Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 June 2023.
Posted 22 May 2023

Horizon Thunder Gaming PC Ryzen 7 5700G / 32GB/ 1TB/RTX 4070 /DIABLO IV bundle - No OS + Gaming Headset £1090.99 delivered using code @ CCL

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  • Montech Air 100 ARGB in White
  • GeForce RTX 4070 12GB GDDR6X VRAM | 3 x DisplayPort | 1 x HDMI
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8Cores | 16 Threads (Gen3)
  • Kingston FURY Beast 2 x 16GB | 3200MHz
  • Crucial P3 1TB Gen 3 NVME
  • MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI (headroom for laters)
  • Gigabyte AORUS P-GM-series 750W Gold

Link price: £1230.99
Delete and remove windows and use code: GAMER40 = £1090.99

Chillblast Vox Gaming Headset - FREE

Now CCL is in the mix.

See more here, how this Bad 5700G 4070 via A320, with poor CL ram, low-grade PSU with overpriced items now became to be acceptable.

i really could go on and state my personal thoughts in depth,, but i think I've done enough damage and given a clear view of my thoughts on the last post.

However CCL has come back, and been fair after days, and I'm true to my word: if they sort them selfs out ill post and support them.

Day one post Release £959.99 <-----> 5700G to Today.

A320 -> B550M
650W GM -> 750W Gold Giga
16GB 3200 CL22 ---> 32GB 3200 CL16
500GB -> 1TB
No headset -> Headset

at £140 more than hotukdeals original post
original would of cost: £300 in excess overcharges for this basis.

Now The Qs Lies despite being in the mix?

CCL Vs Storm Vs Palicomp vs AWD-IT

Palicomp kicks off at £950.00 for the A520/700W Bronze,
most people Upgraded the board to B550M at £35
750W Gigabyte at £40 (good price upgrades u see from the start from a solid base link :P)
=  £1025, then if u desire 32GB they have 3600mhz at £40 making it £1065
(can pitch that extra warranty for that gap + get extras)

CCL (this deal)
5700G/ B550M Wifi / 32GB 3200mhz / 1TB gen3 / Gigabyte 750W at £1090
(ur paying more for warranty support... and it's in-house.)


Storm force 12400F / H610M/ 32GB 3200mhz / 1TB gen3 at £1034(preadded 32GB)
has the warranty extra support,

This deal sits in the middle and doesn't start with cheap items, i.e X16 3.0 Gen Board, low-grade PSU, it starts in the middle at £1000 with the option of boosting to 32GB at £34 has a decent corsair bronze and H610M board that offer 4.0 X16 Lane,  so its sits in the middle of Palicomp basic, and Palicomp upper B550M/750W Gigabyte And now includes CCL one. 

AWD is still in the mix if u consider other high-grade nvmes/rams and 5700X/5800X3D

So we have some good choices of 4070 prebuilt for every type of user now.
CCL More details at

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  1. the_mad_medic's avatar
    Hi @sarden84
    You're doing amazing work, so good infact I am convinced that Skynet has sent you back in time to find us good PC deals so it can easily conquer the world!

    Until that time, Whats your recommendations for something around £1300 mark, maybe £1500 if it was a total beasty!

    I saw this 7600 deal but wasn't too sure if its worth it over a 5800x3D? Alas I lack your A.I super powered brain!
    Sarden84's avatar
    Sarden84 Author
    yeah, that links one my little Stunners.
    its got the sweet G360A case upgraded, nice MSI Board to begin in the options now.


    Here is his initial review, obvious things change over time, such as DDR5 prices, Board prices, so the headline is a bit out of date.

    but his performance reviews are bang on and very trustworthy, and because time doesn't stay still u have to use your own noodle.

    So u have to take their dissing, their moan under advisement, stick it in ur head,
    then compare the performance charts to the alt product in ur case 5800X3D

    then compare the best 5800X3D that matches.

    so lets take for example AWD-IT

    They all start with 480GB SSD (so that needs editing)

    7600X/750W/4070 at £1320
    5800X3D/750W/4070 at £1264

    AWD got a nice promo on the 16GB to 32GB 4800, and price inc from that then upshift speeds.
    AWD ddr4 is £30 to 32GB 3200mhz,

    time u actual start to feel DDR5 is +30ish to the 5200mhz anyways.

    1264+30 1295

    The DDR5 system does have a case upgrade on-site = but just call em anyways for the other,

    (CCL doesnt have 5800X3D in the menu....... hello CCL! i know u listen. )

    palicomp defo doesn't and im not calc the top of my head 5900X that well atm on it, but ill check as that could be another but i think the price has been up to long and market changes reflect it.

    thats why i said AWD is still good for that 5800X3D

    so that is the market 5800X3D system atm, one u can pitch into an ATX If u want by calling them.

    so here is ur two deals, so id check the two deals, check his performance tables, and go from there.

    So the prices aint that much between, B series boards are good, u don't need X models,

    so hopefully u can reflect what there saying, how things have actually moved, and into what prebuilt are good value.

    once u have decided where u wanna go, let me know. as for 1500 budget ill come back to after.

    We could look at 4070Ti within that budget. (edited)
  2. emjay2k71's avatar
    lots of great deals in the last few weeks 👏

    Understanding that this topic has been broached multiple times, and even quite recently with the release of the newest Ryzen generation, I'd love to get your perspective. Considering many will be looking to upgrade, if you were to find yourself with a budget of approximately £1300 and a pre-owned graphics card for temporary use, what steps would you take?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Sarden84 Author

    id look into DDR5 System, a nice Gigabyte board, and pre-plan my budget around a 4070 DDR5 System, obvious u can move n shift some parts from that.

    but that is the initial preplan for a total budget of £1300 pushing on 1350 in the end, but my endgame plan would be to do better than the 4070 if u playing with time.

    See what AMD does, see what these new cards from Nvidia are like, see what happens in 6 months.
    see if u can pick up a bargain used 4070Ti. or even a classic high-end 3080Ti model for instance n co.

    but my initial plan would be entry DDR5 via Ryzen 7600X 
    if u are user who would get more advantages out an 8Core, then i would consider doing investments up to 7700x at £80 more.

    if were a user buying upfront a 7700x and a 4070 upfront but with tight cashflow, u could knock back to the Asus boards to reflect price var differences, but as u mention ur playing with time, I wouldn't do so.

    on the other hand, and this is where people mess up, they may consider going for a 7800X3D
    but they not pre-planned an idea from new parts,, blew their budget and then they have to save up again even more for a GPU they desire and it goes totally over their original plan, where u could push it one stage to 7700x at that £80 but another £100 on top again, could affect how u go GPU laters if we are talking within the same budget unless its another used item or even long time. 

    so that would be my initial preplan. time is a beautiful thing. 
  3. burnie2011's avatar
    It comes at £1004.99 for me. With the two discounts. I added a 2 TB SSD. (edited)
    Sarden84's avatar
    Sarden84 Author
    Hotukdeals has a habit of deleting the url extension if i set the post to a part list.
    so i believe the comment person could reflect that.

    i have got the mods to override and go into the parts i talk about.

    PS: U can claim 5% back via topcashback i found now. (edited)
  4. thepope's avatar
    any recommendations for a machine near the 600 mark please? maybe a good board but basic components for now which can be upgraded later?
  5. hovermanatee's avatar
    Gonna jump in and ask Sarden too if thats okay:D . Looking for something around 2k. Saw this at Costco and cant find a cheaper 4080 deal. Decent?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Sarden84 Author
    Its got about 2k worth of products if im not mistaken, heavily cut back via DDR4, and low-grade board.
    i would give them a call and double-check,

    the usual motto with Costco is that they are only ever any good when u see a price reduction otherwise they are overpriced, then usual its under cut and looks like it gains free windows.

    is it really intell ur after?

    7800X3D/32GB DDR5 / 4080 / 850W / 1TB at £2262 (bburger code)

    case is this one: phanteks.com/Ecl…tml (edited)
  6. Czubaka's avatar
    On advanced customiser you can select 5600 for 10£ more. I'd go for it for the benefit of PCI gen 4 and slightly better gaming performance. Other than that it looks good!
    Sarden84's avatar
    Sarden84 Author
    Good tip,
    note: It charges u £25 to enter.
    So if u can find something to hider that 25 maybe (edited)
  7. Adam's avatar
  8. nufc1979's avatar
    Upgrade that cpu and this is a nice little find
  9. SpeedyG's avatar
    Waiting for a 5800x3d deal...
  10. RyanLee1988's avatar
    Does it worth +75 to upgrade to 4070 TI?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Sarden84 Author
    Absolutely, quite a bit of bottle though with the combo, same they cant do this gap on the others.
    750w is fine for it.

    but overall very good price.

    - ccl code have no ended, waiting on their fb to say their next ones though. (edited)
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