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Posted 6 July 2023

Honor Magic5 Pro 512GB 12GB 5G + Honor Pad X8 Tablet 100GB Three Data Unlimited Mins / Texts - £15pm (24m) + £485 Upfront, £845 @ Fonehouse

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Deal is back, and still comes with that free tablet, a bit less than last time it was posted, a big upfront, but results in lower increases come April, and means a low monthly outlay for one of the best android phones currently on the market, pad is dispatched with the phone

£100 less than the RRP, but comes with 100GB Three 5G Data

About this item
  • 【AI Motion Sensing Capture】HONOR Magic5 Pro can detect movement and capture the best shot automatically. The millisecond-level Motion Sensing Capture allows you to snap a shot easily, day or night, distant or close-up.
  • 【Super Dynamic Vivid Display】With a #1 position on the DXOMARK Smartphone Display ranking, the HONOR Magic5 Pro boasts a 6.81-inch 120Hz LTPO Quad-Curved Floating Display with 2160Hz PWM Dimming, guaranteeing an immersive and a comfortable viewing experience.
  • 【Breathrough in Battery Power】The HONOR Magic5 Pro uses 5100mAh Qinghai Lake battery which offering a 12.8% higher energy density compared to lithium batteries to deliver longer usage. It supports up to 17 hours of online YouTube video playback or 11 hours of Snapchat browsing.
  • 【Better Wireless Transmission】HONOR Magic5 Pro features industry's first Wi-Fi/Bluetooth standalone antenna architecture, which prevents interference between the two wireless networks, allows data to be transferred concurrently, and lets you stay connected even in basement or elevator.
  • 【Flagship Performance】The HONOR Magic5 Pro is powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, a 4nm advanced processor with integrated Qualcomm Kryo CPU and Qualcomm Adreno GPU, enabling seamless productivity and uninterrupted entertainment at any time.
  • 【Personalized Experience】Running the latest MagicOS 7.1 based on Android 13, with all Google apps and Play Store, it provides you with a smart life experience.

Go Roam
Go Roam lets you use your UK allowance to call and text the UK and between Three's Go Roam in Europe destinations and use up to 12GB of data in more than 70 destinations Around the World. A £2 daily charge applies to unlock your allowance in Go Roam in Europe destinations and a £5 daily charge in Go Roam Around the World destinations excluding in Ireland and the Isle of Man. Three will waive these charges until 23 May 2022. See three.co.uk/go-…oam (http://three.co.uk/go-roam)

5G Ready
If you are purchasing a 5G Ready device, this plan provides you 5G at no extra cost! Even if you decide to change to a 5G device in the future, there is no need to update your plan, it will automatically switch to 5G where 5G coverage is available. (5G Device required)

With Three's new rewards app, enjoy exclusive offers from brands you love like Cafe Nero, Cineworld, and more! + Free Tethering

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  1. panyg's avatar
    Does anyone know if this is dual sim?

    Under sim, it says:

    Single SIM (Nano-SIM, eSIM) or Dual SIM (2xNano-SIM, eSIM, dual stand-by)

    RoryJoe's avatar
    Can confirm it is. I ordered it from this very deal and have had 2 physical sims in it whilst waiting for my number port.

    It also supports eSIM so you can have any combo of eSIM Only / SIM Only / eSIM & SIM / SIM & SIM.
  2. Jack420's avatar
    No longer available, the deal doesn't go through, 50536965-ThVwK.jpg
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Does for me bud
  3. EugeneVictorTooms's avatar
    So tempted by this, any chance they’ll be able to move me Three to Three with a PAC? I am out of contract & dying to go back to Android, Switchy Help!
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    You'd need to pac your number out then back in mate
  4. panyg's avatar
    There is no mention of the tablet anymore and I was just about to order!
    phil.willis's avatar
    I've just ordered this at 2pm today and they confirmed the tablet is included.
  5. panyg's avatar
    My apologies, the tablet is back now.

    Does anyone know if there is a case included?
    phil.willis's avatar
    A few review sites I've read state it comes with a case included in the box. Suspect it's a clear flexible rubber case like what came with my Mi 10T Pro but that's just an assumption.
  6. Alex_verden2aJ's avatar
    Big tablet,small battery
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    It's free, what more do you want?
  7. Joshfount's avatar
    Good phone, excellent deal if Three works for you 🔥
  8. Jack420's avatar
    That upfront £ though 🤮
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Sell your old phone to cover all or part of it, then you have a nice £15pm payment.
  9. RoryJoe's avatar

    About to pull the trigger but... do you know if this deal works for the phone in green? Link auto adds black version to basket and I can't see the deal on the list of search results when looking manually.

    Thanks in advance
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    THIS should work
  10. Joshua_Marsay's avatar
    How does it compare to the pixel 7 pro?
  11. Salad_Fingers's avatar
    Order received all okay with the tablet.
  12. taiko.786's avatar
    24 months is the phone contract.
  13. RobBraz's avatar
    Still waiting for anything decent on voda...
  14. TonkV8's avatar
    I'm liking the look of this, currently have a Xiaomi mi 11, what other contenders are there for this sort of spec...

    Don't like phones by Apple or Samsung either
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Oneplus 11 is worth a look
  15. TheDug's avatar
    Trying to buy this for Mrs

    Any reason why I keep getting 500 Error?
    RoryJoe's avatar
    Same, it needed to be accepted on the phone for me, I rang them on 0333 900 1133. See my recent post - make sure you ask for the tablet on the sales call!
  16. panyg's avatar
    I've had my P30 Pro New Edition for 3 years now. It's the 1st phone I've kept for more than 9 months for many years, it's a great phone!

    Apart from a crack on the back (that I don't care about as I have a case), there is nothing wrong with my phone.

    Would this phone be a big step up from the P30 Pro?
    leono1's avatar
    After having a p20 for 3 years that then stopped recognising my sim card was inserted, and then 3 p30s (yes 3! different handsets! ) over a year that have stopped recognising my memory card or sim card was inserted or both, I've finally give up on them and after much reading up and video watching I've chose one of these to replace them. I'll try let you know how I get on

    Update. Only used my honor an hour or so and its just like having a brand new better p30 Pro very pleased (edited)
  17. RoryJoe's avatar
    TL;DR if ordering over the phone make sure they confirm the tablet is included!

    Just to touch on my experience with Fonehouse. I had to phone to accept the deal as I was also getting the 505 error. I sent the HUKD link over and it was processed on the terms above (or so I thought). Spoke to a lovely member of staff on the sales team who was very friendly.

    Unfortunately the tablet was not included in my delivery and I had to call back to sort. I spoke to a lovely lady again who apologised and said she'd get it out to me. I was then called later that evening and told I wasn't eligible and it wasn't being sent, and in short, it basically went to a bit of a complaint... and had to send over details of this deal again which was resolved the next day and I have now received my tablet.

    A bit of a faff. Staff were actually really nice for the most part but felt they could have been more proactive and probably should have double checked the HUKD thread prior to calling me and conducted their own investigations (the person calling me to did listen to my original sales call which referenced HUKD, this thread, and it didn't go in my favour that I didn't mention the tablet - I argued that I gave the HUKD link to the sales agent and the sales agent agreed to accept on these terms). I basically just sent the link and said "I want this deal" and the sales person processed it. So as far as I was concerned the tablet didn't really need to be mentioned as their site explained it would be dispatched with the phone.

    A variety of explanations were given as well why I wasn't eligible, including that because it doesn't appear in the basket when clicking from HUKD I wasn't eligible for it (despite this tablet not appearing in the basket for any deals for this phone, vodafone or three, but there is an notice on the phone's deal page saying free X8 tablet). Also that because it came from HUKD it wasn't eligible for the same free tablet specified on that page. I did feel they were trying to dodge honouring the deal but I sent over my evidence, screenshots etc. and as above, they did agree to this and sorted/settled in my favour the following day which wasn't a bad resolution turnaround time... but it shouldn't have needed to get to that stage really.

    Also minor bugbear but they spelled my surname wrong (a relatively common one with generally only one spelling) which meant I had to contact Three with a copy of my driving licence first week to correct it.

    Despite all this, the staff were actually really lovely. It was hard to be annoyed with them because even the third one went above and beyond to rectify the mistakes once it was fully explained to her.... but it was frustrating initially being phoned by her to be told I wasn't eligible with some weak, invalid reasons being given.

    So I cannot stress enough if you accept the deal over the phone explicitly state you want the tablet with the delivery of the phone!
    sashleyy's avatar
    I phoned to try and get the deal. Apparently it does an error 500 as the upfront figure is so high, so their website wants you to phone in. Could only do this deal at £17 per month over the phone, so I'm not sure how it is possible to achieve the advertised price.
  18. Salad_Fingers's avatar
    Getting server 500 error, too. So it's a call them up job?
  19. Salad_Fingers's avatar
    Okay so this deal definitely works over the phone. Free x8 pad also listed on email confirmation.
  20. JSL's avatar
    Is this still offered?
  21. spatch6153's avatar
    hi, do you know if this deal is still on pls, just want to check as tablet doesnt show in link, cheers
  22. Gavin's avatar
    Went for this today in green. Got the tablet but the Three contact monthly fee is £17 pcm now.
    spatch6153's avatar
    i got it today too but for 15
's avatar