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Posted 25 June 2023

Lebara 12GB 5G Data/ULTD Mins+Texts £6.90 per month (30 day sim only plan) + Claim a £40 Amazon/M&S/Argos/Just-Eat Gift card via MSE/Lebara

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  1. Maladog's avatar
    Title needs adjusting to warn people it may be a 30day plan but 6 months of it to get the vouch.e and include it in the description.
  2. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    You might get the email within 6 months from Giftcloud, but the terms are .........
    This is an exclusive MoneySaving Expert offer. To be eligible for the GiftCard you must come to this page via the MSE website. Giftcard available after 180 days of being on the plan.
    Mr.Plow's avatar
    That's exactly what I'm thinking.
  3. Listy2021's avatar
    Already been posted
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    It hasn't
  4. wellhellothere's avatar
    Anyone having problems when logging in to your account, won't let me click on the sim and view it.
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    I get that, is it when you tap on the SIM you want rather than the one that's selected?
    not exactly a technical technique to cure it but for some reason if I two fingered zoom in on the white circle then tap repeatedly it usually works.
  5. Onlydongles's avatar
    Its a bit of a faff, waiting and paying 7 months before you might see the benefit of gift card.
    tedybarns890's avatar
    It’s 30 day rolling contract are you expecting 40 squids after one month and cancellation? What else do you want?
  6. Mr.Plow's avatar
    I'm not too keen on this one and I'm holding out for a 6 month reduced cost deal to come back on the 12gb plan.

    That's because it says in the t&cs the giftcard is only payable if you've got autorenew on for the full 180 days so I'm unsure if that means if you turn it off so as not to renew for month 7 which is the point when us hukder's do the next port dance then it would stop the giftcard.

    Other than that a good deal, in effect paying £1.41 for 6 months.

    Oh yeah a heads up, you have to purchase direct from mse website so if you want it don't buy it by clicking get deal on here as you won't qualify.
  7. SandyOMine's avatar
    You must also activate your SIM and start using it within 10 days of purchase to be eligible for the voucher.
  8. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Only to find out in month 7 that your adblocker was on at the time of sign up. And for some browsers that is automatic
  9. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    The monthly price is the same for those whose 99p was price hiked, but the card is bonus
  10. jddavis's avatar
    What's the deal with using this abroad??

    Will I be able to use access all my data for free even if I'm in Germany for 6 months at a time?? I will obviously activate in UK
    t3r4's avatar
    No on pretty much all UK (and European) networks you must spend most of your time in the home country (usually this is measured as 2 months in 4 months) or they may surcharge you or even turn your roaming off.

    If you are in Germany for 6 months get a German SIM card. You could try Lebara DE or SimOn Mobile.

    Currently it seems all the German networks have cautiously included roaming back in the UK although some have set a limit of the end of 2023.

    Edit: actually there is Popit Mobile who allow for up to 6 months roaming at a time, however they do not allow for "sole roaming only" and must be "predominately" within the UK. A German SIM card may still be better. (edited)
  11. Satpal's avatar
    Will it work if you already have a Lebara sim-only plan?
    DealTron's avatar
    Probably not. New customers only. Can get a new Sim with new email id.
  12. Onlydongles's avatar
    What is the likelihood of Lebara coming up with 6 monthly discounted offers?
    Wammer's avatar
    Without a crystal ball, it's impossible to tell.
  13. rodman's avatar
    Ordered one, cheers.
  14. edde's avatar
    Ok so I've done the "port dance" between Lebara & Lyca for myself and some relatives over the past year and having experienced both prefer Lebara.

    So I'm now looking to change back to Lebara and remain for the forseeable future.

    I am looking for the best deal for 10-15GB per month but don't really fancy going through the process numerous times for the gift cards on this.

    At the moment it looks like the best deal is 15GB @ £6.95 per month reduced to £2.78 for the first 3 months…als

    Have I missed any current deals that could be better?
    Mr.Plow's avatar
    Hi, might be too late for you but I've only just read this, if you go through topcashback mobile comparison there's 3 Lebara deals with 3 months lower price plus you also get £13 cashback.
    Choice of
    1gb 0.49p then £3.99
    5gb £1.99 then £4.99
    20gb £2.99 then £7.99

    Of course after the initial 3 months you can renew at any tariff you want, even change depending on requirements.

    See this link for all options…age
  15. IW74's avatar
    Ordered on Wednesday night, sim arrived yesterday and my number will port from EE on Tuesday.
    Providing the signal is OK (I’ve been with Vodafone before and it was) I’m happy to keep for at least 6 months as the £40 voucher means it pays for itself.
    Worst case I’ll move to someone else and I’ve only spent £6.90.
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