an idiot, and also you've asked me if I'm "Donald Trump, as that's the only reason anyone would prefer an American product over a British one" (mmmm, that adds LOADS to the discussion, especially since Hive was created by a Swiss in California.) You're a silly troll, I'm blocking you and won't respond to any more of your nonsense. Have fun trolling everyone's comments if you don't like them.


No because you post like an idiot. It's simple. What does "NEST! NEST! NEST! NEST!" add to a hive post. Only an idiot would think it adds anything, but hey I know we've established you are, so lets explain it. 1/ This is a hive post, most people looking here are looking for hive, not next. 2/ This is hotdeals uk, so most people here will be UK based, not american. 3/ The nest used to be the only game in town, however it was equaled and surpassed some time ago by the hive gear. 4/ You're going to say, that's my opinion, yes, but not just mine most of the reviews show the same Major downside to the nest? Price. Nest -3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat £279ncluding VAT Hive in this deal? £149 and again the same regularly on Amazon. So good luck, only an idiot would pay £120 more on looks alone, for a thermostat..but then again, they do say and idiot and their money are easily parted and you're the proof of that. Major downside to the hive, integration - which now it's open and works with Alexa isn't really the case any more, but was true at the time. Big plus is that a dot is much cheaper than a google home to make hive integrated. So lets go back to your final point, you're an idiot because you choose something over how it looks, rather than what is the best, you then post ""NEST! NEST! NEST! NEST!" rather than add to the discussion with your shallow view. Please don't buy the hive that's a deal on hotukdeals at the moment, because You and to be fair, probably only you prefer the look of the nest thermostat over the hive to the extent you're prepared to pay more for it. Troll, nope. Prepared to keep showing you up as an idiot..absolutely...


I'm an idiot because I prefer the design of the Nest over Hive? Or because don't chose my purchases solely based on geographical point of manufacture? Go away, you silly troll.


Well unless you're an idiot. Glad we agree it's one of the only two reasons and you're not Donald Trump...

Hive Camera - £129 @ (2 for £219)
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Enjoy the view wherever you are, with Hive Camera keeping an eye on things back home. Packed with great features - live-streamed HD footage, two-way audio and night vision - with … Read more

Do you have any links to the cheaper and better cameras?


Whilst I do own a pair of these, and am disappointed with the poor motion dectection, this is RRP, not a deal


Seems to be the same price


Spoke in depth with Hive geeks last week. Basically treat this as a completely separate item, which means it connects separately to your router (not the Hive one) and you also require a separate App on your phone as well... The only thing Hive about it is the badge and the price . Under the hood it's spec is poor. Way better in-door cams can be had for half the cost. So much for Hive being an integrated solution for all devices, after just 6 devices on the Hive roster, the Hive developments teams have split off into doing their own solutions.


Google SNH-C6417BN, it's the same camera but lots cheaper!

Found 30th May 2017Found 30th May 2017
Just found this on the British Gas Hive app. Sign up to their plan for £5.99 and get the Amazon Alexa dot for £24.99 via redemption from Amazon Terms & Conditions Offer end… Read more
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Having a quick look, it looks like this is a two year contract at £5.99, so about £144 over the term (plus another £25 for the Dot). Also comes with the following: 2 Hive Active Light™ Dimmable Warm White bulbs (Screw) 1 Hive Motion Sensor 1 Hive Active Plug™ 1 Hive Hub Hive Live OK deal if you want to sign up to Hive anyway, but expensive if all you are after is the Dot

30% off hive sensors today only at Hive Home
Found 9th Mar 2017Found 9th Mar 2017
30% off hive sensors today only at Hive Home
received an email for the following £21.30 each plus P&P normally £29 Hive Window or Door Sensor or Hive Motion Sensor

Why no use? How are they any less useful than the plugs? It entirely depends what you wish to do. We have a light bulb set up in the games room, the only downside is you need to get your phone the turn it on / off if you want to schedule option active, so we're going to get a motion sensor to turn on the light when we enter and turn it off when we leave, it can then also be linked to plugs to turn on the games consoles etc when we enter and turn off automatically when we leave, along with notifying us if anyone activates it while we're out. Entirely up to what you're intending to do around the house but it's far from useless, maybe just not particularly useful for your household.


It's like someone from the apprentice is on here tonight. Lord sugar is going to be very unhappy


I think the sensors have no real use... deal on Hive plugs or if they had a camera would be good


Why cold? Are they not good

Winter Sale: 20% off all hive products at Hive Shop. Now £15.20 for an active bulb
Found 19th Dec 2016Found 19th Dec 2016
Winter Sale: 20% off all hive products at Hive Shop. Now £15.20 for an active bulb
Price shown is for bulb - usual price £19.00 Offer applies to all Hive products except Hive Live and Home Move. Offer not available in conjunction with other Hive or British Gas o… Read more
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That still occasionally happens in my house :-) especially if a PIR battery goes flat, most rooms have 2 PIRs which is enough to keep the lights on when you're sat at a computer. Perhaps the really clever bit is the software that detects no one is in the house and switches the alarm on automatically, whilst replicating the movement it detected from previous movement records, so the lights turn on as though someone was still in the house - better than any timer based system. It's quite sad that all this is on hardware that must be 5+ years old and the forerunner to Hive, yet Hive can't manage half of the functionality (thought there's a far amount of my own software in use). mike


Interesting Mike - it reminds me of an office I used to work in - they fitted motion detection lights to save money. Great - when I walked into the office the light switched on - unfortunately after I sat at my computer for a while the light switched off because I hadn't moved enough - I thought I had died!


The ironic thing, is that in my house the lights turn on themselves when you enter the room, no need to talk to a box or press buttons on your phone, and the technology I use, the forerunner of Hive, before they were absorbed by BG and the technology suppressed. mike


Agreed - use the echo or dot - make a world of difference to the lights and heating control. I can now say - "echo - dim lights to 50%" without someone saying "sod off - get up and do it yourself". :)



Hive winter sale 20% off
Found 19th Dec 2016Found 19th Dec 2016
Hive winter sale 20% off
Pretty straightforward 20% across the hive range in their winter sale. I have the hive (V1) and I think it's great.

Annoying postage charge so not much cheaper


None of the hive products work with Apple home kit which is disappointing. I have the hive thermostat...I have been pleased with it


I can't knock the 20% off however Amazon beat the price of most products after the reduction. You'll also be force to fork out £2.95 delivery for any orders under £50 when ordering direct from Hive.


Hi Not wanting to knock this, but I think the Amazon Black Friday deals were better. Now before we get a cynical comment about a time machine, previous experience with Hive tells me that post Xmas Day sale prices (at Wickes/Currys/Amazon/etc) tend to match Black Friday prices. Obviously not guaranteed, but I'd recommend holding fire for another week before pressing the 'Add to basket' button. Just my penny's worth...


Their crap .. I've got hive for my home and the more things you add the moe glitchy it becomes (read the forums) hive support are a waste of time , mines all going back in a box to them for a refund

Hive installed by British gas £99 if you have homecare
Found 17th Dec 2016Found 17th Dec 2016
This deal is not for everyone as you need to have homecare cover with British Gas. This is not available online. British Gas engineers are offering £50 discount on hives installe… Read more

Yep, I have a homecare agreement and I logged an issue with my thermostat and the engineer who came out for that offered the £100 off and did the Hive install there and then.


do you need to be on a homecare agreement and an engineer to be present, my thermostat has gone and was wondering if its wise to sign up to plan and upgrade?


I managed to get it for 149.99 today


Is this offer still available?


Got my first service today, engineer said the controller was faulty, and advised on Hive, but said £149 fully fitted, have you to push them for the offer, or has it ended? Thanks.

HIVE Stand and Dulux Colour Coordinated Frame inc Delivery £34.93 @ Hive
Found 27th Nov 2016Found 27th Nov 2016
HIVE Stand and Dulux Colour Coordinated Frame inc Delivery £34.93 @ Hive
OK this is a ridiculous price to pay for a piece of plastic and a metal stand ad ill understand the cold votes on that basis alone but if you have Hive and 'you want it' you can ge… Read more
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Ive paid for install as my combi hasn't got a thermostat otherwise it would have been a straigh wire swap and a plug in to the internet hub. I'm not taking my boiler apart


Took you 15 minutes to fit the stand????


Fitting took me 15mins to my combi. No previous experience. Plenty of google. I googled my old receiver set up and the new hive receiver. Hub sorts itself out. Controller finds it all at the end.


I ordered it as it looks really smart with the Silver backing thanks op


God its expensive. They have had a look at Nest and charged the same. I'm not sure if I need it but its really tempting. Voted hot though

Hive Home 20% off everything
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
20% off all Hive products. buying a single bulb they're cheaper on Amazon however everything else will be cheaper here including full hive heating with installation for just under … Read more
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Ok thanks. I know about those, I thought you meant those strips that you put at the back of your telly to give a Philips Ambilight effect.



Could you explain more about this please? I also have hive active heating and I wish to throw away some money on stuff I don't need but I'm going to convince myself that I do need.


I got hive heating. Just bought some bulbs and a full RGB for a ambient light when watching films ha gonna order some plugs and may get a couple of door sensors. The hive has a got a lot of accessories it's compatible with.


nest fanboy lol joke mate but hive is still a great setup.

Hive products - 12 months 0% finance
Found 29th Sep 2016Found 29th Sep 2016
Hive products - 12 months 0% finance
If your looking to control your lights/heating/water etc then this is a good opportunity to get it on 0%. 2 new lights came out on the 28/09, colour changing and cool to warm whi… Read more
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Only available to certain IP's as a test, not everyone will get the option to sign up to a payment plan.


Mental that, I didn't even realise as I was U suing my phone. Just checked and it's correct.


The 0% finance offer over 12 months appears to only be available if you order via a smart phone! I tried for ages using my laptop but couldn't find the 0% offer anywhere. As soon as I tried via the iPhone app the offer popped up immediately! Strange but very true!


Just ordered the starter kit with additional lights and sensors,wish they did a camera :(


It seems they don't offer the 0% on the 2 new bulbs. You can get it on the originals and all other products.

New Range of Hive Active Lights + 10% Discount Code £19 @ Hive
Found 27th Sep 2016Found 27th Sep 2016
New Range of Hive Active Lights + 10% Discount Code £19 @ Hive
Hive have just brought out a new range of bulbs in addition to the standard white bulb that came out earlier this year... You can now get a 'Warm' light bulb and a Colour changing… Read more

​Tat? Got hive bulbs around my house and they are pretty solid....overpriced compare to Hue but I like the hive range.


10% code is ONLY for Colour changing Bulbs oO


This one is more hopeful...


​these may be overpriced, but the one from b&m doesn't even come close to being same quality of build of light output


Cheers....right noises, but very non-commital

Hive Active Heating™ kit @ British Gas for £199 including installation (£249 before Cashback)
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Hive Active Heating™ kit @ British Gas for £199 including installation (£249 before Cashback)
British Gas are offering an exclusive 20% cashback on all Hive products for existing British Gas customers. I know this isn't the cheapest that it has ever been but I can't find it… Read more

Doesnt appear to be working/?


If anyone if planning to get an Amazon echo, apparently you can link the echo to hive to control it. I love my Hive system, I had to replace my old thermostat and timer anyway and the hive system works really well


Why would I want electric windows in my car when I can use a manual winder?


Do you have a link for this? Sorry just found it. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black + Netatmo Thermostat Smart Bundle


Was looking at the Netatmo just earlier......Amazon have the Echo Dot + Netatmo thermostat for £148.99. They also seem to encourage DIY installation so that saves on installation costs if you can wire a light.

half price home hub for £40 when you buy three hive home products
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
half price home hub for £40 when you buy three hive home products
Get a hive home hub for £40 instead of £80 when you buy 3 products. I bought 3 pack of bayonet light bulbs for £49 and got the hub for £40. Total was £89 delivered. Also topcashbac… Read more
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The Hive Hub is normally £80, so effectively your bulbs are £3 deal i think!


Pfftt.... Guess not considered much of a deal then... Ho hum...


Confucius say...Smart Bulbs Expensive...Thick Bulbs Cheaper ;)


not bad prices - normal price for good quality smart bulbs. however I would be hesitant to buy until they show that the kit will work with other products directly. Although the hub costs more Samsung Smartthings is a far better but as it already works with a fair number of other devices. Saying that you can use IFTT is a stopgap and not what I'd want to use permanently.


£49 for 3 light bulbs, WHAT...............................................................

Hive self install  £125.30 from Hive etc
Found 25th Mar 2016Found 25th Mar 2016
Hive self install £125.30 from Hive etc
Looks the same as Amazon deal but 31p more. Sale ends Monday so may give people a bit more time to decide if they feel rushed by Amazon. May also be 4% Quidco but not sure.
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Apparently it has been despatched but no tracking info available.


Yes me too. I decided to take the plunge. The worse it will be is a fancy thermostat.


Quidco has tracked at £5.01


I'm still deciding, I need a bit more time to convince myself.


Quidco mentions 4% for installation only but worth a try

hive active heating control system £199.99, fitted @ Hivehome
Found 25th Dec 2015Found 25th Dec 2015
hive active heating control system £199.99, fitted @ Hivehome
Hi ive been keeping my eye on this for some time but didnt want to pay the £249.99 rrp now its £199.99 seems a good deal Fully fitted Ends 28th dec

its £199 at argos at the moment (inc installation) ...


It's nice to look at the temperature when you're out in case the pet gets too cold...


​It must be weird not knowing even roughly when you'll be home so that a normal 7 day programmer would not suffice. No wonder traffic is so slow getting out of city centres with idiots stopping to switch on their boilers. This is something that most people really don't need but get sucked into believing they need. I imagine you spend most of the evening checking if you need to tweak your heating.


One post (very basic mathematics) and no it didn't make sense, the poster has acknowledged so and edited the post. Back to school sir!!


Merry Christmas to you too, was there a reason to be so nasty, did I have a go at your friend, happy holidays.

Hive active heating £50 off now £199!!
Found 30th Nov 2015Found 30th Nov 2015
Hive active heating £50 off now £199!!
Don't know if this has already been posted but I couldn't find it. Had been interested in the Hive by British Gas for a while and looked today and it £50 off until midnight tonigh… Read more
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its £199 at argos at the moment (inc installation) ...


How difficult is it to install yourself? I just entered a competition to win one but installation is not included in the win!


Never been that price installed maybe hive 1st Gen.


No that's Hive, Nest is £149 no installation


Screwfix price does not include installation which has always been £80 extra so this deal now makes the installation only £55 I paid full price 2 months ago and installed myself as not difficult if you are handy with a multimeter.

Hive Active Heating £50 Black Friday discount (£199 instead of £249)
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Hive Active Heating £50 Black Friday discount (£199 instead of £249)
Exclusive Black Friday Offer £50 off Hive with installation. Order by midnight 30th November. Heating and hot water control from your phone for just £199, normal price £249.

Thanks to this thread (I'm OP) I got it from Amazon for £179 so thanks all X)!


I'm not sure Screwfix includes installation? I like the look of Hive, but they seem slow releasing compatible products (sensors, plugs etc.)


£143.99 at screwfix


£179 on Amazon:


I think this is a good deal, but it looks like Amazon has gone better: link to Deal of the Day £179 for installed, £119 without.

Hive active heating and installation Black Friday offer £199 @ hivehome
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Hive active heating and installation Black Friday offer £199 @ hivehome
£50 off standard price for latest Hive Active Heating and Installation, from tomorrow. This makes it £199 including installation.

Anyone know if any of these app heating systems work in houses with duel thermostats?


Installation is really simple, no need to pay BG £80 to do it. Replace current programmer with the control box. Plug into router. Short off existing thermostat (always better than removing in case you want one again in the future) and job done. Does nest support hot water yet? That was the main reason I was considering Hive over Nest.



I have this , works brilliantly control the hot water as well which Nest have only just started to do


Good deal ! I wish nest do the same

Hive Heating Control Black Friday Offer £199 with £30 Amazon voucher
Found 28th Nov 2014Found 28th Nov 2014
Hive Heating Control Black Friday Offer £199 with £30 Amazon voucher
If you order British Gas' Hive Heating and Hot water control system before midnight on Black Friday you get a £30 Amazon voucher. Installation is free. Shared Via The HUKD App … Read more

Comment You may have got it "free" but I bet you are paying more per unit Afro gas and electric on a fixed higher rate tariff!!


Haha, I got this for free back in May. Inevitably they'll do something similar again next spring/summer as no-one will be buying a heating control system then.


As far as I can see its been £149 for British Gas customers only, but Hive can be used even if you're with another supplier


It has been £149 for the last few months so it's actually more expensive in the black Friday sale. Cold from me too


when you see the time machines in the black Friday sales let us know and we can go back 6 months and get it :)