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PS5 Console Disc Edition - Kent Chatham

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£300 ps5 is the cheapest I’ve seen not sure if only local would call your local Asda to check and see if they’re everywhere

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  1. Wiskaa's avatar
    I went to the Gillingham pier ASDA and they didn't have any. Same price and even had the disc box you need to take to the till on display but no stock unfortunately
  2. tdk2bu's avatar
    So many Asda's have this price tag up but no stock.

    Staff don't even know if they have stock and say we have no stock without even looking because they've not sold one for months.

    This deal has been posted on here about 4 times now. (edited)
  3. Deedie's avatar
    These have been posted many times over the last few weeks. Stock is pretty much non existent
    hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    the stock for the original disc and digital ps5 will get less and less its now all about the slim and the forthcoming pro version whenever that is announced

    i don't believe theres any difference graphic wise between a slim and an original disc ps5 is there so i could see original ps5 ceasing production if its not already.
  4. Aceshopper123's avatar
    Just been there and all sold out only slim ones left that are £480
  5. Lil6ix's avatar
    Absolute steal at this price, congrats on your first deal also.
  6. thewrecker7477's avatar
    I very much doubt they'll have any stock. They'll have the box to take to the till but I bet you'll be left disappointed. Really grinds my gears how they leave the "take me to the till" boxes on display when they haven't got any stock

    52530751-0C2xW.jpg (edited)
    Liquidsky's avatar
    Kick em while they’re down Jim.
  7. Fojol_Quddus's avatar
    Do you know how much stock they had?
    Starrboy's avatar
    Sorry didn’t check I’m sure I’ve called before and they’ve been helpful would defo call ahead at this price 
  8. 2minutenoodles's avatar
    Cold, without proof of purchase it’s a fake deal looking at the comments.
    rons9000's avatar
    Not a fake deal. Plenty have got this over last few weeks. Including myself
  9. tdk2bu's avatar
    Right I'm off to my local store to take a picture of the £300 ps5 they have on sale so I can post it as a deal. I know they have no stock as I asked them when the first original deal got posted.
  10. hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    I wonder what FW this comes with

    if this has a low FW this would be the deal of the year

    in comparison i bought a disc ps5 for 479 including a free game but it was the firmware that was the deal sealer.


    just in case (edited)
    tdk2bu's avatar
    Just out of curiosity why is that?
  11. smudgemobile's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
  12. pmaker's avatar
    This will drop to £30 anytime soon, just be patient
  13. pedro-78's avatar
  14. hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    i don't believe i've said anything have i ?

    edited it just in case (edited)
  15. jimferno's avatar
    Release the geese!
  16. stato257's avatar
    PS5 Pro on the way
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